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Super self indulgent but man this made me happy to draw, I hope it makes some of you happy today too ^ ^

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The Destiel blanket of 13x01

So… I’m rewatching 13x01 and I just have to say. Wow.

Dabb has no chill.

I know I’ve said this a lot but come on, I mean COME ON Dabb. I watch this episode and see all the other excellent meta and plot points of course, but over the top of it is just this blanket of Destiel that affects pretty much every other meta reading in some way or another but especially around Dean and especially when you put it back into chronological order. You can see how the grief over Cas specifically leads his story forwards in this episode and how this will affect him moving forwards and…I’m just stupidly in love with this episode.

There is an undercurrent of Dean’s feelings for Cas present throughout this whole episode, strongly romantic in the Dean scenes and present as a plot mirror even in scenes that Dean is not in. This is the episode that sets up the season. This is the episode that sets up Dean’s arc for the season and in the future, it takes what has been built in the last 12 years subtextually, textualises it and is the foundation for the season to move forwards.

I just… I want to wrap myself in a blanket but I feel like I have to write about the Destiel blanket over this whole episode that tore my heart out and left me needing my own blanket to curl up in a ball on the sofa so, here goes :)

We have an opening sequence that parallels Sam/Eileen again to Dean/Cas and the music, dammit the MUSIC. Literally in the first few seconds of the season we have “Nothing Else Matters”, a Metallica ballad, referring back to Dean in season 1 and linking it to later aspects of Dean’s character growth. Metallica is a part of his performance facade from 1x04, the “scared of flying so humms Metallica” episode, they then show Dean literally blowing down the metaphorical walls of the bunker whilst “never opened myself this way” plays over the top. I MEAN COME ON!

So, performing!Dean’s facade coming down and parallels to the canon romantic couple (and Chuck dammit Dabb you are bringing Eileen back or so help me). 

We end the sequence with this 

Just to remind us, you know, that this is Dean’s key emotional drive for the episode and season.

We then start with Jack/Sam and this again, of course

Dean’s face goes from grief to angry determination. He runs in and immediately tries to shoot Jack in the face. This is the set up of his emotional arc over 01-06. He is angry and enraged because of his grief. This is not a good hark back to good old Dean hunting and being badass, this is utterly devastating.

At this point he’s enraged, sure, he can barely say what happened, but he does. Because he still has a smidgen of hope that there could be a way back. He doesn’t want to face the fact that he might be gone for good yet so he’s just angry that he’s dead in the first place and wants revenge on Jack who did this.

So then we have the search for Jack. But after the prayer scene which chronologically happens here, we see the shift from rage to despair after his prayer goes unanswered. 

We had grief then rage 

And now…hopelessness.

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A Guide to Follow All True Crime Upcoming Projects on TV

(Updated on July 31, 2017)

Manhunt: Unabomber

Format: Scripted limited series.

Summary: This show focuses on the use of a new way of profiling that the FBI used to catch the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, who is played by Paul Bettany. Sam Worthington plays FBI agent Jim Fitzgerald and Jane Lynch plays Attorney General Janet Reno. See the trailer here.

Premieres: August 1 2017, in Discovery Channel.

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The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 to representing how close we are to a global catastrophe. It’s maintained by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board.

The group of scientists, including 16 Nobel Laureates, announced this morning that we have moved dangerously close to all-out disaster. The Clock’s recent advance to two and a half minutes means that scientists and experts agree that we are teetering on the brink of societal collapse or an apocalyptic scale nuclear war, which symbolically occurs at midnight exactly.

In the years since the Clock was created we have only been this close to midnight once, in 1953 when the Hydrogen Bomb was first tested. Further, the minute hand has only changed nineteen times since the Clocks creation.

This is not an announcement to take lightly or brush off – these scientists are all renowned geniuses in their respective fields and they have never been known to change the Time casually or without very strong reasoning.

To those that are sick of politics and don’t see the point in discussing the current state of the world: THIS is the point. THIS is the result of widespread apathy, lack of education, and disinterest in current events.

Once upon a time Rome was a magnificent and powerful empire, but it still crumbled to the ground at the peak of its glory. As an Archaeology student I can tell you that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The final sentence in the Doomsday report this morning gave a warning, “Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way.”

Reminder that Keith loves Shiro more than anyone and the fact that he is shouldering the tremendous weight of his grief while still moving forward to lead is evidence of his incredibly strong will and dedication to the team. This is especially true now that we know the intensity of his emotions is due to his galra side and that it was Shiro who helped him learn how to cope. Which honestly sheds a whole new light on this:

Even struggling with his turmoil of emotions and galra nature, Keith still picks himself back up. He pilots Black despite hating the idea of replacing Shiro because he knows it’s what the team needs–knows it’s what Shiro would want. But he also really grieves Shiro, vows to never give up on him. And I really hope Shiro knows how loved he is, how Keith would give almost anything to have him back, how much Keith’s heart aches for him. Your friend desperately wants to see you. Shiro has someone who will never give up on him, and he deserves to know that. 


Our first look at Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins sequel, ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Mary Poppins Returns sees Emily Blunt take over from Julie Andrews as the film’s iconic lead, flashing forward to the era of the Great Depression and a now grown-up Jane (Emily Mortimer) and Michael (Ben Wishaw) Banks, alongside Michael’s three children.

After a tragedy which leaves their lives completely bereft of joy, the Banks’ former nanny makes a return visit, with the help of lamplighter Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda).


I was prompted to do this by an anon. A little blurb turned into a oneshot. oops. Enjoy a little protective Shawn.

Summary: You and Shawn get mobbed outside your hotel in Brazil.

Word Count: 1.698

It wasn’t the first time you stepped out of a hotel room and you were greeted with Shawn’s fans. It surely wouldn’t be the last. It usually went over smoothly with you simply waving at them, saying a few hello’s and sorry’s because Shawn wasn’t with you at that time. Usually Ava, your bodyguard, escorted you past the handful of fans and got you to a waiting car. Usually, it was a pleasant experience despite the occasional jealous name calling that you had become immune to. Usually.

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Liberty Leading the People is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830, which toppled King Charles X of France. A woman personifying the concept and the Goddess of Liberty leads the people forward over a barricade and the bodies of the fallen, holding the flag of the French Revolution – the tricolour flag, which remains France’s national flag – in one hand and brandishing a bayonetted musket with the other. The figure of Liberty is also viewed as a symbol of France and the French Republic known as Marianne. [x][x]

Keith + the prospect of being the leader.

/  i just want to talk about keith + leadership in terms of his own perception and how he may progress in s3. this is a passing discussion, there’s a whole lot i want to go more extensively into at some point. let me just preface by saying this is a discussion focusing mostly on keith’s own mindset, and i am assessing things as critically and objectively as i can here from the information we’ve been presented with and what we know about this guy so far. 

okAY let’s go!! the thing is that arguably and from what we’ve seen thus far and how keith behaves the only person keith will listen to about shiro is shiro himself. that has a lot of implications for the future. but anyway yea. throughout s2e1 especially we can see just how much keith respects shiro. it’s not putting shiro on a pedestal or idolising him. he cares deeply for this person, will follow them anywhere, do whatever it takes for this person. which also coincidentally does include piloting the black lion, admission he’s not shiro - keith is his own person and that’s okay - but when it comes down to Crunch Time there’s no messing about this is it and there’s no space to hesitate. 

keith sees shiro as a person that he admires and respects, a person who has been this unsuspecting anchor in his life. someone who has literally changed his life. shiro has so much gravity, is integral to his focus and a balancing out the chaotic turbulence in many senses. i mean tbh for me one of the most important canon lines keith ever says - honestly it’s right up there - is THIS.

firstly you can see the unguarded smile and appreciation for this. but also something else important is happening, keith is indulging the conditional + the past simultaneously - something he doesn’t often tend to do tbh. and he’s doing that willingly and so openly with a smile (if it wasn’t for you). he’s allowing himself to think about what’s come and what may be coming. in this moment keith is talking about something extremely personal, alongside showing his gratitude. i’m pretty sure the sheer significance of what keith is saying, how monumental a statement like that is doesn’t go amiss to shiro, which may be why it’s brushed over a little in favour of an easier conversation.

in general, like i’ve said before in many places, keith is a creature of the present and endurance - survival. shiro has helped him reach just a little further for horizons that were never even really seen before. not worth chasing, there’s no big aspirations or dreams. 

shiro offers him the opportunity to be a person and take a path he hadn’t even considered could even be there. to start something with new foundations. not to dream, or hope. to be

not to mention, the second time shiro brings up the subject of keith and leadership in s2e8, once shiro makes it clear if keith is to grow into this role he needs to focus and demonstrate his capabilities. keith backs down.

he doesn’t fight the words or dispute it. that’s what he has to do. there’s just too much to say to go into keith + the blade at this stage so i’m just going to forgo it. i do have a keith + BOM meta coming up. i’ll make sure i do a preface to it on this and a few other scenes i’ve been thinking about. 

back to the actual point: when it comes to taking on leading the team, there is absolutely no way keith is going to let it go and not step up to that task. i mean, we’re talking about someone who literally gets back up pretty much instantly whenever he’s knocked down [s1e10, s2e3, s2e8], someone who doesn’t quit. and it’s not bc he’s being selfish or wants the limelight of being the leader. it’s not anything like that. in his eyes, surrendering the position of leader would be an act of ultimate disrespect to shiro entirely. and to his own self - the person he is CAPABLE of being, that SHIRO thinks he is capable of being.  

that doesn’t mean he won’t have doubts. it doesn’t mean he won’t be feeling overwhelmed at times and lost in some respects. i mean he’s lost the most important person in his life, again. but he endures, he survives. and he endured. he survived out there in the desert. he knows he can work his way through it - given the situation and the fact shiro is gone he doesn’t have much of a choice. people are counting on him, they’re counting on each other. the longer he spends accepting that, the more time they waste, the more they stand to lose. including shiro. 

one thing keith does know better than anything is who he is, and what he’s about. confidence in his actions and self often can be misinterpreted, and his ability to be objective can be seen as detached and cold. both are far from the case. the way keith is perceived by others, set against how he can perceive people [1, 2] is so damn interesting and honestly i think i might save that for a whole new discussion. 

anyway, again: we’ve seen how keith operates in high pressure situations, and we see what he is prepared to do for the mission and shiro AND the team in general time and time again. he says it himself, and this is another line of keith’s i think is just so encompassing and important:

keith is all in. 

we know this, we’ve seen this. as aforementioned we see time and time again just how far keith is compelled to go for a cause. this is one hell of a cause. the universe and shiro. more than this, shiro’s words. and we also see how keith holds onto the words shiro gives him. he’s shown in s2e1 to be repeating shiro’s words to himself, and again in s2e1.

also. i am 100% convinced that in the pinnacle moment when shiro is getting the team back on track in s2e13 keith is thinking patience yields focus and eternalising it. because each time he says this phrase out loud it is preceded by a deep sigh or exhaling of breath, his eyes closing for a moment as he grounds himself and focuses himself on the very words. there’s a very specific way he delivers and is seen to be dealing with this line. (that’s just really exciting to think about ahHHH look below)

so honeSTLY, like hell is he going to do an injustice to shiro and his words and turn his back on them. like hell is he going to back down and throw in the towel for the sake of his own self. 

keith will want to prove that he can be the leader. his entire life has probably been set against a backdrop of people thinking he won’t amount to much, laden will all kinds of assumptions that bleed constantly into how his actions and words are misinterpreted. there’s no goal and focus - the garrison gives him a chance to explore something he is inherently good at, but keith isn’t the same breed as many cadets in the sense that they may have dreamed of being a pilot for a long time. keith flies. he also damn good at it. that’s pretty much the extent of it. 

voltron and shiro combined, the team, all of this comes into play in shaping something even more unwavering inside him. keith has always been resolved at seeing things get done and finishing a task. in a situation like this, it’s tenfold. 

and even more: he wants to become the person shiro sees in him, he wants to earn that unyielding belief and prove he can do this. he has done it before, perhaps not to the magnitude this asks of him, but he has been able to in the height of a pressing moment give out a command to the team, alongside steer them in the right direction effectively. something not worth overlooking with keith is the fact he doesn’t falter in his actions [1, 2]. keith is able to make quick decisions in tough situations. because every word and action has purpose he commits wholeheartedly to. he’s all in, again. that’s it that’s the mantra that is just so so keith and integral to him. 

here’s a few quick examples of that put into practice: 

also he knows he’s not shiro. keith is pretty self-aware [see links above that talk is somewhere up there lol]. like i said, he knows what he’s about. he’s not going to try and step into shadows that aren’t his own and fill boots that don’t belong to him. that’s not right to shiro, and it wouldn’t make sense to do that from where he’s standing. he doesn’t want to try and be shiro. he wants to be a person shiro and the team the universe can count and depend on. trying to be shiro or become shiro is off the cards. it’s not taking shiro’s place or being a replacement. it’s assuming command on his own terms in the way shiro believes he can. 

he’ll carve his own path just as he has done in the past, apply what shiro has shown him and become his own person and in turn his own leader.


keith will endeavour to become the person that would make shiro proud. the person that will do as shiro asked of him, doing what shiro believed he was capable of doing. lead the team forwards in adversity and keep going. 

he wants to honour those words, he’ll cherish them. hold them close and pour every fibre of his being into living by them no matter what. 

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode One Out Now!

Hey everyone! We can’t believe it’s already August 31st… Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode One: Awake releases today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam!).

Just in case you haven’t heard much about Life is Strange: Before the Storm, this is the story of Chloe Price. It takes place three years prior to the events of Season One, around the time when Chloe meets Rachel Amber for the first time. As Before the Storm doesn’t take place immediately before the events of Season One, even diehard fans won’t know what the story is about and where is will lead… we’re looking forward to reading all your initial theories and ideas once you’ve played Episode One!

The bond that Chloe and Rachel develop over the time they spend together is something special. Almost everyone can name that one person who defined a very special time of their life. In some cases, these relationships can span a few short months and in other cases, decades. To celebrate the release of Episode One we wanted to further explore and highlight some real life stories of friendship and devotion. And so we invited a small group of real people to write an open letter to that special person in their own life…

We hope that our Open Letter video will resonate with you on a personal level and will also give you an insight into what you might expect from Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Will you picking Episode One up? Let us know if you are and what all your theories are for what happens next, but please remember that some players may not have had a chance to play the episode yet, so do be considerate when posting spoilers.

See you online!

The Life is Strange Team


[NEW DRAMA] «The first love of a thousand-year-old man»

✩ Male lead: Helan Jing Ting (Huang Jingyu)
✩ Lead female : Gui PiPi (f(x) Victoria Song)

✩ The male lead is a fox who only eats flowers, has lived for thousands of years and still looking/waiting for his first love. Then he meets the lead female, a journalism intern, who is in the shape of his first love and they will have a beautiful love story together.

✩ Length: about 25 episodes

(Note: The drama’s English title is a rough translation, not official yet)

Happy Birthday, Baby

SPN FanFic

~Dean has a surprise for your birthday~

Dean x Reader, Sam

1,132 Words

Warnings: Sickening fluff. Overuse of birthday candles. FWP (fluff without plot)

A/N: This is part of my birthday gift to my wifey, @because-imma-lady-assface. I hope you like it. Happy birthday, Ash!

~Feedback is the crack that keeps the Writing coming back~

My Masterlist  

Dean had insisted on a blindfold, and not in that sexy, “I’m gonna tease you in bed while you can’t see” kinda way.

It had taken a long moment and a reassuring nod from Sam before you agreed to let Dean tie his smelly old black bandanna around your eyes, blocking the world, and his plans, from view. He said he had a surprise, and you trusted him, so there you were. Besides, Sam was coming too, and he wouldn’t let too many shenanigans go on.

The Impala raced down the highway, though in which direction, you could not say. All attempts to discover your destination were met with roadblocks; each sly question simply earned you a laugh and a “Trust me, Baby” from the driver. It’s not like you didn’t like surprises…ok, you hated surprises. Especially far away surprises that took two Winchesters to pull off.

After what seemed like forever but was probably only an hour, Dean pulled off the smooth highway and you felt the tires roll over rocks and gravel. You heard the change in the ground so acutely; there was a crunch of dried leaves and the roll of tiny pebbles.

After a click, Dean put the Impala into park and you felt the car move as the boys exited; heard the slide of jeans on leather and the engine turning off. When your door opened, a cool breeze hit your cheeks and a deep breath spoke of trees and dirt. You smiled as a hand tapped your shoulder and then took your hand.

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Lance and Keith Being Held Captive Together Angsty Headcanon

From a conversation with my roommate about what would happen if one of the paladins was being tortured in front of the other

Warning: Glorious angst storm rolling your way!

  • They’re taken together during a fight that broke out between the paladins and the Galra on a scouting mission on another planet and flown to Zarkon’s main ship as priority prisoners.
  • When they arrive they’re stripped of their armor and bayards and sent to the druids for interrogation.  Haggar handles the interrogation of the paladins personally
  • They’re chained up, dressed in prisoner rags, and kept in separate cells in order to keep them from conspiring with each other.
  • When their interrogation techniques prove less.. effective than they wanted, Haggar decides it’s time for a change of tactics.  After all, these humans seem to care a lot about one another’s well-being
  • When the druids drag both Lance and Keith (who both look like hell) into Haggar’s lab the next day, they know something’s up.
  • Keith is forced to a halt in front of some of Haggar’s horrific looking contraptions as Lance is forcibly lead forward to the tables and hooked up into the machines.
  • Haggar leers over Keith and says that since she’d in SUCH a good mood today, she’ll give them one last chance to tell her all they know about Voltron, the paladins, and the Castle of Lions
  • Keith just glares at her.  Lance grits his teeth, “We told you we don’t know anything and even if we did we wouldn’t tell you.”
  • Haggar smiles maliciously as she glides over to him and looks back at Keith, “Oh yes. I think you will.”
  • Keith’s menacing glare is suddenly replaced by wide-eyed horror as Haggar whips around and begins to shoot her dark lightning directly into Lance
  • The druids continue to torture Lance in front of him as Haggar goads Keith, telling him they’ll only stop once he starts talking
  • Lance just gasps and screams through the pain to Keith to not tell them anything, it’s not worth it!
  • Keith is straining, fighting against the restraints tooth and nail and calling Lance’s name as Haggar’s cackles mingle with Lance’s agonized cries
  • Keith’s distress for Lance and rage at Haggar and the druids fills him with a searing fire that wipes all thought from his head but one: Protect Lance.  His eyes suddenly glow a burning yellow and before anyone can react or process it he’s snapped the chains holding him back and torn his claws into the nearest druid
  • Haggar blasts Keith back instantly with a shriek of indignant rage.  Lance looks on through bleary eyes in complete shock at a suddenly snarling, twitching Keith.  A Keith whose skin has gone purple and his eyes are yellow and ohmygosh is that BLOOD all over his… hands? Claws?? Lance can’t believe it
  • The remaining druids use their magic to immediately restrain Keith who’s looking at Haggar with nothing less than pure hatred.
  • Haggar laughs gleefuly, “Contact Emperor Zarkon and throw the Blue Paladin back in his cell.  It seems we have an unexpected development, one that may prove most fruitful.”
  • Lance screams Keith’s name before the druids knock him out.  The last thing he sees is Haggar disappearing with Keith.

i. dionysus
you were chained down by red wine, every footstep laden with regret, heavy with the weight of the past. every night she spent bringing you another beer, another beer, another beer. but still you brought the glass, the can, the bottle, to your lips. it made you chaotic and dangerous but she held fast to the notion that you were still you. she was wrong, wasn’t she? god of myth, you ruined her. she trusted you.

ii. epimetheus
she believed in you when no one else would. she put you on a pedestal, equated you to a god. but you were only a titan, and the excuses that spilled from you were nothing more than wishful thinking. every promise to be better, to do better. be a better father, a better man. she believed in you because she wanted you to believe in her. you didn’t.

iii. achelois
they call you the one who washes away pain. when you took her hand, she was at peace. you saw her for who she was, and you never left. she was amidst a war with cronus, fighting against time to gain back what she had lost when her brother died. when she was sentenced to bear the burden of the world alone, you stood beside her, refusing to go. in the night, when her shoulders shake and her legs threaten to give out, when she convinces herself she will never breathe the same way again, you sit beside her. she takes a breath, and the next day she stands a little straighter. she never gave up, but only because you stayed.

iv. algea; lype, ania, achus
you three who bring pain to this world, this girl was born to trust you. she trusted in your grief, and your sorrow. she let herself be consumed in your anguish and in doing so she lost herself. she lost herself. i lost myself.

v. nyx
goddess of night, you stood at the very beginning of creation, her creation. she longed for the protection of your children, death, sleep, and darkness. you covered her in a blanket spun from galaxies and assured her that day would always return. i believed you. never once did you lie.

vi. apollo
oh god of music, of poetry and arts, god of knowledge. she knew you would come, and so you did. you let your majesty fall away, and in its place left a boy with a healing touch, a boy who didn’t need the sun to warm her heart. even when you couldn’t be together, she knew you would always be her home. you took the world upon your own shoulders, just so she could be happy for a day. god of music, every melody she hears is yours. god of poetry, every word is yours. oh god of knowledge, you have taught her more than she could ever hope to know. dearest apollo, you are the light of atlas’ life.

vii. aletheia
spirit of truth, spirit of sincerity, you inspire hope and life in the lives of those hurt by deceit. they say you alone live with the gods. no mortal could ever beguile you with untruths, because you understand more than they. you have hurt and healed, and hurt again. aletheia, keep her good faith from stumbling over falsehood. aletheia, keep her true. she needs you.

viii. aura
you are the dawn that wakes us all, the early morning air that clears our heads. you are the breeze that which carries away our suffering and leaves us to feel anew. you are the dawn that wakes her, that coaxes her from her slumber and entices her to let the sun melt the cold of the night from her bones. there are days where she will not open her eyes for fear of the day, but you are always there to take her hand and lead her forward.

- describing the people in my life as gods, titans, and spirits

Chart Ruler vs Dominant Planet

I’ve been asked about the difference between a person’s chart ruler and dominant planet about three times in the past day, so I’m going to make a post about it, so everybody can learn!

How do I find my chart ruler?

Your chart ruler is the ruling planet of the sign on your ascendant. Below is a list of the zodiac signs and their ruling planets.

  • ARIES: Mars
  • TAURUS: Venus
  • GEMINI: Mercury
  • CANCER: Moon
  • LEO: Sun
  • VIRGO: Mercury
  • LIBRA: Venus
  • SCORPIO: Pluto
  • SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter
  • CAPRICORN: Saturn
  • AQUARIUS: Uranus
  • PISCES: Neptune

So, for example, if Pisces is on your ascendant (i.e. you are a Pisces rising), then Neptune is your chart’s ruler.

Some astrologers also say that if there are two signs present in the 1st house, then the rulers of the two signs are co-rulers of the chart.

How do I find my dominant planet?

Finding your dominant planet is a little trickier. Unlike your chart ruler, your dominant planet is based on the full natal chart rather than just one point in the chart. This video shows the steps to finding your dominant planet along with your dominant sign, element, and modality.

So what’s the difference between them?

Your dominant planet is the planet with the most influence in your full natal chart. This is based off of many different factors including aspects made with the planet and the position of the planet. Your chart ruler is based off your ascendant.

Your dominant planet sums up you and your chart and shows what part of your psyche is the most prominent and powerful in your life. Your chart ruler leads your chart forward. It’s associated with your self-expression and your sense of identity. It also sets the tone for your life.

You may not feel the effects of your dominant planet as much as you feel the effects of your chart ruler because many parts of a person’s natal chart are left relatively unconscious or hidden. These parts, though unconscious or hidden, still contribute to the person’s dominant planet. Because the chart ruler is based on one of the most prominent and visible points of the chart, the ascendant, you may feel the effects of it more and be more aware of its influence.