Spark: You gotta take care of the egg. It’s a baby. You gotta keep it safe and teach it Christian values. 
Candela: My egg is Jewish. 
Spark: Then teach it that Dreidel song.

Got7 Reactions: when you wear their shirts


He tipped toe while walking in the house after a long day at work, not wanting to wake you up in the middle of the night. He’ll be carefully closing the door but accidentally kicking the side which caused the door to slam slightly. Cringing, hoping he didn’t wake you, he then heard a groan in the living room. While slowly heading towards the sofa, he spotted you sleeping on the couch, snoring lightly.

You were stirring in your sleep due to the noises but were too tired to even open your eyes. So before you even wake up fully, you fell back asleep again. Mark laughed at you softly while shifting his position to stand in front of you. That’s when he realised you’re wearing one of his oversized tee that was long enough to cover til your knees. You frowned in your sleep while Mark stared at you lovingly. He picked you up after making sure that you’re not going to wake up from the movement, and walked you back to the room. After placing you down on the bed, he’ll slip in beside you, pulling you close to him while giving you a kiss on the forehead, muttering a “goodnight” before he fell into a slumber.


You were waiting for the boys to finish their dance practice when Yugyeom asked you to join them in dancing which you willingly accepted. Within an hour you’ve already learnt 3 of their songs thanks to the members giving you tips of learning the dances. It was nearly 12 when you’re done practicing with them. You walked towards the bottles of water placed on the small table at the side of the practice room. The mirror in front of you revealing your sweat drenched shirt. But when you look around the room, you realised you didn’t bring any spare clothes with you.

Not wanting to feel all sticky for another half an hour or more, you made your way towards Jaebum. “Oppa, do you have anymore extra clothes?” you asked straightforwardly. He passed you his own spare tee and walked away, saying something about stealing Jackson’s shirt.

When you came back, Jaebum and Jackson was somehow wrestling for a shirt but all eyes turned to you. Jaebum and Jackson stopped pulling on the shirt and he stared at you wide eyed. He then bolted towards you while covering you from the members with his body. His shirt was big and it was right above your knees, but due to your shorts, it seems like you weren’t wearing anything underneath his shirt. Jaebum will pull you out the practice room and ask you why you weren’t wearing anything underneath. You then pulled up the end of his shirt, revealing your shorts and laugh at his reaction. His face will flushed red in embarrassed when you turned around to go back to the practice room.


Jackson has been on tour for a month and you were feeling lonesome. You walked out of the bathroom towards your closet. Looking through the clothes, you spotted one of Jackson’s big tee that he left here the last time he sleep over. Honestly, you missed him and his scent already. Taking out the big tee, you slipped it on after wearing your undergarments, leaving out your shorts since the shirt is already big enough to be your dress.

The front door clicked and you froze on your spot, thinking that someone broke into your house. You picked up the baseball bat behind your door while strolling down the stairs. The person’s back was facing you, so you took advantage and hit him in the butt with your bat. That person groaned and turned around. It was Jackson. You stare at him for a while before letting out a laugh. “sorry I didn’t know you’re back and thought someone broke in,” you said while still laughing. When you stopped, you noticed Jackson was staring at you. “Isn’t that my shirt?” he asked. You gave him a nod and explain that you’ve missed him. He’ll smirk at you before attacking your cheeks with his hand, squeezing it while he cooed, “You look so cute in my shirt!”


You were hanging out with Jinyoung at the dorm when the weather started to get a little chilly. Wearing only a sleeveless tank top and a short, you started to shiver slightly and you hugged yourself, trying to find some warmness. Your slight movement caught Jinyoung’s attention and he left the couch and went up stairs. Too absorbed into the drama you were watching, you barely noticed his leave.

He came back after a few minutes with his oversized hoodie in his hands. He’ll toss the hoodie on your lap and ask you to wear it. You hugged the hoodie close to you, trying to get as much warm as possible. Jinyoung will then sit beside you and let you snuggle up to him while he wrap his arms around you. Eventually the two of you fell asleep on the sofa and wake up to 6 pairs of eyes on you and a camera in your face.


Youngjae was playing with Coco in the living room when you came out of the room in his shirt. He didn’t notice you at first, but when Coco ran towards you, his eyes will follow Coco’s direction. When he saw that you were wearing his shirt, he will be quietly staring. And then he’ll ask you why you were wearing his shirt when you have yours.

You looked down at yourself and shrugged. “It’s comfy and I like the smell,” you replied and gave it a sniff. You could see the heat slowly creeping onto his face while a shy smile appeared on his face. “I’m glad you like it,” he’ll say, and continue to play with Coco, acting like the sight of you didn’t faze him one bit.


You rolled to the other side of the bed, moving your hand around to find it empty. Waking up from your sleep, you exited the room, forgetting to check your appearance. BamBam was sitting in the living room with the other guys while watching TV when you walked out of the room. Jackson was the first to notice you however, and BamBam heard him whispering to Mark who was sitting beside him. It wasn’t loud but he heard Jackson’s “daaamn she’s cute, BamBam is lucky.” He turned to see you walking towards them while rubbing your eyes, clearly still sleepy. But that wasn’t the only thing that makes Jackson said that, you were wearing BamBam’s shirt. BamBam did not own much oversized shirt so the button up shirt you wore were only long enough to cover your butt, your panty showing slightly from the back.

You walked towards BamBam who was on the sofa before plopping down beside him, hugging his waist. BamBam put his arms around you protectively, pulling the end of his shirt on you lower. After you successfully fell asleep on him again, he’ll picked you up and put you to bed while planning to buy some oversized shirts next time.


“Come on Y/N just wear it once please,” Yugyeom pleaded while holding up his shirt and following you around. It started raining when you were heading towards the dorm and you didn’t bring an umbrella with you. By the time you arrived, you were soaking wet and BamBam has decided to borrow you his own clothes before Yugyeom get to offer his. You didn’t want to wear Yugyeom’s shirt because they were all big but BamBam has clothes of your size and they were comfy as well. Being the jealous little boyfriend, Yugyeom had demanded for you to take off BamBam’s shirt and wear his. Which resulted in you running away from him.

After much persuasion, you decided to put on Yugyeom’s shirt, just to shut him up. Yugyeom is a giant baby, so his shirt will look super big on you, like a kid wearing her father’s clothing. When you came out of the bathroom, Yugyeom will be all over you. Pulling you in his arm and treating you like a baby. He’ll show you off to the members, especially BamBam, and throw BamBam’s shirt back to him. “Sorry BamBam, but I think she prefer my shirt over yours,” he said jokingly to BamBam, leaving you smacking his arm for being rude.

Bernie Sanders might not be the president, but in a lot of ways he is still a very influential leader for many people in our country. He is still someone to rally behind when it comes to holding both Trump and the democratic party accountable. Sure, he has disappointed me with some of his decisions (like not jumping onto the Green Party ticket when he lost the democratic nomination, or now trying to rebuild the democratic party, which seems more and more like a lost cause, rather than creating a progressive third party) but at least he is still out there using his platform to challenge those who are abandoning and abusing the American people. He is still introducing legislation to improve the lives of the everyday person. And he is going to be a force to be reckoned with moving forward. 

Secrets and Sacrifices?

Summary: sometimes, idol jaebum just wants to let the whole world know about their relationship.

Word count: 1103

Pairing: Jaebum X OC

Warning(s): flufffffffff

A/N: this was written monthssssssss ago and i finally improvised it lol. and if y’all didnt know, the fan questions are real (and the answers are real too) but i lost the source, i can’t find it T_T if any of you found the source, please tell me!! T_T

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Welp, just me being silly and getting in character while taking selfies, nothing special xDDDD Hope I can continue improving this cosplay and make new photoshoots and videos!! ~ I really have so much fun with it!

anonymous asked:

Is it frowned upon in clan culture for leaders to assign their son/daughter the position of deputy? Do the clans care about nepotism?

It’s a little bit iffy, yeah, but only as much as appointing your apprentice as your deputy, which is pretty common. The controversy only lasts as long as it takes for the cat to prove themselves as deputy material, though. 

The recent leaders within the first arc were actually subject to some muttering. Oakclaw and Brokenstar were both considered weird choices. The familial sentiment was pretty obvious - Raggedstar loved his son more than anything, and Crookedstar and Oakclaw had  been swearing to make each other their deputy when they became leader for ages.