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How to get into pet space when you’re single / in a LDR

I know it can be difficult to get into pet space when you don’t have an owner to aid in the transition but here are some things you can do at home by yourself:


  • Eat things that require you to tear at your food and use your molars (EX. roast, beef jerky, etc.)
  • Go to the store and browse the collar / toy aisle
  • Buy yourself a collar or toy, even if you are unowned (you deserve it)
  • Eat food and drink water from a bowl
  • Toss your toy on the floor and pounce on it
  • Roll around on your back to scratch your back
  • Get on the floor and play with your dog or cuddle against him while he’s sleeping
  • Explore your room while crawling around on your hands and knees, move things around with your nose and paw at things
  • Wear your hair down and messy (especially if you’re a wolf)
  • Shake your head and burrow into your hands like they are paws
  • Go nuts when you’re in the bath


  • Lick your hands like a cat licks it’s paws
  • Eat food and drink water from a bowl
  • Spoil yourself with a feathery toy or a collar
  • Crouch down and pounce on your toy
  • Let yourself get carried away with some string
  • Curl up in a ball while you watch TV or go on your phone
  • Practice sitting with good posture
  • Spoil yourself again with some high end food from a fancy plate
  • Avoid the bath (but secretly love them)
  • Meow and make small noises at your cat


  • Go outside and crawl around in the grass (maybe even throw in a few hops)
  • Nom on some sweet veggies or fruits
  • Actually, chew on anything
  • Wriggle the nose
  • Like cats, if if fits, you sits or hides
  • Lay in the flowers
  • Play with balls or small toys
  • Pick things up with your mouth then throw them, run and pick them up again


  • Go walking/trotting/running through the woods
  • Wear your hair down or in twisted tail bun 
  • Brush your hair or let it go wild
  • See if you can find a small lead-rope or make one
  • Put a baggie/bowl of oatmeal/oats (plus water or milk) in the microwave, so it’s cooked and treat yourself to a healthy snack. (can be topped with fruit as well)
  • Chew on some sugar cubes, not too many, don’t make yourself sick
Horse Terms for Non-Horsey People
  • Green: A horse that doesn't know shit. A kid horse. A lil punk horse.
  • Bridle: The head thing for riding.
  • Halter: The head thing for leading.
  • Lead rope: Horse leash.
  • Pony: A shorter, stockier equine. NOT a baby horse. Sometimes also used as a term of endearment towards larger horses.
  • Dressage: Fancy-ass horse dance.
  • Lunging: Making the horse go in circles around you on a long line, sometimes with another person on its back. Good way to teach Green horses the basics and a good way to start new riders.
  • Stirrup: Where your foot goes when you get on.
  • Girth: Horse belt.
  • Boots and Polo Wraps: Thingies that go on the horse's legs to protect them. NOT casts.
  • Schoolie: A horse that will teach you what's what and also possibly kill you. Usually ornery pieces of shit but also indispensable and amazing.
  • Paint: cow horse.
  • Warmblood: Large, fancy, lovable-weirdo-type horse.
  • Mare: Female horse. Probably thinking about the easiest way to make you cower in fear right now.
  • Gelding: Castrated male horse. Probably fearfully eyeing the mare.
  • Stallion: Un-castrated male horse. Probably eyeing the mare with a mixture of fear and lust.
  • Nicker: A grunting noise a horse makes when it's "happy to see you" (read: looking for treats).
Chipped | Gil x Reader

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Prompt: #2 “But your smile is important to me.”

Summary: After an incident on the ship, Gil opens up to you.

Author’s Note: There needs to be more Gil gifs. Just sayin’

“Harry! You fucking suck!” You stormed into the Captain’s Quarters, Harry right behind you. “I didn’t mean to! And you were in the way anyways!” Harry retorted, still laughing. “Stop laughing!” You yelled, digging around in a drawer desperately trying to find a mirror.

You were fixing some of the fishing nets near the edge of the ship when Harry decided to drop in, quite literally. Uma had ordered one of the newbies to fix the ropes that lead to the Crow’s Nest and they either didn’t do it or did a really shit job at it.

“Why is this place such a mess?!” You growled, becoming increasingly more frustrated as you slammed the drawer shut. “Calm down, lassie.” Harry took a couple steps towards you. “Back off, Hook.” You snapped as you finally found a mirror. 

You looked at your reflection. Other than a couple bruises and a general sourness throughout your body, you were okay. “I think I’m fine.” You told Harry. “You mean like I said you were?” Harry raised an eyebrow. You rolled your eyes and blew a raspberry at him.

Wait, that didn’t feel right. You looked in the mirror, baring your teeth. You let out a small scream. One of your front teeth had been chipped. “What are you overreacting about now?” Harry asked, sitting in Uma’s chair with his feet up on the desk.

“This, you dick!” You stormed over to him, baring your teeth. He took one look at your tooth and burst into hysterical laughter. “Shut it!” You snapped, pushing him and his chair over. 

“What’s going on?” Uma barged in, Gil on her heels. “She-” Harry pointed at you, unable to finish his sentence before bursting into even more laughter. You sent him a nasty glare before showing Uma and Gil the damage. 

Once they realize what happened, Gil tried to stifle his laughter while Uma didn’t care. “If it makes you feel better,” Uma gasped, smiling still playing at her lips. “The moron that was supposed to fix the ropes has been thrown overboard. Because of him, we almost lost 2 valuable crew members.” Uma straightened up.

“Good.” You nodded. He got what he deserve. Uma turned to walk out of the Captain’s Quarters. “Ya’ll take the rest of the day off.” Uma called over her shoulder. You sighed. “Come on, Gil.” You grabbed your boyfriend’s hand, pulling him out the door with you.

“I look like a tool.” You sighed, looking in your hand mirror. “You’re the most beautiful tool I’ve ever seen.” Gil said, coming up behind you. You turned your head to look at him. “Er, you know what I mean.” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“People can’t see this.” You declared, flopping on your bed. “It’s bad enough you, Harry, and Uma saw it.” Gil sat down on the edge of the bed. “What are you going to do? It’s not like you can just stop smiling.” Gil held your hand, brushing his thumb over your knuckles idly. 

“I can and will.” You pursed your lips. “But your smile is important to me.“ Gil said, looking crestfallen. You sat up on your knees, hugging his head to your chest. “It brightens the room and when you smile at me, it makes me feel like everything’s gonna work out.” He sighed shakily. You felt guilt and sadness blossom in your chest.

“And I don’t care if you don’t think it’s perfect. Perfect is… boring.” Gil finished. “I’m sorry, baby.” You murmured, tilting Gil’s head up to meet yours, You relinquished in the feeling of his chapped lips against yours. You eventually broke away for air.

“Now let me see that smile.” Gil said softly. You laughed and smiled at him. “Beautiful.” He murmured, making you blush. How did you land a guy as great as him?

After this, anytime either you or Gil heard someone making fun of your teeth, they would be at the mercy of Uma’s crew.


Requested by @jugheadismyking 

I was wondering if I could request a Harry hook X reader  and have the reader as the daughter of Tiana/Naveen who has been kidnapped by Uma’s crew (instead of Ben). My idea was that Uma could force her to clean the ship while she’s held captive and because she’s a princess she starts singing/dancing as she cleans (insert lyrics from enchanted’s “happy working song”). They could all be looking at her like wtf is going on, except for Harry who’s kind of mesmerised and intrigued by her 

Characters: Harry Hook, Ben, Uma, reader (daughter of Tiana/Naveen)

Warnings: none 

Word Count: 1968

A/N: So this is a tad different from the original request where you are instead captured along with Ben. Also the italicized lines are song lyrics, the first set is Happy Working Song from Enchanted and the second set is Almost There from Princess and the Frog. Hope you enjoy it! *tags are always open!


You found it impossible to stand still. Granted, you could never really stay still at all but this time it was due to the fact that you had been kidnapped by pirates.

“We’re fine, Y/N” Ben tried reassuring you.

“Ben I don’t know if you understand this but there are pirates holding us hostage” You glared.

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Freedom [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot] [Request]

As stated before (thanks to my old phone dying), I don’t have the exact requests anymore, but this One-Shot combines two of them that asked for:

1.) Edmund and the reader meeting on the Dawn Treader, falling in love rather quickly and lots of fluff (already gonna say sorry if it’s not fluffy enough ^^’)

2.) Caspian finding out that Edmund and the reader are dating 

To whoever requested this, sorry this took so long and I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^] 


Fic Summary: One always had the freedom to choose who they wanted to be with, but sometimes, who they fell in love with was beyond their control.

Word Count: 4,7k

Warnings: None

(y/n) leaned against the railing, watching the last of the sun’s rays reflect off the water and letting a cool ocean breeze blow her hair back. Ever since she was little, she’d loved being at sea, almost being able to sail before she could walk. With the direction her life was headed in now, she had to wonder if she’d still have the freedom to travel the vast blue like she was oh so used to, or if her adventures on the Dawn Treader would be her last journey. 

“Is everything alright?” a voice from behind her asked, making her jump a little.

A moment later, Caspian joined her. 

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.” she quickly answered avoiding his inquisitive gaze. 

“Let me guess: This is about our… arrangement?” he questioned.

She didn’t answer, but simply shrugged.

“I know this isn’t easy for either of us, but don’t you think it’s what’s best for our countries?”

“Maybe. Maybe it is…” she mused, more to herself than him, while turning the silver diamond ring on her left hand thoughtfully.

It’s not like she hadn’t proposed a simple business relationship, but her country’s views were rather… antique and backwards. For a woman to achieve anything in the government of any country, she had to marry a good and wealthy man. It was out of the question that Caspian was a good man and a great king. And in the time she’d spent with him, she’d come to consider him a very good friend. But could he ever become a romantic partner or a lover to her? Would she maybe learn to love him in time?

A week later and she was certain she wouldn’t be falling for Caspian any time soon. The reason: She found herself falling head over heels for someone else. His name was Edmund, one of the kings of the Golden Age of Narnia. She’d heard the story of how him and his siblings had helped Caspian claim the throne from his uncle, but she’d never expected to meet any of them. Nonetheless, the castaways they’d fished out of the sea, were none other than the Just King and the Valiant Queen. 

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Routine Part Three (Lin x Reader)

“I’m not sure if you guys are ready for this. Heck, I don’t know if I’m ready for it and I wrote it. 

Prompt List//Request Something//Mobile Masterlist

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Four)


Summary: Reader and Lin are stuck, so they opt for a new place to write. Once in the new place, they tell each other stories in hopes of inspiration striking. 

Prompts used:

77) You talk way too much.

78) You don’t talk enough.

120) Tell me a story.

Warnings: military family, mentions of bullying, mentions of death, mentions of miscarriages, swearing

Words: 2229

People Who Wanted To Be Tagged (for some reason I don’t fully understand): @yayhamletnonstop @old-manmiranda @nesthemonster @itsjaynebird @just-a-random-fandom-24 @unknown1200

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“Nothing is making ANY SENSE!!” Lin screams as he slides further into your bean bag chair allowing it to swallow him whole.  “Also, just so you know, this chair is damn comfortable. I’m definitely stealing it when this thing is over.”

“Don’t you dare!” You chuckle and throw a pillow at his head, hitting him straight in the temple. “That is my favorite chair.”

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katsstories  asked:

Got a scary horse story? (H3)

Horses can be on the scary side anyway when you remember that they are the species most likely to send a veterinarian to the morgue. This is made worse when working with people that don’t really understand horses as well as they think they do.

The case that made me decide to stop mixed practice was a horse with over confident owners. The horse had cut itself on the inside of a hind leg, and was not the sort of creature that was happy to let you pick up its feet anyway, so even getting a half decent look was going to be hard, and suturing the skin flap under local would be impossible.

The decision was made, after discussing the various risks of anaesthesia, to knock the horse out and close the wound. I would have liked to have had a competent nurse with me, but didn’t have that option with it being a public holiday.

Horse anaesthetics can be dangerous, for everyone involved. The horse is a large creature with powerful muscles that can flail its limbs to devastating effect. While it is going under anaesthesia there is the danger of it falling badly, either on itself on on you, and they can go into an excitement phase where they kick, trash, or stagger around. If this happens, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop a disorientated 400kg+ horse except get the hell out of the way.

This horse did not go down quietly. It decided, as the anaesthetic took effect, to rear up and attempt to cartwheel backwards.

Now imagine you’re at the front of the horse when this happens. Neck and feet flailing in front of you as the horse rises higher and higher. 

The owner, for some reason, was more worried about the horse’s safety than her own, and was trying to yank the lead rope down to stop the horse cartwheeling. This was a stupid thing to do because firstly you can’t stop the horse anyway, and secondly you’re placing yourself in the middle of the danger zone.

So I grabbed the lead rope from the owner, yanking it forcefully out of her hands and shoving her away.

It was then that the horse went over.

With me holding the rope.

Now I am not a frail lass. I’m pretty heavy, but that’s nothing to a full grown horse that’s proceeding to trip balls. I was lifted momentarily off the ground, hooves flashing near my face and the lead rope tearing through my hands.

Tearing is the right word. It burned. Texture in the rope tore away at the skin of my hands causing such pain coupled with fear that you would not believe.

I couldn’t look at my hands. I just couldn’t. They felt like they were on fire but I would have to drive myself to hospital and now the horse was anesthetized on the ground, I only had one chance to close the wound. No way on earth would the owner, who was now a mess despite the fact that they were not injured and I was, would allow me to knock their precious horse out again.

In shock, with hands that felt like they were still on fire, I started stitching up its leg. I wont claim it was my best work, far from it, because I was not in a good state and acutely aware that I was now kneeling at the back legs of the horse, which was probably a more dangerous position to be in once it started to wake up.

And I wouldn’t have long. 

I got a few sutures in, my dexterity was awful and the surgical scrub stung badly, before the horse started to twitch and I was out of there. I made sure the thing recovered ok, left instructions and drove myself to hospital, clutching the steering wheel with the little undamaged areas of my palms, still not being able to bring myself to look.

It was a strange fear that played in my mind. Obviously i had survived because I was now driving, though probably not as alert as I should be. I was fearful for my hands, and my future.

You need enough feeling and dexterity to function as a vet. You have to be able to feel the texture of a mass inside an abdomen, perform delicate procedures through gloves, sense a vibration in a pulse when you’re up to your shoulder in a cow. If I lacked feeling or sensation, I would not be as good a vet as I should be.

When I was at the hospital I found out I had second degree burns on eight fingers and both palms. I also realized, as the adrenaline faded, that my glasses were missing and I had a bruise on my right cheek.

The glasses, as it turned out, had been crushed under the horse, and I hadn’t noticed.

It must have hit me.

That was my last horse anaesthetic.

anonymous asked:

Sombra kidnapped reader to be her little pet but Reaper has his eyes on her. The way she shudders, her terrified eyes, and her constant state of fear turn him on so much. One day Sombra calls Reaper into her room with s/o in bondage with a vibrator in her? Noncon only if you want 0: (bullet points or story i dont mind!)

Reaper & Sombra: 

Hands down, one of the happiest days in Sombra’s life was when she was finally able to make you hers. The moment she laid eyes on you, she knew that you’d be the most adorable pet. You were a skittish little thing so it would take time for you to grow accustomed to your new surroundings but once you got the swing of things you’d be the sweetheart of Talon. And you’d be all hers. Everyone would be jealous of the fact that she had such a prize at her side. 

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Please Don't Fall For Me Like That...

Prompt: Reader goes horseback riding with her S/O’s and her grandpa, but it goes awry.

Paring: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: swearing, falling off a horse, shy and self depreciating thoughts, fluff???

A/N this one’s a bit longer and there’s some horse riding jargon in there. I hope y'all enjoy it! Thank you for all of your love and support! I love you! If you want me to tag anything, let me know. I want you to feel safe when reading my work! Please enjoy!

Word Count: 4530

Early in your relationship, you had convinced the boys to go horseback riding with you. It wasn’t a Herculean task considering that they already knew how to ride horses. They were just concerned about your safety. Your boys had a bad habit of treating you like a fragile flower. You wanted to be a giant, mean cactus, not some frilly, pretty little thing.
You had called your grandpa, who owned a considerable amount of land and horses about a hundred miles away, and he offered to let you guys stay with him for a few days. Your grandpa was the dad you needed when your own father couldn’t be. Your grandpa knew about your relationship, and although he didn’t always understand how things worked, he accepted and supported you. If you were happy, so was he.
You’d grown up riding, so you knew what you were doing. You’d been riding as long as you could walk. Your grandpa was the one that taught you. When the boys and you first showed up, he already had the horses saddled and ready in the yard. You squealed as you jumped out of the car and threw yourself into your grandpa’s arms.
“Well now, did you have a nice trip?” He talked slow and low, not exactly a drawl like John had, but nowhere near the speed that your Alex spoke with.
“Of course! I’m so happy to see you! How’ve you been!” You pulled away from the hug, and he put his hands on your shoulders to calm you down.
“I’ve been doing fine. Lemme help y'all with your bags and-” he began to move forward to help unload, but you put your hand on his chest.
“No, no, it’s fine, we’ve got it,” you insisted. He wasn’t weakened by age, so you knew he could handle it. This was the same man that swung fifty pound saddles around, worked with cows at a rodeo site, and casually fell off horses he was training in his free time… but you still worried about him.
“Can I get y'all anything? Some water? Maybe some watermelon?” He began to move towards the house, and you followed him this time. “I’ve only got two spare rooms, so I hope that’s okay…” he glanced over at you, unsure, but you gave him a reassuring smile. While it wasn’t ideal, it was a first world problem, and it wasn’t a big deal.
“Can we eat some watermelon before we go?” You weren’t hungry, but you couldn’t resist an opportunity to feed the rinds to the horses. He went over to his fridge and pulled out a container of cut up watermelon. He tossed it on the table he had built himself, then put some paper plates by it.
“Y'all just go ahead and help yourself,” he added as he walked across the kitchen to his coffee maker. His cowboy boots clopped on the floor. He poured a cup of coffee and handed it to you, and you thanked him. “You’re gonna have to introduce me to these boys of yours, miss Y/N.”
You grinned at the mention of them and dragged him by the arm to the spare rooms. You’d decided on the way up that you’d take turns. The bigger bed would have Hercules in it as a permanent figure, and the smaller bed would have either Alex or John as a permanent figure. Alex and John would take turns so that they could also sleep with Herc. The first night was Herc, Laf, and you, with Alex and John together in the other room. You personally didn’t think they should be left alone together, but whatever. They were grown men, they should be able to handle themselves.
When you entered the bigger room, you saw that Herc was busy depositing some bags in the corner of the room. He turned around when he heard your grandpa’s boots.
“Papa,” you started, and Herc’s face lit up at how adorable the nickname was, “This is My boyfriend Hercules.”
Herc held out his hand, “It’s nice to meet you, sir! You can call me Herc.”
Your grandpa shook his hand, before Laf came in behind you.
“Wow, ‘Erc, ‘ave you seen the… the… carriage in the garage?” Laf was overjoyed by the fact that he saw a life size carriage.
Your grandpa laughed, “This must be the French one, uh, Laffy?”
You snickered before you corrected him, “Lafayette, but close.”
Your grandpa smiled and tipped his cowboy hat. He liked living the cowboy aesthetic. “I’ve heard a lot about you, young man. And that down there is a buggy, but thank you for the compliment.”
“It is no problem! Did you make it? C'est très grand et magnifique!” You smiled and grabbed Laf’s hand, wordlessly reminding him to speak in English.
“Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say,” your grandpa seemed flattered and shy. He was always bashful when it came to compliments.
“-LAURENS YOU KNOW I LIKE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BED!” You heard Alex shouting from the bedroom next door, and you groaned. So much for them being grown men. You stomped over to the next room and scowled at them as they swatted at each other.
“THATS NOT WHAT YOU WERE SAYING LAST NIGHT!!!” John had shouted back before he grabbed Alex’s ponytail and yanked on it.
“You little motherfu-”
“Alex!” You scolded him before he could curse in front of your grandpa. The two stopped fighting and turned to look at you, both of them flushed. “Stop acting like children! What would Washington say?”
“Washington isn’t here-” Alex began, but John kicked him in the shin.
You turned to your grandpa, who had joined you in the hallway. “Papa, this is Alex, and this is John. They’re trouble makers.”
Your grandpa just laughed, “Farm chores are a good cure for that out here. We’ll put 'em to work!”
You grinned evilly at the two, warning them to behave. You followed your grandpa into the kitchen, and you began to eat the watermelon while he sipped his coffee. The boys joined you, and soon, you had several rinds to feed the horses.
“Well, are y'all ready to go riding?” Your grandpa asked as he placed the empty mug in the sink. You nodded and quickly slipped your boots on. You knew the drill. You went outside with the rinds you created, the spring door slamming shut behind you. Your grandpa’s dog, Buster, trotted up beside you and followed you to the post where the horses were. You approached your horse that you knew you’d be riding, and you fed him a rind. His name was Smoke, and he was a sweetheart. He nodded his head up and down as he chewed, and you laughed.
“Hey, that’s how John eats!” Alex called out as he walked towards the horses, and you laughed. “Which one is this?”
He held his hand out and let the horse smell his knuckles as a sort of introduction before he began to stroke the horse’s neck.
“This is my boy, Smoke,” you explained with a smile as you fed him another rind.
“I thought I was your boy!” Alex pouted, and you swatted his arm.
“Alex,” your grandpa called out as he joined you by his horses. “You’ll be riding this old girl, Fancy, here. She’s a stubborn one, so you’ll have to keep an eye on her. Make sure she doesn’t eat too much.”
My grandpa brushed the palomino’s neck affectionately as she rubbed her nose on the post. Alex grinned and began to feed her rinds.
“Y/N, if you wanna go ahead and get your boyfriend set up, I’m just gonna take old Dealer here out into the field and warm him up again. You know how he can be,” your grandpa said as he untied the dark red horse from the post and led him into an open lot. You did know how Dealer could be. He liked to give everyone a show of him bucking and kicking before he’d let anyone ride him for the day.
You went over by Alex and watched as he wrapped the lead rope around the saddle horn then braced his horse. He did a few hops before he pulled himself into the saddle and grinned down at you. “My lady!” He mocked as he tipped a fake hat, and you giggled.
You heard a commotion and looked over to see that Dealer had already started bucking as your grandpa made him run circles around him in the field.
“Damn,” Herc commented as he came outside and put his arm around you.
“Do you wanna ride that one?” You teased, and he smirked at you.
“I don’t know, do you think he’s as wild as you are?” You felt your cheeks turn red and shoved him away from you. He chuckled before he pulled you against him into a hug.
Your grandpa had texted you when you were planning the trip about which horses he thought which boy should ride, so you knew the plan. “Herc, if you wanna go ahead and get on, Lobo’s your horse.”
You pointed at the white horse, your original boy, and untied him from the post as Herc gave him a rind. He was quick to fix the reins and climb up, and he leaned down to give you a soft kiss to the cheek before he urged the horse towards Alex, who was already trotting Fancy across the yard.
Lafayette came out next, his hair up in a bun, and he had on a pair of riding gloves. He looked so cute! He came over to you, completely disregarding the animals, and instead pulled you into a kiss. It took you by surprise, but it was nice. He tried to deepen the kiss, but you pulled away. You didn’t want your grandpa to watch you make out so soon. He laughed as he pecked you on the lips again.
“Mon ange,” he mumbled, nuzzling your neck, and you bit your lip. Laf was the most affectionate out of all of them, and while it was endearing, sometimes it was really embarrassing. Like when he did it in front of your little, old grandpa.
Before he could make another move on you, you cleared your throat. “My grandpa wanted you to ride Frisky. She’s a little crazy, but we figured you could manage since you’ve got so much riding experience.”
“Yes, I do have a lot of bareback experience,” he growled against your neck, and you blushed furiously.
“Laf!” You scolded him, causing him to breathily laugh. “Not in front of my grandpa!”
He groaned and pulled away. You shoved him towards Frisky and turned away from him, hiding your blush. You focused on John, who had been outside for God only knows how long, petting Buster. You smiled to yourself at how adorable he was. And he was yours.
“John, come on!” You called, and the boy looked up with a full blown grin. He dashed towards you, Buster on his heels.
“Sorry! I just really love dogs!” As if to prove his point, he gave Buster another pat on the head.
“You don’t have to apologize for loving dogs,” you shook your head. He was just being way too cute!
“Don’t worry, I really love you, too,” he added before he pecked you on the cheek. He went over to the other horse that was left, the white mare, and fed her the rinds he had.
“Her name’s Pepsi,” you murmured as he stroked her mane. Pepsi was the most well mannered out of all of them, just like John had the tendency to be the sweetest. They’d make a good pair. You watched John pet huge horse; he was in no hurry to get on. He was taking time to establish a bond with Pepsi. He stroked her fur and whispered to her. You occasionally heard him say your name, but he was speaking too low for you to hear. Finally, he climbed up into the saddle and just sat there, relaxed. Your grandpa came trotting over on Dealer with a smile on his face.
“Well, come on, Y/N!” He teased, “What’s taking you so long?”
You laughed and quickly got on Smoke, the squad quickly assembling. You ran your fingers through his tangled mane as he reached down and ate the grass.
“Well, where do y'all wanna go? We can ride down the road a ways if you want,” he offered, and you nodded. He always liked to go down the road for some reason. Your grandpa urged Dealer forward, and the other horses followed. Lobo stayed right behind Dealer while Fancy was quick to fall behind. Alex clucked and urged her, but she took her sweet time. John stayed with him on Pepsi, chatting in Spanish about something. Your grandpa chatted with Hercules, probably about building stuff. He loved to talk about making things with his bare hands. He was so cute. Laf road with you for a bit, occasionally commenting about the scenery in French to you. Smoke tripped a few times, and each time he would stumble, Laf would call out a string of curses in French, but you’d always insist you were fine. Smoke had the tendency to be a klutz.
About a mile down the road, you came to a creek, and your grandpa led the path down the rock bed. You ducked beneath some limbs and laughed when you heard Alex swearing behind you. Fancy probably took him through some thorns and underbrush. You rode up beside your grandpa while the other horses blanched at the water. Yours, on the other hand, was practically a sea horse. He went out into the water and began to splash, causing you to scream in joy. You laughed and screamed, completely careless, as you pulled your feet out of the stirrups and got soaked. Your grandpa was chortling while your boys watched, laughing. Then, your sea horse decided to lie down. You screamed at the sudden movement, your legs completely submerged, and you pulled up on the reins. He stood back up while you frowned and laughed. Your boots were filled with water. Your grandpa was cackling, your boys roaring. You took off your boots as your horse kicked up more water and dumped them out. It took the entire four mile trip for your boots to dry and everyone to stop laughing.
When you made it back to the house, your grandpa led you into one of his lots across the street and gave y'all the tour. He loved to do that. He pointed out the deer stand and talked about how many deer he’d gotten out of it. Herc listened with intent, and eventually, Laf joined in. They both engaged with your grandpa while John stayed behind with Alex. Alex was having trouble with Fancy since she kept stopping to eat. You were just kind of doing your own thing, having a chill time. You and Smoke just did whatever you wanted. You rode off from the group to the pond, and he got a drink. He stopped to eat some leaves from a tree. He just had a grand old time, and you enjoyed the peace and quiet. After a while, the men came riding up to you with a soft trot, laughing and having a good time.
“If y'all wanna canter back, that’s fine. And if you don’t, that’s fine, too. Y'all can just hang back with me,” he offered, and Alex hooted.
“Race ya, John!” He called out before he urged his horse forward. Fancy, knowing she was going back to the house, moved faster than she had in years, and John was hot on her trail with Pepsi. Hercules and Laf decided to stay back with your grandpa and continue their conversations. You were impressed. All of them seemed to be doing really well, and your grandpa really seemed to like them. You decided to go ahead and try to canter before you got off since it’d been a while since you’d been able to ride in general. Smoke had a fairly decent canter once he got into it, and he’d been really soft and smooth today. The wind had picked up, and the clouds were closing in, but other than that, it had been perfect riding weather. You urged him forward slowly, and he trotted towards the gate. You kept clucking and squeezing, but he only picked up the pace of his trot until it was jerky and awkward. Finally, you urged him forward into a canter, and you felt the wind blowing through your hair. It was exhilarating. You moved your hips in the rocking chair motion with him as he moved, feeling at peace, when he jolted sideways. Something must have spooked him, and you weren’t ready. Your entire world went sideways. You’d never fallen off a horse before. You were always good at staying on. One time, you went over the side of him and hung from his neck until you managed to stop him and climb down. But this time, you couldn’t do it. You tried to keep the reins, but you realized it was only making him go sideways and hurt his mouth, so you let go, and you fell. Hard. You rolled several times before you came to a stop, face down, in the grass. You heard someone scream your name, but all you could focus on was the pain in the entire left side of your body. You had to move though. You knew that you had to get up so that they knew you weren’t dead. You slowly pushed yourself onto your hands and knees, gritting your teeth as you clenched the grass. Why wasn’t the pain going away? You held back tears and reused to cry. That would just worry them even more. You looked over to see your grandpa running his horse as fast as he could towards you, Hercules and Lafayette flanking him. You looked up by the gate and saw Alex and John coming, your horse following them. You had to stand up so they wouldn’t worry. You got up, biting your lip, and you hunched over in pain. Your hip was throbbing. Your grandpa skidded to a stop beside you and hopped off his horse.
“Y/N! Are you okay? What happened?” His hands hovered around you, wanting to help but unsure.
“I’m fine. You know me, always a huge klutz!” You tried to joke because the amount of tension was stressing you out. Lafayette was the first by your side, his arm sliding around your waist, but you flinched.
“Can you stand up straight?” He asked you, and you nodded. It hurt like a bitch, but you managed to stand up and put all of your weight on the right side of your body. You forced a smile, and you would’ve looked fine if it wasn’t for the fact that your left leg was trembling like a mofo.
“I dunno, about as straight as you, Laf,” you tried to joke again, but no one was laughing. Tough crowd. The boys had now all huddled around you, their horses eating grass behind them.
“Is anything broken?” Your grandpa asked, and you hoped not.
“No? I don’t think so? I mean, maybe my ego, but…” you grinned, but no one laughed. If they didn’t start laughing soon, you might start crying.
Your grandpa put his hand gently on your shoulder, “Let’s get you into the house, can you back on?”
Your knee jerk reaction was to resist, “No!” But then you remembered that you had to get back on or you might never find the courage to.
“Y'all stay here, and I’ll go get the truck-” he began, but you were already being a huge inconvenience.
“No, no, it’s fine. I’ll try to get back on!” You insisted, and your grandpa seemed unsure, but you stared him down.
“Okay, get on my horse,” he offered, and you nodded. You went over to the saddle and stared. How were you supposed to do this? Your grandpa came up beside you, and you put your hand on his shoulder before you shifted your weight to your left side so that you could put your right foot in the stirrup. You resisted the urge to hiss in pain, and you hopped a few times before you pulled yourself up by the saddle horn. Your grandpa boosted you, and you slid into place, instantly wincing at how much spreading your legs hurt. You slumped forward in the saddle, babying your hip.
“I’m gonna start walking him,” your grandpa warned you, and you grunted in reply. You felt the horse start to move, and you gripped his mane as you were racked with pain. The boys resaddled and followed you guys home, Alex leading Smoke behind him. They got you to the porch, where your grandpa helped you down.
“Go ahead and get inside, we’ll unsaddle,” he commanded, and you nodded. You limped your way inside, able to walk fairly well. You went into the bathroom and went pee before you washed your hands and made the split decision to hobble back out. Pain or not, you still had to help your grandpa unsaddle. You went over to the horse trailer and took the lead rope for Smoke from Alex. He didn’t say anything, he just pecked you on the cheek. With shaking fingers, you managed to undo the saddle. The only hard part was maneuvering the fifty pound, awkward shape. You struggled to do that in pristine health, let alone with a bum hip. You pulled the saddle off of Smoke and limped your way towards the trailer, but your grandpa met you and quickly took it from you.
“Miss Y/N, I thought I told you to go inside,” he called out to you from inside the trailer as he put the saddle up.
“And what? Miss all the fun? No way! I’m fine!” Why couldn’t no one believe that?
You got some treats out of the bag and took Smoke into the chorale. He nudged you a few times before you took the bridle off. He nibbled and kissed your hand, then you gave him the treats. Once he’d eaten them all, you left and put the bridle up. John met you at the trailer as the others were finishing unsaddling.
“Are you sure you’re okay? I saw the whole thing, and it looked like you hit your head,” he murmured as he brushed your cheek with his thumb.
“I’m fine, see? I’m still alive; nothing’s broken,” you insisted, and he gave you a small smile.
“You scared the hell outa me.”
You frowned, “I’m sorry, that’s not what I wanted-”
“Shh,” he put his finger to your lips, “don’t worry about upsetting us. Let us sorry about you.”
You nodded, and he put an arm around you as support. He led you back towards the house, talking about how pretty and green the grass was.
He put you on the couch and helped you lie down. Soon, the rest of them came in, and your grandpa got you some Aleve. You popped the pills and leaned back. John sat on the end of the couch with your feet propped up on him. Alex draped a blanket over you before he kissed your forehead and sat down by Alex’s feet.
After Laf helped your grandpa fix dinner, you insisted on joining them at the table. Herc carried you in and put you down in one of the comfy rolling chairs instead of on the hand crafted wooden bench, and your grandpa scooped your food. You felt bad. He had trained you, and you let him down. His heart couldn’t take scares like that.
Laf sat beside you at dinner and held your hand, occasionally squeezing when he noticed that you weren’t eating. It was one of your favorite meals that your grandpa made, but you just weren’t hungry. You felt so guilty for making everyone worry so much.
Everyone finished and began to help clear the table, but Laf scooted closer to you and stroked your chin with his thumb before he held up the fork with a bite of food.
“You need to eat more, mon ange,” he whispered sternly, and you pouted. You knew he was right, but you just didn’t feel like it. However, John did ask you to let them worry about you, so you let Laf feed you. You complained the entire time about how embarrassing it was and that you were full. Eventually, he was satisfied by the amount you ate, and he carried you back into the living room. He sat down on the couch with you in his lap, and your grandpa came in. He turned on the news and sat down in his chair. Alex sat with your feet in his lap, and Herc and John sat together on the love seat. You scrolled through Tumblr on your phone as you all enjoyed each other’s company. Laf occasionally fussed over you and kept making you drink water. When he wasn’t pouring water down your throat, he was gently tracing the lines on your face.
“Well now, it’s getting pretty late. I think I’ll turn in. You doing okay, Y/N?” Your grandpa asked as he turned down the news and handed Alex the remote.
“Yeah, I’m sorry for spooking y'all,” you replied shyly.
“You’re okay, I’ll see ya in the morning, hun. Love you,” your grandpa waved to you before he went into his bedroom and closed the door. You called “love you” after him, and turned back to Tumblr, but Laf took your phone.
“Come on, let’s get you to bed. Sleep will 'elp you 'eal faster,” he reasoned before he gently arranged you in his arms. He stood up, and you groaned in pain. Your lack of movement had allowed everything to stiffen up, and it hurt like hell.
“I’m sorry, mon ange!” He cried out, eyes raking you for a sudden injury. “Qu'est-ce c'est?”
“I’m okay,” you grunted, “just stiff.” He nodded and slowly began to walk with you to the bedroom. Herc followed, leaving John and Alex together watching the news and speaking in Spanish. Laf put you on the bed, and they joined you on either side. Herc had turned out the lights, and he gingerly wrapped an arm around your side since your back was to him. You decided it would be the least amount of pain if you slept on your right side. When you didn’t react in pain to his movement, he let his arm rest across you, and he snuggled closer, the heat relaxing your muscles. Laf snuggled into you from the other side, his hair tickling your face, and he kissed the tip of your nose.
“Go to sleep, mon ange,” he whispered to you, and you closed your eyes.
You felt Herc press a kiss into your hair as you began to drift. “We love you.”

Rock Climbing!S.Coups
  • you and choi seungcheol are rock climbing buddies
  • meaning that you’re each others belay partner, beta, and bouldering partner
  • (if you don’t speakey the lingo, that means you’re the person attached to the rope making sure other person doesn’t fall to their death, person giving climbing advice, and person you just climb rocks with even without a rope) 
  • when you at the climbing center or outdoors to climb
  • you can bet money that csc is nearby 
  • he’s your climbing partner #4lyf
  • and it’s been this way since your first day climbing way back when
  • you two met at your first ever climbing class where they taught you basic climbing techniques and how to belay a human being
  • you two were paired up for the class 
  • you two learned to belay together and you were the first person he belayed in his life and he was the first person you ever belayed
  • you two then took the exam together at the end of the class so that you’d be able to climb at the climbing center
  • and when the test ended, coups was all like
  • “so….. wanna be my climbing partner since I don’t know anyone else here and I kinda need a buddy to stay alive while climbing…”
  • and you agreed bc you were in the same boat
  • after that you two were p mush inseparable when it came to climbing
  • theres no one you trust more 
  • and when you’re climbing with someone else, it’s not the same as climbing with the dude who you can communicate with wordlessly from 12 meters up in the air
  • you two stuck with each other as you leveled up
  • learned to lead rope together
  • went climbing outdoors for the first time together 
  • started taking roadtrips to go climbing together
  • you two didnt really know anyone else that climbed so you two were stuck with each other
  • and neither of you minded
  • when you got into college, you two were super excited
  • SAME COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!
  • yasssssss
  • you two were also super excited to join the climbing team at your uni and that was the first thing the two of you did
  • when you joined the team, you two made friends with other people who climbed for the first time
  • (csc’s hs friends - jeonghan and jisoo - weren’t really the climbing type even though he tried to convince them a few times)
  • both of you were super happy to make new climbing friends
  • but you were still each others’ fav partners 
  • koot
  • now you’re well acquainted with the team and your school
  • but you two are still p much joint at the hip when it comes to climbing
  • (and outside too now that you’re at the same school)
  • the team is constantly trying to get you two to admit that you’re dating
  • but you’re not??????
  • like,
  • yes, you have matching harnesses
  • BUT
  • that’s bc you went to the shopping for harnesses together back in high school and they were the one kind on sale?
  • you two got it when you were “still new and didn’t know all the cool specialized stores!”
  • aoidjfals;dfkjals;dkfjals;dkf
  • “still matchy” 
  • *winks from like half the climbing team*
  • (mostly mingyu)
  • half the team is convinced that you two are secretly dating
  • and the other half are your closer friends and know that the two of you arent dating
  • but they’re placing bets on when you’ll get together 
  • bc 
  • “it’s only a matter of time at this point”
  • ladkfjla;sdjfla;dsjfladskjfl;saj
  • anyways
  • one day
  • during a team dinner,
  • the team gets you to admit that you have a crush on someone
  • the whole team is wiggling their eyebrows at you and side eyeing coups
  • and you nearly punch someone
  • but csc doesnt even notice
  • bc he’s lost in his own thoughts like
  • !!!!!!!!!!!
  • YOU LIKE SOMEONE????????
  • !!!!!!!!!!!
  • he asks who it is 
  • but you refuse to tell
  • bc the teams right
  • (of course)
  • and the person you like is none other than choi seungcheol.
  • you didn’t like him from day one
  • but ever since he helped you after that one bad fall, 
  • you were hooked
  • he’d p much blamed himself for you getting hurt bc he didnt catch you properly as the belayer
  • he even ran to the convinience store to get you ice that day
  • but they didnt have ice so he brought back frozen orange juice mix 
  • (its the thought that counts)
  • watching him worry and fuss over you and seeing how much he cared made you fall for him
  • just thinking about how worried and how gentle he was then….
  • *heart eyes for days*
  • after that day
  • you started to notice all the little things about him and the way he treated people more
  • like the way he interacts with the team
  • you esp liked watching him interact with mingyu bc csc’s shorter
  • but hes always poking fun at the taller one until he’s whining like a little puppy
  • and you can see the “aw you’re too cute” written all over his face and
  • alsdjf;lasdjf;lasdkjk
  • its like watching seungcheol with a child or puppy 
  • which would make your heart combust prob
  • but mingyu’s p much both so you’re heart is combusting anyways
  • and youre still falling
  • (which is ironic since his job as your climbing partner is to catch you when you fall)
  • anywhooooooo
  • yes you like choi seungcheol
  • but you’re not going to admit it in front of him or the team
  • never in a million years
  • its prob not too hard to tell that you like csc if you have eyes
  • but seungcheol’s dense
  • like
  • vvvvvvvvv dense.
  • choi seungcheol, being choi seungcheol, keeps asking you who you like
  • tell me. tell me. please? tell me. tell meeeeeee”
  • he turns into a whiny baby when the other boys aren’t around
  • its like he knows he’s cute or something
  • anyway
  • you’re answer is still a firm “no.”
  • he keeps bugging you but your lips are sealed
  • and this bothers seungcheol so much that he goes ranting about it to his roommate
  • (even though he already tells his roommate everything anyways)
  • this continues on a daily basis for weeks
  • and lucky for seungcheol,
  • his roommate (AKA seungcheol’s fav music major - don’t tell seokmin AKA lee jihoon) isn’t as dense as he is
  • and this roommate eventually gets fed up with the ranting
  • “with your lives. i get it.”
  • “it’s been weeks and i still dont know. and who knows how long Y/N had a crush on this guy. Why can’t they just tell me? I deserve to know blahblahblahblah
  • its the start of another seungcheol rant and jihoon’s done™
  • “it’s bc the person is you, you dense buckethead”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moment for cheol
  • or
  • it should be
  • but no
  • coups is, as jihoon v nicely put it, “a dense bucket head”
  • “that can’t be true.”
  • jihoon rolls his eyes at his dense roommate and just gets back to work
  • seungcheol brushes off jihoons comment and goes to mope some more
  • goddang it coups
  • his reasoning is basicallly
  • Y/N can’t like me like that bc I don’t like Y/N like that 
  • right?
  • which is dumb
  • but he’s dense
  • smh
  • anyyyyy waysssssss
  • after jihoon’s comment
  • seungcheol starts to become hyperaware of everything relating to you
  • he starts to reallly notice everything
  • he notices you laughing from across the room
  • he notices you blushing when he lands a little too close to you after a climb
  • he notices that your lockscreen is a group pic of the climbing team
  • but cut so that you and him are in the center of your phone
  • and he notices that maybe you do like him…..
  • and maybe,
  • just maybe
  • he likes you too
  • and he starts to consider the what ifs
  • what if you were actually dating?
  • what would it be like to hold your had everyday, and not just the rope you were attached to
  • what would it be like to go on dates and spend time together outside of school and climbing
  • what would it be like to share more of his life with you 
  • what if he could hug you in a non CONGRATS YOU FINISHED THAT SUPER HARD 5.13! (5.13 is a hard level in climbing) way
  • what if he could call you whenever to tell you about his horrible professor
  • what if he didn’t have to hold back?
  • and that’s when it hits him
  • oh dear lordy.
  • he likes you.
  • took him long enough
  • this realization makes him start to take the jokes in a v diiff way when the team jokes about the two of you dating 
  • and you notice
  • “are you ok? your face is kind of red”
  • “he’s not ok. he’s sick with love”
  • *whack*
  • “shut up mingyu - seriously, are you ok?”
  • you take him outside to make sure he’s not sick or anything
  • but then he opens his mouth
  • “what if we actually dated?”
  • ???????
  • wat.
  • you’re struggling to process what’s going on but he keeps talking
  • “what if we actually dated? I think i like you. i think i’ve liked you for a while now”
  • and you’re like 
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • is he really confessing to you right now?
  • *flips out*
  • but you being you, 
  • do not know how to accept a confession
  • and you being the awkward bean you are, 
  • start to ramble
  • “well, if we did start dating we’d have to deal with a lot of teasing from the team. and i’m p sure mingyu has a bet going with eunwoo about when we’ll get together so we’ll see who betted what and who’s losing money and -”
  • you’re still rambling when coups grabs your hands and looks you square in the eyes
  • “jihoon said you like me. is that true?”
  • *nod*
  • bc 
  • what are words?
  • and your head barely moves before seungcheol is squishing you in a huge hug
  • and suddenly you’re a thing
  • and your crush doesn’t seem so ridiculous or onesided
  • you get to actually do coupley things now
  • (to the delight of both you and the dense one)
  • and now jihoon gets to hear about how fabulous your dates are instead of how you don’t trust coups 
  • yeyyyyyyyyy
  • the two of you walk into the next holding hands 
  • and amidst the “FINALLY” and “TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGHS” when you tell people that you’re dating
  • you see Mingyu slip eunwoo a few bills
  • rip gyu’s wallet
  • and when seungcheol hugs you from behind playfully 
  • and the chorus of awwwws ensue 
  • you can’t stop the smile from taking over your face
  • bc even with mingyu commenting “aww look at how disgustingly sweet”
  • you wouldn’t change a thing

Written by Admin Sea

I helped bring in the horses for the night and one of them was the warmblood mare at the barn. It was so bizarre cause it felt like just a completely different creature than Rudi? Like the feeling of her presence was completely different. Even the feeling in the lead rope was weird. Idk why it feels so different, but i guess im just so used to how Rudi “feels” that anything else feels off?

I Like You More

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You thought Peter liked Liz, but he likes someone else more.

Word Count: 1,460

Homecoming was just a week away. The students of Midtown High were all talking about it. Getting dates, picking outfits, that sort of thing.

You? You couldn’t care less. It’s not that you hated Homecoming. In fact, you would love to go.

But, the person you wanted to go with probably didn’t want to go with you. And, that person was Peter Parker.

You and Peter had been best friends since the third grade. You always hung out. You were two peas in a pod.

As you entered your high school years, that best friend feeling you had for Peter began to shift into something more.

You would’ve gladly acted on your feelings if he didn’t have such a huge crush on Liz Allen.

There was no denying it. Liz was beautiful, smart, and kind. If anyone could be labeled as the ideal girlfriend, it’d be her.

Naturally, you were jealous, but since you and Peter were still best friends, you had to support him. Even if it hurt.

You, Peter, and your friend Jessica were walking home after another day of school. You and Jessica lived in the same neighborhood, and Peter’s apartment was on the way.

“So, Homecoming’s next week. Any dates?” Peter asked.

Jessica scoffed, “You kidding? Like I’d want a date. I’m fine going solo.”

“How about you, (Y/N)? Anyone ask you yet?” The brunette looked in your direction.

You weren’t really paying attention. At the mention of Homecoming, you lost all interest. You knew you were going without a date. Even if another boy did approach you, you would turn him down. 

The only boy you wanted to go with was standing next to you, and he hadn’t asked.

“(Y/N/N), “ he nudged you with his elbow, “did you hear what I said?”

You looked up at him, “Hmm? Oh, uh. No, no one has asked me. At this point, I’m not even sure if I want to go.”

Peter’s eyes widened, “No one has asked you? Seriously?”

You blushed, “Well, I…”

Jessica ran her hip against yours, “(Y/N) doesn’t have any interest in that stuff. You know her.”

You glared at her, which she just laughed at.

“How ‘bout you, Pete? You going with anyone?”

He rubbed the back of his neck, “Well, I was thinking that maybe I’d ask Liz. We’ve become good friends over the year, so I think she might say yes.”

And, just like that, any chance of you going to Homecoming vanished.

Jessica looked at you. She knew about your crush on Peter.

You felt tears begin to collect in your eyes. “I, uh…I just remembered that I have something…at home…to do. I’ll catch you guys later.” You ran ahead of the two, the tears beginning to fall.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” Peter was about to run after you, but Jessica put a hand on his shoulder.

Peter turned around and looked at your best friend, “You have any idea what that was all about?”

Jessica sighed, “You really don’t see it?”

Peter raised an eyebrow, looking at your retreating form. “See what?”

Jessica rubbed her eyes, “Well, (Y/N)’s gonna kill me for telling you, but it might help so…” she looked Peter in the eye, “Peter, (Y/N) likes you.”

Peter’s eyes widened, “W-what? S-she does?”

Jessica merely nodded.

Peter ran a hand through his hair, “Why hasn’t she told me?”

Jessica crossed her arms, “Maybe she would have. But, you were too busy gushing over Liz. She didn’t think she had a chance.”

Peter looked longingly in your direction, “Oh, (Y/N). You should’ve just told me.” He sighed, “I didn’t think she was interested. She always mentioned how she never had interest in that stuff.”

Jessica raised an eyebrow, “When was that?”

“Uh, like eighth grade?”

Jessica rolled her eyes, “Peter, you’re juniors now. You really think nothing has changed?”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck, “Well, I guess so. Do you, uh, do you think she’ll want to go to Homecoming with me?”

Jessica shrugged, “Don’t know. You’ll have to ask her yourself.”

Peter sighed but nodded. He turned towards the direction of your neighborhood. 

“I’m coming, (Y/N).”

“Hi, Mrs. (Y/L/N). Is (Y/N) here?”

Your mom nodded, stepping to the side to let Peter into the house, “She’s in the treehouse. She seemed upset. You have any idea what she could be upset about?”

Peter sighed, “I think I do. Which is why I’m here.”

Your mom led Peter to the backyard where your treehouse stood. Your older brother, who was now in college, helped your dad build it for you when you were about ten.

Peter gave your mother a smile, “Thanks. I should be able to figure out what’s wrong. I’m her best friend.”

Your mom patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks, Peter.”

Peter looked up at the treehouse. When you were younger, the two of you used to camp outside in the treehouse.

Peter chuckled, remembering certain things. He took a deep breath then started to climb the rope ladder leading to the entrance of the treehouse.

You didn’t hear anyone come up. You were too busy being depressed. And, at the same time, angry with yourself.

So, Peter liked another girl. You were still best friends with him. You should support him in going after the girl he likes.

So, why couldn’t you?

You buried your head in your arms, trying your best to forget about your feelings for the brunette.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been up here.”

You gasped, quickly turning around at the sound of the familiar voice. You put a hand to your chest, feeling the pounding of your heart. “Peter, a little warning might be nice.”

Peter blushed sheepishly, “Uh, sorry. I, uh, wanted to talk to you.”

You let out a breath, facing forward, “What about?”

You heard shuffling and turned to the side to see Peter sitting next to you. You furrowed your eyebrows, ignoring the hammering in your chest.

Peter bit his lip but then looked at you, “So, Jessica told me something funny.”

“Did she? What was it?” You turned your head to the front again.

“She said that…you, well, like me.”

You immediately tensed up, your eyes widening as you turned to face him, “Wha - she? Ugh.” You slammed your face into your palm, “Jess, why?!”

Peter looked at you, his eyes soft, “Is…is it true?”

You chuckled flatly, “That’s the last time I tell her a secret.” You sighed, “And, so what if it is? There’s nothing I can do about it. You like Liz. I just have to get over it, that’s all.”

Peter shuffled closer to you, your arms touching, “Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

You looked at Peter with confusion in your eyes, “What do you mean?”

Peter smiled, placing his hand over yours, “I don’t want you to get over it. ‘Cause then I’ll have to get over you. And, I kinda don’t wanna do that.”

Your eyes widened, “What? But, Peter, you like Liz. You’re asking her to Homecoming.”

Peter shook his head, “I haven’t asked her yet. I can change my mind.”

He took your hands, “(Y/N), if you had told me that you liked me, I would’ve told you that I like you back. I always thought you weren’t interested.”

“Not interested? Wow, I’m better at hiding my feelings than I thought.”

Peter chuckled, squeezing your hands, “Yeah, you are. Anyway, yes, I had a crush on Liz. I was going to ask her to Homecoming, but, then Jessica mentioned that you liked me, and that immediately changed. If I had to pick between you and Liz, I’d always pick you.”

You didn’t know what to say. You looked down at your hands held in his. “Am - am I dreaming?”

Peter chuckled, stroking back a loose strand of your hair, “I sure hope not.

You sighed, a smile forming on your face, “So, just to clarify, you do like me, right?”

He smiled, pulling you closer to him, “Yes, (Y/N). I like you.”

 “Okay, just making sure.” Without warning, you wrapped your arms around his neck, connecting your lips with his.

Peter seemed unsurprised by the kiss as he quickly melted into it. His hand wrapped around the back of your neck, pulling your head closer.

After a few seconds, the two of you separated. You laid your hands on his chest, “Sorry. I just had to do that.”

Peter smirked, placing a hand on your back, “Don’t apologize. I want to do that more often.”

You both laughed, just relishing one another’s company.

Peter looked down at you, “So, you going to Homecoming now?”

You smiled, “Only if you go with me.”

“There’s no one else I’d rather go with.”

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Heya Hey Hey!! May i request an hc where RFA+V and Saeran find out that MC is also a trust fund kid, an heir to a big corporation just in another country. hahah! Thank you :3

Heyaaa too~~ So sorry thiss took so long to make!

I hope you enjoy!


  • “Really? But you’re totally not like that jerk!” *cough* Jumin *cough* 
  • Will brag to Jumin that he’s such a jerk when MC is raised the same way but didn’t turn out to be a jerk
  • Supports MC when she feels overwhelmed that she’s inheriting such big company (because she’s not a jerk and can have insecurities too lol)
  • Media will probably gossip that he’s using MC’s connection to increase his career
  • Hell naw! Will prove himself worthy to MC’s family 
  • Gains lots of fans in MC’s home country. Probably be like their power couple


  • Zen will also tease Jumin about how  he’s such a jerk when MC is raised the same way but didn’t turn out to be a jerk
  • Will teach MC the ropes of leading a company.
  • But first, you need someone like Jaehee to enslave
  • And a white fluffy cat like Elizabeth 3rd.
  • Okay, this is not correct, but he’s actually really patient
  • Will accompany MC with her clients and help her
  • By intimidating the clients with Jumin death glare
  • Both parent’s will superbly agree with their relationsip. 


  • “What? Like Jumin-hyung?”
  • He’ll be disheartened at first, seeing how MC is an important person
  • But MC supports him and tells him how he’s an important person too for the animals
  • MC’s company will probably help out Yoosung’s clinic in a lot of way. Or maybe he’ll have one of his own? 
  • They’ll probably be the top philanthropist couple. 


  • Already knows!
  • He’ll probably be chill because it’s no biggie for him
  • But he’ll be the invisible help behind MC’s back
  • “Oh you haven’t prepared the files needed when meeting with your client? Why not have him stuck in traffic for a while because the traffic lights are acting up?”
  • “He’s a jerk client? Let’s have him enter an elevator alone and have it suddenly turning off and acting funny?”
  • Him and MC’s dates would probably revolve in Seven’s apartment since media always have their eyes on MC. 


  • Like Seven, he’s chill. 
  • Instead worries about MC. “Is the workload too much?” “Is she being pressured?” “Does she need any help?”
  • MC places his photos on each floor of her company
  • Workplace stress goes down low like it never been. 
  • V effect. 
  • When MC’s home he’ll do his best to make MC relax and not think about work. 
  • Cuddles, dinner outside, calming walks, probably everything relaxing. 


  • Does it even matter?
  • Does it change anything? 
  • He’ll come off as ignorant in the outside
  • But deep down he actually tries to better himself up, so he’ll be worthy of MC
  • Saeyoung would probably make fun of him for dating someone like Jumin. 
Seven routes to the land of sleep

1. The winding route through the sandy door at the back of the house, the door one may dig up through to find a desert valley in rose and gold. And the path starts out twisty and turning and ends up in a slow, lazy spiral, round and about the warm rocks. Out here the sand is soft and flows easily across the path. If you lay back in it there is always the chance that you might slip down into the caves beneath. And around each corner there are more and more places that you might lie back, and the caves are closer to the surface, and there are more finger-marks on the rocks from those who came before you.
2. Or there is also a bus that goes to the land of sleep, although it is easily missed. Get to the stop early and take a seat on your own, if you can, and apart from anyone who might dribble on your shoulder. The route goes round the city three times. It goes past the brightly-lit and empty lobbies, past packed-in suburbia huddled round the ringroad, past the gleam of metal shutters and the thorny hedge in the darkness and through the bank of damp air by the bus shelter in the river valley. As the bus fills up it sways more ponderously, creaking like an old ship at sea, grunting and farting and whispering fragments of dreams to the city’s periphery. You will know if it got there only when you find yourself on the return trip.
3. The route to the top of the mountain. It is a hard climb, the more so because one must stumble over a hundred or more sleepers on the way. But at least it is not cold up there and the winds are kind. At the top of the mountain there is a rope ladder leading up into the darkness, and if you fall from this ladder they will catch you, but otherwise they will leave you be.
4. One may take a raft, too, and there is no need of worrying if it will capsize because the ocean there is midnight blue and still as a fainted dragon. At the port the shore is crowded with rafts. A little further out, too, and their lights cluster like stars, a thousand sleepers jostling with the currents. A little further and a little further and it will be just you and the luminous fishes. They say the luminous fishes swim just off the end of sleep’s continental shelf, and they are a sign, along with the raven-gulls, that you will be there soon.
5. Some take the stairs to get there. This way requires that you go through that other door, the library one, and wind up through the house of curtains, taking always the spiral steps and no others. Do not bring a light or someone to talk to. Brush the hangings aside gently; they are old, and have been passed many times before. By and by you will hear the house breathing around you. It has slept itself for a thousand or so years, lulled up by the prayer-wheel of ascending feet upon its old bones. Have no doubt therefore that it knows the way and can guide you.
6. Deep in the mazy night there is a place one may be storied into sleep, a cavern carved out of the idea of a cloud. Only float into its clutches and you may enter. The price of entry is one story, and it must be one of the old, slow ones that is rounded like a sea-smooth pebble, spoken down the soft corridors of that place. You will get it back in the morning. It will be warm in the palm of your hand and you will never be quite sure if it has been changed by the experience.
7. Then too you may be sung there, sung there by the dream-songs of those millions thrumming against the land’s borders, sung upwards and inwards and through the porous boundary of the place until you are quite in its musical heart. That is a familiar hug of a way in, a soft blanket of a way and a warm drink. And the songs maybe any songs and be sad or joyous or silly or quite new or quiet or slow, their only requirement being the ability to sink into comfortable, companionable silence.


me: -halter pressure-

toto: ???

me: -kissy sound-

toto: ???

toto: ya i’m gonna put the lead rope in my mouth now

kinky!taehyung headcanons

[because we all know he’s as kinky as it gets, come on / masterlist with the other versions (jimin ; jungkook ; yoongi ; namjoon under /tagged/masterlist]

- switch taehyung with a thing for all things soft and fluffy, materials that slip and slide over his skin and leave him tingling underneath you

- so, yes, inevitably - kitty ears, handmade to fit him in delicate shades of ash grey (yoongi’s hair colour, specifically, and it wasn’t weird that you’d used that for reference), the insides in white. they glow against his skin, offsetting the pink in his cheeks when you slide a hand under his chin and ask who’s a good little kitty?

- anal play, for him - your fingers, curling to find that really good place taeyhung didn’t stop talking about for a full day once he found it on his own in the shower

- watching him writhe and grind up against your palm, fingers clawing at whatever you’ve found to bend him over, fuck himself back with his mouth hanging open, practically panting with pleasure, wanton and lovely

- the same for you, accompanied by his that ever curious, ever present tongue, because to taehyung it isn’t simply a kinky treat - he overheard namjoon discussing its merits with yoongi and seokjin over soju and dinner on a night off (a horrified, fascinated and slightly aroused jeongguk hovered in the background, according to tae)

-he likes to spread your ass with both hands, flicking his tongue in little circles, pushing it in with no warning and his fingers digging into your thighs, keeping you exactly where he wants you

- butt plugs with long, luxurious tails attached that he says send goosebumps over his skin when they brush over his thighs; you’re certain that the sight of him, ass pushed up into the air, back arched, waiting for your move, is one of the hottest things you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing

- wet, wet fucking, because of massage oils that smell like aphrodisiac-laced candy, splashed over your chest, his cock, rubbed over five-hours-of-practice sore muscles, working it over his cock and that sweet place just under his balls that has him gasping out your name

- sloppy oral, taehyung near suffocating under the weight of your body on top of him sucking and gasping between licks, leaving bruises littered across the insides of your thighs

- him begging for you to slap him (harder, please, fucking slap me, I’m yours, I’m your bitch, baby, please)

- shaking in makeshift restraints (if you’d been in a rush just to see him strapped down), sometimes done up with meticulous care in soft ropes; the lead of his leather collar looped around the headboard or your hand

- squeezing his neck as tight as you can while you fuck his mouth open with two fingers, delighting in the sight of his eyes fluttering, chanting thank you, thank you, thank you

- exhibitionism (are you really surprised?): slipping his hand over your ass as you hunt for good street food, squeezing in appreciation no matter who’s looking - especially if someone is looking

- pulling you into crooked alleyways at the side of busy streets, with whispered supplications, dressed up demands: gonna fuck my face baby, let me taste you out here like a good little girl?

- always tempting you to go that little bit further

- further is never enough, of course - he wants you in the back of darkened cinemas, against a tree on secluded paths, underwear around your ankles and the sleeve of your jacket balled up against your mouth while he fucks you wide open

- in the shower at the dorms, something dark and dirty catching in his eyes when he slaps a hand down over your mouth, scissoring you with in leisurely twisting motions. The slant of his mouth, concentrated and serious as he slams into you with the desperation only a lonely night full of errant boners and no privacy can bring - it’s almost bored

- pleasure is taken in overwhelming amounts, from telling his hyungs that he’s fine, he’ll be out in just a minute, relying only on the rush of water to mask the lewd slap of his skin on yours, rocking his hips up hard, eyes on yours, then on the sight of his cock sliding in and out of you, water cascading over your thighs

- eating his cum when it leaks out of your hole, swallowing it down, a gentle hum of contentment and arousal as the tastes of you both mix on his tongue

- alternatively, he’s sometimes eager to keep you filled up with it and that’s when the plugs come out - silicone or glass, plain or finely crafted dusky-rose, small or large, you name it and taehyung has ordered it, picked it up as soon its arrived and ripped open the packaging, like the kinkiest kid at christmas

- countless dinners, brunches, impromptu nights in comfy, worn-down cafes with the boys spinning their storm of light-hearted chaos around you - so many of them spent trying to keep taehyung’s hands searching hands on his food and phone instead of tugging you towards the restroom so he can inspect the plug in your asshole

- and if you can’t count the amount of times that jimin has caught you both emerging from a unisex stall with your shirt askew and taehyung’s mouth oddly…pink, and glistening, when he was sure tae had said you were feeling a little sick; then so be it, that’s the hazards of fucking someone with as little self-awareness as tae

- he walks well in heels, and looks good in them too - even better in soft thigh highs and pastel heels, frilled suspended belt on his hips, hands splayed over his face as you work him throuth endless loops of dry orgasms because, as he never fails to remind you, he’s a greedy shit and the pain of it can keep him going for hours

he’s always loud, because sound is one of the little things that has him hardest the fastest - that, and the nerve-wrecking knowledge that you’re sucking the head of his cock, prettily and neatly, with the door open so he has to be quiet

- every slurp and slight pop, the damp tap of his dick’s tip on your tongue has him taut with the effort of keeping his groans and whines at a complete minimum (there’s only so much his phone, playing some drama neither of you care about, can hide)

- possessiveness manifesting in him practically attacking you on movie nights, pulling your mouth to his at every lull in the storyline - and it’s weird, you think, that the complaints are so half hearted when his hand dips between your legs, tugs so blatantly on your underwear with insistent fingers

- so, yes, your circle of your closest friends may or may not be full of voyeuristic perverts and this may or may not have been what lead up the first incident that was as close to a threesome as you’ve ever gotten

- specifically, jeongukk trying his hardest to keep both eyes on a battered manga - held upside down and with the pages half closed - and then on the television, blaring into the dimly lit room - when tae wrapped his fingers loosely round the base of your throat and murmured sweet, filthy nothings into your mouth

- sitting on the sofa in the dorm’s living room, no less, with the hyungs occupied somewhere you couldn’t care about when taehyung’s fingers found their way to your nipples
- “he’s gonna get off to this later,” taehyung had mumbled, “that’s so fucking hot, jesus, I should fuck you right here, let him see you take it”

- you didn’t, because it was unethical, gross, invasive - and everyone had come back early, so there’d only been enough time for jungkook to wall himself into the bathroom, wailing that he was “busy, really busy so just leave me alone and get a life while I just - do - stuff, please, oh my god.”

- It’s the next thing on taehyung’s list, though: entice jeongguk with the promise of wicked and depraved delights, fuck him into submission and servitude, and maybe, finally, show him who the actual hyung is

- (a nice dream, but it’s hard to take seriously when he’s on his knees, begging for orgasms, grinding against nothingness with a masterpiece made up of bruises on his ass.)

[ Cassian Week ] - Day 3 - favourite relationship(s)

I would fight to the death for every single Rogue One character, but I still have the dorkiest soft-spot for Cassian & K-2SO, best friends forever. :’)

not on my watch

Cassian & K-2SO + Cassian Andor/Bodhi Rook | 1611 words | below or [ Ao3 ] | part 8 of cassian said I had to

K-2’s circuits get scrambled by an electrical storm, he’s still there for Cassian when it counts.

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so yeah this is how you deal with a spooky horse


let’s count the problems: horse calmly leading getting punished for absolutely no reason except. Contradictory aids (slap on the butt for forward immediately followed by a jerk on the lead rope to go backwards). Slap on the butt + jerking on the lead rope only succeeds in pivoting the horse’s rear end away, making the horse face you, which is the opposite of what she said she wanted, which is a horse calmly leading beside her. Now you’ve got a horse turning into you, after she explicitly said that she wanted the horse NOT to turn into her.

Also the flapping and yanking and slapping is obviously totally ineffectual. CA is a twat above all others but at least he knows how to get behavior. This horse is absolutely confused and barely reacting. This is what happens when you focus on something as vague as ‘manners’ without actually defining your criteria for specific behaviors and understanding how to cause and reinforce those behaviors.

again this is supposed to be a SPOOKY HORSE

why on earth would you take a spooky horse and whip and yank on it when it’s being calm?? why would you want to make yourself unpredictable?? how is this going to accomplish a single thing.