Day 7: Your Favourite Gym Leader


At first she’s all, “Amphy’s sick. I’m adorable.” And then she’s all, “Btdubs I gotta Steelix imma kill you with.” And then she’s all, “Oh hey, surprise, I’m in Sinnoh. Here’s HM 7!” And I’m all excited cuz it’s flippin Jasmine.

Day 1: Your Favorite Pokemon
Day 2: Your Least Favorite Pokemon
Day 3: Your Favorite Starter Pokemon
Day 4: Your Favourite Pokemon Video Game
Day 5: The Pokemon you Love the Most
Day 6: What you Called Your Rival
Day 7: Your Favourite Gym Leader
Day 8: Your Favourite Item
Day 9: Cutest Pokemon
Day 10: Least Cute/Ugliest Pokemon
Day 11: Favourite Eeeveelution
Day 12: Favourite Pokemon Move
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Day 14: What Pokemon could you never catch
Day 15: Mew or Mewtwo
Day 16: Your Favourite Evolved Pokemon
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Day 18: Favourite region in the Pokemon world
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Day 20: Favorite free gift
Day 21: Favorite Elite 4 Member/Champion
Day 22: Sexiest Pokemon
Day 23: Sexiest Character
Day 24: Favorite Rival
Day 25: If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon world, where would it be?
Day 26: The Pokemon you hated Battling
Day 27: Pokemon you always doodled
Day 28: Favorite Hero Character
Day 29: Favourite Pokemon tune or song
Day 30: Your dream team.