Thursday, 27/11/2014

H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum during attending DIEC RIDE CEN-120km at Dubai International Endurance City ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Signs of a Great Person

1. They’re not easily offended, and don’t take things personally
2. They’re accepting, non-judgmental and always want the best for you
3. They respect others’ perspectives, needs and boundaries
4. They listen well to others, and try to see their point of view
5. They’re kind and understanding, warm, respectful and accepting
6. They’re trustworthy and loyal, and they think the best of you


When Kurdistan was independent (1945-1946)

Qazi Muhammed (1898-1947), the first Kurdish President and former islamic scholar promotes education, gives the Christian and Jewish minorities protection & autonomy, expand the school system - they even had evening classes for the elderly. These elderly people should also learn to read and write. He supports women’s rights - and opened schools for girls. This angered the conservatives, his son later told in an interview how he solved it: “My father has said that women and men are equal. The fundamentalist clerics protested. Then he called them to a seminar, discussed for 3 days - and convinced them.”

After only 11 months, the Kurdish Republic - betrayed from the Soviets was crushed by Iran’s central government. Qazi sacrified himself to prevent a massacre on the Kurds. The Iranian military court sentenced him to death, and he was hanged in the center of city of Mahabad on March 30, 1947.
“Never rely on anyone but your own group. All those who took the oath of allegiance have betrayed us.”