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Building an Unforgettable Character

Character building is one of my favorite parts of writing a novel. I love seeing where they’re going to take me and where their journey is going to end up. Even though I plot extensively before starting a new novel, I always leave room for the characters to lead me somewhere new.

So, what’s the secret to building an unforgettable character? Here are some tips to lead you in the right direction:

They need to be relatable

If your audience can’t relate to your character, that’s usually a huge problem. We relate to characters like Harry Potter not because we’ve been to Hogwarts and practiced magic, but because we can relate to his pain and to his connection with his friends. He represents emotions that a lot of us have struggled with and he doesn’t quite feel like he fits in. His struggle to find himself is relatable.

Take some time to figure out what your character ultimately represents and don’t be afraid to bring emotion into it. We want to feel connected to your characters and we want to find something in them that matches something in us.

They need to be realistic

It’s important that your character’s actions should remain realistic. Not in the sense of remaining true to our world, but to theirs. Their actions should make sense in context to what they’re going through. If you’re constantly questioning why a character would do something because it just doesn’t make logical sense, you’ll have trouble respecting that character. It’s important that we understand their actions.

They need to be proactive

A good character is a go-getter. I’m not saying they will always make the right decisions or that they’re all good people, but all main characters/protagonists should be able to do things on their own. I’m also not saying they don’t need help, but they need to overcome the big challenges on their own or through what they’ve learned. They can’t just stand around waiting for everyone else to finish things. They need to take initiative at some point, and this should be due to their personal growth throughout the story.

I understand that this point does depend on the story you’re writing. Maybe your character is an unmotivated person. Maybe they’re lazy.  This usually doesn’t matter because a story isn’t interesting if that person remains inactive. They can have periods of inactivity and become unmotivated during parts of your story, but ultimately that does need to change at some point.

They need to have flaws

Flaws will humanize your character and are usually what stands in your character’s path to success. A character that does everything right all the time and doesn’t have any growth because they’re already perfect is VERY BORING. They should fail and they should learn lessons. I’m not saying all their flaws should be fixed by the end of the novel because that’s not how people operate in real life, but character flaws should help build interesting layers.

-Kris Noel

7 Tips for Leading a Fulfilling Life

1. Beware of indecision – Better to do something than to always hesitate.

2. Simplify your life – It’s less frustrating and confusing.

3. Learn the secret of being satisfied – You can still go for those goals, but just enjoy the journey NOW.

4. Let go of the need to always have the last word, or to prove that you are right, or to get your point across.

5. Take a break from people who’re defensive, or suspicious, or are super-sensitive and, therefore, easy to offend.

6. Accept that adversity and challenges will come – and they can teach us useful lessons, so we’re stronger in the end.

7. Stop beating yourself up and learn to tolerate mistakes – and focus on your growth, and the ways that you have changed.


The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

(As in, study tips that are supported by data from scientific studies. Not tips specifically for studying science.)

4 Tactics To Help You Remain Calm When Others Around You Are Agitated

Here are 4 tactics to help you remain calm when others around you are agitated:

1) Recognize ahead of time that your role is to lead.

2) Keep events in realistic perspective.

3) Keep a calm demeanor even when you don’t feel that way – it’s contagious.

4) Realize you’ll be respected for staying cool.

No matter what your business, calmness amid chaos will only serve you well. Read more.

Shall We? | Chapter 1

Idol: Woo Jiho, Kim Haesol

Plot: Private Detective AU/Mystery/Comedy/Period Drama/Romance




November, 1942

Cold.” A young man, mid-twenties, threw yet another large file across the room. “Cold.” And another- “Cold!” And one more until he was too frustrated to look through anymore dead cases. “They’re all cold! No leads! No tip offs! We’re sitting ducks!”

At the adjacent desk sat another young man who, though the same age, seemed much older, and wiser than the other. He lifted his head from his seemingly diligent work to push on the bridge of his small lensed glasses and took in a deep sigh- “We have cases, Zico. They’re just not as exciting as you hopped.” He spoke bitterly out of the side of his mouth awaiting the response he was all too familiar with. 

“Tracking down the infamous grocery store robber isn’t exactly the detective work I signed up for, Zion.” The man named Zico pushed the remaining papers and files onto the dusty floor beneath him and slammed his fist on the wood. “We had them- We were so close-”

Zion looked tenderly toward Zico at the sound of his own name, knowing full well the disappointment that runs through his veins, because it had the same effect on himself. About a month ago the pair were indestructible, closing cases left and right, and finally up to par with the big leagues; or so they thought. “They knew we were coming- someone tipped them off and they got out just in time to make us look like chumps. Don’t beat yourself up over it-

They’d been asked by the chief of police to help take down the Mizuno family mafia- they specialized in weapons shipments and had special ties with the axis powers, a real threat to the war. They were hot on their tails and so close to infamy, but as soon as they showed up to the shipping dock there were no illegal arms, no smuggled goods, not even people. It had taken away their credibility and blacklisted them for all eternity. They handled simpler cases these days-well, Zion handled most of them. Zico liked to talk about the past, about his family’s legacy in the detective business, and how much he wanted revenge. But then, the unthinkable happened.

The bell on the rusty front door chimed it’s less than sweet sounds revealing a rather distressed looking brunette. Her trench coast was covered in rain, but her curled hair was protected by a dark blue cloche hat. Her face was sweet, at first glance, but the harsh sound her oxfords made against the dusty floor caused the two men to assume she meant business.

‘She’s s class A dame.’ Zico thought, ‘Probably grew up in some fancy upper east side boarding school by the looks of her.’ He would have scoffed at her boldness, if it weren’t for how gorgeous she looked moving into the light. The room was dead silence as they looked on the clam, but obviously exasperated, young women. Zion was the first to polity stand from his seat, but the women was not here to waste time with formalities.

I have some information that you two might find useful.”  The young women stood between the two desks, one hand on her hip, the other clutching a large yellow envelope. Determination read all across her face, but the way her fingers tapped against her hip and the creases that were left on the envelope from her nervous tendency, Zico and Zion knew there was something deeper rooted.

And what might that be?” Zico confidently strode over to her keeping his deduction in his mind that this women was nothing more than scared straight. Someone was after her, or maybe they already found her, whatever it was, this envelop didn’t make it to their front door easily.  

“Why don’t you have a seat miss, can I get you anything? Tea, coffee-“ Zion elbowed his partner subtly as to not show the young women any cause to doubt their legitimacy. Zico was always playing the bad cop, and it really make for messy work.  

No- thank you. I haven’t got much time.” She took a seat in front of Zico’s desk, he himself leaned on the forward-facing side, and Zion took the empty chair next to the beautiful brunette. After being situated, she carefully uncovered what exactly she wanted to share with the detectives, a letter perhaps? A cryptic code? Zico was on the edge waiting to discover something worth wild. “My Uncle was kidnapped sometime last night. I couldn’t tell you when- I hadn’t realized until I went to his bookshop this morning and found this-“ Grit showed on her face, while the slight shutter in her outreached arm proved otherwise. And for good reason.

Both partners simultaneously stood erect, shocked expressions flooding their features, and a slightly melancholy excitement surged through them. Outreached to them was a letter with the seal of the Mizuno family, the family that had humiliated their agency and their family names, the family on which they would finally get their revenge.

Miss- do you know what this seal means?” Zion took hold of it inspecting the unopened letter carefully wondering what type of trap this was leading them too-

“I’ve seen it once on a journal of my uncles, but other than that I have no clue what it means.” That strong demeanor passes abruptly as she took in the concerned faces of the two men standing in front of her- she knew things were bad, but not as bad as they were making it seem. “Please- he’s that only family I have.”

Zico was the first to grab the letter opener, and contrary to Zion’s warnings, he dug right in and retrieved the not inside. He’s expression mirrored that of a small child opening gifts on Christmas morning, the wonder and enthusiasm that surged through him confused the other two in the room. He cleared his throat and read thus: He will lie in the tomb which he so willingly hid from us. Never again shall we be betrayed. Let all those be warned who seek to rid the world of our reign.” Nothing more, nothing less.

“We’ll take it.” Zico said matter of factually, with complete disregard for the horror that dawned the young women’s face. Zion quickly knelled beside the women in consolation, but found that none was needed. She was a puzzle, this one. Her emotions must be tarring her apart, seeing as her only family has been kidnapped, and even without the knowledge of the mafia that bore the seal, she should have been a crying wreck. But instead she stood confidently reaching into her coat pocket and retrieved the journal she had mentioned earlier. “You certainly come prepared, miss-“    

Kit.” She thrusted the book into the overly confident man’s hands and returned her own to her hips. She certainly didn’t need any praise from Zico, she was a smart women, but Zion seemed to be the only one that was catching on.

Zico on the other hand, still thinking of his precognition that he so effortlessly placed on the women, laughed cruelly as if really saying, what an unsuitable name for a women. “Short for anything?”

“No. Just Kit.” She spat the words out like venom, completely unwavering like people question her legitimacy daily. 

He finally gave into the new aged women and extended his hand to greet her- “Good to meet you, Kit. I’m detective Zico, and this is my partner Zion. You’ve certainly come to the right place.”He circled around to the back of his desk and opened the journal to the first page. “Now let’s get started, shall we?” 

*Please let me know if you made this gif I’ll be more than happy to give you credit, or remove it entirely.* 

8 Powerful Ways To Mold Your Children Into Leaders
We all want our children to become leaders. Whether they spend the bulk of their days in the mailroom or the corner office, we want our children to grow to be courageous, passionate and authentic. We want their actions to inspire other people to be their best, to get more out [...]
By Travis Bradberry

A casual show with a black lead:  Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh

I haven’t seen all of it yet but! It’s cute and funny. There’s singing! Nice animation! Nice backgrounds?!  It’s animated by Titmouse. And Tip is voiced by Rachel Crow!

First season is on Netflix and they are planning to make a second season!

Three and a half months post SRS - Update

Yay, it’s time once again to openly talk about the current state of my crowd funded genitals.

So, three and a half months on from surgery, things are finally settling down enough with my new genitals for me to know what’s what, get a good idea of the end result, and assess where things go from here.

First up - Peeing.

So, going from having a penis to having a vagina inherently comes with some new difficulties. With a penis the urethra leads to the tip of the penis, basically meaning you can pee and it just leaves your body, touching nothing, obscured by nothing, and needing next to no attention once you’re done.

Not the same with a vagina.

Put simply, no matter what, there’s now skin between the opening of the urethra and the toilet. Pee is going to touch skin and need drying. Seriously, it takes a lot of toilet paper to thouroughly clean, and some time. Guys wonder why girls take so long in the bathroom, it’s the added time drying up pee from the vagina.

My urethral control is still not 100% what it was, with me fereling the need to pee more suddenly than I used to. I have to act a bit faster when I feel the need to pee. That’s improving over time.

One aspect of surgery relating to peeing I ideally want fixed down the line with follow up surgery. My urethra is at a bit of an angle. It’s hard for me to not pee all over the place in crazy directions. I ideally want to do a follow up surgery some time to correct that.

Next - Dilation and bleeding

I have gone down from three dilations per day to two, cutting out the middle of the day dilation entierly for now. This has made my days run a lot smoother work wise, and also made work travel to other countries infinately more viable. Being able to take a 14 hour flight and not need to dilate in the middle of it is a god send. That would be a nightmare.

I have for the most part stopped bleeding now, but if I push myself a little too hard in dilation I ocassionally cause bleeding. I still don’t feel 100% secure in by ability to interact with my new vagina without doing any damage.

Thirdly - The actual Vagina

So, my vagina itself is much what I expected it to be. Very sensitive still at the moment, folds and clitoris etc where I expected them.

The vaginal opening always surprises me with the angle it’s at.

Orgasms have changed entierly from a quick short moment that’s suddenly over to long drawn out waves of pleasure and full body tingles. Very strange realisation that orgasms would feel so different. Thankful that I have maintained near full genital sensation

Lastly - My leg

When I was recovering from surgery in hospital, I was very aware of a patch of skin on my leg which was completely numb, and occassionally felt like it was on fire.

I was told this was just from how I was on the operating table and it would pass.

Three and half months on the fire burning sensation has finally gone away, and the numbness is lessening but still present. I suspect it will go away entierly by itself over time. It’s probably going to take a while to return to normal.

So yeah, that’s the current state, three and half months on, of my new genitals. Much what I expected. Zero genital dysphoria since surgery.

I tried swimming while at GaymerX. I forgot how much I love swimming. I am currently saving up money to buy a proper new swimming costume with pockets for breast forms.

I’ve been infinately more comfortable with leggings. They’re my new favourite type of legwear.

I feel so much better about my body.

Passion - Michael Clifford

Imagine: Michael Clifford’
Summary: #10. “Teach me how to play?”

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Originally posted by sexycliffconda

Your eyes always wandered to the hands. Watched how the fingers gently glided along the guitar and you wondered how such rough hands could produce such soft sounds. But how could you ever question it when the man playing was Michael. The smile on his face was your favourite part of the guitar playing. The serene look he got when he was lost in another melody, lost in another song. You always found yourself staring at him whenever he got the guitar out and never mind the place and time you were each time remembered of your endless love for the man. Your heart bursting with happiness and suddenly you were imaging you both playing together. This lead to you softly tip toeing over to him and as if he could feel the question burning he stopped playing to give you his full attention. “Hi, babe.” he smiled widely grabbing your hand to intertwine his fingers with. You sat down next to him and whispered the question afraid to break this untroubled and relaxed moment. “Teach me how to play?” If the smile on his face wasn’t large before it certainly became now almost threatening to hurt him by the size of it. “I thought you would never ask,” he grinned before patting his lap for you to sit on. “Okay, put your hand here,” he whispered into your neck leaving a small kiss on the side. The entire afternoon was spent with him trying to teach you how to play and it didn’t matter if you messed up. The important thing was that you actually wanted to learn and share his passion and the love for you grew in his heart.