leader roxie

Roxie from Pokemon Black and White 2.
Had this mostly finished this a few months ago and forgot about it, tried to finish it off cleanly but I might have missed a few mistakes.

Somebody by the name of DynamiteJustice on Reddit pointed out how much Pearl looks like Roxie from Pokémon, so after a little bit of messing around, I made this. It’s not great, but it kinda shows how much they do look like each other

“Can I be him?”

Not everybody should know about the fact that you’re a Kingsman agent, especially your family. In their eyes, you’re a tailor and do nothing but wasting your time. Tired of the attempts of your mother to make you settle down with a guy, who is up to your economic standards, you may just have to fake it…

Warning: a bit of ‘casual’ swearing
Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Part ONE of ‘Can I be him?’ - Series

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