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  • Person:so, which part in les mis makes you cry?
  • Me:...
  • Me:I mean, I'm not saying Grantaire kissing Enjolras' arm made me squeal and tear up but...

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Will your Tord have his arm replaced by a metal arm eventually??? A lot of people have drawn him with a metal arm because his arm's injuries got so bad, they had to replaced after you know =/

I kind of had that planed from the beginning to be honest, since the first comic I`ve drawn!

It will be like the big “conclusion” to put it that way, like a small ending, even though I will still draw them having adventures. I just want a happy Tord, without any other thing that weights him down. New arm, done, the last piece of his past he`ll leave behind. He`ll still have the army sure, and the whole uprising thing of him being a red leader, but he`s not “evil”. Thanks to his friends he`ll try it in a peaceful way, he had learned a lot after his crash and their forgiveness.

I really want to make that comic about Tord telling the others about the replacement, but everyday life is keeping me from that, so it`ll come probably next year.

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aaaa I really love your fanfic every time it updates I squeal!!! makes me sad seeing tord confused and scared which is a stark contrast to the snide and confident red leader he was

Thank you!

I actually did a lot of research into retrograde amnesia and PTSD and phobias before I wrote this. I’ve always seen Tord as the type to put huge walls up between himself and others because he just has so many dang secrets. So when he lost his memories, those walls came crashing down. He doesn’t have the same standards for having to act tough around people. He’s starting to build up walls again and hide things from other people, but he’s by no means at the point where he was as the Red Leader. 

Which will be interesting to see how Paul and Patryk respond when they inevitably make a second appearance.

Enjolras can be drop dead gorgeous when he’s not trying at all. He looks like a god when he’s speaking to a crowd, sultry when passion fills his eyes, and downright erotic when he chews on his lip in concentration.

However, Enjolras is not sexy when he tries to be. He cannot seduce anyone with his awkward brow raises and winking with both eyes. Watching him try is almost painful.

Pokemon Go headcanon that Red and Blue Gym leaders are in a hate/hate relationship but both low-key think the other is super hot and 10/10 would hit that and Yellow is just a lovely Meme Boy here to have fun and watch the romance unfold.

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I find it funny that the team leader for Valor (Red) in Pokemon Go is named Candela (candle). So does that mean that Lexa is team valor?

Hahah, I knew Lexa’s team Red but now it has more sense :D (Sorry I had to draw it xd)

Grantaire has constellations tattooed all over his shoulder blades and arms. Most people think he’s just really into astrology, and he is, to an extent.

One night, in the safe haven of his bed with a blanket draped around him and Enjolras, Grantaire admits that he started with just one constellation: Enj’s star sign, a small tribute to him. 

Every individual star after that has been a tribute to every time he fell in love with Enjolras until he had accumulated all the constellations and then some.