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10 Baby Facts for SPN Fic Authors

[I swear this is not a rant - it ISN’T. Honest.]

It is actually kind of cool to realize that you possess specialty knowledge that may be of use to others. Stuff that you didn’t really KNOW you knew, until, of course, you are reading along in a fic and something the author describes (or the character says) brings your brain to a screeching halt. “That’s not right – it can’t possibly happen that way…” And then you go and do actual research to back up your gut knowledge. This little FAQ is the result of one such realization.

My dad fixed antique and classic cars for a living from 1964 – 1978, owning his own showroom for 3 years near the end of that time. Born in 1966, I grew up playing in old cars, hiding in floorboards and exploring them to my heart’s content. Our family car for several years was a 1966 Thunderbird, but when dad went to car shows, we rode in whatever he wanted to show off. I’ve been in rumble seats, hard top convertibles, cars with windshields that laid down flat, and cars with no roof, doors, or walls of any kind. My 1st car was a fully restored 1966 mustang. Without really realizing it, I soaked up a LOT of inherent understandings about older cars. The information below is based in that knowledge, backed up with some internet research.

The following is true about Baby (the character in SPN, not necessarily the actual cars that play her): 

1) Compared to most modern sedans, Baby is BIG. Like REALLY BIG. She is 17 and ¾ feet long (5.4 meters) and 7 feet 8 inches wide (2.03 meters). Allowing for door thickness on either side and the gaps between doors and bench seat, I’m betting the front seat is a little over 5 feet wide. Given basic geometry and human skeletal limitations, this means it is not possible for the passenger to have their head resting against the passenger door/window AND place their hand on the driver’s thigh. If the passenger is in this position, the driver can,  at best, entwine fingers with the passenger’s outstretched hand. That’s IT (even with Sam’s monkey arms). Sitting up straight, yes. Slumped over, no. On the plus side, this is why the guys can, in fact, get some sleep in her (and have fun in the back seat).

2) Despite how big Baby is, she is kinda short. Baby is only 54 inches high (4’6” or 138 cm). INSIDE the car, she is slightly less than 4 feet tall total. This means that the following actions WILL make you bump your head (or butt or hands or feet) on the ceiling unless you are very very slow and careful: climbing over the back seat, straddling someone’s lap, taking off your pants or t-shirt (unless nearly lying down in the seat), and lunging across the front bench seat to attack someone bodily. And you will look graceless doing it. [Ahem, trust me on these, I KNOW.] Additional negative modifiers for Sam due to height.

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it’s okay // listen here

whatever makes you happy. whatever you want. you’re so fucking special. i wish i was special. but I’m a creep, i’m a weirdo. what the hell am i doing here? i don’t belong here.

My school has gained a bit of infamy in the teen productions at the local theater, because we’re bored teenagers hanging out backstage and have nothing better to do than compare the high schools we go to. Some notable things that have happened include:
-That one study hall supervisor who was fired and arrested after sleeping with a student, then made his sentence worse by contacting her after his trial or something like that
-The honors biology teacher who has, among other things:
  -Made us dissect squids without gloves
  -Wouldn’t stop lecturing about the symbolism in some staircase in Gattaca, because it looked like a double helix. My class was spared from this lecture because someone almost passed out in the hallway from dehydration
  -Once started class with “so I got stung by like 40 bees over the weekend” and then proceeded to tell in extreme detail the story of how he got stung by “like 40 bees.” The next day he brought a bee in a jar to class to show everyone the kind he was stung by
  -Lectured about how tough he was as an 8 year old because he got stung by a man o’ war jellyfish
  -Lectured about that time he “ran Costa Rica for 10 weeks”
  -Lectured about that time he did a presentation on snakes to a Korean cult
  -Basically he gets himself off topic really easily and I know how to kill a sea urchin because of him, but I can’t name all the differences between plant and animal cells
-There’s the Jesus Fountain, which is the best water fountain
-Someone’s senior project was to paint a rock
-The Pizza Incident, in which aforementioned bio teacher got pissed at a student for ordering a pizza to the school, so they ordered him one the next day 
-The ridiculous amount of pencils stuck into the ceiling
-The ceiling tiles that bulge out, leak, and collapse during the winter
-Drive Your Tractor To School Day (to clarify, I go to a public high school in north east Ohio)
-The ridiculous amount of bomb threats at the Middle School last year, which happened so often that they stopped evacuating the school to look for evidence of bombs
-The carbon monoxide leak earlier in the year that lead to “happy gas leak day”
-Our slightly ridiculous mascot, some German guy with a giant moustache standing on a mountain, holding a pick-axe, wearing short shorts
-The fire extinguisher incident, where one kid set off a fire extinguisher in the band hallway. He later on taped a picture of a fire extinguisher in the front of one of the bio books in honors bio room
-There were rumors that said kid also somehow climbed onto the school roof during homecoming, but nothing was confirmed. Knowing him though, I’d believe it. He climbed the goal post during band camp. 

My brother went to the same school and graduated way back. In his days the gym ceiling looked like someone had fixed it with paper and duct tape, a girl passed out in gym class after smuggling alcohol in her water bottle, and there was a bathroom that was closed every year after the first quarter because people kept smoking in it  

Bedtime Stories

Pairings- Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader

Warnings- Fwuff :3

Requested by anon-

  Bruce stumbled out of the living room, with hardly any control on his faculties. He was exhausted, he was grumpy, he could feel several bruises throbbing into bloom all over his body. 

 Three days, he hadn’t had any sleep. First there was a nasty bit of business in Metropolis, which Clark obviously couldn’t handle on his own. Then, the Scarecrow dosed Nightwing with his fear gas, which lead to a whole new set of problems. Then Poison Ivy broke Harley out of prison, who tried and failed to let the Joker out. And then……

  Bruce was brought out of his reverie by a small voice.


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The signs as poisons or toxins

Aries: VX, a nerve agent developed for no reason other than to be a bio-weapon. It causes violent muscle contractions followed by paralysis, asphyxiation, and death. 

Taurus: Deadly nightshade, a plant that can be used as a hallucinogen at low doses. An overdose causes abnormally fast heart rate, loss of balance, and convulsions. A lethal overdose involves a lack of control over heart rate, breathing, and sweating followed by death. 

Gemini: Sarin, a highly volatile nerve agent that’s been used in several terrorist attacks. It can cause effects as a liquid or a gas and leads to tightness in the chest followed by nausea, muscle convulsions, suffocation, and death. 

Cancer: Amatoxin, a toxin produced by several species of poisonous mushrooms. It causes burns where it comes into contact with the body and leads to liver damage and eventual liver and/or kidney failure. 

Leo: Ricin, a protein derived from castor seeds. It leads to swelling and bleeding in the digestive tract, followed shortly by low blood pressure, shock, organ failure, and death. It has also been used in terrorist attacks.

Virgo: Mercury, element 80 on periodic table. Exposure causes burning and itching along with the sensation of insects crawling on one’s skin or skin peeling from the body. Long-term exposure leads to severe brain damage and death. 

Libra: Tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin found in pufferfish and some other species of the same order. The toxin causes a lack of function in voluntary muscles, including the diaphragm, which leads to paralysis, asphyxiation, and death. 

Scorpio: Cyanide, the chemical compound KCN. Results depend on exposure; low long-term exposure can cause eventual paralysis and increased chance of miscarriages, while high doses result in seizures, cardiac arrest, and death. 

Sagittarius: Strychnine, an alkaloid derived from the Strychnos nux-vomica tree and used as a pesticide. In humans it causes dramatic and painful convulsions that can lead to muscles locking up and organs failing. Those exposed die of either asphyxiation or exhaustion from the convulsions.

Capricorn: Polonium, a radioactive metal and number 84 on the periodic table. It can cause death in extremely small doses, and long-term exposure leads to radiation poisoning, which can cause kidney or liver failure, cancer, and eventual death. 

Aquarius: Arsenic, a toxic metal that is number 33 on the periodic table. Acute poisoning can lead to hair loss, muscle cramping, convulsions, and death. Long-term exposure, such as through groundwater, may lead to nightblindness, organ failure, cancer, and eventual death. 

Pisces: Mustard gas, a chemical weapon used largely in World War I. It causes causes large chemical burns and blisters, including potential internal burns in the lungs. Even when these symptoms aren’t lethal, exposure may lead to severe health problems years later. 

Swerve X Reader – A Human Crewmate - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Don’t Be Rash

A/N – Based on a lot of @rocksinmuffin head-canons so extra special thanks to them for that. Getting over some personal shit so updates may be a little slow right now. Anywho, this is one of my better chapters so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Rung sat on one side of the desk with his servos crossed underneath his chin while Swerve sat rigid on the opposite side with unpleasant thoughts filling his processor. Wasn’t a therapist’s office supposed to be comfortable? And why so quiet? As far as he was concerned, Swerve had nothing to tell. As such, he sat button-lipped, bouncing his leg up and down, turning the silence into something far more tense and awkward.

When it became apparent Swerve wasn’t going to speak, Rung sighed, taking it upon himself to prompt the other mech into revealing what was already obvious.

“You and (Y/N) have made fast friends,” Rung probed gently, attempting to put Swerve at ease.

Swerve half-laughed nervously, “Y-yeah, she’s really something. For a human, that is. Not that humans aren’t special, especially her, not that she’s special, I didn’t say that. I mean, she clearly is but- Forget I said anything.”

“…Yes. You know Swerve, I’ve had a lot of patients lately who’ve shown interest in pursuing a relationship with (Y/N).”

“W-wha- They can’t- It wouldn’t- W-who would want to date a human anyway?”

“So, you think a relationship with a human would be undesirable?”

“Not undesirable, just impossible. What about the physical differences? Then there’s the cultural misunderstandings and- and… Could she really be with something like me?” Swerve spoke fast as usual before realising his mistake, he hadn’t meant to reveal feelings he wasn’t supposed to have.

He fell silent, waiting for rung to call him crazy, tell him things were impossible, do anything to shoot down his delusions of a relationship.

Rung took off his glasses, cleaning them while he spoke, “Right now, though she may not realise or acknowledge it, (Y/N) is in a delicate mental state. She’s traded one life for another and had absolutely no say in the matter. Currently, any romantic relationship is impossible but in the future, it’s feasible though not recommended. Have you considered the difference in life span at all? I’m sorry to say it Swerve but I must advise against what you’re feeling and recommend that you take the time to come and see me if you need help in the process.”

Swerve shot up, his chair falling to the floor with a clatter, “I WON’T STOP BEING HER FRIEND!”

“And I would never expect you to,” Rung answered calmly. “I’m merely saying that as her friend, you must consider what’s best for her and act upon that instead of any romantic impulses you have… say, movie nights alone together.”

“H-how did you-”

“I’m a therapist and your friend Swerve, I see things others don’t. Now I can see you’ve got a lot to process and you’re eager to get away but please, come back and see me; I’d hate to see you trying to deal with this alone. Oh, and don’t do anything rash.”

“I won’t,” Swerve mumbled, hunching over sadly on his way out of the office. It was more than clear now that he had a crush on you but Rung was right, he had to stop his feelings immediately, before they turned into something more.

You stared in mute horror at the thick, black smoke coming from what remained of your hab-suite while a furious Rodimus sprayed out the remaining flames with a fire extinguisher.

Fortunately, you hadn’t been around at the time but apparently there’d been an accident with the gas main leading to your oven. Once again, you were homeless in space.

“(Y/N), you alright?” Rodimus asked, the concern evident in his vocaliser.

“Y-yeah… A little shook up but I’m fine. Is everyone else okay?”

“Don’t worry about us, it takes more than a few flames to get through this metal. I’m just sorry this happened. Hey uh, why don’t you take a walk with Chromedome there? I have to make plans to repair this.”

You nodded reluctantly, allowing Chromedome to lead you away. The second you were out of sight, Rodimus called Nightbeat on his comm-link, “You sure about this?”

Devoid of his usual flair for dramatics, Nightbeat replied, “I’m sure. Rodimus, this wasn’t an accident, somebody tried to kill her.”

“Frag! Any suspects?”

“Not yet but the bomb had some… interesting components. I’ll have a list of suspects within the next few cycles. In the meantime, you have to do something to protect her.”

“…Yeah.” Rodimus saw Megatron approach from the corner of his optic, “Talk later Nightbeat, I have to arrange something.”

Megatron waited for the call to finish before stating grimly, “I said something like this would happen, I didn’t want to be right.”

Rodimus stared at the floor darkly.

“Have you any plans to resolve this?”

Thinking through the problem, Rodimus nodded, “We’re going to get (Y/N) a bodyguard.”

“A roommate?” You asked dubiously. “I’m sorry but why can’t I just move back into my old room?”

“Because as it turns out it wasn’t a gas explosion but some weird sciency slag deadly to humans or so Perceptor tells me,” Rodimus lied confidently. “So, until we’re sure it’s safe for humans, you can’t go back there and you need a roommate. Personally, I suggest me or Magnus. Magnus would be a great choice. He’s big, he’s strong, who wouldn’t want that for a roomy?”

You frowned, “I um… I don’t think that’s-”

“Not your style huh, no problem, there are plenty of bots here,” Rodimus glanced around the rec room where he’d gathered a handful of bots he trusted, informing them of the situation at hand.

“I don’t see why we can’t just empty another-”

“HEY EVERYONE,” Rodimus yelled hastily, leaving you no time to argue your point, “(Y/N) NEEDS A ROOMMATE, ANYONE WANT TO BUNK WITH HER OR RATHER, LET HER BUNK WITH YOU?”

All servos shot up as rehearsed beforehand. You stared at the sea of faces, more confused than anything.

“Rodimus, I don’t-”

“-Know which to pick? Gotcha, no problem, you need time, I respect that. You think about this and come back in let’s say, an hour; I know you’ll have an answer by then. Now go, mingle, meet your new roomy.”

Overwhelmed by the many mechs, you checked your watch and slipped unnoticed out of the room to walk and clear your head. Just outside, Rung and Swerve were talking, a tense silence settled over the two at your presence.

“(Y/N), what a pleasant surprise,” Rung smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“I don’t… Rung, can you talk some sense into Rodimus, he seems to think I need a roommate within the next hour; I don’t know what’s gotten into him.”

Swerve’s optics widened curiously, he wondered what he’d missed within the last few hours.

“My, that certainly is a predicament,” Rung sympathised, “but you know Rodimus, when he’s got an idea into his head, he’s fairly stubborn about it. Would it be so bad to humour him and take on a roommate?”

“You didn’t see it in there, I don’t know anyone and why those specific bots? None of it makes sense. Besides, me and you guys, we have different needs and I don’t want to explain all the things I’d need again and-”

“Move in with me!” Swerve interrupted quickly.

You gaped at him while Rung stood behind you, shaking his head and waving his hands warningly, mouthing the earlier conversation, “Don’t do anything rash.

“What?” You squeaked. “Swerve, I couldn’t make you do that?”

“Who’s making me?” Swerve laughed, ignoring Rung. “It’s better to move in with me than somebody you don’t know, right? Plus, you don’t have to explain human stuff to me ‘cos I know most of it already.”

“I suppose that makes sense, but won’t I get in your way? What if I need to sleep but you want the hab-suite?”

“Don’t worry about it. My only concern is that you feel comfortable.”

You smiled gratefully, warming Swerve’s spark, “Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me. Hang on a sec, I’ll go tell Rodimus.”

You headed back inside the room, leaving Rung to speak freely, “I hope you know what you’re doing Swerve, this will only complicate matters further.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I only did what a good friend would do.”

Human Connection

Cat meandered through the twisted wreckage of desks and chairs. She took her time, stepping over fallen light fixtures and scattered pieces of decor. There were holes in the drywall and several of the mounted television screens lay smashed on the floor. The Daxamites had done a number on CatCo.

Still, she couldn’t help the small quirk of her lips as she surveyed the place, her place. Noticing one of the large CatCo magazine cover prints on the floor near her feet, Cat bent down to pick it up. She remembered this one. It was August, two thousand ten. It had been one of their best selling issues, thanks to an exclusive interview with Michelle​ Obama. She remembered all of the covers.

Walking to the wall, Cat reached up to hang the frame back in its place. She tilted her head and, with the tip of her finger, scooted the frame into a perfectly straight position. With a satisfied, “Hmm,” and a tiny pop of her shoulders, Cat made her way to her office.

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Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge 2: Post-Apocalyptic Driving School

Summary: Negan is flabbergasted that his lady friend  never learned how to drive before the world ended. He takes it upon himself to teach her how, and rewards his “student” with some vehicular naughtiness. 

This is a smutty Negan x Rebecca (#Nebecca) drabble I wrote for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash​‘s Negan Writing Challenge for the Driving Instructor prompt. It takes place after Embracing the Apocalypse (But you totally don’t have to have read that at all to enjoy this. Promise!)

Word Count: 3,255

Content Warnings (or selling points?): Negan being Negan, language, smut, finger fucking, hand jobs, and cum.

Read on AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10610505

Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge 2: Post-Apocalyptic Driving School

“Hold on a fucking minute! What the fuck do you mean you don’t know how to fucking drive, Fuckface?” Negan’s face was a perfect combination of amusement and wonder as the late afternoon sun cast a warm glow on his tanned skin.

He and Rebecca, the aforementioned “Fuckface”, strode side by side along the perimeter of the Sanctuary, enjoying the crescendo of a beautiful spring day. The sky was spotted with just a few scant puffs of cloud and the grass was beginning to return to life after a brutal winter. As annoyed as she was at the smug smirk that Negan wore, she couldn’t bring herself to let it get to her. Not today.

“That was a whole lotta ‘fucks’ there, my friend,” she replied casually with an easy smile on her face, “And to answer your question: Nope. Never learned. Always thought I would eventually, but then the world ended, so it kind of took a back seat…Pun intended, by the way.”

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Cinderella (Kuroo x Reader)

A/N: Okay so…this is basically something where I took a concept from a Halloween costume and made it into a story with my own twist!! Hope you like!!

Kuroo stood outside the looming building and mentally prepared himself to step inside. He knew he wasn’t actually upper class, but his appearance said otherwise. The tall ravenette donned a posh onyx tuxedo with a crimson tie and dark black dress shoes. He wanted to attend something like this so damn badly, getting a taste of the high life was something he hungered for and tonight he was going to satiate it. The deal he made wouldn’t last long, so he knew he had to make the most of it.

With a deep breath and quick shake of his head, Kuroo quickly made his way through the ornate glass doors and stepped inside.

As he steadily walked in, Kuroo drank in the elaborate display around him. The walls were a dark beige, softly reflecting the light of the room and making everything appear emphasized by a warm glow. He looked up at the ceiling, eyes widening at the grand sight before him.

A gigantic chandelier hung from the the top of the room. It’s intricate design made it appear as if it were crafted with diamonds, and Kuroo felt entranced by its presence. He was sure that damn thing was worth more than his own life. He eyes then made his way to the bar located on the far left of the vast room. There, Kuroo saw something he regarded more beautiful than the chandelier.

She casually sat on a stool, absentmindedly stirring a glass of crystal clear water with a small black straw. Her facial expression was a mix between boredom and a cross pout. She was was obviously upper class, the detailed makeup complimented her gorgeous face perfectly and her puffy, baby blue ballgown shone under the soft light of the chandelier. Her eyes flicked towards Kuroo, carefully analyzing him in a few seconds, then quickly fixed back to her drink. With a sudden boost of newfound confidence, Kuroo made his way over to her. You noticed the lanky figure approaching you and internally sighed. You were sure this was just another suitor here to tell you about his immeasurable wealth (which always seemed to stem from their father’s accomplishments, not theirs) and convince you to marry him. Despite your annoyance, you repressed the urge to tell him off before he spoke to you since you knew your father must be watching. He wanted to marry you off as quickly as possible to the richest man he could advertise you to, and you didn’t want to face his wrath if you were to chase off a “business opportunity”. The man sat down beside you and ordered to drinks, then handed one-a glass of white wine-to you, which you reluctantly accepted.

“So, what’s a nice young lady like you doing all by yourself?”

You scoffed. His inexperience with courting women was obviously showing. “‘Dunno.”

“Woman of few words, ah? I dig it.” He took a sip of his drink, and you regarded his casual way of speaking. He didn’t have the overzealous, pompous tone of most men attending this event. There was something different about this one for once.

“Don’t you want to dance?”

“Sure, as long as I’d get to break my legs and die in the process.”

The lanky man chuckled softly. “Smart mouth. I can see why you don’t have a partner. Maybe if you were a tad nicer, you could convince one of these rich folk to marry you and trap you in a loveless marriage based entirely on prestige.” Sarcasm was evident in his voice.

You playfully rolled your eyes. “Congratulations, you and my father think the exact same thing.”
You took a sip of your drink and turned to face him, for once you were interested in getting to know one of these people.

“I’m Kuroo.” The man reached out to you, offering his hand to shake.

You happily took it and introduced yourself.
“Sooo…what’s on your mind?”

You rose a brow in question. “What do you mean?”

“It’s obvious something’s eating you. You look so…angry. Did something happen here?”

Huh. This was the first time any of the suitors ever expressed concern for your well being. He seemed trustworthy, though. After a couple of seconds of mental debate, you deemed him worthy of honesty.

“My father. I hate attending these stupid parties. They are all attempts to sell me off to the highest bidder.”

“Ah…that’s rough…” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

A silence fell over the two of you as you casually sipped your drink, mentally kicking yourself for making the conversation awkward.

However, he spoke up again.

“Hey….do you wanna get out of here?”

You looked up at him, a little surprised. “Uh…I can’t leave. Father would kill me.”

Kuroo scoffed. “So? This party is lame anyway. So is your dad. Come with me.”

You nodded slightly. He was right…but he was a stranger. Would it really be safe to go with him? You looked at the ongoing festivities and instantly felt sick. Anything would be better than this shit.

He opened his palm and offered it to you.

“Take a chance?”

You grabbed his hand and quietly made your way out of the building, excitement building within you with each step.

You hopped into Kuroo’s car, a red camaro, and he plopped into the passenger seat and turned the keys.

The car’s engine growled as it started up, then quickly calmed into a soft hum. Kuroo sank back into his seat and let out a relaxed sigh.

“Listen to that baby purr,” He visibly relished the sound for a few seconds, then faced you. “You ready to go?”

You nodded, a bit nervous. “Yeah…”

Kuroo gave you a comforting smile, then placed a reassuring hand on your knee. “Don’t worry. I have something amazing to show you.”

Although you two had just met, you took comfort in his presence. Something about him was special, you just couldn’t put your finger on it. He placed his hands back on the steering wheel and put his foot on the gas, leading you guys into the evening night.

The two of you eventually drove into a forest clearing on top of a hill, close by a park trail. You were astonished by the view before you. The moon shone brightly in the sky, yellow and full. You felt the urge to grab it, and almost acted upon it, had it not been for Kuroo’s presence beside you. He parked in the middle of the clearing, allowing you two to see the immeasurable field of stars dotting the night sky and the bustling city below you, still active even this late at night. The soft sound of crickets chirping in the distance, the warm breeze against your cheeks, and the smell of fresh foliage lulled you into a state of relaxation. You wondered if this really was paradise.

Kuroo turned to you, his hazel eyes stood out more in the moonlight. “I told you it was amazing, right? I come here all the time.”

You smiled at him, the first genuine smile you’ve given a member of the opposite sex in a while. “Yeah. You were right,” you paused for a bit, taking another glance at the beautiful sight in front of you. “Y’know, you’re a lot different from all the other suitors.”

Kuroo laughed a bit at your comment. “Oh yeah? How?”

“Everyone else…just wants to hold me back. They want me to be a signature trophy wife and just stay home taking care of the kids and doing chores…that’s not what I want.”

Kuroo’s expression faded from playful, a more serious look crossed his face now. “What do you want?”

You were silent, a little nervous about pouring your heart out to this man. However, just like before, you felt inclined to tell him the truth.

“I want an education.”

Kuroo nodded, taking in your confession. He didn’t seem to be angry about it like you assumed, in fact, he appeared to be supportive of the idea. So with that notion, you continued.

“All my life I’ve just been cooped up in etiquette classes, home training, all of that…garbage. My parents stopped my schooling after middle school so I wouldn’t “get any unladylike thoughts”. I don’t want to be a housewife. I want to be something greater. I know I have it in me…I just need someone to give me a chance.”

Kuroo was quiet for a second, then spoke sincerely.

“Run away with me.”

You were astonished. “What?”

“I know we just met but…you deserve so much more. A-and I’m sure we can figure things out on the way! We are both smart, capable people…and we can just rent a cheap apartment until we get good jobs…and you can get your education. It’ll be perfect.”

You stared at him with wide eyes. “Wouldn’t your family notice? I don’t want to cause a fray between our families if we pull this off….my line is known to hold grudges. I want to…but…I just don’t know. We both just met. This seems so sudden.”

Kuroo looked down at the floor, thinking carefully of his words. He spoke, in a quieter, yet equally as earnest voice.

“I’m not a suitor…”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not upper class. I’m not rich. I made a deal to be able to come out here tonight. And it won’t last forever. God,” he dumped his head in his hands, groaning softly “I’m such an idiot for thinking this could work.”

Ok, now you were really confused. “Explain.”

Kuroo lamented to you, all about how he met a fairy here in these woods who granted him a simple wish for freeing it from a trap. Kuroo always dreamed of being a prince, abandoning his life of poverty and getting a glimpse of what it was like to not have to worry about how much you had in your pockets at all times. The fairy agreed and offered to grant his wish for the night, however, all the people he met would forget him at the start of the new day.


It was almost midnight anyway. All this would end soon, and you and Kuroo would be strangers one more.

“Hey…,” It was your turn to place a comforting hand on Kuroo’s shoulder, and he slowly removed his face from his hands, looking at you with fearful eyes. “At least we can enjoy the present moment, right? You’re not like other guys, Kuroo.”

He interrupted your speech, but you didn’t mind. “Tetsurou. Call me Tetsurou. That’s my real name.”

“Tetsurou…,” you let his name roll off your tongue, it was very fun to say, before you continued. “I’ve really enjoyed our time together. I think…no matter what…we’ll always have some sort of connection.”

Kuroo-no, Tetsurou-looked shellshocked at your words. A scarlet blush rose to his cheeks, spreading more and more across his face as the seconds passed between you.

You glanced over at the car’s stereo, gasping in surprise at the time. 11:58 p.m.

“Tetsu…,” you whispered, pointing at the cursed numbers. “Two minutes…”

Tetsurou’s face turned nervous, then he faced you, a look of determination crossed his face as he launched himself over to your side of the car, kissing you with such an intensity you couldn’t describe. It was fiery, passionate, just what you’d expect from two young, star crossed lovers. You melted into the kiss, closing your eyes and letting Tetsurou take control. The two of you parted, and he whispered into your ear, “Please…don’t forget about me…about us.”

You cupped his face, forcing him to look you in the eyes. You stroked his cheek lightly with your thumb, and spoke a word that would haunt him forever. “Never.” You kissed him again, and he squeezed his eyes shut, hoping for the moment to never end.

Kuroo opened his eyes. He wasn’t in his car anymore, and you were nowhere to be found. The only thing that greeted him was the parking lot of the looming building as a ball took place inside. Kuroo looked down at his clothing, he no longer donned his fancy suit, just some sweatpants and an old tee-traditional college kid clothes. His car was parked in the lot, dents and scratches laced the vehicle, it’s tawny coat faded all over. It happened. But…would you still? Kuroo debated going into the ballroom, he understood he’d be kicked out immediately due to his class and dress, but maybe…just maybe…he could catch a glimpse of you? Then the spark would reignite, and the two of you would be able to rekindle the remnants of your relationship.

Before he could do anything rash, you stepped outside the building, puffy dress catching on things behind you as you yanked it along. Kuroo was so damn elated. Did his second wish come true? Were you waiting on him? He walked over to you, a little skip embedded in each step from excitement.

“Hey, (Y/N).”

Your head shot up and you looked at him with owlish eyes. “U-uh…who are you? How do you know my name?”

Kuroo felt his heart sink into his stomach. This had to be some sort of sick joke…right? “Quit jokin’ babe…it’s not funny…”

You stood up straight, attempting to look threatening. “Look, guy! I-I just came out for some fresh air, I’m not looking for a-any trouble! Please l-leave me alone!”

Kuroo just stared with wide eyes. His voice was barely audible as he spoke. “You….promised…never…”

You backed up, getting as close as you could to the doors while he stared, then spoke. “You should get out of h-here….I don’t know w-what’ll happen to you if someone else catches you snooping around here…I can’t p-promise your safety, s-so don’t get mad if you get h-hurt.” And with that, you disappeared into the building.

Kuroo’s gaze shifted to the ground, he clenched his fist in rage, then slammed it against the cheap material of his car, letting out a choked sob. He leaned against car, slowly sliding off it and hitting the ground softly. He knew it was stupid to believe fate could change, but he still held on to the glimmer of hope that you’d remember him, and maybe his life wouldn’t be so shitty. But it didn’t work. He looked up at the lights shining in the sky, and one shot across the sky, almost mocking him by beckoning him to make a wish. But Kuroo knew all too well now. He hopped into his car and drove off into the night, alone.

I’m in Texas and due to Houston’s catastrophe we have a gas shortage. It’s leading to gas stations running out, fights breaking out, it’s wild.

And here I’m sitting, my brain is making stupid associations.

People: “There’s a huge line of cars waiting to get gas!”
Me: “oh yeah like that time a few years ago when McDonalds had beanie babies”

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If you could change one (1) thing about the Supergirl finale what would it be?

Hi Anon.

I hope you are doing well today. 

I’ll pick some highlights of the finale along with some aspects I disliked. They relate to my answer. 


Originally posted by katiesbinch

1. The Lena Luthor Scenes (that’s a highlight of any episode). I enjoyed her interaction with Lillian, since I find that dynamic really interesting. 

Also, she remained true to Kara (as always) by deferring control of the weapon to her bezzie mate. I felt that scene was really important and gave me so many SuperCorp feelings. Sidenote: I love Lena with her hair down. 

Originally posted by vargesz

2.The Super versus Super Fight Scene (really all the actions sequences were cool). I was initially hesitant about Clark showing up at this point in the season, but the fight scene was really dramatic and won me over. 

I thought that Kara being stronger than him was a nice nod to everything she’s been through as a character (emotionally/circumstantially) that contributed to her own inner strength as well as her Kryptonian strength.

Clark was also so supportive of his cousin being Earth’s champion and fighting Rhea. I appreciated that his part in this episode furthered Kara’s significance, rather than minimizing it. 

Originally posted by katiesbinch

3. Mon El Leaving. I don’t think this needs explanation…(I didn’t want to use a karamel gif, so I used this one. The Lion King is a great movie)

4. There are some more, but those are the main one’s. 


Originally posted by kendrickhier

1. Kara giving her mother’s necklace to Mon El. It was honestly upsetting. Here’s a post I made about it (x). There are some nice additions in the reblogs by other users. 

2. How Mon El left. The ending with the necklace seemed to imply Mon El would be back, since he has the necklace which seems important now.

3. Kara didn’t seem to consider what she was doing to the daxamites. I expected to see her hesitate over initiating the lead gas device, but she did it rather quickly. I don’t feel that was in character for her. The Supers are known for their strict no kill policy…

4. Mon El’s scenes in general this episode didn’t provide anything to the plot, imo. At least in Ace Reporter, he provided some comedic relief and was more bearable. In this episode, he expressed misogynistic views and further reinforced he hasn’t changed as a person (by using ‘will’ as opposed to ‘had’ when speaking to Kara about becoming a better person.) 

Therefore, to answer your question: I would’ve written Mon El out of the series in a clear way, so the audience knows he will not be coming back to Supergirl.

I don’t necessarily mean death, but that would work. My issue is that his departure seems to imply he will eventually come back to Kara due to that necklace flashback.  

Mon El’s leaving in this manner wouldn’t affect my highlights of the episodes (those noticeably don’t include him) and would fix a lot of my dislikes. 

Thank you for your question, Anon! :-) 

Originally posted by sjzizzle

(I’d also change it so Lena would have gotten her recognition for saving the world again, a ‘thank you’, and a hug from Kara).

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Hi, so my puppy is really gassy. She's been like this only for a couple days, she doesn't have a pushed in face and her brother doesn't have this problem. They both enjoy getting into the cat food so could that be the issue? We've been feeding her Iam's puppy chow for large breeds but she prefers the cat's food and doesn't eat it much. Also, thanks for all the cute dog pictures, they just make my day!

Hi there, cat food is much higher in protein than dog food and can cause digestive upset or even pancreatitis if eaten long term. I wouldn’t let your puppy eat it at all, cat food should be kept up out of reach. That may or may not be the leading cause of the gas, but it’s a good thing to rule out first. Thank you! Good luck with your puppy ☺️


Hi Mod!  I sometimes think that NR looks most rested when he is in GA filming TWD.  Granted, filming can be a lot of long hours and very physical, but I think it puts him on a more “normal” schedule.  Especially if he stays put over the weekends rather than flying anywhere.  When he is not filming TWD, his schedule/life exhausts me just reading about it! LOL  All the cons, art shows, charity stuff, filming Ride in all different locations, plus it seems when he is in NYC, he parties more.  I feel like when he is in GA, he leads a bit of a more chill life, riding his bike, hanging out with various cast members.  He usually has such a hectic schedule and seems to be constantly on the go, so it is nice to see him be able to slow down a bit.   :)

–mod– I’ve noticed it as well. The south looks good on him
Revenge on a gas thief.

I live in a decent area that is situated a bit out into the country. I know most of my neighbors within a mile by name and we all help each other out all the time; this includes lending gasoline.

I had filled up the day before [gas station is 2 miles from the house and has competitive prices] so i knew my tank was supposed to show full. I come out to leave for work and turn the car on like normal and watch the gas gauge rise on back up…half way. Ok, no big deal; parents might have borrowed some. I can ask them when I get home.

They say no, they didn’t, and offer to let me fill up from the gas cans we keep filled and stored for whatever we might need it for. I top my tank back off with this welcome help and go on in for the night. The next morning, crank up the car and… ¼ a tank. Something fishy is up.

Asked my nearest neighbors if perhaps they had siphoned my tank for an emergency; its happened before, so figured perhaps that was the explanation. Nope. No one had done so. I figured I could only conclude there was some one stealing my gas. Time to fix that.

I go on to the gas station and fill up my tank again. I also fill a 1 gallon jug most of the way with diesel, then top off the jug with gasoline. The combine mixture now, for all intents and purposes, appears and smells like gasoline.

I head on home and set up a pipe with a cap and sink it on into my gas tank, then take it out to be sure there were no leaks seeping into the pipe. I put the pipe back in and anchor it inside my tanks receiving tube [the portion leading down into the gas tank from the cap] and fill it with the gasoline-diesel, close my cap and go on in for the night.

Come out the next morning to find my neighbor’s boyfriend across the street in a panic. I check the pipe on my car and sure enough, drained dry. Their car would no longer crank as they had poured their stolen goods into the tank. Diesel + gas car = nope.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | source

So … I think I’ll blur the details here.

There was this person who was expounding on the upcoming election and why he wasn’t going to vote for Hillary Clinton. It was his first time voting, you see, and he wanted someone who understood and represented his generation.

He said to me, “You don’t understand – ”

And that’s where I had to stop him. “Look, I do understand. Really.”

“How can you understand? You’re too old.”

“Do you think I was born old? Y'know, I have pictures. Here’s me at thirteen – ”

“But times were different then – ”

“Yes, they were. You could get polio and measles and smallpox. An appendectomy was a serious operation. People smoked everywhere, there was no getting away from the smoke. In school, they taught us to duck and cover in case of a nuclear attack. Whites and blacks still had separate restrooms and drinking fountains. Women couldn’t get a legal abortion. Gas had lead in it. Vegetables were sprayed with DDT. You could be arrested for being gay. Yes, times were different.”

“No, I meant that protesting was a fad, not serious like – ”

“Excuse me? Do you want to see the scar on my scalp where I was hit by a thrown bottle at the first gay rights march? We also had civil rights demonstrations, anti-war marches, and rallies for women’s rights as well. That was no fad. People were dying – ”

“No, look, man – it’s the establishment. That’s what’s wrong – ”

“And you want to replace the establishment with what? A different establishment? Listen – when I was your age, when my generation was your age, we were just as frustrated and just as impatient as you are now. Honest. Am I saying we were wrong? Hell, no. We were right. Better than that, we were so right, we were self-righteous. We went around saying, ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30,’ as if somehow when you turned 30, you became one of them. Y'know?

"You know what we missed? We missed the obvious – that there were a lot of good men and women over 30 who understood the issues, and the complexities of the situation better than we did – because they’d been fighting that fight for a lot longer. We had emotion, we had energy, we had spirit – but we didn’t have enough experience, enough history, enough of everything we needed to effect real change.

"So we didn’t turn out for Hubert Humphrey and we handed the country to Richard Nixon. And a generation later, other people didn’t turn out for Al Gore and handed the country to George W. Bush. And what was missed – both times – was the fact our impatience was the single biggest mistake we could make.

"Hubert Humphrey had experience, he had wisdom, and he shared our goals. Al Gore had experience, he had wisdom, and he shared our goals. But somewhere, enough of us decided that he was too old or too much of the establishment or didn’t really represent us enough, or would just give us more of the same when what we really wanted was more, better, and different, even if we couldn’t define it – enough of us felt that way to hand the presidency to a much worse administration.

"So, no – it isn’t that you’re wrong. It’s that there are people who’ve been down this path before. We know where it leads. And it’s not a good place. We know what this mistake looks like. Because we’ve made it ourselves – and we’re asking you not to make the same mistakes we did, because each time we make this mistake, everyone gets hurt.”

And he said, “So that’s a fancy way of saying 'suck it up, buttercup, you can’t have what you want.”

And I said, “No, but if that’s the way you want to hear it, then that’s the way you’re going to hear it. The way government works, nobody gets everything they want. The way government is supposed to work, everybody negotiates – and eventually everybody gets a piece of what they need to keep going. Nobody likes that, but consider what the alternative is – if some people get everything they want, that means a lot of people are going to get nothing at all. We keep trying that, it doesn’t work. Let’s go back to the stuff that does work.”

“But I don’t like her – ”

“I’m not asking you to like her. I’m asking you to respect that she knows how to do the job. He doesn’t. You can have your protest vote, that’s your right, but that’s letting everybody else decide who gets the oval office. And you might want to think long and hard about which of the two will build on what President Obama has accomplished and which of the two will tear it all down with no idea of why it worked in the first place. Your choice.”

And he said, “That’s not much of a choice.”

And I said, “The hell it isn’t. It’s a choice between experience and ignorance. That’s the clearest choice I’ve ever seen in an election.”

He didn’t have an answer for that.

And that’s the point –

'I might be old, but I’m not stupid. And I suspect that a lot of other members of my generation feel the same way. We remember when we were impatient. And we remember the mistakes that our impatience created.

“Old people don’t tell young people what to do and what not to do because we want to control your lives – we just want to warn you not to make the same mistakes we did.

"But you will. Or you won’t. Because it’s your choice. Always.”

—  David Gerrold