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April Fics!

» All About Us by SeaBreezy

“So let me get this straight,” he said, reaching up to swipe a hand almost absently through his bangs. “You want me to go with you to your brother’s wedding, because you lied and said you were gunna bring a hot date?”

» a truth in the blood by angstinspace

A post “Blade of Marmora” fix-it fic. Mostly broganes & klance bonding.

» Beneath the Corsican Stars by appleschmapple

Star-crossed lovers, they say, are doomed to meet a tragic end. And yet, Keith and Lance continue to cross one another, driven to find the one ending where love triumphs over destiny. Perhaps sometimes, the universe rewards those who persevere.

» can you tell me by aknightley

Keith works in his brother’s coffee shop for the summer, expecting a boring break before college. Lance changes all of that.

» Don’t Put Out The Glow by BleuSarcelle

The one where Lance goes through a beating to save Shiro from having to go back to the Galra arena and once they escape, the team focus themselves on healing their Blue Paladin back to health and to make sure he knows they love him.

» eb and flow (a point of decline and a gradual change) by babitty

It starts out as a regular mission- get in, check out the distress beacon, get out. Except things don’t go as planned. And honestly, when do they ever?

» Erised by RedBluePalatar

It was the smile that really did Lance in. While Lance could deal with hot, older Keith, he was having trouble with the happiness that was so visible on his face, his stature. He was relaxed and bright. Suddenly, Lance couldn’t imagine Keith without it.

» Everything is Blue by TheTailor

Lance wanted—no, he needed to know everything about this person. He needed to know because Keith is the most interesting puzzle set before him, and he only knew their name and that was a goddamn shame.

» Finding Your Place by Ninke_A

When the others are down, Lance always knew how to make it better. But he felt that was the only time they wanted him around, that he was useless otherwise.

» Fools Rush In by redburn

Keith is a struggling musician just needing to pay the rent. Lance is a high-end prostitute with a heart of gold.

» Heaven’s Got a Plan For You by tobytrash

With the absence of their leader, Shiro, the responsibility of leading the team has been thrusted onto Keith’s shoulders, and the reassignments of Lions are in order. However, Lance is not as ready to accept this new change as the rest of the team.

And neither is the Black Lion.

» hypothetically by starsupernova

The first time Keith ever falls in love, it’s with someone practically unobtainable. Typical.

» in stasis by ilgaksu

In which for three months of Lance McClain’s life, he lives as an AI, waiting for his prosthetics to come online. It goes about as well as expected.

» just like that by varelsen

He wishes he could say “I want to caress your cheek as gently as a cherry blossom petal falling upon the face of a beautiful anime man,” but what comes out is usually more along the lines of “What do you know, Mullet?”

» Let The Water Lead Us Home by LynnLarsh

He’d just wanted a glimpse. It was stupid and childish and selfish, but he’d just wanted one more look out on the ocean, one more peek in the window of his family home, just in case they never made it back to Earth. Just in case he never got another chance.

» lungs by Dreamicide

After a near drowning experience as a child in which he doesn’t remember how he survived, Lance avoids the ocean he once loved. He doesn’t realize that’s where his savior lives.

» mirror through your eyes by redburn

Keith and Lance accidentally swap bodies. Indefinitely.

» Orchids and Anemones by Verraglace

They say that the children of Aphrodite love more than any creature, with a strong and unconditional passion.

Briefly, he thinks to himself that it’s quite possibly true.

He coughs up more blossoms.

» Red Carnations by RedJuliet

His heart line was the same deep red color as the carnation he had taped to an envelope with shaking hands. It came as no surprise when the line darkened until it became an inky black. That was when it started to burn.

» Slowly, and Then All At Once by quartetship

He was in love. With Keith.

» ten things i hate about you by nikkiRA

neither of them are particularly good at this, so they each say hate when they both mean love

» This love won’t ever be convenient by Lynn1998

*Complicated by Avril Lavigne plays in the distance*

» travelers by ImotoChan

In which Lance is stuck travelling between Universes, searching for the one he can call home.

» You’re Due for Some Good by PrincexofxFlowers

As far as soulmates go, Keith thinks, he really can’t complain.

And then the bruises start showing up.

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Everyone calling The Last Full Measure, Seb’s first role as leading man is a fake because The Apparition happened and not only did it happen, but it also gave us the following images so please have some respect and not erase it’s existence thank u 

Forget me not

It’s been about a year since my last Miraculous Ladybug fanfic list. Given the fandom is three years old and season 2 is right around the corner (hopefully), I believe it’s time to relive and explore some of the best fanfics the fandom has to offer. By no means is this list comprehensive. Many fics aren’t on here. (I’m working on a list for newer fics, so stay tuned!)

Rainy Days by @thelastpilot (Not rated)
A storm rolls through Paris and refuses to let up, so when a water fearing cat is rescued by the kind efforts of his designing classmate he starts to pay a little closer attention to someone he should have always known better.

he’s not a siren by @miraculousturtle (Rated T)
Merman AU. Their meeting is orchestrated by fate, conducting them one at a time to step on the stage. With the flick of the baton, in time, they will sing the same song, but only if they aren’t swept away by the ocean’s mighty waves.

An Unexpected Surprise by @sweetprincessluck (Rated M)
Adrien Agreste. Age 26. A successful international supermodel, currently changing careers to a CEO of a fashion empire. Was born and raised in Paris, had moved to the USA 6 years ago, came back for a visit. Kind, handsome, lonely. Had experienced a lot, had seen even more. Had nothing left that could surprise him anymore.Except, maybe, this - a small, blonde girl, with emerald eyes and freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose – a splitting image of his mother Lillian Agreste, excluding, perhaps, the freckles.Her name was Emma. Emma Dupain-Cheng, to be exact.

Obsession by @kryallaorchid (Rated T)
Miraculous has unintended side effects. A chance encounter leaves Chat Noir in Marinette’s magic hands. Scritch and scratch, this kitty has needs. MariChat. 

Smoulder by @midnightstarlightwrites (Rated T)
In which Adrien loses a bet and becomes an underwear model, Marinette loses her mind, and the whole fiasco starts a fire which might lead to the pair discovering their identities.

Retrouvailles by @gigiree (Rated G)
There’s an art to telling stories. There’s an art to ending them. Just know that saying “the end” is just another way of saying it’s a new beginning. When she says goodbye, her luck is gone. His has just begun.Tattoo and Flowershop AU!

Over the Wall by @imthepunchlord (Rated G)
The accident, while unintentional, was costly. For her wrong doings against Chloe, Marinette is sent over the wall to die. But instead of death, she winds up in a strange, unnerving world. Good thing she’ll have a cat to watch her back in this bizarre place.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink (Rated T)
Paris. The city of lights, love and fashion. Follow the progress of Marinette Dupain Cheng as she enters the extremely competitive world of Reality television for a chance to be the winner of Project Runway: France.

Lucky Us by @geek-fashionista (Rated T)
-AU- Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Guardians by @wintermoth (Rated T)
In the year 2015, Marinette Dupain-Cheng said yes to Tikki, the kwami of Creation. Two days later, Adrien Agreste said yes to Plagg, the kwami of Destruction.For the first time in over a thousand years, the cat and the bug were starting fresh. (immortal AU)

Découvrir by @xiueryn (Rated M)
A decade apart and he still remembered her. Marinette contacts her childhood friend in hopes of rekindling their forgotten relationship despite him being a celebrity, only to assume him to be someone else entirely. AU.

Bare Necessities by @reyxa (Rated M)
Art School AU where Adrien is the nude model in Marinette’s human figure class. Major sin warning but it’s more awkward than sexy. Definitely not for little ears… or eyes I guess…

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear (Rated M)
Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them.Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

Tikki’s New Friend by @panda013 (Rated G)
The dog was easily the height of his chest, and the young woman walking it could have only come up to his shoulder. But she was just cheerfully walking along beside the dog, chatting and laughing happily with a redheaded young woman. The dog was a big black beast—he didn’t know the breed then, nor did he particularly care, but it whined pitifully when its equally dark-haired owner paused to read a street sign. She just giggled and reached out a hand to ruffle its fur, and the giant’s tail wagged happily.

heartstrings by @zenwisterias (Rated T)
one of marinette’s rare unlucky days turns into something treacherous. thanks to a certain cat, the real danger passes, but there are other things to be more afraid of. her heart, for example, might be one of them.

The Ladybugs and the Bees by @bullysquadess (Rated M)
This originally started as a fanfic about periods and just devolved into crack.

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae (Rated T)
When Ladybug suffers a near-fatal accident and is presumed dead, it is up to Adrien - who has discovered Ladybug’s secret - to help her through her painstaking recovery and reacquaint her with herself. All this while trying to save Paris on his own without losing himself in the process.

Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman (Rated E)
Most people rekindled friendships with people from high school over Facebook or Twitter. Most people met for coffee, shared pictures of their bratty children, and sent old friends Christmas letters once a year. Marinette was clearly not most people as she had somehow hooked up with her former high school crush on a bondage dating website and didn’t know it until he was standing in front of her with an identical look of bemused embarrassment plastered all over his pretty face.

A Werecat in London by @i-am-thornqueen (Rated M)
After an unfortunate encounter with an akuma while in London on a business trip, Chat Noir is forced to deal with the unexpected consequences. Can Ladybug help him return to his normal self, or will he be stuck for the rest of his life getting in touch with his wild side?

tangled ribbons by @demistories (Rated G)
Marinette is a small studio dancer who wins a scholarship to a summer long ballet intensive. Adrien is a famous ballet dancer who would rather be at home than at said intensive. The end of the summer will bring about a showcase that could make Marinette’s career, if she can ignore Chloé and focus on something other than Adrien.

The Space Between Us by @chassecroise (Rated T)
What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

Accident of the Evening by @thatwriterchickrachel (Rated T)
Adrien Agreste, rumoured royalty, just wants a normal life. But one night on the run he meets Marinette, a normal girl, with a normal life. Marinette can’t believe it. Her long-time celebrity crush had crashed into her life and was now hanging out with her and her friends in between his busy schedule.With the Annual Parisian Masquerade Ball approaching, and an announcement sure to change everything looming over them, the two young adults begin a friendship and a double life.

Emergence by @artisticflutter (Rated M)
They were only teenagers, but they are no more. Forced to awaken to new powers, both find themselves codependent on the other in order to survive and escape from their captors. They are Ladybug and Chat Noir - they are Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. Part One of a possible series.

The Lights that Lead Us Home by @oceanspray5 (Rated G)
Based on @piku-chan’s Cinderella AU on Tumblr. Marinette remains at the Palace to train as a noble and Adrien takes on more responsibilities as King. The wedding is planned for the Prince and his Princess and despite any outside meddling forces, goes off without a hitch.

Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger (Rated E)
Le Chat Noir was the most popular strip club in Paris. Marinette could explain how she wound up there the first time, but she couldn’t explain how she kept coming back.

The Wingman Visits by @niuniente (Rated M)
When Chat Noir finds out Ladybug’s real identity as Marinette, he also discovers her huge crush for Adrien. As a gentleman he is Chat Noir offers to be a wingman between Marinette and Adrien, trying to get them together.

Sealed away by @ashesandhoney (Rated T)
Five years ago, Ladybug left Paris and left Chat Noir to learn how to keep it together on his own.Marinette is back in Paris with an internship at the Agreste Fashion house trying to get the spring show up and running and as much as Adrien appreciates having a friend at work, he’s distracted by Ladybug’s return and more Akuma attacks than either of them have faced before.Something big is coming and nothing can stay sealed away forever.

Cut from the Same Cloth by @baneismydragon (Rated T)
When Gabriel notices that Adrien is collecting various supplies from his office, he assumes that his son has finally decided to show an interest in the family business. However when he tries to show his support by showing up at a school presentation, things quickly spiral out of control and everyone learns more than they bargained for

Désolé by @pozolegirl (Rated G)
‘The Cat’s out of the Bag’ as Adrien would say, and now Marinette and Adrien must work through their emotions during this new reveal of identities, all while Hawkmoth is hot on their trail and not about to let them slip away from him, taking matters into his own hands.

Sing the Song of Sailing Sirens by @princessofharte (Rated T)
Adrien Agreste is the Pirate Lord of the High Seas, chasing a British flagship until Le Chat Noir is blown off course into a green storm.

This is not a complete list of the best fics in the fandom. Many of these authors have written multiple fanfics for this fandom and they are all amazing. Indeed, many of the fics on AO3 with the most hits, the most kudos, and the most comments were other fics not mentioned here but completed by many of these authors. Every work of fanfiction is amazing. If you want to help encourage writers to write more awesome fanfiction, please leave a comment on their works. It can be as short as “This is great!” Seriously. We live off validation.

It’s not narcissism if I add in my own fic here, right?

Was there anything I missed? Leave it in the reblogs and spread the word so that others–including myself–can read it!

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite voltron fic??

i don’t technically have a favourite-favourite but i have a couple of really good klance fics, those that are so well written and great they give u chills u feel:

Send me anons!

wv-loseyourself  asked:

Hey!! Can you recommend me some good Klance fics? Thank you

You got it!!!! I’m really picky with my Klance fics so I don’t have a lot, but these are some of my bookmarked ones!

call me, beep me by orphan_account 

one of the best klance fics imo and one of the most popular/well known! the wrong number au we deserve!!!*

i can’t help but want by aknightley

this is one of the first fics i’ve ever read for this fandom and i fell in LOVE. lance gets stranded on a planet and only has keith to communicate with. tbh i’d rec anything by aknightley, they regularly post klance fics and they’re all amazing!!

you had me at merlot by ryamokun

keith and lance become youtube costars and their channel is about cooking while drunk and it is SUPER CUTE. very funny and lots of pop culture refs with pidge and hunk helping out with their channel. 10/10 would recommend

in stasis by ilgaksu

ONE OF MY FAVORITE WRITERS AND FICS. pretty angsty. lance gets hurt during a mission and has to wait and live his life as an AI while he waits for his prosthetics to come online. it’s not a typical langst, because while he does go through a traumatic experience, he ends up being super capable, just needs the help of his teammates. 

ceasefire (series) by ilgaksu

the keith and lance as exes au we all deserve. also one of the first fics i’ve read in this fandom!!!

Let the Water Lead Us Home by LynnLarsh

so i really got a thing for sci-fi fics and that slight angst oomph to it, along with the fluffy stuff. BUT this fic is about lance getting stuck in a dream simulation and has trouble differentiating it from reality, and keith is determined to get him out

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kingpotoobird  asked:

Any chance you could recommend some good (or even just decent I'm desperate) Blue and Lance bonding or being close fics? That would be amazing!

Hey! Sorry this took so long but I haven’t really read that many. A few good ones that I know of are:

Hope these are enough for you. Enjoy! :-)


a year of fics!

it’s been a year (and a bit) since i published my first fic in the 1d fandom, and 12 months later, i now have 12 fics published. i’m pretty sure i thought i would write like three fics and then bounce, but i’ve loved (almost) every minute of it. i’ve fallen in love with writing again, made lots of friends, and felt really encouraged that writing fiction is indeed the path for me. i really appreciate anyone who’s ever left me a comment or kudo or shared anything i’ve written - it honestly makes my day every time. i’ve never put all my fics in one post, so it feels like a good time to do that. so without futher ado, in no particular order, here is my anniversary fic list!

we are only just beginning (129k)

A college AU featuring lots of domestic sappiness, waffles, tattoos, late nights and early mornings, and above all, Louis and Harry against the world.

ain’t my fault (7k)

AU. Liam posts an ad on the wrong section of Craigslist, Louis is pretty sure they’re gonna get murdered as a result, and Harry’s missing an avocado.

the boys of summer (45k)

AU. In which Louis is a reluctant sports coach, Harry’s a fellow counselor who wears tiny yellow shorts, and camp rules say they’re forbidden to date.

never be ready (7k)

A high school AU where a summer without Harry makes Louis realize that he wants to be a little bit more than best friends.

all the lines we cast will lead us home (10k)

AU. The one where Louis is a famous singer, Harry’s a uni student obsessed with his music, and sometimes things have a way of working out.

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Secret Service Starters
  • "Please tell me that umbrella isn't just an umbrella."
  • "I need help here NOW!"
  • "Lives will be lost."
  • "We can't do this."
  • "You can't just shoot your way out of this."
  • "So... follow this dirt bag and see where he leads us?"
  • "Welcome home. Is there anything you need? Drink? Dinner? Hand grenade?"
  • "I'm wearing a bullet resistant suit."
  • "You wouldn't happen to have a signal scrambler would you?"
  • "So sorry I to have to kill you."
  • "What is that?"
  • "Never tell me the odds."
  • "For king/queen and country!"
  • "Don't worry about anyone listening in."
  • "Do you think you can lower my guard just by pouting and keeping your shirt half buttoned?"
  • "Dear God, what happened to you?"
  • "Bullet in the head, that's all it will take."
  • "Your glasses have a video recorder."
  • "Data says that the chances of failure is around 87 percent."
  • "Do you really think you can solve everything by playing poker?"
  • "The consulate isn't going to help us this time."
  • "Please tell me you have explosives somewhere on you."
  • "What the hell did you just do?"
  • "Boss says if you go, you better not come back."
  • "So... fake marriage?"
  • "Nice hotel. Shame it's a front for international smugglers."
  • "Did you really think that was going to work?"
  • "Not everyone is a parkour master."
  • "I'm a tech, not a sniper!"
  • "Since when do you know how to pick pockets?"
  • "Surprising what you'll learn on the streets of ______."
  • "The hell are you doing?"
  • "What part of go in, see if the target is in there and get back out, do you not understand?"
  • "Where did you get that?"
Klance fanfic reclist (oneshots 1)

Favorites are italicized!

Home on a Wave-Cut Cliff (oneshot - 13791 words) by sinelanguage - 30 years after Lance becomes a paladin, he trains an apprentice; Keith doesn’t see the point.

The Hustle (oneshot - 12355 words) by morvish, sinelanguage - When Lance gets injured, Keith has to listen to Lance’s advice over the comms regarding how to flirt with an alien for a mission.

your love is bright as ever (oneshot - 6338 words) by aknightley - Olympics AU; Keith and Lance celebrate Christmas together.

Foundations (oneshot - 13583 words) by needchocolatenow - Keith travels to the island kingdom of Altea with Shiro for Pidge’s graduation ceremony, and he meets Lance.

people like you, people like me (oneshot - 7547 words) by ilgaksu - Featuring Lance and Keith as exes before season 1 begins. Also, there’s a sequel from Keith’s POV.

Everything’s Going To Be Fine Again (oneshot - 16525 words) by hollo - Keith grows closer to Lance after the paladins are reunited, but something’s amiss (warning: explicit descriptions of gore).

Echoes of the Past (oneshot - 28197 words) by Gigapoodle - Shortly after Lance discovers that Keith is a Galra, Keith is captured.

Colours and planes, laser guns and champagne (oneshot - 6112 words) by skelebro (aellos) - Shiro invites Hunk and Lance to his RPG, and Lance is constantly on the verge of fighting Keith.

Take It from Me (oneshot - 9131 words) by onestrangenovelist - Lance kisses Keith and comes to terms with his feelings.

Homecoming (oneshot - 9845 words) by Thesis - Keith has trouble adjusting to earth, Lance tries to deal with Keith, and Shiro is dead.

blaming space (oneshot - 4669 words) by venpast - Lance is sick of space, Keith is sick of fighting, and both of them are lonely.

Thermodynamic Equilibrium (oneshot - 4384 words) by Ikira - Trapped on a hostile alien planet, Keith and Lance have to use their newfound powers to get each other out alive.

kissing 101 (oneshot - 4692 words) by skyestiel - Lance wants to practice kissing to prepare himself for Allura, and Keith volunteers to help.

love, explained (oneshot - 3008 words) by freshia - A classic romance told in snippets.

own little, pack light (oneshot - 12336 words) by lein - Keith character study; trans Keith.

the currents you create (oneshot - 18501 words) by theoddoodisnude - Lance has seasonal affective disorder, and feels homesick.

Block, Punch, Dodge (oneshot - 3354 words) by chasing_the_sterek - Keith and Lance spar, flirt, and have their first kiss.

All In (oneshot - 7320 words) by cheshireree - 5 times Keith carries Lance and one time Lance carries Keith.

To Build A Home (oneshot - 7581 words) by Redburn - Keith comes to terms with his feelings for Lance.

breathless (oneshot - 6369 words) by zxrysky - Shiro’s and Keith’s grandmother warns them not to go out to the sea at night.

Let The Water Lead Us Home (oneshot - 12972 words) by LynnLarsh - Lance is stuck inside a simulation, and Keith is determined to get him out.

Heroes (oneshot - 8463 words) by battleshidge (Amiria_Raven) - Keith is gravely injured, and Lance wonders if heroes are meant to survive.

excelsior (oneshot - 4836 words) by warmth - Some moments between Lance and Keith.

I’m With You (oneshot - 6372 words) by spacegaykogane - Keith and Lance are sent down to a planet to make a treaty, but the mission takes a turn for the worst.

You Dropped a Bomb (oneshot - 8213 words) by quartetship - Lance works at Lush, and Keith is a customer.

Plunged (oneshot - 6359 words) by manamune - In order to make up for a bad joke, Lance teaches Keith how to swim. 

5 signs of Keith falling in love (feat. Lance) (oneshot - 4768 words) by Talinor - Keith and Lance grow closer.

Fire & Ice (oneshot - 10001 words) by wolfgun - The paladins discover that they have elemental powers.

how much do you want it too (oneshot - 11924 words) by attemptsonwords - Keith pines for Lance.

Full Disclosure (oneshot - 7943 words) by @dragonomatopoeia - Keith tries to confess his feelings to Lance, and mostly ends up failing at doing so.

Watching Me (oneshot - 5236 words) by BlueRoboKitty - Keith and Lance pre-canon; lovers-to-enemies.

To Catch A Thief (oneshot - 5176 words) by bolbessa - Lance is an art thief that Keith’s trying to catch.

Hang The DJ (oneshot - 13355 words) by Ehlihr (Elihaha) - 80s high school AU.

The Anime Beach Episode (oneshot - 5462 words) by agalaxywithinyou - Pretty much What It Says On The Tin.

weak link (oneshot - 6249 words) by asexualrey - Lance gets sick.

Nomenclature (oneshot - 6440 words) by saudade (WindedDreams) - Five times Lance introduced himself, and one time he didn’t have to.

Other Voltron fanfic reclists: Klance (multichapter 1), Klance (multichapter 2Klance (oneshots 2)ShalluraHance, HeithGen

Lettuce pray:

Our Robot Overlords, Daft Punk be thy name. Your music played at home as it is on stage. Give us this year our Alive tour, and play in LA as you play in Paris. And lead us from home to your dance floor. In the name of Guy-Manuel, Thomas, and Daft Punk. Alive 🙏🏼

i watched a star die once
through citronella flames
and rushing waters
and your back on mine
on the warm grass
i watched a star die once
the night that we counted planes and plans
the night we looked for scorpio forever
the night we could feel our wing stubs
to find their purpose
to lead us home
i watched a star die once
it was a shame she couldn’t hear me
i had so many questions
did she hurt? was she done?
would she miss her friends? was she happy?
did it feel like letting go?
i watched a star die once
it felt like a breaking necklace
it felt like energy
rushing through my body
like the waters
closing the gap between the black sky
and me
and you
i watched a star die once
we were so small
our fears laid on the grass
like seeds
like sacrifice
like a broken star
giving birth to a constellation
dying and living at the same time
a picture forming
right before our eyes
and i smiled
and you smiled

i’ve noticed life is very short // julia m.

inspired by angela romeo

The Plan Pt.2 -Will

Anonymous said to simplysdmnPart 2 to your WillNE imagine? Xoxo love your writing

A/N: This has been in my ask for a long time so figured it was The Plan. Sorry for the wait babe! Hope you like it! Thank you @whateverbabeslove for the help. I love you <3 (Give her a follow while you’re at it!)

The Plan Pt.1


I woke up the next morning to a message on my phone off of an unknown number, reading the message I saw it was Will, a smile instantly hitting my face. The memories of last night started flowing in and putting an even brighter smile on my face. I looked up at the ceiling and laughed. Stephen’s stupid plan actually worked.

Hey, this is Will, could you call me when you see this?

I sat up and dialed the number as quick as I could and waited for a reply.

“Morning Y/N?” I smiled at his voice.

“Hey. How are you? Sleep well?”

“Other than this deadly hang over, I’m fine, what about yourself?” He chuckled.

“My head is throbbing but what can I expect?”

“That’s true. You up to anything today?”

“No. Just think I’m going to hang out with the boys today. What about yourself?”

“I’ll be with Gee and Stephen today.” 

“Nice.” He hummed, leaving us in an awkward silence.

“Since, we’re not doing anything special today, actually never mind. Forget I said anything.” I smiled at his awkwardness.

“No, go on. I’m not one to judge.” He huffed.

“This is going to sound proper weird and basic. Would you like to meet up for Starbucks today? We have nothing better to do today but you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” He voice got faster as he spoke. I could already tell he was shy and didn’t know how to say what he wanted to say.

“Will, I would love that. What time and what Starbucks?” He gave me a time and made sure I had enough time to get ready.

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my towel and clothes pushing Cal out of the way.

“Y/N! I need to shower too! If I remember correctly this is my flat!”

“Yeah? Well, I’ve got a some sort of a date soon so I need to hurry.” He stopped arguing and started questioning me until I shut the door on his face. I brushed my teeth and hopped into the shower. Once I was done, I dried myself down as quick as I could and got dressed. I had ordered an Uber just before I got into the bathroom so I could leave as quick as possible. I grabbed my bag and said goodbye to the boys and made my way to my Uber.

He was already there sitting at a table with a seat on the other side of the table. His leg was bouncing telling me he was nervous. I smiled and walked into the coffee shop and sat down across from him. He jumped out of his seat when he looked up.

“God, you scared me.” He laughed, his hand on his chest.

“I’m sorry.” I giggled, standing up to give him a hug.

“What are you going to drink?” 

“Let me pay just this once.” I pleaded.

“Not happening, go on tell what are you going to drink.” I told him my order and told him I’d pay him back.

“No way, so they literally followed you home?” He looked shocked.

“Yeah, my mom and I were so creeped. We took so many turns that wouldn’t lead us home but they didn’t want go away.”

“That’s crazy, that’s how your address got leaked?”

“Yeah, I moved out after that I didn’t want crazy people showing up at my house.” I laughed.

“Make’s sense.” We talked more for a bit more before we decided it was time to leave.

“I hope we can do this again.” I told him as we walked out Starbucks.

“Me too.” His face turning red.

“You’re so shy, it’s so cute.”

“Don’t be like that! You were the same last night!” I giggled as he pulled me in for a hug. 

“See you soon.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek before getting into my Uber home.

I sat in front of my makeup desk, making sure that everything was perfect. My hair was lightly curled and fell on my back. My makeup was dark but made it look a little bright in some places. I adjusted my dress one more time so I wasn’t uncomfortable when I sat down or when I walking. I slipped on my shoes and made my way to my living room, waiting for Will to come.

The door bell rang and I practically ran to the door almost tripping over myself. I stood in front of the door, fixed my self and gracefully opened the door. 

“Jesus Christ Y/N. You look fantastic.” He looked me up and down. He looked gobsmacked.

“Will, stop.” I shied away but opened the door further to let him in. “I mean look at you in your tuxedo, looking all fancy.” He smiled.

 “But we both know all eyes are going to be on you tonight.” He pulled out a bouquet of flowers behind his back and handed them to me. “These are for you. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.” I giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him as I went to find a vase. Once I found a vase, I grabbed my purse and jacket and we made our way to the restaurant.

 The dinner was filled with laughter and and smiles. The conversation was flowing smoothly along with the alcohol.

“Can I try what you got?” I asked him as I peered over my plate to look at his.

“Only if you let me feed you.” I sighed playfully and leaned over the table with my mouth opened. He put whatever he was eating in my mouth and then I sat back down.

“What’s that?”

“Some sort of chocolate cake.”

“It’s very rich, I don’t like it very much.”

“I like it excuse you.” I rolled my eyes and laughed. Once we were done our dessert we sat and talked for a little more until we decided to leave.

“Just before we go, God I don’t even know how to say this.” He voice was laced with nervousness making me worry,

“Is everything alright?” I asked, taking his hand in mine, making him gulp.

“Yeah, it’s just thought it was time I asked you. We’ve known each other for a few months now and I’ve decided that I just, oh God, if I’m being honest I’m shitting myself here Y/N.” I laughed and squeezed his hand reassuring that everything would be fine.

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to be my girlfriend? You don’t have to say yes by the way.” He looked extremely nervous and it took all my might not to give him the biggest kiss I could ever muster and say yes. 

“Will, I would love that.” I smiled brightly. He sighed in relief and kissed my hand.

“I was so worried you’d say no, I swear I’m about to cry, I was shitting it.” He blabbered on, making me laugh.

“You always worry for no reason but it’s cute.” He smiled.

“I think I could get used to being called cute all the time.” He laughed.

“Me too.”   

Tangled Pt. 2

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Part 1


A few steps along, Bucky caught up with me and matched my stride.  "I meant what I said.  I’d still like to walk you home, even though I’m not physically attached to your dog.“

"I’d really like that too.”


“So how did you get Frankie?” Bucky asks.

A laugh bubbles up at the thought of the memory; “My mother thought it was time for me to ‘reclaim my independence’. So she brought me to the rescue that trains guide dogs.  I thought we were going to lunch, but as soon as we got out of the car, the jig was up. I heard the yapping and barking and I’m sure that if looks could kill, we’d have had to host her wake.” I chuckle. “She begged me to just think about it and meet some of the dogs.” I rolled my eyes at the thought of it “but I had always been a sucker for dogs, even before…” I trailed off.

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Ambiguous/Open Ending Larry Fics

Five of my favourite fics with an ambiguous/open ending:

bluebird by isntrio:

Summary: The 2,789 miles between New York and Los Angeles is a long way to go alone.

The Fox You’ve Been Waiting For by FeelsForBreakfast:

Summary: Louis isn’t in love with Harry, but it’s something like that. A story where Louis is a contradiction and Harry thinks he’s the greatest.

“He wants to be loved and he wants to be the best but he wants it whispered to him, so quietly he almost can’t hear it, on Harry’s lips that sting like nettles. Harry’s golden in the sun and ivory in the moonlight and Louis wants to be in his orbit. He wants them to be kings.”

all of the stars will lead us home by sleepylouis:

Summary: louis and harry are best friends.

(except harry really loves louis and that complicates things a bit.)

so casually cruel in the name of being honest by lumineres:

Summary: Harry kisses him instead, bruises Louis’ and his own lips, trying to push the words into Louis’ mouth with his tongue. Maybe they’ll take hold there, and the words Harry knows he shouldn’t hope for will grow roses on Louis’ tongue, and the thorns will prick him just the way they’re shredding Harry’s insides, and maybe he’ll choke on the stems and the vines will lace in to his ribcage just the same way Harry has become a host to this, and then maybe he’ll say it. Maybe he’ll feel it too.

or, an AU where things are good and then they’re not anything at all

i could dream all night by fondleeds:

Summary: As the sun kisses the horizon, one last flash of light before the stars and the moon take over, his phone will brighten in his grasp, Louis’ name appearing on screen, come over or wanna see you or miss your mouth. Harry always lingers on those messages, elbows bruising on the cool metal of the railing by the lookout, watching the water as he thumbs at the side of his phone, lips bitten into his mouth, trying to will away the bubbling in his stomach, the heat that flushes to his neck at the thought of being thought of.

At the thought of Louis thinking of him. 

AU. Harry spends his summer away from the city.

A REC LIST for Under-appreciated Voltron Fics!

My criteria was pretty arbitrary & this is a  work-in-progress list… but I wanted to boost/share a few of my favourite fics that haven’t gotten much exposure!! 💖If you have any favs, please message me links. Happy imminent new years 💖

  • “Your love has shown me proof” by Freshia - [Klance] Lance and Keith deal with a walking spoiler, in the form of a little girl who just wants to get back to her own home.
  • “Assistance” by asexualrey - [GEN]- Keith managed to break his leg and Lance almost feels sorry for him.
  • “Breathless” by zxrysky - [Klance] - “You shouldn’t go out to the sea at night,” their grandmother says. She’s in a rocking chair, old and creaky, her withered body settled with a shawl around her shoulders, wrinkled fingers gripping the edges of the arm rest. “Don’t risk it.”“Risk what?” Shiro asks, eyes wide. He’s fourteen, just a young boy, on the cusp of maturity, arms wrapped around his younger brother as they sit before their grandmother.His grandmother pauses for a while. “There is danger in the sea.”
  • Holding Back; Letting Go” by borrowedphrases - [GEN]  A moment with Shiro, a moment without Shiro
  • On a blistering Palm” by Glossolalia - [Hance] - Shiro’s been pushed over the edge by Quintessence poisoning, and Hunk is the only one strong enough to stop him. In the end, Lance is the only one who can pamper Hunk.
  • “Let the water lead us home” by LynnLarsh - [Klance] - He’d just wanted a glimpse. It was stupid and childish and selfish, but he’d just wanted one more look out on the ocean, one more peek in the window of his family home, just in case they never made it back to Earth. Just in case he never got another chance. But this wasn’t the Holo-Deck from Star Trek. And this broken simulator tube wasn’t going to be able to do any of that for him, now was it?
  • Weak Link by asexualrey [GEN] - The one thing he always wants when he doesn’t feel well is his mom, and she’s…god knows how far away she is. She probably thinks he’s dead. In this moment, he almost wishes he was
  • “I have dug this grave for two” by radialarch - [Sheith] -This is what Keith promises himself: both of them will make it out of this. [Post-S1]
  • Let me be your singing chords by egelantier - [GEN] - Shiro and Pidge are captured by Sendak and Shiro’s tortured in front of Pidge to force her to give up her Lion. She promises Shiro not to fold; whether or not she’ll be able to is another question.
  • “Something more” by swallowedstars - [Sheith] - The thing was, Shiro wanted kids. He wanted them badly. And Keith, well, he wasn’t even sure he could properly nurture a houseplant
  • “All I can do” by Skalidra - [Sheith] - When Zarkon’s forces arrive at Earth, there’s no warning. Shiro never escapes Galra custody, Lance never finds the Blue Lion, and the Galra find and take exactly what they want; the Lion, it’s semi-crazy boy defender, and a collection of prisoners from the nearby Garrison. Shiro does the best he can to save the one person he can from getting put into the arena with him. Keith.
  • Long Distance by Jennypen - [GEN] - Someone gets the Christmas present they need.

Tell me, Adam, what would you do if you were alone? Would you take off your stolen clothes? Would you take off your stolen skin?

Our footprints follow obediently behind us, but they do not lead us home. You stand in our empty garden, eyes closed, up to your scraped knees in dust and dirt and empty seed packets, and I call out to you, but you don’t know who I’m screaming for. We keep finding ourselves like this, perpetually naming things. Unsatisfied with words, now that we need them.

Our mouths were not
shaped for this.

I am coming to terms with being a trespasser in my body. I am coming to terms with the fact that Eden can’t be seen on a map, that red clay earth runs through our veins, that we are battered and stained by our own homesickness.

I know that my mind is a stranger, that I was built from fertile soil, and I know that although we keep our eyes always over our shoulders, the last holy curse is that someday we will stop trying to come home.

You say you like it better this way, where we try to weigh each other’s shadows, where we count our ribs and come up one short. Never mind the future graves on the roadside, never mind the flies that land on our parted lips, one of us is going to give birth in this ditch, Adam, and it will not be me.

Let me plant a seed in your abdomen. We’ll swap curses, Adam, and this time it won’t hurt - I’ll toil in the barren fields and you will curl protectively around the life in your belly, fingers splayed over the warm swell of your abdomen.
Our work will be easy.
You’ll give me two sons,
five sons,

and I will grow a tomato patch
on the windowsill,
and everything I touch
will be green.

The pages continue to turn, and every day I’m a little older, hopefully a little wiser and a lot more grateful. Do I have regrets? I have a few - but not as many as you might think. If it hadn’t been for the darkness, I never would have known the light. In life we all take different paths, some more difficult than others, but in the end, all that matters is whether or not they lead us home.
—  Richard Paul Evans, Lost December

Stay here, don’t make a sound and don’t blink come out until it’s safe. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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