leader in red

Enjolras never really takes off his shirt. Grantaire thinks it’s a self-conscious thing (though heaven knows why since he’s got the body of a god), so when Enjolras just shrugs off his shirt one day because he spilled something on it, Grantaire just lets out something between a gasp and a moan because Enjolras has nipple piercings

I got too lazy to shade the hair, but otherwise, I think this came out nicely. It’s a rather accurate picture of my headcanon Enjolras - and his far too many layers of red clothing.

[Feel free to use this as an icon, so long as credit is given/visible somewhere.]

say what you want about doyle, bc i agree, he’s a shitty fighter and needs to stop dismissing Kimball’s rank but 

he’s good at planning 

he’s good at strategizing 

he’s a secretary 

he’s a fucking secretary and even when other leaders ran away when things went to shIT, DOYLE STUCK AROUND DESPITE KNOWING SHIT ALL ABOUT A GUN.


Grantaire with constellation tattoos and spending an entire night dedicated to pointing them out in the starry sky to Enjolras and explaining why he got those tattooed on himself

enjolras has a cat. her name is belle and she absolutely hates everyone. enjolras included 99% of the time.

she really ends up liking javert. javert isnt sure how to feel about the cat.

enjolras is just stunned bc shes pURRING??? what the fuck, belle.

Everyone writes about Grantaire painting and drawing on Enjolras, or R doing his makeup or tattooing him. But I raise you this:

Enjolras writing full speeches on Grantaire’s body. Enjolras writing rants or facts and statistics of the things they’re fighting for and the causes they stand for.

Grantaire falling asleep to the feeling of a sharpie being dragged across his forearm, a smile on his face because of the look of utter passion and concentration on Enjolras’.

Enjolras marking Grantaire with what he knows best: words and how to use them.