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A Keyblade modeled after several firearms and bullets that appear in the game Enter the Gungeon by Dodge Roll Games! The Keyblade is designed to be fairly balanced in a Kingdom Hearts game, but it would be a Cursed item in Enter the Gungeon! It is mostly inspired by the format of the Bullet King’s throne, with the chain being an ammunition bar and the Keychain being the bullet seen in the game’s logo.The World Logo is simply the aforementioned Gunegon! and the name, Gunkata, is named after the gunslinging trope!


  A Keyblade modeled after the wooden and ruins aesthetic  that dots the world of Owlboy from D-Pad Studio! The Keyblade has range and defense in mind, forgoing attack, like Otus himself! The shaft and blade of the hilt is inspired by the ruins seen early in the game, with the shaft mostly being the cracked and detailed earth that leads into the Owl statue that is seen dotting the land, the hilt of the blade is inspired by the Pirate’s ships, with several themes recreated in it. The chain is built from the chains seen in the game, where as the logo is simply the game’s O in the logo.The World Logo is named after Otus’ home town, Vellie and designed after the ruins and the Pirate ships! The name references young owls, or Owletts, and the rising of Otus!


 A Keyblade modeled after the decaying city found in Hollow Knight from Team Cherry! The Keyblade is designed to be mostly balanced, but favors attack and speed overall. The Keyblade is inspired by the various small little details that can be found in the game, including the grooves and spikes. The Keychain is the Hollownest Seal. The World Logo is named after the Hollownest city itself, and is inspired by the text in the game. The name references the Hollow Knight, which is sometimes referred to as a vessel. 


A Keyblade modeled after the weapons, the generators and the arms of the Entity found in Dead by Daylight by Behaviour! The Keyblade is designed to favor heavily in attack. The shaft of the blade is inspired by the weapon wielded by the Trapper, with arms of the Entity and a hook on the end. The Hilt of the blade is inspired by the Generators, and the handle inspired by the Hillbilly’s face. The Keychain is the Entity’s depiction in Benedict Baker’s journal.The World Logo is named after the fact that the game takes place in the various Realms of the Entity. The name references the fact that the Entity feeds on the Hope of humans.  


A Keyblade modeled after the Underground world of Untertale made by Toby Fox! The Keyblade is designed to favor defense over attack, Mercy run guys, c'mon! The over all design of the Keyblade is inspired by the New Home castle, with evidence of the old home, the Ruins. The Keychain is the Delta Ruin.The World Logo is named after the Underground! The name, Determined Soul, references the two key elements that reside in the game: Determination and the Soul.


A Keyblade modeled after the dystopia of The End is Nigh made by Edmund McMillen! The Keyblade is designed to favor reach and speed, lacking in defense and attack. The design is inspired by the world that Ash resides in: a dark and decaying world with cracks and sloppy goop monsters! They Keychain is one of the game carts that Ash collects!The World Logo is simply a recreation of the first level of the game, The End. The Name, World Ender, references the three apocalypses that Ash experiences.

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What is your opinion on Hogwarts having secrets passages like people like to write about in their fanfics? And if there are some do you think Tom would know where all of them are?

There are canonically, several secret passageways and rooms within Hogwarts. When an author is aware of all of them, it can make or break a fanfic depending on how they are used.


  1. One-Eyed Witch statue leads to Honeydukes. Tapping the hump with a wand a saying ‘Dissendium’ will get the passage to open.
  2. A passageway behind a mirror on the 4th floor, held enough space to fit an entire group of people, and is said to lead to Hogsmeade, though no one knows where. It caved in during the 93′-94′ school year.
  3. There are two passages in the Trophy Room. One lies behind a portrait of Brutus Scrimgeour, that hides a way to the fourth floor corridor. The other is behind a mirror that leads to a different part of the 4th floor.
  4. The passage between the Whomping Willow and the Shrieking Shack can be accessed by touching the knot in the bark of the great tree.
  5. There is a passage behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy on the fifth floor corridor. No details on where it leads however.
  6. Professor Basil Fronsac had 4 portraits scattered about. The Headmaster’s office, the Library, the Grand Staircase, and the Dungeon.  95′-96′ held a passage from the Grand Staircase to the 2nd floor, and 96′-97′ held a passage from the Dungeons to the Grand Staircase.
  7. Circe’s portraits in the Grand Staircase and the Entrance Hall side room are linked with a passage.
  8. Damara Dodderidge’s portraits are in the Grand Staircase, the Clock Tower, and Gryffindor Tower. From 95′-97′ a passage between the Grand Staircase and the Clock Tower existed.
  9. Elizabeth Burke: 91′-95′ the portrait rested in the Grand Staircase. In 95′-96′ it connected the Entrance Dungones and the Main Dungeons, as well as connected to the 7th floor from somewhere very near the Potions Classroom.
  10. George von Rheticus had portraits hiding passages in the Grand Staircase, the 7th floor corridor, the Viaduct Entrance, and next to the 2nd floor girls’ lavatory from 95′-96′ where the Viaduct and Grand Staircase were linked, and the Grand Staircase and 7th floor were linked. From 96′-97′ a portrait of him in the Entrance Hall lead to the Portrait Room.
  11. Giffard Abbot had four portraits. From 95′-97′ they held small passages from the Grand Staircase to the Transfiguration Courtyard, and the Clock Tower to the corridor outside the library.
  12. Glanmore Peakes had three portraits. One is located on the 6th floor corridor that is named after him. The other two concealed a secret passage between the Grand Staircase and the Entrance Hall side room.
  13. Godric Gryffindor guarded a passage between the 7th floor corridor and the Entrance Hall side room.
  14. Google Stump hid a passage from the Viaduct Entrance to the 1st floor.
  15. Merwyn the Malicious: 3rd floor landing on the Grand Staircase to the Entrance Hall side room.
  16. Norvel Twonk on the 5th floor Grand Staircase landing lead to the Entrance Hall side room.
  17. Percival Pratt: from 95′-96 he concealed a passage between the boathouse and the Grand Staircase.
  18. Salazar Slytherin: From the Dungeons Antechamber to the Entrance Hall side room.
  19. Timothy the Timid had 3 portraits: 5th floor, Transfiguration Courtyard, and Herbology corridor. From 95′-96′, 5th floor-Herbology corridor, and 5th floor-Transfiguration Courtyard. Location changed from 96′-97′ where they were stationed at the Grand Staricase, Quidditch Gate, and Portrait Room. Grand Staircase-Quidditch Gate. Quidditch Gate-Portrait Room.
  20. Valeria Myriadd hid a passage from Gryffindor Tower to an unused bathroom on the 7th floor.
  21. Ariana Dumbledore held a passage between the RoR and the Hog’s Head from 97′-98′.
  22. There are three more passageways that are never specified but Filsh knows of.


  1. The Room of Requirement(Come and Go Room) is located on the seventh floor, left hand side corridor. The entrance lies on the wall opposite the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy teaching Trolls ballet. Thinking very clearly about what you need and walking in front of it three times in a row will make what room you need, appear.
  2. Founders’ Tower is shown only in Chamber of Secrets PS2 game. Exact location is unknown.
  3. Chamber of Secrets, with one known entry in the 2nd floor girls’ lavatory. The sink with the serpent engraved on the faucet is the first ‘door’. Parseltongue is required to enter. Harry noted many large pipes spreading off in other directions so it is possible for other entrances to exist if the Basilisk was getting around the school.
  4. Room of Rewards hidden behind a portrait of Vindictus Viridian.


  1. There is a trick stairwell somewhere that has vanishing steps, hidden behind a tepestry.
  2. Vanishing Cabinet that was most likely destroyed when the RoR was set aflame.

Video games show endless secret corridors and stairwells that I would consider canon just to add more mystery to the fanfiction side of Harry Potter.

Honestly, how anyone gets caught in this school when there are so many places to hide, is beyond me.

Though it is said that the rooms do change around frequently, so perhaps the secret passages do as well.

I think that Tom Marvolo Riddle would have gone exploring all the time in order to familiarize himself with the layout of this new location. After all, he was the ‘Mudblood’ new to Slytherin at some point and it mustn’t have been a pleasant time during his first few months.

Being new put him at a disadvantage to others who would seek to harm him or at least put him in his place. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom took every chance he could to memorize his way around, either to get to his classes faster, to patrol easier, to avoid danger from others, or to take certain situations into a more private space, if you know what I mean.

It is canonical proof that Tom searched for the Chamber of Secrets, so who is to say that he didn’t search for every other secret room?

I confess that I am one of those who like the Trope of the Founders applying certain charms so the secrets or password protected rooms can be entered so long as you speak the password in the language they preferred. Like Salazar’s passwords would just be anything in Parseltongue(which would work as Ron mimicked Parseltongue sounds he’d heard from Harry and the Chamber just opened easily.).

I personally love fics where people use the secrets of the castle to their advantage!

Headcanons….eh why not.

- The reunion between the Pines Twins and Bill was something most of Gravity Falls prefered to forget. With extreme prejudice.

- Their first interaction was when the twins just turned 16, they had come back for the summer again to help their grunckles with the Mystery Shack. That night, for nostalgic purposes, they decided to explore the woods.

- What they found was an erriely quiet forest that looked abandoned. Where were the gnomes? The fairies? The manotaurs?

- They left after a shared looked. Had they looked back they would have found a tail of blue flames leading to the statue.

- That summer was filled with strange messages and odd occurences that left them confused and paranoid. They felt constantly watched. Dipper especially.

- Bill’s first glimpse of consciousness wasn’t during the two’s return at 16. No, it was a few months after they had left Gravity Falls. His first hint of return was a glowing symbol on Dipper due to their contract that allowed him to possess the then 13 year old’s body.

- The next moment that came was the return of his ability to dream walk. He wasn’t yet strong enough to do anything but watch but it was enough. Enough to jump dreams between all those connected to Gravity Falls.

- The true treasure was when he was finally able to take an astral form and roam around just in the borders of the forest that surrounds Gravity Falls. It would fill his days until the twins’ return the summer of their 16 birthday. That summer was the first time he was able to enter the town…

I may add more later. It depends on what pops up next… Or I write a one-shot. No promises though!


If You Want Her, Claim Her

She is the high-value woman who has captured your attention, your mind and perhaps even your heart.

You know her because she is self-possessed, grounded and conscious. She is aware of her worth without being arrogant or prideful. She has standards and behaves accordingly.

She’s not needy, insecure, dependent or boring.

She is magical and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

By her very presence and commitment to being her best self, she will illuminate the ways in which you’ve denied your hearts longing and bypassed living for simply existing. She will invite you to do more, be more and embrace life in all its fullness.

A high-value woman waits for no man.

She will not play games. Your heart is safe with her, but she will not stop her life to wait for you to decide. Her integrity is intact.

She will not compromise or sell out for attention or a smidgen of love. Her life is full and fulfilling, so she will not orbit around you. Nor does she want that from you. With her own life full, she will not promote you to leading man status until you’ve earned that space in her world.

There will always be a piece of her that she keeps back until you choose her. It’s not that she is hiding or withholding, but she knows that her heart is a treasure she will only offer to the one who has clearly stated his desire for all she is.
Her love is pure and fierce. When she’s all in, she will be completely yours. She will stand beside you every step of the journey.

But first, you must claim her.

If you have seen her worth, you can bet that others have as well. While you may have caught her attention, you will not fully have her until you’ve claimed her.
She will not put all her eggs in a basket that clearly isn’t hers.

The high-value woman may have deep feelings for you—she may even love you—but until you’ve chosen her, she will not fully invest in you.

She will remain open to the possibility of another man entering her life even if she really wants you, because she knows that the man she ultimately wants in her life is one who is willing to take a stand for what he wants—including her.

She is reserving her deepest love for a man with integrity, whom she can fully trust.

If you choose to claim her, you will feel her surrender into you. Her edges will soften, her heart will open fully and the love she feels for you will overflow. Her openness and vulnerability may break you wide open, ushering you into places that have only existed in your dreams.

But first, you must claim her.

~ Lisa Vallejos

People who want to defund Planned Parenthood, keep prostitution criminalized, and keep drugs criminalized don’t care one bit about public safety and health. 

Defunding Planned Parenthood would reduce the number of clinics people can go to to get not only an abortion (which can save the pregnant person’s life), but also reduce education for sex ed (leading to less STIs and less unplanned pregnancies), cancer screenings, prenatal treatment, STI testings (being unable to get tested and being unaware of your status can lead to the spread and outbreak of these diseases. Untreated STIs can also lead to death and infertility. Given they claim to care about life and people being born, you’d think they would logically care about these issues.) The Planned Parenthood I went to as a teen also provided shelter to LGBT youth in the form of a youth group. It was a respite from our otherwise unwelcoming home life. A place to stay and be ourselves for a bit in the safety of those walls. The clinics have also helped people get out of abusive situations, or at least keep them safe until they were ready to leave. 

Keeping prostitution illegal and criminalized only results in pimps and those forcing them into sex work to remain uncaught. You’re not going to turn in the person forcing you into sex work if it means you’ll be arrested as well. You can’t defend yourself without being arrested for the thing you were forced into doing. Moreso, using condoms as “proof of prostitution” only causes people to practice unsafe sex. It causes the spread of STIs and leaves sex workers in unsafe predicaments.

Criminalizing drugs, especially when it largely targets the black community only serves to destroy lives. You then put them in an endless cycle of imprisonment and isolate them from their loved ones. You also cause them to increase their risk of STIs, especially AIDs because they’ll be more likely to share a needle as a result. They know that it increases their risk, and they know it’s gross to share a needle, bit for the sake of being less likely to be caught they’ll share. It is also hard to get help for your addiction if you’re scared of being arrested for getting help. Throwing them in jail also doesn’t help in terms of getting off of drugs because it’s easier to get them in prison than on the streets. 

A healthier society leads to happy citizens, which leads to better productivity and less friction between people. 

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can you tell us more about igmil? you did her for inktober

You want to know more about Igmil? Awe, thank you so much!

She’s an original character I created for my Akallabeth fiction, which is a long time in the making. Igmil itself means “star-shaped figure” in Adûnic, often in reference to Númenor itself and it’s– well– star shape.

Like most of the Númenoreans, Igmil possesses the longevity of life and the increase of physical beauty promised by the Valar. While most of her ancestry is unclear, what is known of her is that her bloodline came from the Edain– also known as the Three Houses of Men, though more specifically the House of Bëor.

However, it is heavily suggested throughout the text that her ancestors were among those who suffered under the enslavement of Morgoth, and therefore possessed the knowedge of spellwork and cursed things. Therefore one could argue Igmil possesses the iconography of ‘bad blood’

It is believed she dwelt within the Númenorean capital of Armenelos, daughter of Zabathân who served within the court of Ar-Pharazôn; though he did not possess a position of honest authority. She had two elder brothers– twins– named Imrahil and Imrazôr; Imrahil humoring more academic approaches and Imrazôr being far more interested in the art of war.

However, because of certain unforeseen events within the court; Zabathân was declared a traitor to the crown and his family blacklisted.

That lead to the King’s Men murdering Zabathân and much of his household late into an unfortunate night. Igmil fled from the estate, to which the King’s Men pursued her upon horseback, and turned to the only refuge she knew where none may shed blood unless given allowance–

the Temple of Morgoth.

While accounts are obscure, it is stated Igmil ran up the steps that lead to the statue erected of the Dark Lord, where she then fell before it and begged for sovereign protection. The King’s Men could not lead their horses up the countless steps nor draw their swords upon her while upon the holy ground and therefore were forced to await her descent.

Tar-Mairon bore witness to this, as he has eyes among every crevice within the capital. Deeming this an act of servitude he had not yet seen in any other Númenorean, he intervened and pardoned her sentence by the King– only upon the account she served as priestess within the Temple until the coming of her day.

Thus Igmil eventually rose in power and began the fateful downfall of her ancstors; becoming obsessed with the dark arts and her own mortality.

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art commissioned by @hatteeho

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No hard feelings but you're not funny at all

not to carve thru yr carefully constructed façade of nonchalance and apathy but your anon status leads me to believe you’re a huge pussy who can’t say it to my face

does it really matter whether i’m genuinely entertaining or not when i’ve evidently got enough influence to make you too chickenshit to own up to your own opinions? honestly who cares if i’m funny, im frightening and that’s enough for you apparently.


The following comes from lead composer Yasunori Mitsuda…

- music appears to be pretty much complete
- was worked on by 150 people, the largest production Mitsuda has been involved with
- mixing process for music began this week
- Mitsuda is responsible for budget management, booking, music sheet management, and composin
- it seems a Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack is coming, but a release date isn’t fixed yet
- mixing the music only started for the cut-scenes, so it’s just half of the tracks
- recording sound quality is good, and the team is trying its best to top the original Xenoblade
- this is among one of the largest scale projects in the whole gaming world

“Starting today we will begin mixing the xenoblade 2 soundtrack. With that being said, it’s just the tracks for the cutscenes, which still leaves half of all the music to go once those are done. But what we have recorded sounds great. Everyone is working hard to surpass the xenoblade 1 soundtrack. In my mind this is undoubtedly one of the largest-scale projects in video game music in the world.”

Cape Fatucama - Timor-Leste

At the top of the mountain on Cape Fatucama stands a statue of Jesus Christ, that is often compared to Rio’s Christ the Redeemer. The cape is only a short drive from the Capital of Dili, and offers a great view of the Banda Sea. The stairs leading up to the statue feature more Jesus monuments, depicting important events in Jesus life, including the last supper, and his crucifixion. Locals who visit the site usually light candles, and say prayers on the walk up to the statue. 

On the beaches below and along the rest of the cape, swimming, snorkeling and fishing are great options to escape the heat. 

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For the writing prompts, may I ask for Bakugou and number 18???

“I shouldn’t be in love with you.” Bakugou clenches his fists, jaw tightening as he glares at the ground.

“Don’t say that…Please don’t say that…”

“You’re a fucking villain! I’m a hero!” You could hear the explosions going off in his hands as he yelled. “We can’t do this anymore!”

“Katsuki you don’t mean it…”

“Shut up! Yes I do!” He grabs a fistful of his hair, wanting to rip it out. Bakugou knew that it was wrong, that this relationship could lead to his hero status being revoked, but you meant so much to him. What was he suppose to do when he was so in love with you?

The interesting thing about discussing unpopular black female characters with certain fans is that many of them will openly acknowledge that fandom racism and racism in the media is a real thing, but will then go on to argue why a certain black female character should be written off the show, or sidelined, or killed off or be kept away from the white male lead. These fans know that fandom racism is a problem, but in their minds, their hatred for the character is completely justified. They know the trends. They know the pattern of black female characters repeatedly being abused by the fandom, but will still go on to list dozens of relatively benign reasons why a black female character should be written off the show. They like to argue that this time it’s different. This time it isn’t racial bias that’s driving their hatred of the character. This time it’s completely justified! So, next time when we’re listing all the black female characters that have been completely destroyed by the fandom, be sure to put a little asterisk next to so-and-so’s name, because that time was totally different.

Well, guess what? That whole list would be full of asterisks because to you, there’s always a perfectly valid reason for wanting the death of a black female character. There’s always a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the black female lead of a show should be sidelined and stripped of her status as leading lady. Whether it be Martha Jones, Iris West, Bonnie Bennett, Tulip O’Hare, Michonne, Gwen, Annie Sawyer, Braeden or any other intensely disliked black female character, the response is always the same. You may think you have perfectly valid reasons for disliking these women, but the fact is that they create a pattern. And whether you like it or not, your hatred is feeding into that pattern.

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I don't understand what the hell these Anti have against Hinata Fans? WHAT DID THEY DO? Seriously, I don't see any Hinata Fans harassing or crosstagging. Yeah, they may hate Sakura but Big Whoop. Who cares? Whenever I see Hatred towards Hinata I just IGNORE it. At least I don't see anyone (intentionally) putting their hate into Sakura's tag (and it's nobody's fault that Tumblr Mobile is so messed up that Anti Posts show up in her tag).

Because Hinata is just a ‘useless, irrelevant’ side character to Sakura ‘main character, female lead, queen of everything’ status, anyone who prefers Hinata is trash for not liking their queen. 

You have your own opinion about the characters and it’s not in favor of Sakura? Trash, scum, you have to kill yourself!
Ship Sasuke with someone who’s not Sakura? Worst trash on earth, you have to kill yourself!
Easily able to debunk the claims of Sakura surpassing Tsunade? You’re just a jealous hater and you should just kill yourself!

Honestly though, she has one of the nastiest fandoms I’ve come across and people really need to chill. People are allowed to have different opinions. People are allowed to like different characters. They’re not real. Me liking Hinata over Sakura has literally zero effect on their lives and if they get so heated that they’re sending hate and suicide baiting people, then they need to get offline for awhile and think about the person they’re becoming, because that is not healthy

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Do you think the guerrilla destruction of that Confederate statue will lead to "revenge" destruction of other memorials and display pieces?

i dont think so

conservatives are more restrained when it comes to destruction of public property, often because they respect order over anarchy.

How To Get Rid Of Lady Briarwood ft. Allura Vysoren


Take your amazing Vox Machina, add one even more amazing Wizard Allura Vysoren (Lady Kima most definitely included). 

NOW. For this, you’re gonna need a box made of thick wood/stone/lined in lead (casket, fancy statue, human-sized container), a place to put it, and the combined diplomacy of VM and Allura.

Get your hands on Lady Delilah Briarwood. Drag her ass to the place and fancy box.

STEP ONE: Have Scanlan cast Friends or successfully convince Delilah Briarwood to be ‘willing’.

STEP TWO: Have Allura cast the 7th level spell “Sequester” on DB.

Make that trigger something awesome (After 10,000 years, when the Tarrasque awakens, when the last of the De Rolo’s dies).

(I wish this spell would be used more often)

STEP THREE: Have Allura cast Nystul’s Magic Aura.

Set that to False Aura to make the magical item (Your Delilah-In-A-Box) appear non-magical. Let Allura stew on that for 30 days to make it permanent.

STEP FOUR FOR FLAVOR: Have Scanlan Modify Memory of anyone who saw where the box was hidden. Boom, even more hidden. (Yes, I know this doesn’t hide it from Vecna.)

STEP FIVE: No more Delilah appearing out of nowhere because of her flippin’ reserved Clone spells she’s got hiding like some Resident Evil villain. 

DB is now not dead, hidden from Detect Magic, hidden from Truesight (That’s why the material of the box is important), hidden away for XX years/until some unlikely but possible event happens, and out of the way.

Why do you need Allura? Because only Wizards have access to Sequester. It’s awesome for hiding legendary weapons/threatened heirs to thrones, important stuff. I doubt VM would put this together, but it’d be awesome to see.

Chicago Typewriter Ep 9

This last episode reminded me of the ‘makeover’ scene in Coffee Prince when Eun Chan puts on a dress and has long flowing hair. Han Sung is immediately captivated by her. On the other hand Han Kyul (aka her true love 4eva) doesn’t need her to be pretty and feminine. They connect on a deeper level and that’s what makes the OTP the OTP, and relegates poor Han Sung to second lead status. 

Here too Shin Yul fell in love with Su Yeon the moment he saw her in her pretty clothes and out of her pageboy cap. Although he claims to have loved her before Hwi Young did, I think that’s not entirely true. Hwi Young and Su Yeon’s romance had been brewing for a while. It’s such an organic growth that it has no real beginning or end. His smile is the widest when he awaits her judgement on his novel, he is captivated when she tells him to write something worthwhile. He smiles when he sees her all dolled up, but that is a insignificant moment in their relationship. Their connection is deeper than her physical appeal to him. And that’s what makes the OTP the OTP. 

zayn’s a natural at structuring his stories and anecdotes in a way that holds your attention and the denouement is sooo satisfying. like when he writes about his bare kinda basic house with jus his equipment and his buddha statue leading up to camping indoors.& the time he described Malay doing the nail soup story with his $20 bill lmao. and “One girl, five men, she didn’t care.” He pulls it all together so simple you dont even notice but you get so much out of the short anecdotes zayn tells u and the details always stick,,,like that one sofa in las vegas that was completely soaked in champagne! 

My Top 10 K-Dramas of 2016 - What’s Yours?

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2016 is about to end and K-Dramaland has been kind in bringing us so many goodies this year. As per our blog’s tradition [For 2015 faves click here] , below are my Top 10 favs on the year (my faves in alphabetical order so it might not be yours so please don’t judge)

My only specific criteria is the show must have had more than 5 episodes at this point to be considered a 2016 series (Hence, Reply 1988 was in last year’s list and Hwarang cannot make the cut of this one) 

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