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If you say that “I can’t in good conscience vote for either candidate because they both have done bad things,” you’re also saying that you can in good conscience stand by and watch as a short-tempered megalomaniac gets handed the highest office in the land.

You’re fine with millions of LGBT+ people losing the rights they’ve fought for.

You’re absolutely okay with gay teens being sent to Conversion camps and either faking Straight to save their lives or committing suicide (which, by the way, is a completely acceptable way not to be gay according to the people running those camps)

You’re great with women and minorities being stripped of their rights

You’re fine with the “bad apples” in police departments continuing completely unchecked and most likely getting worse


Voting for president is not about picking the candidate that is Completely Unproblematic™ and Ideologically Pure uwu™ .  It’s about hiring the person most likely to lead the country forward and not raze it to the goddamn ground.

One of them isn’t perfect, has endured 20 years of smear campaigns against her, yet has done A HELL OF A LOT OF GOOD IN THE WORLD AND CONTINUES TO DO SO. <—(That’s a link. Click it.)

The other is a man who rips off his employees and contractors, is facing a shit load of lawsuits (not bullshit “investigations” actual factual lawsuits and actual real charges), is facing multiple sexual assault allegations INCLUDING RAPING A 13 YEAR OLD, disrespects soldiers and their families, disrespects women, disrespects POC, openly MOCKS disabled people, makes multiple conflicting statements (including on his supposedly core beliefs) sometimes in the SAME INTERVIEW, has not paid taxes in over 18 years, denies accountability for anything, and has had 6 bankruptcies (GUESS WHO BAILED HIM OUT? TAXPAYERS~!) while while still living in opulent luxury.

Yeah, go ahead and sit out this one out.  I’m sure you’ve got a GREAT conscience.

Rigged - Erik Lehnsherr x Reader

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hEllo! can u make a scenario based on the hc that magneto always rigs the games at the carnival & always ends up winning you stuffed animals (like he manipulates the metal in the darts and rigs the metal in the coin machine)

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“You don’t want to play?” A man asked, coming to stand beside you as you watched two teen boys try to win things from some of the carnival games.

“I prefer to watch.” You smiled.

“Well, nice to meet you, I’m Erik Lehnsherr.” He said, offering you a hand.

“(Y/n).” You smiled, shaking his hand. 

“Can I win you something?” Erik asked, a mischievous smile on his lips. 

“I’d like to see you try.” You laughed, you’d been watching the others for a while and the game was clearly rigged so no one would win.

“Come on.” He grinned, leading you forward by the hand.

Erik just grinned, paying the man and taking his three metal rings to throw over the bottles.

He threw one, and it seemed way off but then it circled around, looping over the neck of one of the bottles. Erik smirked and threw the other two, getting them with a seemingly perfect curve.

The man running the stall just glared at him.

“It’s all about the flick of the wrist.” Erik said, unable to stop grinning. 

The man nodded and handed Erik a large teddy bear with a big red bow around his neck. Erik thanked him and walked back to you.

“For you.” He said, with a slight mock bow.

“Why thank you.” You laughed, hugging the bear to your chest.

“Can I win you anything else?” He asked, eyes sparkling. 

“Okay.” You giggled and you and Erik went around the park, Erik winning everything he tried so your arms were filled with stuffed animals.

After a bit, you sat down to get something to eat. The conversation was pleasant, lots of laughing and an easy flow.

When it was reaching closing hours of the carnival, you went outside with Erik to stand by the gates.

“Thank you, Erik. I had a lovely time.” You smiled.

He grinned, “Thank you. I uh.. I’ve got one more thing for you, (Y/n).”

“Oh no, you didn’t… need to.” You trailed off, watching a small silver necklace and pendant hovering between you and Erik.

You couldn’t help but laugh, “So that’s how you were winning! You cheat!”

Erik looked hurt, “I’m sorry I-” 

“No it’s fine! I think it’s amazing!”

You hugged Erik quickly, pulling away and smiling at him, your arms still around his neck.

And then you were kissing, your lips perfectly pieced together.

You broke apart and let go, unable to stop smiling.

Erik laughed, “So can I put this necklace on you then?

Reaction Ficlet: How Jin would react to your first time together

Reaction ficlet Masterpost: How BTS would react to your first time together

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“Can you see through the blindfold?”

“No,” you say, reaching your hands out blindly in front of you. “I’m going to fall, I can feel it.”

“No, you won’t,” says Jin, taking your hand and gently leading your forward. “Just a few more steps,” he coaxes. “Okay, stop here.”

You stop and feel Jin’s warm, comforting presence in front of you.

“Before I take the blindfold off,” he says, embarrassed. “There’s something I want to say to you while you can’t look at me and make me chicken out.”

You chuckle softly. It was usually you who wilted under Jin’s gaze, not the other way around. Tonight was going to be your fifth date with him and he had insisted that you have it at his flat.

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Guess what my butts

I’m working on a webcomic!!!!  It’s going to be about my life!  And guess what else? I’m working on this comic with someone else and you’ll get to find out who it is when I post it! :b

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue (chapter 7)


T for language, rating increase in later chapters

Roxanne desperately needs a date to her step-sister’s wedding. Since her fake boyfriend has decided to ditch her, she ends up seeking Megamind’s help.

AO3  |  FFN

Megamind helps Roxanne off of the hoverbike, her eyes still closed. He’s more than a little amazed at that, at the way she evidently trusts him enough to let him guide her off of the bike and then lead her forward without her opening her eyes. She stands patiently as he picks the lock on the library door, too, eyes unopened, and when he takes her arm to lead her inside, she again lets him do it with no hesitation at all.

He brings her to the center of the library, stops, then steps away, wanting to watch her expression.

“Open your eyes,” he says, voice soft.

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AU where Guzma quits as leader of Team Skull but instead of disbanding Team Skull he hands leadership over to Plumeria and she leads the group forward into doing better things for the community whilst still donning their skull gear (cause it’s badass) and she knows Guzma has to find himself but leaves an open invitation for him to join Team Skull again as her Admin whenever he wants. 

We are incapable of loving another unless we love ourselves, just as we are incapable of teaching our children self-discipline unless we ourselves are self-disciplined.  It is actually impossible to forsake our own spiritual development in favor of someone else’s.  We cannot forsake self-discipline and at the same time be disciplined in our care for another.  We cannot be a source of strength unless we nurture our own strength.  I believe that not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but that ultimately they are indistinguishable.
—  Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled

The Teen Titans

Nrama: Will Damian play a lead role going forward? Or is it going to be a truly ensemble, team book?

Percy: It’s an ensemble book, but every arc is going to focus on a character.

The trouble with reading and writing team books is that characterization can get really thin because of the crowd. So in every arc, we’re going to have a focusing agent.

As you mentioned, the first arc belongs to Damian.

The emotional arc of the story, and the thematics of the story, must be about that particular character. So Damian’s getting his turn with the first arc.

The second arc is going to belong to the as-of-yet-unannounced character.

Credit: DC Comics
After that, we’re going to get into Raven. We’re going to get into Starfire. And we’ll really put them in the spotlight.

Part 11 of Luke and Vader Save the Galaxy. Previous parts found under the tag #fatherandsonsavethegalaxy or #lukeandvadersavethegalaxy on my tumblr page.  Since this has morphed from sharing crack head canons into some sort of story told in scene format (I may actual have to clean this up and post it somewhere, I haven’t written a fan fic in over 10 years), this won’t make much sense without the other parts but if you do want to read this out of order, all you need to really know is Luke and Vader travel back in time to the clone wars and rescue everyone.

-The Temple is on fire. Rex and his men have managed to hold back most of the attack, but there are gaps in the shield and the outer walls are collapsing and chip controlled trooper are getting in on the west side of the plaza.  General Windu is suddenly beside him, ordering him to take his weapon off stun, to meet the attack with lethal force and press forward, Windu leading the way. Rex refuses.

“I don’t think you heard me, Captain!” Windu yells over the sound of battle. “We are pressing the advance and getting the Guard away from the Temple. Weapons must go hot. Order the men to shoot to kill and follow behind me as I lead them away from the Temple,” Mace repeats himself.

“I heard you the first time, sir. The answer is no. Please retreat back into the Temple proper. This area is under GAR control.” Rex will not kill his brothers if he can help it, never again. “Boomer! Waxer and Boil report the west line has broken. Send two squads!”

Windu turns, incredulous and grabs the shoulder of a nearby trooper pushing back a Guard member. “Trooper! Shield down and weapons hot. We are pressing the attack!”

Jesse shoves back the chipped brother and yells over his shoulder “Go to hell, sir!” and process to use his shield and baton to knock his attacker to the ground and into unconsciousness.

“Sir, I must insist you retreat back into the Temple,” Rex demands. “You are interfering with our operations.” He knows he cannot force the General or stop him if he wants to attack the Guard, but he will not comply. Windu looks from clone trooper to clone trooper fighting back their brothers who are attacking with deadly intent. He shakes his head and ignites his saber, but backs away to the ruins of the outer wall. Any Guards who get past the line he cuts down and kills.

Behind Mace Windu, Jedi young and old stand just within the wall and Rex dies a little inside each time he sees one of his brothers fall to a saber blade. This is torture of the most acute kind. It is Krell all over again. He tries to get ahold of himself, to shake it off, but it is so hard. He yells to his brothers to hold the line because any trooper that they cannot stop through non lethal means will meet death inside the Temple at the hands of the Jedi Order.

-In the airspace above Coruscant, Ahsoka takes a page out of her master’s playbook. Their cruiser is failing and will soon be destroyed. Kickback and Oddball have done what they can with ion bombs and fighters but it has not been enough. She orders everyone to abandon ship and get to Master Plo’s cruiser and she will maneuver her ship into place like a physical shield blocking any further orbital bombing of the Temple. She looks up and Commander Cody is still beside her on the bridge. She orders him again to leave, and he refuses. If she stays, he stays. She smiles at him through the smoke filling the bridge and together they turn the ship to protect the surface below.

-At the Senatorial Apartments, Padme has the babies tied in a sling to her chest, and is crouched down inside the ‘fresher tub, blasters in each hand.  Artoo and Threepio are pressed against the closed ‘fresher door, blocking it with their metal bodies being as much as a barrier as they can. She can hear Anakin and Obi-Wan and the clones fighting, she can hear her husband screaming. The babies are whimpering and she speaks to them softly as the room shakes and plaster from the ceiling rains down. “Shh, shh, little ones. Mommy’s here, Mommy’s here. Daddy will protect us, Daddy is fighting for us. Obi-Wan is helping. The clones are helping. Shh, don’t cry, don’t cry. We’ll be all right.”

-Anakin and Obi-Wan fight shoulder to shoulder using the Force and maiming cuts whenever possible as the Coruscant Clone Guard attempts to destroy the apartment complex, kill Padme and take the babies. Brothers fight brothers, and Senatorial guards, and assassin droids that attempt to enter through the elevator and stair wells, the ruined balcony, and even scaling up the building or down from the roof.

The holoscreen is still on, though it has crashed to the floor, but Anakin has heard enough even over the sound of battle to know it was Palpatine. Palpatine, his mentor and friend, the man he thought he could trust with his life, who made him believe that all the fighting, sacrifice, and bloodshed was worth it, has betrayed them all. This is the man who has made a mockery of all the death and suffering of the past three years, who has sent men and droids to kill his wife and take his children. Anakin has given his all, has committed totally to the war, to the safety of the Republic, to protecting the people and it means nothing, nothing! It was all worthless. The knowledge feels like a vibroblade to the chest. His whole world seems to be crumbling around him. Nothing makes sense, it is like he is in free fall, the Force feels so far away and fury threats to take over and have him slaughter everyone, everyone who dares attack his family.

It is only Obi-Wan’s presence at his side that gives him the strength to hang on to sanity by his fingernails when all he wants to do is let the red curtain of rage fall over his eyes and hurt everyone else for hurting him and his loved ones. Obi-Wan keeps up a stead stream of talking and sometimes shouting over the sound of blaster  fire, and whoever it is who keeps screaming, (someone keeps screaming, screaming in Basic and Hutteese) telling Anakin that he can’t wait to spend time with the children, how he hopes they are holy terrors and give Anakin at least the same amount of grief he gave Obi-Wan growing up, how strong in the Force they are, how Anakin couldn’t have picked a more lovely woman to be his wife than Padme, how Obi-Wan could not be prouder of him as a man, as a friend, as a Jedi, as a teacher, as a warrior, how Obi-Wan loves him like a brother, how he has to stand firm, don’t choke them, Anakin please, try and remember, the children and Padme need you, I’m here, dear one, I’m right here, hold on, Anakin, Force please, just hold on!

-For Luke, this fall is almost as painful as the fall from the gangway in Cloud City. The Sith Master clawing at him, lighting coursing out of his fingertips. The pain is agonizing, he can barely reach for the Force to slow their descent. He feels his father’s Force grip yank him free from Palpatine’s grasp and then his father’s arms are around him, holding him tight as they hit the ground. Somehow, Luke still has his lightsaber and he wastes no time staggering to his feet, pushing past the pain and igniting the blade just in time to block another lightning attack. Vader circles around the Sith Master, trying to pen him in between the two of them. Hardcase and Fives rush to join them and they circle the Sith, waiting for an opening.

The Force sends a warning nearly a second too late and Hardcase turns to block blaster fire from Senatorial Guards in sniper position. He blocks most but one catches him in the leg and another in the shoulder. Fives rushes to defend him and Sidious steals a saber and slashes Fives in the back. Luke prevents the killing blow and Vader hammers Palpatine back with punishing strokes.  Luke begins to drag the men out of the line of fire and there is Chatterbox leaping down to join them, pulling his brothers aside and blocking further blaster fire, ricocheting the bolts back to the attackers. Luke throws himself back into the fight.

–Slice and his team have been having a grand time the past months, robbing the Trade Federation and the Banking Clan and all the corporate guilds blind, hacking the code of the inhibitor chips, and using backdoor codes to shut the Seperatists down.  But now he, Gin, Wires, Mal, and Uni have to slice the entire Holonet galaxy wide and the Senatorial security feed and the Supreme Chancellor’s computer and back ups and they have to do it now before brother kills brother all over the galaxy and the Jedi are massacred and the friends all die fighting the Sith Master.

No pressure.

“Do we have the code to shut off the kill order or not?” Gin yells.

“There is too much, he has files buried within files,” Mal spits. “The worm is having trouble locating it.”

“We are running out of time!”

There!” Uni says. “Patch me in to all comms via the satellites.”

“You mean the ones Kickback hasn’t blown up!” Mal complains.

“We have to switch the holo feed. We have eyes on them in the Senate Plaza,” Wires orders. “Slice?”

“Got it. Uni, broadcast the signal!”

-All GAR communicators spit out an incomprehensible screech of noise. At the Temple, the clones chipped and free stagger and some rip off their helmets from the pain, but when the noise ceases the attacking clones stop and stagger and drop their guns. Some vomit. Some look ready to turn their weapons on themselves. Others rush to help brothers that just a moment before they were trying to kill. The call for medics fill the air. The Jedi guarding the Temple stand down. Rex yanks off his bucket and sucks in great noisy breaths of air. He looks out into the dusk and falling night towards the Senate District where weapons fire continues. He calls for Jesse and a few others to get a transport here now.

-The turbolasers fall silent and Ahsoka staggers across the listing deck to helm control. She has spent enough time flying and crashing with her Master that she is sure she can land what is left of the ship on Coruscant. Cody hurries to strap himself in. “Are you sure you know what you are doing, Commander?” he asks as she takes the controls.

“I’ve seen Master Skywalker do this at least a dozen times,” She tells him as they begin their descent (begin to fall really, but Anakin always said attitude was important when flying, so descent it was).  

Cody shakes his head and braces himself. “That doesn’t fill me with a lot of comfort, sir.”

-When the chipped clone troopers fall and stop fighting and the last of the Senatorial Guard are dispatched, Obi-Wan puts away his weapon and grabs Anakin. Anakin, who is smashing an already destroyed assassin droid to bits, screaming obscenities. Obi-Wan pulls Anakin’s saber from his grasp and pins his apprentice’s arms to his side and yanks them both backward, holding his Padawan and trying desperately to reach his dearest friend with his words, with the Force, with his physical presence. Anakin finally stops struggling only to collapse on the floor, dragging Obi-Wan with him. He shakes violently and then as if some invisible hand is ripping into him, Anakin sobs, deep wretched cries. Kix moves to help, but Obi-Wan directs him with a shake of his head to see to the fallen troopers. Echo yanks off his helmet and takes one terrified look at his broken General and rushes to get Padme and the babies. 

Obi-Wan holds onto Anakin as tightly as he can, whispering soothing nonsense in his ear, hoping that this will be enough. The holoscreen flickers and security footage from the Senate Plaza now fills the screen and the sound of lighting strikes, screams, and lightsabers crashing blasts from the speakers.

-Luke and his father have never practiced fighting together but that doesn’t seem to matter, they move in tandem. He goes low and manages a hit to Palpatine’s leg and Vader moves in for the kill only for Force lighting to arc through him at close range. Vader drops his saber, his prosthetics shorting and sparking and Palpatine slashes out. Vader roars in pain and Luke uses the Force to shove his father clear so the blow maims, but does not kill. Luke blocks and parries, and finds his opening, slicing off Sidious’ hand. Maddened by pain, the Sith throws out great arcs of lightening, striking furiously around the Plaza. Luke goes down with a cry as his flesh begins to cook from the inside out.  In the distance over his own cries of agony he can hear Sidious gleefully cackling about power. It seems so far away and Luke can feel himself slipping away.

Palpatine’s sadistic joy seems to fill the air as much as the scent of ozone and burning. He is so engrossed in murdering the Jedi that he misses the dark shape of Vader looming out of the evening dusk behind him. Vader impales Sidious with one vicious stroke and then both he and the would-be-Emperor fall.

Luke finds the strength to look up only to be blinded by the explosion of Dark pouring out of the Sith’s body as he dies.

#Tarot #Meditation // Death + 2 of Cups + Knight of Wands + Knight of Swords + Queen of Wands

Death is the organic cleanser, cultivating space & energy so that we have the liberty to build anew. It is an energy of preparation & sometimes of unexpected circumstance getting you ready for bigger things to come. Death is known to bring closure in ways we could not anticipate, but it is attempts to get us into a space the molds us into greatness. The 2 of Cups represents a dynamic team, strong partnership or trusting romance that is nourishing to your needs, goals & ambitions. Relationships may be changing at this time & either you may find yourself moving on from the past, letting go of toxic memories and/or partnerships or you could be ready for the next chapter of your lives together. The Knight of Wands places nothing in the hands of fate. If there is a spark of enthusiasm & excitement, he is leading himself forward to take advantage on his gut instincts. This card can denote acceleration, positive changes & growth in your favor. Moving out of your comfort zone and feeling ready to handle what’s in front of you. Additionally, you may be ready to start on a new level, to prove to yourself that you can bring your desires into fruition, with or without a partner. The Knight of Swords reminds us not to be so impulsive but to think several steps ahead throughly and with intention. Don’t race to any conclusions without having all the facts straight. The Queen of Wands shows that you have the ability to captivate strong attention at this time. Something has died within you that is no longer holding you back. The Queen is the glorious representation of magnetism, mysticism, charm & emotional intelligence. She knows how to manipulate a crowd to her will & has mystical inclinations to help her out along the way. It could be a good time to trust your own magic and make any small move in the direction of your goals. It is advised not to do so much that you cannot handle your own load, but to dip your feet and get wet rather than to hold back in fear of the water. You have the determination now; the universe is determined in sending those that at are in alliance w/ you.

‘uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.’

Dear GD, happy 28th year of your life. Keep the crown steady on your head and rule with confidence. Keep that crooked smile on your face and joy in your heart. Always remember the past but never look back. Keep facing forward and you will lead the rest of us with you in faith. 

Be safe, be healthy, be happy. 

Lots of love forever, until whenever. 

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I am open-minded, and have no problem with most religions, but religious explanations are unsatisfactory. They don’t take me anywhere; you either believe them or you don’t, and that’s that. Scientific theories of the origin of life are open to questions, to tests, to revisions, to replacement with new and more insightful theories. One path leads to a dead halt. The other leads to thrilling, limitless forward motion.
—  Undeniable, Bill Nye