leader SK

I work mornings in the old yard
digging in the ground
but I moonlight as an astronaut
mostly just sit around and howl

won’t you come to my house tonight
we could sleep on the floor
I got this window that looks out to Orion
I paid extra for

Three Things - Chan X Reader

Stray Kids, Bang Chan X Reader

Genre;  Fluff, A dip of Angst 

Summary; There are three things you love from him;

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There are three things you love from him;

First, his eyes. His eyes are just the most adorable eyes ever. And you love every part of it. You love how they curves up everytime he smile, you love how he can show his emotions trough his eyes. You love how they can make your heart flutter everytime they looks at you.

Second, you love love love love his voice. His soft and calming voice. You love how his voice, ONLY his voice, sent you to sleep. You love how he sings you lullaby, and how he sings your favourite songs. You love the way he laughs, you love the way he talks, you love the way he scolds you. You love the way he whispers sweet yet romantic words to your ears before you sleep.

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Seems these old hills
They keep on calling
Clouds ‘round here talk
Man I been listening


Jeongcheol (”married couple”) confession starting from around 4:13.

So they were basically playing a game where the members all ‘confess’ to the leader aka complain about what Coups did.

SC: I’m not untidy, you’ll know if you watch our show. Our show. 

JH: Before, before…

SC: The show that will first air on 2nd May, you’ll know. 

JH: Ah I see. 

SC: Ah I see.

JH: Coups, don’t we always finish quite late recently? 

SC: Yes yes.

JH: Don’t we sleep together? 

SC: Yes yes. 

JH: We can hardly get up in the morning right? 

SC: Yes yes.

JH: You always, wake me up, ask me to hurry and wake the kids up. 

SC: Ah okay…

JH: Why can’t you go and wake them up yourself?

SC: Ah I see, but… 

JH: Moreover… 

DK: Leader has to listen! 

JH: Moreover, you need to tidy up your socks by yourself you know? You don’t wake up in the morning and be like ‘Jeonghan-ah where are my socks?’ I hope you don’t be like this anymore. 

SC: Yes you’re right. (Claps)

JH: Aren’t t-shirts the same? I hope you don’t be like this anymore. 

SC: I see. 

JH: You’re not wrongly accused, are you? 

SC: But I have an excuse for the waking up thing! Look, everyone, i’m… We need to wake up at nine, i set the alarm to half past eight. But Jeonghan’s alarm rings at quarter past eight. Whose fault is it? Because of Jeonghan right? So Jeonghan wakes me up. 'Ah he is getting up at this time!' 

JH: I wake you up?! 

SC: That’s why I ask Jeonghan to wake them up, please don’t misunderstand! 

JH: He’s a kind leader.

SK: Let’s finish it like this. For Coups-hyung.

(Translation by myself, credit Cheolhan-is-life if taken to elsewhere)