leader flannery

“Our gym leader, Flannery, was really giddy this morning. The last time she was that excited that early in the day, she was swooning over how scientists reported sightings of Volcanion south of Kalos. She was so excited that she almost gave out badges to every challenger that day, and it took all of us gym trainers to convince her not to do that…

“Anyway, this morning she was swooning over another newly discovered Fire-type Pokémon. Litten, as it’s called, looks much more manageable to train. It has a very stoic look, but that makes it all the more appealing, I think. And when Flannery said that its look was because it wasn’t keen on showing its emotions all the time, it made me want to get one just so I could be a trainer that makes it smile. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a cute little furball, too!”

“To be honest, I never really thought I’d become a gym trainer. When you join a group like Team Magma, the spectrum of what you can achieve becomes laughably limited. You wanna know why? When your list of skills stops at ‘being subservient’, there aren’t a lot of jobs out there for you.

“I was keen on not revealing my past with Team Magma when I applied for the gym, but when Flannery asked me about my previous work experience in the interview, I was caught off-guard and spilled everything out. I even told her which specific division of the team I belonged to: the infiltration unit under Tabitha. After I laid out pretty much my entire life story, I already knew I wouldn’t get in. By then I was half-tempted to just call it quits and step out of the room. But Flannery told me something I’ll never forget: She said she was proud of me for making an effort to move forward.

“You can guess what happened next, but what she told me has always been what’s kept me going ever since I started being a gym trainer. She may be young, but she’s caring and open-minded, and that’s more than I can ask for in a leader.”