leader of cuteness

  • Justin Trudeau: Canada, did you call me for something?
  • Canada: u-um, I was just wondering if you'd come to watch a hockey game with me? I usually do this with America or England, but they seem to be busy, so...
  • Justin Trudeau: of course I would~!
  • Canada: b-but I heard that you have a meeting soon-
  • Justin Trudeau: huh? What meeting is more important than spending time with you?
  • Canada: ... *hugs Trudeau* you really are amazing~~

Enjolras is super terrible at taking care of himself. He goes to sleep late and wakes up early in order to study, finish assignments, work on any projects for the Amis, and go to class.

He only eats one meal a day too. Usually it’s not even that he forgets to eat, he just doesn’t have the time to until he’s so hungry that he just doesn’t feel it anymore. And by the time dinner rolls around, he ends up eating something like an entire pizza by himself.

It’s not even that Enjolras doesn’t know how to take care of himself, it’s that the semesters just get too busy and he’s stuck in an unhealthy spiral until breaks come around. 

Grantaire is aware of the fact that Enjolras ignores his wellbeing in favor of the work he needs to get done. However, he doesn’t realize just how bad it is until he starts dating him and sees it first hand.

The amount of times that Grantaire has seen Enjolras stare at a pile of unwashed dishes and shrug is concerning.