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レイトン教授風ポケモンBW。 By ぱす子 on Pixiv

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Cutest Pokemon: Cinccino
Favorite Shiny Pokémon: Delphox
Favorite Rival: Silver
Favorite Villain: Ghetsis
Favorite Legendary: Raikou
Favorite Song: N’s Castle Bridge
Favorite Gym/Trial Puzzle: Kiawe’s trial
Favorite Gym Leader/Trial Leader/Kahuna: Skyla
Favorite Pokémon: Technically Raikou, but I already put that for favourite legendary, so I’m gonna say Absol
Favorite Starter: Cyndaquil
Favorite Type: Uhhh electric or grass
Favorite Region: Johto, though Unova’s probably second
Favorite Main Series Game: Black and White
Favorite Spin Off: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness/Time
Favorite Elite Four/Champion: Cynthia
Favorite Post Game: Kanto in GS and their remakes, Platinum post game is a close second
Favorite Anime Opening: Uhhh I kinda liked one of the Advanced ones?
Pokémon You Use The Most: Well in Sun it’s probably Porgyon-Z
First Pokémon Game: Yellow
Favorite Scene: N defeating Alder
Favorite Move: V-Create

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