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Break Up

Characters- Sehun & reader *in readers pov*

Type- angst?

Word Count- 1,126

Requested by- my girl @whitefoxgirl HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL DAY

A/n- I haven’t written or rb’d anything exo in a long ass time. I miss my og bbys. 

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For a while now, and I mean quite a few months, my relationship with Sehun had been going south. With his insane amount of work and travel combined with my also insane amount of work, it wasn’t going in a healthy direction. Everytime he was in seoul and had time to spare-like normal people in a relationship- we spent it together. And every time, like we were on a timer, we would end up in an ugly fight about something or other. I often find myself happier when we’re texting and on the phone, but not when we’re actually together which is a tell tale sign I’m in a toxic relationship. I had to break it off, for both our sakes- or at least that’s what I told myself.

“Sehun?” I whispered into the phone, trying to convince myself that I was doing the right thing.

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{Reaction} Mafia!EXO having a bad deal and you’re the only one that can calm them

Hi! Could you please do an exo mafia!au reaction to them coming home from a bad deal or something bad happening while they were in charge and you’re the only one that can calm them down? Thank you~💕 

Note: Mafia AU’s will be the death of me I swear. Enjoy~!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol’s shoulders were shaking as he sat on the couch, he looked as white and pale as a sheet. He’d been on a drug deal, a supposedly loyal trader. Except this time, the man pulled out the gun, and Chanyeol seemed as though he was still in shock over his near death experience despite he had been in that kind of situation a fair few times before. You stepped inside, wrapping your arms around him and hugging him until his shaking body stopped. He helped you closely, not saying a word, but feeling the comfort in knowing you’re there for him.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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He didn’t show it, but he felt shaken up. He had been on an assassination job, but the man had got away again. Only this time, he had put up a fight, and Kyungsoo had been closer to the bullet of a gun than he would’ve liked to have been. The others didn’t notice the horror hidden behind his poker face, but as he arrived home, you saw it immediately, and took him away from the other to talk to him, knowing that he needed to relieve of whatever had happened while he had been out.

Kyungsoo: “I nearly died… the scariest part was the thought of leaving you behind…”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun‘s blood was boiling in anger as he returned home, he had been set up by someone he was supposed to be making deals with. The other members gracefully kept their distance from him, no one wanted to be around Baekhyun when he was pissed off. But as you walked into the room, his face softened. He smiled as you walked over and help you in his arms, his face nuzzling the crook of your neck as he slowly calmed down.

Baekhyun: “Thank you for being there, {y/n}.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun scoffed as Junmyeon lectured him on the dangerous actions of his last mission. He had let one of the most notorious murders slip through his fingers. If he didn’t feel bad enough about it, Junmyeon had made him feel a hundred times worse about it. He felt his eyes squeeze tightly shut as he walked into your shared apartment as he was mid putting his coat on the hanger. He looked at you, and you understood that he had been having a bad day without any words to tell you. You put the cooking down and made your way over, wordlessly pulling him into a hug which instantly calmed him down. He changed the subject to forget about the bad day he’d had.

Sehun: “Something smells nice, what have you been making?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Lay was feeling unbelievably stressed. He had been overworked for the last few weeks, barely ever getting a break. If he wasn’t on an assassination mission, then he was dealing drugs, when he wasn’t dealing drugs he was in the casinos seducing women to gain secrets. It was a never ending cycle of working and stress. But as he arrived home one evening and saw you dressed in revealing clothing with a smile on your face, he couldn’t help but relax into you coaxing grin.

Lay: “You know me too well, Baobei.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae had been trying to crack a code for the whole day. He looked tired, and frustration coursed through his veins. To crack this code was essential if his mafia group finally wanted to make a move on their greatest enemies. It was all down to him, and he was feeling the pressure alright. When you first walked in, he snapped, and told you to leave him alone and that he was busy. But as you walked over and placed a coffee on the table beside him and pulled him into a hug. He relaxed into your touch.

Jongdae: “I’m sorry I snapped, I didn’t mean it. I love you jagiya.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok got home from a bad deal. It was the first time he had ever truly been scared. He had been on an assassination mission, and he had been incredibly close to being killed. The man had laughed in his face, saying how he was going to kill him, and then go after you and kill you too. That was the scariest part for Minseok, the thought of you dying. Eventually, he had fought the other man and finished off the job, but he was still left shaken as he came home. As soon as he walked in, he pulled you into a hug, knowing he needed to change his choice of career.

Minseok: “I’m so sorry, I love you. We need to get away from this life.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao found himself actually crying. Kris had gone, he didn’t know where, Luhan was going to be following soon. EXO M was falling apart, and he was left wondering what was going to happen next. He knew he wasn’t safe, not knowing where his leader was. You had found him in the bedroom, curled under the blankets and shaking like a leaf. You climbed in with him, wrapping your arms around him from behind and holding him close until he finally fell asleep.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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The leader of EXO K was feeling incredibly stressed, conflicts were running within his own team, and everything felt as though it was falling to pieces. When he walked into the house, he was still fuming. When he saw you cooking him dinner, he walked over, pulling you roughly into his arms. But once you were in his embrace, he softened, holding you more lightly and running a hand through your hair.

{y/n}: “Everything alright?”

Suho: “It is now.”

Lu Han

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Luhan sat in the corner to the warehouse in tears. The water stained his cheeks as he curled up into a ball of terror. The enemy had been killed, but he had been hit with sudden flashbacks, leaving him cowering in the corner next to a bloody body. He’d been ignoring calls for hours. He was finally found by yourself and Yixing later on. Yixing took a step back as you walked over to him.

Luhan: “I saw him getting killed again - I had a flashback -”

{y/n}: “It’s okay, I’m here now.” *Pulls him into a hug.* “Let’s go home”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai allowed you to pull him into your arms as the two of you sat on the safe. He sighed as you pulled him to his feet. He had more than a stressful day, the deal had turned almost deathly wrong. But now, in your comfort he felt protected, and somewhat smiled as you started to saw with him in the living room with no music playing.

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris pushed his chair under the table a little more roughly than usual, and groaned as it smacked against the table and knocked off a glass which smashed against the hard tiled floor. He shook his head, about to curse when he heard the door open. He was about to snap, to tell the person to fuck off. But as he looked up to see you, he felt his annoyance drain in an instant. He walked over, closing the door behind you and told you to come and sit with him for a while.

Kris: “We both need a break, come inside for a bit. Do you want some coffee?”

One last smile

  • Reader x Junmyeon
  • Word count: 1231
  • Type: angst/fluff

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You loved him. You didn’t know how he felt about you, but probably for him, you are just another random girl that fell in love with him.

Junmyeon was one of the popular boys at your school. Every girl has fallen in love with him, and the same thing happened with you too. There was something special in him, you didn’t know what but you really liked him and he always made you feel deeply in love. You two didn’t talk too much but sometimes when your classes are over, he would stare at you, but you were too scared so you always ran away.

That day when you woke up you realised that you are late for school, you quickly got up and got ready. On your way to school you were thinking about Junmyeon. When you went to your class you saw Junmyeon talking to the teacher about something. He gave her a paper, it looked like a letter. When you passed next to him his hand accidentally touched yours. Your looked at him and he smiled at you. After that, all you could think about the whole day is how his hand touched yours. That night you went to sleep very early because you were tired.

The next day he stopped you on your way to school. “Hey, Y/N.” he said to you when he smiled. You didn’t know what to answer, you froze when his eyes looked directly at you. After a few seconds of awkward silence he continued, “Maybe we could sometimes go for a walk? What do you think? Are you free tonight?” he asked you. “Y-Yeah, I’m free tonight.” you smiled still surprised about him talking to you. “Great, let’s go now, we can’t be late today.” he said as you two continued walking together on your way to school. After the school day ended you quickly ran home to get ready for tonight. You dressed as nice as you could, you were completely shaking and you wanted to scream.

It was 7pm and you heard the ring on the doorbell. You opened the door and saw his beautiful figure standing right in front of you. He wore a light blue shirt and black trousers. He looked at you amazed by how beautiful you were. “You really look so pretty, Y/N” he smiled at you and took your hand. When you two got out you were walking next to the river. There was nobody, just you and him alone at night. You sat on the bench and he looked at the sky. “Look at the sky Y/N, it’s full of stars.” he smiled and secretly looked at you while you were watching the sky. “Yeah, it looks really beautiful.” You said when he got closer to you. You were thinking about this being a date, and him being very nice to you. “Y/N, i actually wanted to tell you something, i haven’t got anyone else to tell this and I really trust you, even though we don’t talk that much.” he said anxiously. “What is it? Is something wrong?” you asked him curiously. “Maybe 4 years ago I found out that I have heart problems, sometimes it’s really bad that i can’t breathe normally.” he said when his eyes got watery, it seemed like he will start crying. “It hurts, Y/N, it hurts so bad.” he said when the tears started falling down your face. He looked at you crying when the tears fell down his cheeks. “And I love you Y/N. I actually like you so much, I had to tell you this now, I don’t even know how long will I be alive.” he smiled through crying when you hugged him tightly. “I love you too, Junmyeon.” you said while trying not to cry too much. “And I know you’ll be okay, you are strong I believe in you, Kim Junmyeon.” you said when he left the embrace. He looked you in the face “I think you have the brightest smile, and I love it.” he said when you smiled at him.

When it became really late you both went home and you went to bed. You cried for over an hour thinking about what Junmyeon said to you. When you woke up in the morning and got to school, you saw Baekhyun and Junmyeon walking around and talking about something. When Junmyeon saw you he ran to you. “Hi. Do you want to come over to my place today?” he asked you. “Yeah, sure.” you answered when he you two together went to your classes.

After the school ended, you went to his house with him. He entered his room and laid on the bed, he pulled you to him and you both laid on his bed hugged. Talking about life and everything. You started feeling really sad, you didn’t know will you ever be able to live a long life with him. Suddenly he started coughing really bad, it seemed like he is fighting to breathe. “I’m okay, trust me.” he said when he put his hand on his chest. It hurt him. You know he wasn’t okay.

The other day when you got to school you haven’t seen Junmyeon anywhere. You didn’t know what was happening. Three days passed and you haven’t heard anything about him. You started worry about him. You found Baekhyun and asked him what’s wrong with Junmyeon. He said he’s in the hospital, his health condition got really bad. You ran to the hospital so fast while the tears fell down your face. You were crying so much. You couldn’t lose him, not right now. When you got to the hospital you went to his room. He was laying totally weak. When he saw you he smiled, you were the only thing that made him happy at this moment. “Y/N..” he said quietly, barely able to talk. “Junmyeon I love you so much, you need to know that.” you said while holding his hand and crying so much. “I know, Y/N, I know. I love you too. You need to listen to me now.” he said and you continued listening to him, every second was important for you right now. “I want you to be happy. I want you to find someone that will love you. I had my time and i haven’t done anything. I wanted to be with you. You need to promise me that you will find someone and love him. You deserve happiness, promise me, please.” he said when you started crying even more. “I love you Junmyeon. I can’t explain how much I am sorry for not talking to you before. I promise you. You need to know one thing, I will never forget you. No matter what can happen, you will always be that special person in my heart. I will still love you no matter what.” you said while crying so much. “Hey, Y/N please, don’t cry. You don’t deserve to cry because of me. You need to be happy. I will never forget you. Maybe someday we will meet again, be able to be together.” he said. “Can I see your smile, one last time?” “Remember me, Y/N.” you smiled at him, that one last time. He closed his eyes. It’s over. “I will, I promise.” you said while felt your heart breaking into thousands of pieces.

i am actually crying rn