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whatever makes you happy. whatever you want. you’re so fucking special. i wish i was special. but I’m a creep, i’m a weirdo. what the hell am i doing here? i don’t belong here.

Best Time for Different Foods

Breakfast Time


  • contains pectin which lowers blood sugar & cholesterol levels
  • worst time: dinner (pectin is hard to digest at night; increase stomach acid)


  • potato starch lowers cholesterol; rich in minerals
  • worst time: dinner (higher in calories which may lead to weight gain if eaten at dinner)


  • improves digestion and increases metabolism
  • worst time: dinner (causes stomach swelling)

Dark Chocolate

  • provides anti-oxidants which reduces aging and risk of heart disease
  • worst time: snacks (increases body fat)

Figs and Apricots

  • boosts metabolism and warms up the digestive system
  • worst time: dinner (leads to indigestion and gas troubles)


  • when consumed in moderation, helps in preventing weight gain and bloating
  • worst time: dinner (heavy to digest it can lead to indigestion and fat gain)

Lunch Time


  • strengthens immune system, improve skin
  • worst time: dinner (may lead to mucus formation & disturb digestion)


  • lowers the risk of blood pressure
  • worst time: dinner (leads to weight gain)


  • metabolism is higher during the day, giving you ample chance to use up the carbohydrates
  • worst time: dinner (leads to weight gain)

Snack Time


  • improves digestion and increases metabolism
  • worst time: breakfast (causes stomach irritation and gastritis)

Dinner Time


  • warm milk soothes the body and helps in getting a good night’s sleep
  • worst time: breakfast (unless followed by lots of physical activity, milk can be heavy to digest)

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American Gods, a show she's actually in, gets a retweet and barely any mention, but the crown, a show she has nothing to do with, gets special attendance twice, photos of the award, enthusiasm, etc. It's pretty obvious something's going on here. It so strange seeing them go from 'platonic' kissing on stage, Joel McHale jokingly writing about their wedding in his book, schmoopie, etc. to radio silence and her holding hands with that tadpole. Hate GA for leading us on.

Hate is maybe a little extreme, isn’t it? There is surely something going on with The Crown, I don’t know what, I feel like she’ll be cast, but at the same time I don’t know how she can be in it without hurting her image after what’s happening now, either she’s with him or not. 

The Grotto [2/20] - SWTOR RP Event on the Ebon Hawk

Sildexon Gas Miniing, Inc., one of the Galaxy’s leading providers of Tolium Gas, (Penumbral OOC) invites all to visit us in the Grotto Cantina, located on the Smuggler’s Moon. We’ll have discounted drinks and food, several gaming tables and private rooms for interested business partners that seek to fuel their weaponry, ships and more! We will be hosting numerous events for those simply looking to come and have a good time! So if you’re looking for a place to put your feet up, then come visit us on Nar Shaddaa at the Grotto Cantina! We look forward to seeing you there. Dancing of course, is entirely optional.




⚜ Bantha blaster ⚜
A pink-and-green alcoholic drink that is fizzed and popped.

⚜ Alderaan Ruge ⚜
Produces in Alderaan, this stout liquor is bound to give you some relaxation and chill your body. Get it before it’s gone!

⚜ Flameout ⚜
An extremely strong alcoholic beverage. Looking for a big kick? This beverage is known for producing sensations similar to a scalding of the tongue. Drink at your own risk.

⚜ Dragonjuice ⚜
Often used for medicinal purposes, this drink is not for the light drinker. It’s strong, spicy and sweet alcoholic content is often the cause of many bar fights.

⚜ Tatooine H'Kak bean tea ⚜
Relax and detoxify your body with this fragrant orange-colored tea derived from Tatooine H'Kak beans.

⚜ Sippin’ on Juma & Juice ⚜
A VERY strong alcoholic beverage, yellow in color and sweet to the tongue that pronounces an array of effects on various patrons. Drink at your own risk.


⚜Corobb Salad⚜
Tomatoes with aged balsamic, Ithorian vinaigrette and pumpkin oil

⚜Dantooinian Garfish Sticks⚜
Shredded Dantooinian Garfish formed into sticks, breaded and deep fried

⚜Bantha Burger⚜
Mouthwatering grilled haunches of a bantha served between two pieces of toasted bread and smothered with cheese

⚜Spicy Mynock Wings⚜
Breaded and Fried Mynock Wings smothered in spicy orange-madeira sauce

⚜Smothered Hubba chips⚜
Fried Hubba chips served under brown gravy and melted cheese curds.


OOC Information:
((During the launch of SWTOR, many of the founders of Penumbral began starting the RP social event on Nar Shaddaa during our days in the Imperial guild once known as Jen'jidai, every Saturday on the JungMa server. With our server transfer in December, we wanted to share this event with the Ebon Hawk. Before the event begins to reoccur monthly, we first wanted to test the event out with the EH Community.

Each event will present alternating activities that will offer credit and cartel pack prizes. Participation in these events are optional if you wish to just mingle around the stronghold. Both Imperial and Republic are welcome and can whisper members for invites to the stronghold or find it on the public listing as ‘Sildexon’.

While the event is OOCly hosted by Penumbral, ICly, the event is presented by Sildexon Gas Mining, Inc., a financial front of the neutral organization. Association between Penumbral and Sildexon is unknown, but may be speculated by those that frequent the event and get to know Penumbral/Sildexon. Sildexon Gas Mining is currently facing scrutiny by the Eternal Empire as the company struggles to pay tribute to the Zakuul while keeping their association with Penumbral heavily under wraps. If you wish to dive deeper into the connection between Penumbral and Sildexon, please contact Luniara! We are happy to collaborate.

Zakuul & Zakuul Knights are welcomed to attend. We ask individuals who wish to play such parties be mindful of events going on and avoid directly disrupting raffles & activities.

Come celebrate and RP with us! Keys are happily offered to those who wish to have one. ))

Alternating Event Details:

*Trivia Contest -
3-4 contestants. Upon receiving participants from the event, we will be asking trivia based on current SWTOR Lore, each question answered correctly will grant you the points allocated to that question. They will accumulate, and the winners at the end will be announced. NOTE: While we advice against using google to search for answers, we can not stop anyone from doing so. Be fair to your fellow contestants. 1st place winner: 100k credits, 2nd place winner: 50k credits

*Dating Game Contest -
Looking for love? Lonely? Well, volunteer yourself as tribute and test your luck! Taking on 3 contestants (first come first serve), male or female, you have a chance to find your one true love at the Grotto! Contestants are given questions to answer and the contestant whose answers are chosen the most by the tribute wins not only a date, but 300k!

*Comedy Hour -
Like making people laugh? Why not give it a try! Compile your best 5 jokes and compete against other contests for who is the funniest in the galaxy! First place: 300k, Second place: 100k

Pazaak Game Tables (non-tournament) - 20k entry fee
- Will be playing a Star Wars version of Blackjack.
- Will use the /roll system to represent the cards. (directions will be provided)
- Winner will win the credit pot!

*Pazaak Tournament
- Will be playing a Star Wars version of Blackjack.
- Will use the /roll system to represent the cards. (directions will be provided)
- Winner will win 1 million credits!

*Fashion Show
3-5 contestants/3-4 judges. Dress your best and put yourself before the judges to determine whether or not you are a fashionista! Are you the galaxy’s most fab? With 4 separate categories - Formal, Casual, Battle and Participants choice, each outfit will be judged by a volunteers within the audience on a scale of 1-5. Winner with the most points takes home the prize! 1st place winner takes home 500k credits, 2nd place winner: 100k credits

Prize Raffles - 5k each ticket. (Those that purchase tickets will be given a ticket number and winners will be announced after the Trivia contest. Unless we are told in advance that you have to leave, you MUST be present to receive the prize. We will be using a raffle program! You may purchase up to 10 tickets per person.)
- Cartel Packs
- 2400 Cartel Point Card Code
- Gear Packs, Pets, and more!

* Denotes alternating activity. If you wish to pitch for which activity you want to see that month, feel free to post! The monthly event will be announced and determined by our officer availability. Regardless, all events are quite fun!

Come have fun, do business with us! Message brought to you by Sildexon Gas Miniing, Inc., Innovation for all your Fueling Needs

Take a tip from us

This year you need a REAL vacation. You need to breathe fresh air, see new places, and wash away your worries with comfortable, refreshing travel.

Even an old car can give you that kind of vacation if you do just one thing: give it Ethyl.

Ethyl Gasoline banishes harmful knock, overheating and sluggish performance. it puts new life into your car; brings back the youthful power that makes it fun to drive!

Whether you’re making week-end trips or crossing the continent, remember: the next best thing to a brand new car is your present car with Ethyl.

Even if you don’t put dollars and cents value on the extra enjoyment and satisfaction of driving with Ethyl, you will make savings in lessened repair bills that more than offset its small additional cost. Ethyl Gasoline Corporation, Chrysler Building, New York City.



Sometimes you have to get in the way. You have to make some noise by speaking up and speaking out against injustice & inaction.

John Lewis (D-GA) leads more than 70 democrats in a sit in on the floor of the House of Representatives to demand a vote on gun control. House Republicans responded by turning off cameras, causing Representative Scott Peters (D-CA) to periscope live from the floor.

Few regions of nebulosity show the variety of color and detail that this small region around NGC 6559 does.

At the left of this image wispy dark clouds hang delicately in the foreground of diffuse glowing hydrogen gas. These lead further toward a very bright, red arc of gas that seems to shield luminous and hot stars beneath it.

Presumably the birth and subsequent energetic radiative output of these stars causes the gas to glow very brightly.

Even though these stars have strived to push away all of the gas and dust near them, thicker portions remain (the mountains of dark nebulosity) and continue to scatter light which color the area with hints of blue and purple. NGC 6559 can be found in most wide-field images of the Lagoon Nebula.

  • I think pollution is worse than global warming. I wont mind fruit trees in previously temperate areas or a few disasters. But dirt being 80% plastic and everything with mercury and lead and chlorine gas is another thing.