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Who do you think is the most qualified leader among the X-Men and why?

Storm and Cyclops were probably my favorite leaders of the X-Men…some of that surely has to do with my nostalgia from comics I read when I was younger. I REALLY love Uncanny X-Men #201

Greatest Gay Lovers: Alexander the Great x Hephaestion

Alexander III of Macedon son of King Philip II, would grow up to be the worlds greatest military commander.

By the age of age of 18, he brought down the greatest empire the world has ever seen. Conquered most of the known world by the age of 33. While never losing a battle.

As a child Alexander had a passion for philosophy. He attended lectures at Mieza, tutor by Aristotle. While there he would meet Hephaestion. Who would later become the 2nd most powerful man in Alexander’s empire. As well as Alexander’s life long lover and confidant.

Their tutor Aristotle described the friendship as “one soul abiding in two bodies”.

Alexander would describe his relationship with Hephaestion, to that of Achilles and Patroclus. Who are said to be lovers by Plato and Aeschylus.

Robin Lane Fox, wrote: “Already the two were intimate, Patroclus and Achilles even to those around them; the comparison would remain to the end of their days and is proof of their life as lovers…”

In 324 BC, Hephaestion contracted typhoid. Hearing the news Alexander rushed to be at his side but by the time he arrived, Hephaestion passed away.

Plutarch says ”…Alexander’s grief was uncontrollable, he flung himself on the body of his friend and lay there nearly all day long in tears, and refused to be parted from him until he was dragged away by force by his companions.“

Arrian states ”…for two whole days after Hephaestion’s death Alexander tasted no food and paid no attention in any way to bodily needs, but lay on his bed now crying lamentably, now in the silence of grief.“

Alexander cut his hair short in mourning, this last a poignant reminder of Achilles’ last gift to Patroclus on his funeral pyre: Arrian states ”… he laid the lock of hair in the hands of his beloved companion, and the whole company was moved to tears.“

Long after Alexander own death one philosopher wrote, Alexander was only defeated once and that was by Hephaestion’s thighs.

X-Men Blue #10

Hi Everyone :)

Today is Labor Day and I know on this day off I should be at the beach with my family and friends but I chose instead to be home resting. There is also something good to discuss about X-Men Blue #10. An issue from last week that I have not forgotten. I’ll promise I won’t go long on this one :)

So where were we from our last discussion? Oh yeah, INTERACTION. Let me extend a warm welcome to Lorna and Erik’s (daughter and father) interaction.

So here we are, the father-daughter interaction that we were all waiting for. May I remind you this was not their first interaction :)

Let’s begin with Magneto who seems to just want a better connection and improve his father-daughter relationship. New readers may ask… Why was he never there as a father for Polaris? Well, this can be explained from his entire history. Magneto never had a role model as father after his first daughter, Anya’s death. You cannot imagine what Magneto went through. Magneto is a Holocaust survivor who went through a lot of deadly moments in his childhood. He survived the worst horrors of the Holocaust and saw his parent’ death as well as his daughter’s death. That’s 70 years of trauma. Magneto suffered from nightmares and often woke in the night with great fear and panic, believing he was back in Auschwitz. He tried to ignore the nightly horrors, but it was too much for him to bear. He decided that he won’‘t see this vision in the future with his mutant kind (because he saw how mutants were being oppressed by humanity, drawing parallels to Nazi Germany). This is why he wasn’t ready for fatherhood, since he was keeping himself busy fighting for mutant rights.

When he first discovered his daughter Lorna (she was a toddler), he was part of the Brotherhood of “Evil” Mutants and was already at war with humans. He couldn’t be the father as he wanted to so he made Mastermind to forget about the incident of her parent’s death and let her live a normal life (she always wanted to live a normal life).

Anyway, I won’t go long on this subject (I will save this for another discussion) but this is only to give you a little understanding as to why Magneto was absent from Lorna’s life and why he probably wants to make it up to Lorna. But there is one thing for sure about Magneto, which is that he never fucked up with Lorna like he did with the twins. I think that’s why Lorna seems to be more attached to him and calls him father or dad (despite not trusting him).

Ok, back to the subject but I’d like to drag one quote from the above panel.

Magneto: “But you’re not quite ready for those abilities or the life that I have to offer you” (X-Factor #243) That’d be the first thing to find out.

As I have already discussed, Polaris is going to be the principle of the new young X-Men. Magneto is offering his daughter to be the co-leader (2nd in command) because he’s afraid he won’t be able to control them as well as those who are emerging with secondary mutations. He’d rather have his daughter carry on his master plan or policy and that’s more likely because she’s more powerful than anybody else. She’d be able to control them as her father’s right-hand. She’s going to be the Mistress of Xavier’s school from my understanding. Magneto wants Lorna as leader because she’s not a thoughtless follower :) 

Lorna becoming the principle and her father’s right-hand is a huge step for her (as it feels like Magneto is going to vanish (die) somehow and she’s going to take over for her father) and this is what her dad is offering her… a leadership. Though, I feel as if Magneto told her that before aside from when she was a toddler.

Magneto: “One day…you’ll understand” “I couldn’t let you die alongside me!” “You still have something to offer this world!” “I’ll ensure you’ll have the chance!” (Magneto #20)

I think this is the moment in X-Men Blue #10, the moment where Lorna will finally understand why Magneto needed her to strive in order to be where she is today. Sitting with her father, drinking hot tea, and discussing what Magneto had propose to her a long time ago. I guess we finally discovered what plan Magneto held for his daughter and that’s taking her place as the new leader of the new X-Men.

So someone on the Indonesia reddit page noticed this and made a post about it.

Apparently the words on colossus’s shirt is a Quranic verse which states that “Muslims should not take the Jews and Christians as their allies/friends”. Indonesian translation of the verse states that “Muslims should not appoint the Jews and Christians as their leader

I initially made a comment on reddit because I didn’t believe it was true but I looked it up and its true, Syef even confirmed it on his Facebook page. Though some are saying he deleted those comments.

Their are screenshots of it on the reddit page.

I can’t believe the artist used X-Men of all books to include this message.

This is sickening. Like, actually sickening. On a X-Men comic where the team leader is Jewish.

I can only hope Marvel and their editors didn’t know his views or realize what the numbers mean . Now I wonder if his other works have this shit on them

He’s using the X-Men to promote his hate. It’s not an in-joke, filler, or humor. It’s damaging to the characters/story once people find out. It’s not even like a bad guy is wearing the shirt, it’s Colossus.

You can argue that 212 could be a coincidence. Just like you can’t jump to the conclusion of an artist/writer being a Neo Nazi because they used 14.

Even so, if it was only the 212 it would just mean the artist support a rally in his homeland. But the QS 5:51? That’s awful. I may not be Indonesian or Muslim, but it really irritates me that a hateful message is being ‘cheekily’ sneaked in an X-men book as a fan of their message of tolerance. Marvel should fire the artist for this.

I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.
—  Malcolm X. Rest in Peace, King!

Because why not?


Who: A mental toddler full of hope and optimism out to do good in the world after imprinting on the superhero team A-force.

What: She is a sentient pocket dimension.  She is able to teleport, blast things, fly, and hide people and things inside herself. 

Why: Because Nico and her formed a deep bond and that is not easily broken.

Hazmat and Mettle

Who: Jennifer Takeda and Ken Mack. Both of these kids had fulfilling lives before their powers took away what they wanted.  They found solace in each other.

What: She’s radioactive and poisonous, having the live in a containment suit because of it (until a poorly written ‘cure’ was applied to her).  He used to be a surfer before he was turned into “Red Irridium” by being flayed alive.  He’s super-strong, and super durable, but can’t feel much. 

Why: Both Mettle and Hazmat clicked with Chase and Nico pretty well. One of my big criteria for Runaways team members is people thinking they might be evil, and these kids have that specter over them.

Plus, they could double date with Chase and Nico and be really, really cute together.


Who: Andrea Benton.  A goth girl who is bonded to a hellspawn-infused version of the Venom symbiote. 

What: aside from various venom-related powers (spider-sense, enhanced strength, enhanced agility, regeneration, enhanced durability, claw/tooth/and tentacle creation), she has a Hellmark which allows her some demonic magic/control over demons.

Why: She’s an orphan with an ‘evil’ power, and an ‘evil’ parent of sorts.  And since flash seems to be letting her down a lot, she might as well hook up with the Ruanways. 

Sun Girl

Who: Selah Burke, daughter of Lightmaster (Edward Lanksy), a bright girl who was inspired by Spider-man to do good with science!

What: She has invented energy blasters and a jetpack that are all solar powered/light enhancing.

Why: Villainous parentage, and after her experience in the new Warriors, she might be more towards the Ruanways way of thinking (cleaning up the messes of adults, not bowing to their authority).  Haeichi might join her in that regard.


Who: Elvin Haliday. A young kid who, thanks to chemical waste exposure, becomes a hulking figure.  Former Avenger, New Warrior, and Lucha enthusiast.

What: He has Super-strength and Durability. 

Why: He is pretty well solidly orphaned twice over.  And his short temper has gotten him into trouble before, he could fit in pretty well with a bunch of kids on the run (though he’d blend in about as well as Ken Mack). He also shares a deep disillusionment with adults. 


Who: Noriko Ashida, former leader of the New X-Men. Stubborn, and driven into depression because of her responsibilities as a leader. 

What: She has electrical absorbing and projecting powers.  She can also channel this into bursts of super-speed. 

Why: let’s face it, her generation was basically abandoned by the X-Men.  Putting her and her friends through hell easily disillusioned her.  She can’t take that other members of her class still stomach the poor treatment they get from the established X-Men.  Her mutation also forced her to run away from Japan to America (not an easy feat) and she lived on her own for months before being adopted into the X-Men (or as she sees it, “unknowingly drafted”). 

Also, her and Victor Mancha might be cute together. 


Who: Carmilla Black, daugther of pre-mutation Bruce Banner and Monica Rappaccini (one of the Scientist Supreme of AIM).  Trained by shieLD to do infiltration missions.

What: Aside from SHIELD training, she has been given a Gattaca treatment to nearly ‘perfect’.  She also has the ability to absorb and project poisons in the form of a ‘venom blast’.  She is also immune to radiation. 

Why: Villain parents give you insant Runaways cred.  She might be there to spy on them, and then come to like them as a new family, just to make her eventual ‘traitor’ reval all the sweeter. 

Because I am evil.

Ghost Rider

Who: Robbie Reyes, a good kid with dark powers from his evil uncle’s spirit. 

What: Mystical empowerment, Hellfire, a sweet rid, blades and chains are all as his command.  And he’s tough as hell. 

Why: He’s living solo, though not off the grid.  A young man still going to high school who works to keep his little brother well cared for is more along the ‘adulting’ path than the Runnaways, but I figure he could help them all survive better in the world.  Chase, at least, could get a job at the shop with him.  And his little brother would totally have a balst with Molly.

Also, him and Nico would make an interesting ship. Or Fusion.


Who: Rikki Barnes, girl without a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire. a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire. girl without a world. Lives on her own, off the grid in order to battle the Secret Empire.

What: She has no powers, trains as best she can, and stays off the grid as besst she can.

Why: Look at all that!  Look at it!  she’s taylor made to at least ally with the Runaways! 


Who: Anya Corazon, twice orphaned, outspoken young woman with a drive to do good.

What: Standard Spider-Package with some mystical edges to them.

Why: Twice-Orphaned, and formerly working for a society that didn’t tell her everything.  distrust of adults from that alone gets you Runaways cred. 


Who: Daughter of Scott Lang, determined, driven, and with an inability to take ‘no’ easily.

What: She has size-changing powers, and she has tech that allows her to fly, blast, and control ants/wasps.   Though there are some Heart issues she has to deal with …

Why; If it wasn’t for the Young Avengers, she was going to run away to LA to join the Runaways.  She got along with them pretty well.  Well, except for that incident with Molly …


Who: Aside from the above?  She was rules strict and is learning they don’t always apply.

What: ice Powers, and she’s pretty buff.

Why: She was a Runaway in one world already, might as well make her one in 616.  Also, she can crush on Karolina (or Nico, she does have a thing for Gothy Asians). 

Feel free to share your own ideas!

Polaris ReTURN

Here on my day off would like to discuss something very important about my girl who finally returned (even though she’s been in several issues from different time of era and even from the future) to the prime timeline. I know there’s been plenty of threads on this but like mine, none :)

I think we all knew this was coming!!

A great moment from Lorna and Alexander to reunite after almost 6 years of their split. Did someone really think they would never meet again? Was this a bombshell? Definitely not for new readers. Therefore, I trusted her (@cullenbunn) and had no doubt the Bombshell is awaiting on the next Issue of X-Men Blue #9, #10, #11 and so. Overall, I have no problem seeing them on the same panel or working things out. I always thought she should be a Summers just like Jean.

Let’s begin with her major text that I can clear that out for you :)

I’m sure a myriad of questions were drifting throughout some new readers’ mind and may wonder what she means and for those who know may come up with speculations. Let’s go by the fact which can explain the major impact of her text where people can bitch and complain but all in all I’m really excited about her articulate speaking… really excited. At least Lorna has moments where she actually gets serious.

What’s wrong with her lines? Honestly though, that’s one of the most badass lines I ever heard. To those who don’t know, Polaris and Havok are one of the oldest and longest standing power couples in X-Men lore. I love all the character interactions and to just ignore their past and not have this couple seeing each other or on the same panel, would make no sense. Making her any different would be out of character. Havok fell in love with teammate Lorna Dane, better known as Polaris and after a brief time with the team they decided to retire and have a normal life. But this was never meant to be as the Marauders began attacking them. Because of that Lorna became possessed by the entity known as Malice, who forced her to attack the X-Men as the Marauders’ new leader. Alex had no choice but to fight her, with help from the X-Men. Havok spent some time in Genosha away from the X-Men again. Eventually accepted an offer to lead the second group of X-Factor, a government-funded mutant agency, of which Lorna was a member as well. They have been through thick and thin and survived the worst, especially Lorna.

Polaris and Havok have been through a lot while being separated for 6 straight years. So I’m sure there are some unfinished explanations that need to be addressed. Like Havok and Wasp, Polaris and Magneto, 2 groups of people that were trying to save the world in 2 different timelines. Again, Polaris and Havok are one of the longest standing power couples through the whole Marvel universe and that bond would make for some story fodder for a future film. Since the films handle Magneto’s powers so well, there might as well be two Masters of Magnetism. Polaris is one of the oldest X-Men characters yet to make an appearance in a film (only tv show), but let’s face it, it’s Lorna Dane’s lineage that make her potential inclusion in a future movie so compelling.

I didn’t really get the sense that they were done, honestly. They still obviously care about each other immensely, they just need and want to be in different places at this point in their lives. It was a weird “break-up” more of a let’s just cool off for a bit. Heck, Havok said he wanted Lorna with him when he was initially leaving. Lorna refused to leave with Alexander and stood leading the X-Factor’s team on her own. She has kept herself romantically distant since her return.

For a long time Havok joined the Uncanny Avengers while Polaris led her own team on All new X-factor. Both went on their own way and yes… Polaris was on her own and still is (she was not a “foil” to anyone). After Polaris pieced together her entire origin, they separated shortly after that and she was not seen with Havok ever since.

As much as I love both of them, it’s going to be interesting to see them work things out. I can’t think of a single relationship now in the Marvel Universe that is still together. Other than Cloak and Dagger, and that’s more cause their powers balance out. I mean, where’s the love, the commitment? It’s a very strange time in Marvel right now. I’ll be fine with her and Havok coming back together if he’s written well but this is not what the story in X-men blue is about.

The other important thing I would like to point out is… and I will repeat… her entry is badass! Everything about her is badass! You can’t deny she’s Magneto’s daughter. Not only I’m looking at how she erupted into the scene but also looking at some major subtext description.

Look at the description, LOOK AT IT and how delightful to know :)

Let’s not forget when she first appeared, she was introduced as Magneto’s daughter and for god’s sake, people need to be reminded for those who keep complaining that she’s “the forgotten daughter”. Well this time Marvel is going to assure people that she was not forgotten and that’s the book’s response.

I can’t come up with a lot of assumptions since this was the last page of the subject. The big event is yet to come where we will further see her description as Polaris aka Lorna Dane aka Mistress of Magnetism and yes… the daughter of Magneto because it’s the only family (parent) she has. Is crystal clear what Marvel wants is for those who don’t know (and keep bitching), that she is in fact the daughter of one of the most iconic, most popular and recognizable characters of the Marvel Universe and perhaps one of the most important. I can get the sense why some of you envy Lorna.

I literally don’t have a problem with Polaris and Magneto’s interaction. The dynamic relationship between a father and daughter is a complex one. I mean, don’t tell me nobody loves to see their interaction. Most of us wish to see this more often while some would like to use it to downgrade Polaris with the assumption of “Polaris only being a thin foil to Magneto or Havok”. Get your shit straight. Do you people like to see Polaris and Magneto interactions or do you not. That said, there are no room for assumptions. Let’s explore what takes place in her mind, emotions, and psyche through the powerful dynamics that occur between a father and a daughter. Is there anyone who disagrees with me?

Same with Polaris and Havok. I’d support Havok-Polaris because they come from way back. They’ve also become the couple most prominently featured in every adaption of the franchise. The two served together on three different incarnations of X-Factor, but their desire to be on different superhero teams eventually led to their breakup. When Havok left X-Factor to lead the Avengers Unity Squad, Polaris stayed behind and took control of the X-team. The two have yet to reconcile.

Since her separation with Havok, She has been allowed to appear in

  1. Marvel Now: All New X-Factor (2014)
  2. Axis: All New X-Factor (tie-in (2015)
  3. Secret Wars: Magneto Solo book (2015)
  4. Secret Wars: House of M (2015)
  5. Secret Wars: Inferno (cameo (2015)
  6. Secret Wars: X-Men ‘92 (cameo (2015)
  7. Battleworld: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde (cameo (2015)
  8. Uncanny X-Men (cameo + where we discovered she was still alive. Also her name was briefly mentioned (2016)
  9. Deadpool and the Mercs for Money (IvX tie-in (2017)
  10. X-Men Blue (current (2017)

These are what I can count off the top of my head and in every single one of those series, Lorna has been mainly on her own. Of course, interactions are very important when it comes to stories. There will be times when Lorna will interact with her father because that’s her father. Same with Havok because that’s the love of her life and are (still) very deeply in love. What can you say about a couple that first met back in the ‘60s at the tail-end of the initial Silver Age X-Men run, and have been romantically involved for almost all of the time since then? A couple who split in 2012. I’m talking about 43 years on average, they weighed in on everything from how to find the right person to what keeps the spark alive. This is more of a hypocrisy for those saying “Polaris shouldn’t be with Havok” “Polaris shouldn’t be with her father” but those are the most interesting interactions if you ask me. From what I can see Lorna shouldn’t be with, or interact with, anyone. “They” claim that Lorna interacting with them will “destroy” or take “away” her characterization (nonsense). So they go along with their criticism but when Lorna wasn’t interacting with any of them and she was on her own (take All New X-Factor as an example) “they” were still criticizing and even wanted more. How hypocrite is that, right? They use excuses and expectations, but, after all, they are irrelevant.

Overall, the X-Men Blue #8 was spectacular, more than amazing. Lorna made a huge comeback and what’s literally in store for us is that we should wait without jumping to conclusions. Lorna is playing a huge part in the next few issues. Mark my word.

  • X-Men: The government is comparing mutants to weapons, trying to get them all to register, but the real villain of the movie is MAGNETO.
  • X2: There is now a US general who used armed soldiers to seize a school building full of children and who has captured the X-Men's leader and is using his brain to wipe out the entire mutant race. The real villain is still MAGNETO.
  • X3: There's been a "cure" discovered that deprives mutants of their mutation and has been weaponized. Also, Jean Grey, one of the X-Men's own, has come back from the dead as a terrible being of unfathomable power. Somehow, the real villain of the movie manages to be MAGNETO.
  • XMFC: Sebastian Shaw has been torturing, abusing, and manipulating mutants for decades, and he and the Hellfire Club plan to start WWIII. The villain of the movie is MAGNETO.
  • DoFP: The US government is sanctioning a program that will lead to a dark timeline in which mutants are hunted by robots and rounded up in concentration camps. The villain of this movie is not Bolivar Trask, who is building the Sentinels, or Mystique, whose actions inadvertently cause the timeline to come to pass, but MAGNETO.
  • X-Men Apocalypse: Apocalypse is a big scary dude from ancient times who wants to see the whole world burn. But don't worry! Guess who's still a villain? MAGNETO.

A friend of mine recently made me aware of the “fridging” phenomena in comics that predominately affects female characters. This refers to the tendency male writers have to kill, de-power, or otherwise victimize female characters for the purpose of either advancing the storyline of male characters or simply to depict females in a weak or vulnerable state. Major examples of this are Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend getting killed and stuffed into a refrigerator in Green Lantern #54, and the paralyzation and implied sexual assault of Batgirl in The Killing Joke. But really, when you starting thinking about it and making a list, the examples are almost endless.

After learning about this, I immediately began thinking about how it related to my favorite comic book characters, the Uncanny X-Men. While female characters in X-Men comics are unarguably victimized and unfortunately often sexualized in the process (I’m looking at you underage Illyana Rasputine), it can at least be stated that during Claremont’s run it is almost never done for the purpose of advancing the storyline of a male character. I think this is because unlike most comic books being published to this day, the women are the stars of the X-Men. Yes, Claremont is often misogynistic with his treatment and visual depiction of these women, but at the exact same time he is quite feminist in the sense that the pages of his comic books focus so strongly on the storylines of the female characters (Kitty, Jean, Storm, Rogue, Rachel). And the women are often depicted as being more powerful and having more depth than their male counterparts. A good example of this is Storm. She is classified as an omega class mutant with supreme power. She becomes leader of the X-Men, the first female or minority to do so. When she is de-powered by Forge’s nullifying laser, it sparks an incredibly intense emotional journey that takes place in some of the finest comic books ever written (see Lifedeath and Lifedeath II for examples). We see her battle her demons and ultimately defeat them, and it is never done for the purpose of exploring anything other than her own character, who is strong, inspirational, and entirely stands on her own. In these very panels we see her kick the shit out of Cyclops to reclaim leadership of the team, and she does both of these things entirely without her powers. Completely awesome. And even better, in either an awesome bit of symbolism or foreshadowing, while this fight is going on in the danger room, the weather outside turns mysteriously ominous.

Sooo cooool. (The Uncanny X-Men #201 – Jan 1986)

X-Men 101: Cyclops

Scott “Slim” Summers isn’t just a mutant, X-Man, or leader of X-Men. He is the X-Men. Cyclops is fundamentally important to the legacy and ideology of mutantkind – more so than Professor X or his ideological counterpart Magneto. His name is as controversial in the modern Marvel universe as it likely is at your local comic shop. Today we’ll discuss the personal history of Scott Summers, (most of) what he has done since his 1963 introduction, and why he is now so polarizing.

Scott Summers grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. His father, a US Air Force Major, would take the family on flights in their plane. On one fateful flight the plane was attacked by a Shi’ar Spaceship. With the plane in flames, Scott’s parents attached the only parachute to him and told him to hold onto his brother, Alex. The plane went down after the boys jumped and Scott suffered an injury to his brain upon landing, damaging the part that would have enabled him to control his optic blasts. Both Summers boys suffered traumatic amnesia as a result of the experience.

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A victorian geneticist and supervillain known as Mister Sinister took and interest in the Summers boys. You’ll notice that Sinister comes up a lot. He became fascinated with the Summer’s genetic line and believed that Scott was capable of producing “pure mutant” children. Sinister believed that Scott had more potential than his brother and separated the two boys, rendering Scott more vulnerable to emotional manipulation.  

Scott had been placed in the State Home for Foundlings in Nebraska, and was subjected to a battery of tests and experiments by the orphanage owner – Mister Sinister in disguise. As a teenager, Scott began to suffer from severe headaches and was sent to a specialist (who was, again, Mister Sinister in disguise). Sinister would go on to provide Scott with lenses made of ruby quartz to neutralize his optic blasts.  

Scott’s mutant power does, however, erupted from his eyes later on with a blast of uncontrollable concussive force. The blast demolished a crane, causing it to drop its payload toward a terrified crowd. Scott saved everyone by blasting the payload again, but the frightened crowd rallied into an angry mob against him. Scott fled by jumping onto a freight train and was found by Charles Xavier. When asked to join the X-Men Scott accepted and became the first official member.

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The initial team was lead by Cyclops and featured Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Beast (Hank McCoy), Iceman (Bobby Drake), and Angel (Warren Worthington III). Professor X provided Scott with a visor made of ruby quartz to better control his blasts in the field. He was a skilled tactician and field leader, but he stood out from the rest of the team in that he had basically no social skills.

Cyclops was friendly towards the guys on the team, but had fallen head over heels for Jean Grey. While Warren was using his good looks and wealth to put the moves on Jean, he would remove himself from the situation and brood. Jean wasn’t into Angel’s posturing though; something about Scott’s demeanor and soft strength drove her wild. The pair eventually declare their love – a love that would ultimately shape many of the events to come.

Speaking of X-Men events, Scott has been at the center of pretty much all of them. Over 50 years of intersecting stories and comic events, actually. So instead of going in-depth on everything that happens to Scott, let’s hit all the early high notes:

  • Scott saves his brother Alex (Havok), and there is bad blood between them
  • Cyclops trains a new group of X-Men to rescue the original group from Krakoa
  • The original team retires, with the exception of Scott who remains the leader
  • On the new team’s first mission a mutant dies and it haunts Scott
  • Coming back from space, Jean Grey pilots a shuttle with the X-Men through radiation
  • Jean bonds with a cosmic being known as “The Phoenix Force” to survive
  • Going by “The Phoenix,” Jean’s love affair with Scott grows more passionate
  • Scott meets the father he presumed dead – Corsair, of the Starjammers
  • The Phoenix becomes the Dark Phoenix and consumes a star, killing billions
  • Jean wrestles control back from The Phoenix and dies to protect the universe

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Believing the love of his life to be dead, Scott leaves the X-Men for a while. At a family reunion of the Summers’ clan, Scott met Madelyne Pryor – a pilot for his grandparents who was identical in appears to Jean Grey. He was unaware that Madelyne was actually a clone of Jean created by none other than Mister Sinister. Madelyne was programmed to fall in love with Scott to produce the most powerful mutant of all time (for Sinister’s use).

Madelyne and Scott soon wed and she became pregnant. Scott’s future son would be named “Nathan” due to a suggestion implanted in Madelyne by Mister Sinister, although you may better know him as the badass man out of time “Cable.”

Madelyne and Scott’s relationship turned rocky after the birth of their son, as Scott would often leave in the middle of the night to go on X-Men missions. When Jean Grey had been discovered alive at the bottom of Jamaica Bay by The Avengers, Scott was hit hard. He didn’t know how to handle her return in light of his crumbling marriage and connection with the imposter Phoenix who took her place years earlier. Scott, tragically, left Madelyne and baby Nathan.

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Jean founded X-Factor to find and protect new mutants and return the team to Charles’ original vision, Madelyne Pryor was put into a coma by a Marauder attack, Baby Nathan was kidnapped by Sinister, and Jean absorbed the memories of both the imposter Phoenix and Madelyne. Comic books, amirite?

Skipping much further ahead (Cyclops is at the centre of almost every mutant event), Scott goes through a shift towards militarism after the actual death of Jean Grey and becomes involved with former villain Emma Frost. Actually, they had a psychic affair before Jean passed (gasp!).

Scott would later reform X-Force as an assassination squad, have a falling-out with Wolverine, and wage war with The Avengers over the return of the Phoenix Force. During the Avengers vs X-Men Marvel mega-event, Scott is possessed by this cosmic force along with five other mutants (known as the Phoenix Five). After a number of battles, Scott absorbs all of the power possessed by his teammates and goes mad. Professor X tried to talk Scott down from this power frenzy and (in a pretty damning panel) is killed by Cyclops.

Scott was imprisoned for his deeds, but had no regrets over his actions as the return of the Phoenix Force meant new mutants throughout the world for the first time since House of M (in which Scarlet Witch famously decimated the mutant population). Not long after, Magneto would free Scott from prison and Cyclops would become a mutant revolutionary.

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Not agreeing with Scott’s actions, Beast brought the original X-Men forward in time so that they could remind Cyclops of Charles’ vision of peaceful co-existence. The team failed to sway Scott back to the path of peaceful co-existence. This speaks volumes to how numerous events, deaths, and time itself had hardened Scott. He was no longer fighting for was was right so much as he was fighting for mutant kind itself – at all costs.

Scott’s story comes to a close in Death of X. I won’t spoil what happens to him or what the fallout was because (honestly?) I like the concepts too much to spoil them.

Why is Cyclops the quintessential X-Man? Is he even a hero? Though Scott is hated now more than ever, he remains the most important mutant of the Marvel universe. Without him the entire mutant species might have become extinct or worse – used as weapons for the highest bidders. He abandoned his wife and child, had an affair with another woman, and is arguably the reason why the Inhumans went to war with the X-Men. Still, I can’t say he was ever a real villain. Just a man who has had too many loses and was too focused on his life’s work to see the forest through the trees.

As you might imagine, seeing what Adult Cyclops became was traumatic for the time-displaced Cyclops. The bright sliver of hope for Scott Summers is how his life of trauma and manipulation can serve as guidance for Young Cyclops to not make the same mistakes.

Polaris ReTURN Part 2

Hi everyone :)

This is a continuation from part 1. For those who missed it here it is https://mistress-lorna-dane.tumblr.com/post/163698483955/polaris-return

First and foremost I’d like to point out this cover is tribute to Jim Steranko where Lorna was first introduced as the Queen of Mutants as well as where Marvel boldly declares Lorna to be Magneto’s daughter. Along with Steranko’s artwork, this issue also features the first appearance of the modern X-Men logo. But look at this new cover by Arthur Adams, wow. Isn’t amazing? So here are my thoughts of the X-Men Blue #9 :)

Oh My God I don’t even know where to start. So many things I would like to point out. Let me begin by saying resurgence has all the ingredients for a spectacular Lorna Dane. After she was last seen in Magneto book (2015), had a cameo in Uncanny X-Men (2016), finally here she is in X-Men Blue (2017). Oh My, if only you can see my face :)

I’m gonna bring some stuff I mentioned from part 1 of X-Men #8 (I posted a link above for those who didn’t read) where I was right about everything.

Let’s go to the X-Men Blue page, where Marvel is giving a short detail from previously issue #8.

I believe I clearly expressed before that Polaris was going to continue to be introduced as Magneto’s daughter because she IS the daughter of one of the most powerful and recognizable mutants. I also believe I mentioned that Marvel wants new readers to know Polaris is Magneto’s daughter (and Havok’s Ex-Girlfriend) whether we like it or not and there ain’t no going back in retconning Polaris’s parentage (I don’t think Marvel wants to make another mistake) like they did with the twins. Speaking of which…

((You has to admit this is funny, lol.))

And this is where the frustration led to people to scream. The frustration of their wishes because sadly the twins are no longer Magneto’s kids. That’s why “they” go along writing their frustration by downgrading Lorna everywhere she goes. The person can be absolutely pissed simply when a writer makes her what they don’t expect from her… an interesting, badass, strong character. Strange, because she has always been interesting and strong since her first appearance.

This is what I like about @cullenbunn. He has a good sense of humor where he can joke while simultaneously being honest. Magneto doesn’t have as many kids as he used to and this is coming from someone who has the ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information. Jean’s telepathy (the power to mentally receive and/or transmit information) allows her to read the minds of others. She can read/sense another person’s thoughts, communicate with them mentally and/or affect their minds/thoughts as well to read the target’s memories. If Jean knew Lorna was Magneto’s daughter (and they have not met yet I think. Maybe off-panel), obviously she knows Magneto is not the father of the twins. Sadly but true and as she said, “it’s complicated” especially for the new readers. However, old fans are (I think) already getting used to it. It’s been almost 3 years since their retcon. Unfortunately that’s what the twins were to begin with, a retcon. I guess that make them the illegitimate children, poor bastards, lol. At least Peter David explained the true history of Polaris’s parentage in the pages of X-Factor and it was quite brilliant. It left her as the daughter of Magneto while also tying in all the swerves along the way.

PS: Remember when I stated the big event is yet to come where we will further see her description as Lorna Dane aka Polaris aka Mistress of Magnetism and yes… the daughter of Magneto (above and below panels).

Daddy’s little Mistress of Magnetism” So, her description was not only on text but on subtext as well. Remember Jean told Jimmy “That’s Polaris! Magneto’s daughter!” and here “Mistress of Magnetism”. Oh and Havok called her “Lorna”.

So, if you’re a new reader, you got everything you need to know about who she is. Further more you will learn and see a lot more about the beautiful green haired :)

Important note: See this panel here

Polaris: “You Always Thought… Between Magneto And Me…I Was The Weakest. But You’re Going To Want To Rethink That.” Another badass quote, YAAASSS. I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about this badass quote (I will discuss about this at some point). Here is the proof that Lorna was always stronger than her father (I knew it all along). Probably even stronger than anybody else. Think about it… if Magneto beats the whole team combined, that says enough about his daughter (well, she did it as Malice, (without being distracted of course) food for thought).

Another thing to point out. If you’re a fan of Peter David’s last run on All New X-Factor (myself included) you will be happy with the re-emergence of two X-Men women from that last volume.

Polaris and Danger, YAAAASSSS! What do you think of their return? Some big developments are on our way and some more interactions. Peter David did great with them in his run of All New X-Factor. I love how Lorna, Wanda, and Danger interacted. It was more like a girls night out. They were (except Danger of course) drinking, eating, and having a good time (Who remembers when Polaris ripped Danger’s body apart? lol).

So without further digression, let’s go back to the Character INTERACTIONS.

And when I say I mean it… I mean it :P

Lorna Dane steps in to help the young X-Men. It’s the battle of EX ’S Havoc vs Polaris. Here we have essentially a dualistic principle, which, though it can largely be accounted for by the interaction of the couple that were (or still) in love with each other. Their interactions weren’t what she’d generally considered normal, but she was able to see the moment fate warned her of, when Havok decided to attack her. I believe I mentioned that their “oh baby I love you, I need you, I want you” was not what this story was about, lol. This is one of the biggest moments ever. Seeing these 2 facing each other and believing in 2 different causes. A couple we have known forever.

Additionally, we will at some point in the not-too-distant future have enough understanding of the complex interactions between Lorna and Havok and same with her father. You better believe it’s coming. Let’s face it. It’s the dynamic interaction between the characters that makes this story so great. Polaris and Havok are among some of the elder statesmen of the Marvel Universe. Before the New Mutants were new, they had already logged considerable battle time. Even after all their accomplishments, are still mostly identified by their relationships to other, better known individuals, and because of that, they are famous. Sometimes romance is important to have in stories. Despite being in relationship, both have been the protagonist and antagonist and played many interesting roles together.

Past Interactions:

Havok and Polaris (Magneto’s daughter) are an item in the comics. This is a couple known as… Forever Glue. For 4 decades, Polavok have been the protagonist in every superhero team they ever led. They have been so fascinating. Their relationship worked well for both characters when Peter David was writing X-Factor (now we have Cullen Bunn who is one of the best writers from this new era). For a long time Lorna and Alex served in 3 different incarnations as leaders of X-Factor while Lorna served 4 (she was also the leader of the Marauders so that’ll make 5 for her). They were also the leaders and the first Incarnation of the new Starjammers (6) and both achieved their goals and both served a purpose in the story. I always really liked this aspect of the ex couples backstories/personalities. I don’t see where the problem is with them interacting when both were the main characters in many superhero teams. Their interaction helps develop the characters and the story’s conflict. Let’s be honest. The conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is what hooks our interest, creates suspense, and drives the plot of most stories and this is what we’re seeing here right now with Lorna and Alex, with his or her own fear or worry or the need to make a decision. How interesting and important interaction is. It is one of the reasons why Chris Claremont made Polaris an antagonist while as Malice and made her the new leader of the Marauders to go against the X-Men. Lorna has been both protagonist and antagonist. I don’t recall Polaris ever being a subordinate character. At least not in many stories.

Anyway, the protagonist in the story is usually a dynamic character. This is a character who changes in an important way throughout the story. By the end of the story this character has gained a new understanding, made an important decision, or taken a crucial action. These characters are capable of growing, learning, and changing. Lorna has been through a lot of changes and growth and we learned a lot through her entire carrier with or without Havok or Magneto. Lorna was not just a wallpaper for Magneto or Havok. It certainly helps that her magnetic abilities make her a powerful mutant. She is the Mistress of Magnetism. She’s a pretty great strong character who doesn’t need a man to tell her what to do. She’s nobody’s property but her own, but Claremont knew Havok works best when he and Polaris are a duo. As if Havok without Polaris wasn’t interesting enough. One can’t deny the possibility, any more than one can be quite certain that these couple was meant to be (in Claremont’s mind). Perhaps some felt nostalgia for the warmth of their past (after 43 years someone has to).

One last thing which is very important to me.

I know for a fact that I mentioned Lorna might become the leader of the 05. It turned out that Lorna is their new teacher (or leader… same thing) together with Briar and Danger. Knowing Lorna is Magneto’s daughter, she’s probably the principle. Wow, but look at her, such badass. The fact that we’re gonna get to see new interactions between the young 05 and Lorna intrigues me.

It seems that Cullen Bunn has taken her characterization to the next level. It’s pretty obvious Bunn’s interest is toward Lorna and not Havok, lol. What a strong character Lorna has become. As a strong character who has overcome numerous difficulties, and thus became even stronger. I like the way Lorna forced Jean and Jimmy to go help the others while simultaneously fighting (or holding back) Havok. Her concentration broken in the midst of battle, nevertheless, she persisted. This is the Lorna I can identify with all the time. Lorna is a dynamic character because she changes from a shy, “weak” girl into a strong, confident woman. I love nothing better than new challenges. She’s a born leader (just like her father), competent, energetic and responsible… just like in every team she has ever been. Lorna’s progression has come a long way.

The overall effect is impressive. She’s a badass, she looks good, she’s apparently going to be their teacher, along with Danger. She’s gonna try to get Havok back on her side (aside from being inverted, I assume Emma has some kind psychic hold on him) because he’s on the wrong side. She’s working with her father, who is (kinda) working with Cap, who is working with Hydra. I’m thinking Magneto has his own motivations that have nothing to do with Cap. Cullen escalated the questions. I pointed out the benefits/importance of the issue but I recommend to everyone to read it. This was truly an amazing read to me and I’m sure to many others out there as well. The art was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for the next issue. I’m sure many of you did enjoy it because I really did and ended up jumping, clapping, smiling, and crying for joy because seeing Lorna’s RETURN was more than I could ask for :)

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #169 - X-Men: The Last Stand

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Not really.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

0) Forewarning, I get a little more frank about my distaste for this film than I expected. So if you like this film and are tired of the criticisms about it, feel free to scroll past.

1) So this film had a troubled start. Fox took a while to pull the trigger and when they did Bryan Singer had signed on to direct Superman Returns which he now claims to regret. They hired Matthew Vaughn to direct - and he even made some casting and conceptual progress - but he had to bow out after a family issue. Then they brought in Brett Ratner because the film was rushed into production and he had made a successful film in a rush for the studio with Rush Hour. This - in my opinion - leads to a lot of the issues the film has.

2) This film does not open with the monologue which has opened both previous X-Men films, instead getting straight into a prologue involving Erik and Charles in 1986 visiting a young Jean Grey.

This is probably one of the earliest in depth uses of the CGI facelift technology which Hollywood seems to be all the rage about these days. It’s weird, I’m glad it doesn’t last long.

3) So in 1986 Charles can walk…but in X-Men: First Class he couldn’t walk because of Erik. Then in X-Men: Days of Future Past (before Wolverine altered the timeline) it was established he CAN walk at the expense of his powers. I can head canon a remedy for why Charles and Erik are working together despite being strained, but this is a great example of how continuity in the X-Men films kinda goes to crap after a while. 

4) Not only do we get a Stan Lee cameo, but also a Chris Claremont cameo (Chris Claremont being one of the most quintessential X-Men comics writers).

(Claremont is the guy with the lawnmower, Stan Lee with the water hose.)

5) The intro scene with young Warren Worthington/Angel tearing off his wings is very much inline with the dark tone that the previous films had. Too bad nothing really comes of it.

6) The Danger Room.

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Honestly this is one of the strongest elements of the film right here. We actually get to see the team sorta work together (as well as the one time Rogue actually uses her powers in this film), Logan in teaching mode is fun, Colossus has his one line in the whole film, and it’s a fun two minutes (I’m guessing at the time) of screen time.

7) I started discussing this in my X2 recap, but Cyclops in this film literally does nothing.

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There were a lot of “casualties” born from the rushed production, and James Marsden was one of them. Cyclops was the badass leader of the X-Men in the comics, with great relationships with Jean and Professor X. In this film? He mopes about Jean’s death, goes shoots up a lake with his eye beams, then dies off screen within the first twenty minutes. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt as bad if he’d had more to do in X2 but you can remedy his lack of screen time in X2 with the promise that he’ll get to do something in this film. But no. No he doesn’t.

8) Similarly, Rogue in this film gets to do absolutely nothing.

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All she does is feel bad about her powers, get shoved into an awkward and underdeveloped love triangle between her, Iceman and Kitty Pryde, stand in line at a pharmacy, and have her powers removed. She doesn’t even get a fight scene! This is the end of the trilogy. This is what Rogue was supposed to be growing into all along, the badass heroine we know from the comics. And while the continued conflict with her powers and total frustration with them is a good concept, it does not stand well on its own. It needs more. ROGUE needs more.

9) Kelsey Grammer as Beast.

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According to IMDb, Grammer was cast when Matthew Vaughn was still directing. Which makes sense, because he is an absolutely fucking perfect fit for the character. In every way. Easily the best part of this film is Grammer as Beast. Like Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler in X2, you don’t feel like you’re watching an actor here. He perfectly represents not only the X-Man’s intellect but also his when needed ferocity. Unfortunately Beast gets a little lost in the mess of the film, but damn if Kelsey Grammer is not just totally phenomenal in the part (which makes the rest of the film’s mediocrity all the more disappointing).

10) The idea of a mutant ethics class taught by Professor Xavier is wonderful, and if explored a little more illustrates an inherent hypocrisy in the character. Professor X has not always been the stalwart in the comics that many believe him to be. He is flawed, often times superior and filled with hypocrisy. Saying one thing then doing another. This film gives us our best peak into that, teaching a class on mutant ethics before it being revealed that he - without consent - went into Jean’s mind and set up barricades. Making her afraid of her powers instead of teaching her to use them. Unfortunately this isn’t explored as in depth throughout the film as it could be.

11) One thing I really REALLY do not like about this film is Storm.

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According to IMDb:

Halle Berry had initially decided not to reprise her role as Storm for this film, citing lack of character development in the previous two installments, and a tense relationship with Bryan Singer. However, after Singer’s departure, and suffering a major box-office flop with Catwoman (2004), Berry agreed to return, on the condition that her role be expanded. Consequently, in this film, Storm replaces Cyclops and Professor Xavier as team leader of the X-Men (which is keeping with the comics, where for a time Storm served as team leader in Xavier’s absence).

In the film’s attempt to make Storm stronger, the filmmakers instead make her impatient, judgmental, superior, angry, and rash. None of these are traits I would use to describe Storm in the previous two installments nor in the comics or any other medium. It is a total disservice to the wise, patient, empathetic character we were introduced to in X-Men. The one who stood by the bedside of a man who hated her just so he wouldn’t be alone when he died. Trust me, there are plenty of moments in this recap where I am going to be calling out Storm’s characterization.

12) I believe when Bryan Singer was slated to come up, the film was going to exclusively concern itself with the Dark Phoenix Saga. Instead with his departure, Jean Grey’s return as the Dark Phoenix is reduced to a subplot to the mutant cure plot. And honestly? The mutant cure is wildly interesting. Taking inspiration from the first arc of the Joss Whedon penned Astonishing X-Men, I am consistently more interested in the plot with the cure than the Dark Phoenix plot in this film. I think both (especially Dark Phoenix) are put to a disservice by being paired together, and instead they should have been their own thing.

13) Did I mention how much I dislike Storm’s characterization in this film?

Storm [after Beast tells them about the cure]: “Who would want this cure? I mean what kind of coward would take it just to fit in?

Beast: “Not all of us can fit in so easily. You don’t shed on the furniture.”

First: this is remarkably judgmental of Storm, especially considering in X2 she offered Nightcrawler a safe place from the outside world. It just doesn’t make sense.

Second: GOOD ON YOU BEAST! Storm is being sort of ignorant in that statement. Her powers are practically invisible. But does she actually hear what Beast says? No. Because not two minutes later… 

(Screenshot taken of a GIF set who’s source is unknown [if this screenshot is of your GIFs, please let me know].)

There are so many things I want to say about this, but I think it’s said perfectly in these comments from @marxisforbros, @helioscentrifuge, and @kawaiite-mage:

This - more than anything else - perfectly represents my issues with storm in the film.

14) Even in what is by far the weakest of the first three X-Men films, Ian McKellen as Magneto is still wonderfully strong.

Magneto [after a mutant asks why he has no tattoos]: “I had a mark once my dear and let me assure you no needle shall touch my skin again.”

15) Added to the seemingly infinite list of things which are underdeveloped because this film is trying to do too much, Pyro’s return brings nothing to the film. He’s not developed, he’s not peeled back, his rivalry with Iceman is never fully explored, he’s just there out of obligation to the ending of X2. Which is - like a lot of this film - unfortunate.

16) Another item to add to the above mentioned list: Ben Foster as Angel.

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Angel is one of the founding members of the X-Men in the comics along with Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Iceman. And in this film he just serves no purpose. At all. I think he’s here largely for fan service but I think we only get three distinct scenes with him which are: he runs away from his father for trying to cure him, he is seen at Xavier mansion looking for a safe place, and he goes to save his father. He never really interacts with anyone, we never really get to see him fight, or develop. He just is present in the film.

17) Okay, for the sake of time, here is everything that this film is trying to do: the cure storyline, the Dark Phoenix saga, introduce and develop Angel, continue Rogue’s struggle with her powers, introduce Kitty Pryde, continue Pyro and Iceman’s rivalry, continue Logan’s feelings for Jean, while also introducing iconic characters like the Juggernaut. And none of these things are done well. They are all desperately fighting for time and development and end up being underserved and under baked.

Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut is particularly disappointing because he could’ve been a great Juggernaut but ends up being stupid comic relief instead.

18) Mystique deserved a better end to her story than get cured, get ditched by Magneto, and feed the feds dirt on Magneto. Again, this is a result of the rushed production as Rebecca Romijn had other scheduling conflicts.

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19) Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix is also not really developed well. We don’t really get a peek into what it felt like to be held back for all these years with invasive and nonconsensual psychic barriers. Instead she’s really fucking horny, does a lot of weird standing around, occasionally has a moment of clarity where she begs for death, and then goes back into being someone who just stares in the distance and doesn’t really talk. And she also aligns herself with Magneto for some reason.

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Xavier [after Jean wakes up and escapes]: “What have you done?…I warned you.”

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Logan…literally did nothing. He didn’t wake her up, he didn’t let her lose. She woke up, talked to him, and escaped on her own. And you’re fucking giving him crap? What the hell did you do buddy? You created this. You taught her to be afraid of her powers! Don’t give me this Jedi Council mentality that you were doing the right thing all along by teaching her to be afraid of herself. Okay I’m done.

21) When you agree with “death to all humans” Magneto you know there’s a problem.

Xavier [about Jean]: “She needs help, she’s not well.”

Magneto: “Funny, you sound just like her parents.”

Magneto: “You’ve always held her back.”

Xavier: “For her own good!”

22) This film also suffers from just boring fight choreography. Like the fight at the house is sorta dumb and lazily choreographed in my opinion. Storm flying in the air at the beginning is cool but then everyone else is just kinda…hitting each other.

23) Xavier’s death is remarkably sudden. Like, too sudden. We are left in shock, not in tears. We don’t really have the time to process it. Although seeing the school in morning over his death is done well, the actual effect it has on the audience is miniscule.

24) You know what else this film totally drops the ball on? Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde.

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You know what hurts most? Ellen Page could be a freaking amazing Kitty Pryde and the fact the character is so lackluster in the film is not through any fault of her own. Kitty is one of the most badass fan favorite characters in the X-Men comics, but instead of using that to their advantage the filmmakers decide to thrust her into a half baked love triangle with Iceman and Rogue and only have her use her powers for a few minutes in an overstuffed fight scene at the very end. We never really get to know her as a character or analyze her relationships with the other teammates. But it’s Academy Award nominated actress Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde! That should be way more awesome than the filmmakers ended up making it.

25) Hey, remember how the relationship between Logan and Rogue was so freaking amazing in the first film? Yeah, this is all we get of it in this film.

Rogue [when Logan catches her leaving X Mansion]: “I want to be able to touch people, Logan. A hug. A handshake. A kiss.”

Logan: “I hope you’re not doing this for some boy. If wanna go, then go. Just be sure it’s what you want.”

[Rogue asks Logan if he shouldn’t be telling her to stay.]

Logan [warmly]: “I’m not your father, I’m your friend.”

Man, I really need to watch the Rogue Cut of Days of Future Past.

26) The most frustrating part of this film is that there are great moments and aspects to it. Jackman is still great as Wolverine, Kelsey Grammer as Beast, the idea of the cure. This line in particular has always stood out to me.

Magento [after Pyro he says he could’ve killed Xavier if he’d been asked]: “Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you’ll ever know. My single greatest regret is that he head to die for our dream to live.”

That line is remarkably powerful, for even though the pair are at incredible odds with each other they’re friends. They have respect, they both want a similar goal (for mutants to be free form oppression) they just are going about it differently. I love that line.

27) Hey, remember how I said I really dislike Storm in this film?

Storm [after Jean killed the professor]: “She’s gone Logan, she’s not coming back.”

Storm: “She made her choice, now it’s time we make ours.”

(GIF originally posted by @kulo-ren)

Okay, first of all: isn’t Jean supposed to be like one of your best friends in the world? Weren’t you Xavier’s first students together? You wash your hands of her pretty freaking quickly and get REAL comfortable with that REAL fast. And then second: the hell do you mean she made her choice? SHE MADE NO CHOICE! This is the result of Professor X screwing around with her mind to the point where she can’t control her own damn powers! Like hell this is a choice! God, I hate what they did to Storm in this film.

28) Wait, is that…that’s R. Lee Ermey. The voice of a sergeant as the military prepares to go fight the brotherhood, that’s R. Lee Ermey!

Originally posted by punishingtheguilty



Kitty: “There’s only six of us, Logan.”

Yeah, because Rogue doesn’t get to do anything, you killed off Cyclops, Angel is also barely there, you don’t really get developed as a character, and Colossus already had his one line for the film.

30) I think this is the last time I’ll say this, but I really hate what they did to Storm in this film.

Storm [to Logan, about Jean]: “But are you ready to do what you need to do when the time comes?”

Originally posted by avriltenorious

Except for that weird line about what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning in X-Men, when has Storm ever gone into battle expecting to murder someone? What part of Xavier’s teachings or his memory would make her think that being EAGER to kill Jean is fucking okay? I just…ugh. Moving on.

31) One of the best parts of this film is the scene where Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge so it drops them all off on Alcatraz. It is an incredibly powerful and memorable visual and one of the standout aspects of the film.

32) So Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge, gets to Alcatraz (where the cure is being held), and sets his army of mutants lose before saying…

Magneto: “In chess the pawns go first.”

Originally posted by arthandlin

For one thing, Magneto is all into mutant brotherhood and everything. He has never once shown to think that one mutant’s right to live free was more important than the others, so why are these guys suddenly pawns. Secondly, and I don’t know how clear I can make this…

You have the freaking Dark Phoenix on your side, the most powerful mutant ever with no limits to her powers. AND SHE’S JUST GOING TO STAND THERE UNTIL THE BATTLE IS OVER!?!?

Originally posted by emilysurvivesgradschool

33) In the climactic battle, the X-Men don’t really fight like a team. At all. They’re sorta each doing their own thing while standing next to each other. It’s…boring.

34) Okay, this line is probably very stupid but I love it.

According to IMDb:

Cain Marko’s line “Don’t you know who I am? I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” was inspired by a popular web parody film that made use of scenes from X-Men (1992). Throughout the parody , the Juggernaut character repeatedly says, “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” According to the Wikipedia, Brett Ratner even has a link to this parody on his own website.

35) I will say, even though this film has its problems, the way they defeat Magneto at the end (by distracting him with Wolverine) is very smart I think.

36) I have nothing to say about Phoenix’s demise that I haven’t said before. Underdeveloped, sorta doesn’t make sense, all that jazz.

37) So Rogue decided to get the mutant “cure” after all. And when she talks to Bobby about it…

Bobby: “This isn’t what I wanted.”

Rogue: “I know, it’s what I wanted.”

While I admire the idea for Rogue to take this decision in her own hands, I get the feeling the filmmakers were very noncommittal on this idea. They shot an alternate scene where Rogue tells Bobby she DIDN’T get the cure, meaning they didn’t really know which one fit the story better so they don’t invest in either idea. Also - and I said this earlier - Rogue didn’t do anything during the entire film.

38) The final glimpse of Magneto playing chess is actually a pretty nice way to end the film. It drives home how he has no one - not even Charles - while also setting up things to come. But…wouldn’t he still be under arrest? He’s still a terrorist, powers or not.

This film is an underdeveloped mess in my opinion. While there are still strong performances and worthwhile additions (notable Kelsey Grammer and the Golden Gate Bridge scene), there are characters who are just pretty much forgotten and the fact it’s trying to do too much means nothing is done particularly well. If you liked X2 you should watch it just to get some sort of closure after that film, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy it. It’s just…eh, in my opinion. I do not enjoy it.