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Who remembers hearing the spoilers about Glee shooting a skating scene in NYC and we all assumed it would be Finchel - but of course - it’s always Finchel…and then…and then…

Chris and Darren showed up and let themselves be free and we had a glorious and unprecedented 12 hour riot that Chris himself regarded as one of his favorite filming memories ever?

Good memories, my friends.

Still going strong.

okay but i also need to talk about how lucifer called chloe to ask for permission to follow dan around

i mean yes, probably he should have asked dan first (although dan kinda sighed and went with it when chloe told them it would mean a lot to her for them to work together) but lucifer could have easily just decided on that and off he goes, i.e. the way he usually does

but he calls chloe and is like “can i do this, do you say so, i want to do this for you but please also tell me to do it, i am the devil but i am asking for permission to do this thing

he loves her so much and is trying so hard and he was so relieved when he finally didn’t hurt her at the end and she hugged him and

The signs in a spy movie
  • Aries: The wayward villain-raised kid who later becomes the awkward member of the spy's team though still struggling with anger issues and confused morals.
  • Taurus: Second in command- the squad's computer hacker who never leaves their office throughout the entire movie. Is loved by the team.
  • Gemini: The villain's crazy lover who is freakishly loyal. Eventually forms an alliance with heroes after realizing what an asshole the villain is.
  • Cancer: The hero with great ideas who keeps getting walked all over and ignored by team mates- causing them to join the villain.
  • Leo: The super confident lead agent. NEVER follows the very clear rules that the leader has set. However, always gets out of a tight spot and completes a mission in an... alternative way.
  • Virgo: The obnoxiously honorable leader. Keeps a lot of things from getting done with their "honor." Also keeps a lot of lawsuits from happening. No one's really sure if they're just super noble or if they're actually the team's lawyer.
  • Libra: The hot field agent who's good at literally everything and saves everyone's asses on several occasions.
  • Scorpio: The antihero who lives in shades of grey. Isn't afraid to get their hands dirty but doesn't go out of their way to do evil shit.
  • Sagittarius: The villain's goofy sidekick who doesn't actually stand for anything the villain is doing but has a crush on them and could really use the cash.
  • Capricorn: The villain. Analytical, emotionless, psychopathic. When they want something (usually money or power) they will stop at nothing to get it. Takes the spies a long time to catch due to the villain''s preciseness. Puts the ass in classy.
  • Aquarius: The kid that doesn't actually do anything other than admire the spies from afar and hope that they invite them onto the team. Probably collects spy gadgets.
  • Pisces: The noble civilian whose parents were killed by villain. Becomes obsessed with villain and always predicts villain's next move. Helps the spies time and time again.

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Did it explain why crazy eyes was in jail. I keep watching that episode and I can never figure out why.

ok for starters we should all be calling her suzanne by now

and I’m not entirely sure they even showed us it’s just implied it has something to do w/ her mental illness(? which hasn’t been specified) it’s possible she got violent w/ another person like we saw her get with poussey last season?? (tbh if im forgetting what happened in s2 it’s bc i watched it from 9pm-10am so like)


I strongly believe in quality versus quantity, but the amount of time between stories is unacceptable. So, I’ve made it my goal to post at least one new story each month.

This story is based on a random idea that I had while hanging out with my friends. It might be a series later, or it might just be a one shot, we’ll see.

Word Count: 2,747

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They Will Not Protect You || What Might Have Been Lost

An Anders fanmix in two parts

Part 1: Listen Here

1. The Three of Us- Toh Kay (I will never bow down to another man / even when everyone’s saying I’ve sinned) || 2. Lover’s Eyes- Mumford & Sons (Tame the ghosts in my head / they run wild and wish me dead) || 3. Demons- Imagine Dragons (Look into my eyes / it’s where my demons hide) || 4. With Any Sort of CertaintyToh Kay (I will hold my tongue and I’ll breathe easy / if you can say with any sort of certainty that there is something to believe) || 5. Some Nights- Fun. (Some nights i wish that this all would end / ‘cause I could use some friends for a change) || 6. Spark- Fitz and the Tantrums (We take the lead no / we’re never gonna follow / oh) || 7. IcarusBastille (Look who’s digging their own grave / that is what they all say) || 8Seven Devils- Florence & the Machine (Holy water cannot help you now / see I’ve come to burn your kingdom down) || 9. Any Other WayWe Are The Kings (Gasoline pumpin’ through my veins / dancing on top of the flames) || 10. Fire Escape- Civil Twilight (We are the desperate ones looking for the mark /  we are the lonely ones left out here in the dark) || 11. Iron- Woodkid (i am / a soldier on my own, I don’t know the way / I’m riding up the heights of shame) 

Part 2: Listen Here

13. The EnemyMumford & Sons (Why did you chose to lean on / a man you knew was falling?) || 14. Rabbit Will Run- Iron and Wine (We clapped for kings though our fingers were cold / and I still have a prayer ‘cause I love what I cannot control) || 15. We Must Be Killers- Mikky Ekko (I woke up I was stuck in a dream / you were there, you were tearing up everything) || 16. Things We Lost In The FireBastille (Do you understand that we will never be the same again / the future’s in our hands and we will never be the same again) || 17. I Followed Fires- Matthew and the Atlas (There’s a devil at your door / and he grows, he grows) || 18. The Wolves- Bon Iver (What might have been lost / don’t bother me) || 19. Hide And Seek- Imogen Heap (Mmm what you say? / that you only meant well? / well of course you did) || 20. Liar- Mumford & Sons (And you lean in for your last kiss / who in this world could ask me to resist)


you’ve got yourself a partner…

Days of Outlaw Queen