leader roxie

Roxie from Pokemon Black and White 2.
Had this mostly finished this a few months ago and forgot about it, tried to finish it off cleanly but I might have missed a few mistakes.

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im vry bad at keeping track of shit like names so can I get a list of all the cats an who their non-au version is with maybe the clans they're in too


Vriska (spiderstar)

terezi (redeye)

medicine cat
aranea (webwhisker)

hal (sparkclaw)
rose (roseheart)
kanaya (mothfeather)
porrim (lilyheart)
dirk (shadeface)
latula (falmejump)


karkat (crabstar)

dave (redwing)

medicine cat
kankri (runningstream)

gamzee (goatfur)
eridan (seadrowner)
feferi (otterfoot)
mituna (yellowfall)
cronus (smokepelt)
meenah (troutsplash)


john (windstar)

jane (rabbitfoot)

medicine cat
tavros (bullwing)

jake (hareleap)
sollux (beepelt)
jade (barkear)
rufioh (breezeflight)
horuss (darkfur)


roxy (voidstar)

nepeta (pouncefoot)

medicine cat
calliope (calliheart)

aradia (lambheart)
equius (horseleg)
damara (cherrytail)
meulin (lionear)
kurloz (silentstep)

there they are…

“Can I be him?”

Not everybody should know about the fact that you’re a Kingsman agent, especially your family. In their eyes, you’re a tailor and do nothing but wasting your time. Tired of the attempts of your mother to make you settle down with a guy, who is up to your economic standards, you may just have to fake it…

Warning: a bit of ‘casual’ swearing
Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Part ONE of ‘Can I be him?’ - Series

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I decided to give you all some Pokémon related info about me on munday

Favourite 1st Gen. character:  Red

Favourite 2nd Gen. character:  Silver

Favourite 3rd Gen. character: Steven Stone

Favourite 4th Gen. character:  Crasher Wake

Favourite 5th Gen. character:  N

Favourite 6th Gen. character:  Sycamore

Favourite 7th Gen . character: Gladion

Favourite game protagonist:  Red

Favourite game rival:  Hugh

Favourite evil organisation: Team Plasma

Favourite Gym Leader:  Roxie

Favourite Elite Four member: Shauntal

Favourite Champion: Green/Blue

Favourite Professor: Oak

Favourite region: Kanto

Favourite item: I use the Exp. Share  a lot

Favourite berry: Sitrus Berry

Favourite storyline: Black/White – Black2/White2

Favourite in-game feature: Walking with Pokémon (HG/SS)

Favourite console to play Pokémon on:  3DS XL

Favourite supporting role in the Anime: Brock

Favourite Pokémon movie:  Mewtwo Strikes Back

Favourite Ash outfit:  Kanto/Johto outfit

Favourite “spin-off” game:  Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time