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Been thinking about how Plumeria’s a poison type trainer and honestly I just want her and Roxie and Janine to be like sisters because god could you imagine.

Plumeria teaching Janine all the Girl Stuff™ she missed out on being raised by Aloof Ninja Dad. Fashion. Makeup. Boys. GIRLS.

Roxie trying to teach them both how to play guitar so they can jam with her. Plumeria thinks it’s stupid at first but spends nights practicing chords to be able to play. When they jam, there are only bass solos and that’s the way Plumeria wants it. 

Janine wondering how in the damn hell either of them got to be so tough without a shred of discipline in their training, showing them everything she’s learned from her Ninja schooling. Roxie falling asleep during a meditation session.

Everyone gets pranked. No one is safe, least of all Guzma because c’mon it’s just too easy.

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Headcannon: Roxie comes to Alola and gives a concert in there.

Pretty vague, but I can see it. As to the venue….

Well, she’s going to have Royal Avenue packed with spectators, and the concert will be in the Battle Royal Hall. She’s gonna have a 360 degree stage, and boy will it be loud.

The Masked Royal himself will be in the front seat. Kukui told Burnet he couldn’t go, because he was feeling “ill”. 

~Mod Sun

There Is No Reason For “Everyone Lives” AU’s To Not Be Canon Compliant

I think I should share what’s been canon in my “Is This Weird?” ‘verse since the beginning, because fuck if I don’t think it could be a thing.

Imagine Terezi stepping into the new universe, hesitating until the last second because Vriska still wasn’t there. And imagine John bursting into tears when he gets over the momentary shock of being hugged by Crockpop, when the realization that his dad is dead hits him over again.

Imagine… Roxy, the leader of the alpha kids and the one who managed to create the matriorb, turning to the other Alpha kids and being like “Listen guys. We need to try something.”


Why were those four specific elements put together, why were those four particular children thrown into a game they could never win? Look, they didn’t have a Space or a Time player, their session was doomed even before their sprites weren’t prototyped, but I DO NOT think that the combination of them was meaningless or useless!

There is no reason that their particular combination of powers couldn’t be used to populate the new universe with the “dead” loved ones of the surviving players. Davepeta already revealed to us that Ultimate Souls are unconditionally immortal. It’s not like they don’t exist anymore, and between the four of them, well.

Imagine the four Alpha kids holding hands and working together like they never really got to during their session. Them combining their powers like they all just learned to do with others during Collide but for CREATION rather than killing people. And then BAM.



So I just uploaded a bunch of old prints onto my redbubble store.

Here are the links if you are interested in buying:

Princess Peach
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Panty and Stocking
Bow Down to the Queen of Despair
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Gym Leader Roxie

Also, the Panty and Stocking Print comes in a laptop skin as well AND the Gym Leader Roxie also comes in an Iphone case.

Soon I will be adding the Dangan Ronpa chibis to the store as Postcard prints and Stickers (and maybe something else) so stay tuned!

I know barely anything about Star Trek but I’m pretty sure Jake is the adventurous yellow leader always getting everyone into trouble for reasons that are not well backed up, Dirk is the pointy-eared, emotionless void of knowledge that’s probably lowkey crushing on yellow leader, Roxy is the coolheaded red lady that keeps everything going under both the starship and emotional hood, and Jane is the exasperated blue doctor 100% done with everyone’s shit.

empress roxy is okay but have u considered: new human leader roxy and new troll leader karkat co friendleadering and having sleepovers to discuss Serious Leader Things when humans and trolls have a disagreement over something and they try painting each others nails and kk gets perfectly painted little crabs and roxy ends up with a pink blotchy mess but she loves it anyway and roxy and kk just ending up really good friends and nobodys arc get overshadowed and its a less stressful job for them both ( ´ ▽ ` )