lead chain


It can save a life.

Alternatively, it can miss completely, resulting in someone’s death, still reset it’s cool down timer, trigger a chain reaction leading to the wipe of the party, making you look like an incompetent healer, and inserting rage and disappointment into the hearts of those you let down.


“I was still at Ryerson University working for the school paper when they needed someone to shoot the Alice In Chains gig at the Concert hall. It was very last minute so I ended up going to the show with 100 speed film in my camera and no flash. From what I remember I shot from the crowd as they didn’t have barriers at gigs back then. I knocked off a few rolls and stayed for the show. Great set for a band I actually never heard of before. I was sure the shots would suck but to my surprise are some of the shots I’m most proud of to this day.” - Ron Orchard

when the wolf comes home she will breathe
it has been so long since air
real air
has touched her lungs
filled with the smell of asphalt and iron
of neon and chrome
of the sun and city and home
after years of suffocating
she will breathe

when the wolf comes home she will speak
her voice towering above even the highest walls
telling the stories of those she left behind
she will shout until they listen
and they will listen
because she is the keeper of the lost
and they will be found

when the wolf comes home she will rage
there is work to do
people to find
debts to pay
and hundreds of ghosts that have something to say
she will raze through the halls of those who abandoned her
burning and blazing with all her heart
so big and so small
until there is only justice
and ashes

when the wolf comes home she will cry
the weight of lives and loves and letting go
hanging from her like chains
lead raindrops down her face
her guilt and grief reminding her
you are alive
you are alive
you are alive

when the wolf comes home she will laugh
laugh until her body
frailer and smaller and painted with scars
shakes like a thunderclap
it is the greatest strength we have as people
for in the face of horror and hell
she smiles

when the wolf comes home she will live
the world is a big, beautiful place
and oh how she missed it
she has a family now
one that carries memories of the worst years of her life
and she loves them for it
a special kind of connection
that only those who have walked through hell together can share
the battle is over
the world is new again
and finally
she will live

—  when the wolf comes home (a song for isabelle lovelace) // p.s
Breaking In, Ch 30 (OQ AU)

Author’s Note: Breaking In turns two today, so I figured what better day for an update? Thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me the last two years. Your patience will be rewarded!

The nerves, as it turns out, are on a bit of a time delay, kicking in around the time she finishes pouring two generous glasses of Cab.

For weeks, their secret has been a heavy burden, lead chains around her neck, weighing her down, yanking at her hopes every time they foolishly try to claw their way up. But now, someone else knows, and she can talk about it. But on the other hand, someone else knows and she has to talk about it.

Regina finds her middle starting to knot into a confusing tangle of emotions. Nerves, yes, a little bit, and there’s also a part of her that feels… almost defiant. Confident. A bit punch-drunk with the impending rush of honesty.

Regina plucks up her glass and takes a deep swallow, waiting Marian out as she mulls over what she wants to ask first.

The question she settles on is unsurprising: “How long have you known?”

“That he was a thief, or that he stole from my parents?” Regina asks, setting her glass down again and twirling it slowly by the base (it’s not fidgeting, if it was fidgeting, it would be… faster).

Marian quirks a brow and asks, “The answers are different?”

“They are,” Regina confirms with a nod, and Marian lifts her own glass, sits back with it.

“Both, then.”

Where to start? she wonders, and then figures when all else fails, start at the beginning.

So she asks contemplatively, “Did he ever tell you how we met?”

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The Hangman
Also known as Hear No Evil, The Deafening Mask

Type of Trap: Test

“Bobby enters a room on the second story of the building that is missing it’s floorboards, with the exception of a series of torn-apart beams, destroyed arches, and wooden planks. Bobby finds his closest friend, Cale, on the other end of the room, equipped with a mask that covers his eyes and ears so that he can’t see anything and it is difficult for him to hear. He also has a collar around his neck with a chain leading from the ceiling to the back of it, attached to a winch. If Cale were to fall, the winch would lift him off his feet and he would be hanged. When Bobby plays the tape for his test, he learns that he must grab a key located in the center of the room that is out of Cale’s reach, while guiding the disabled Cale to a close enough distance so that Bobby can toss him the key that would release his noose before a timer expires and Cale is hanged.”

Cale: Dead
Bobby: Failed

Source: Trap Description from Saw Wiki

Today, I fucked up by saying "I'm pregnant" for April 1st.

So the story goes… I’m male and I posted “I’m pregnant!” on my Facebook wall for April 1st and things spiraled out of control.

But first there are a few things you should know about me.

  1. I’m 100% male, testicles penis and everything.
  2. I have a GF that my family doesn’t like.
  3. My family is extremely conservative.

So later in the day my mother calls and when I pick up she is hysterical, screaming, and is basically disowning me. I’m bewildered and entirely confused so try I ask her through the screaming, what did I do wrong?

She says “you got your girlfriend pregnant”, and that’s when it dawned on me.

My little super obviously a joke facebook post on April first saying “I’m pregnant!” actually tricked my family leading them to chain call each other to gossip about how I got my girlfriend pregnant.

Long story short, my whole extended family is pissed off at me and thinks I got my girlfriend pregnant, I almost got disowned, and I won April 1st this year. FML….

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

Me after watching a substandard live action adaptation of a beloved manga

anonymous asked:

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