leaderless revolution


Sorry, this is in fact the video of the full interview.  Earlier post is the short video on the 9 Principles.

Wanted: Recommendations for Avatars of The Leaderless Revolution

To celebrate the ideas of “The Leaderless Revolution”, I’d be really grateful for suggestions of individuals around the world who are taking action to affect political and economic circumstances directly, not by campaigning or politicking but by doing - the essence of the philosophy of the book. 

Whether establishing forums of participatory democracy, cooperatives, new banks or using other methods to bring economic and political justice by direct means, these are the individuals demonstrating the new form of politics which brings real results, in contrast to the sclerosis and corruption of an ailing government-centric mode of politics.

The US edition of The Leaderless Revolution is going to be published in hardback by Blue Rider Press (Penguin Books) in one week from now.  A free copy will be sent to one hundred such individuals, so please share your suggestions of who might find the book useful.