lead award


The Godfather (1972)

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Cinematography by Gordon Willis


Nothing normalizes the new quite like seeing it on screen. A culture can change its mind about something almost subconsciously after they just see it in a movie or on TV a few times in something that doesn’t really call attention to it.  A Conversation with Paul Feig and Kate McKinnon at Athena Film Festival


La La Land (2016)

Directed by Damien Chazelle

Cinematography by Linus Sandgren

“I don’t like the education system at our schools. I want to learn about life and worth, but we can’t learn about it at school. Actually, we don’t even have time to think about those things. If I think about those things during night study sessions, I can’t get a good grade. Night study sessions are said to be optional, but it is actually somewhat by force. If you don’t participate in those study sessions, you can’t get the ‘Self-directed Study Award’.”
“They give awards for that?”
“Yes. Everything within our school life leads to awards which builds up to be our qualifications. But I now have a dream from being in this kind of environment.”
“What is it?”
“I want to build an alternative school. I figured out the core essential. That the system needs to be changed.”

“지금 학교의 교육 방식이 너무 마음에 안 들어요. 인생과 가치에 대해서 배우고 싶은데, 학교에서는 그런 걸 못 배워요. 심지어 그런 걸 생각할 시간도 없고요. 야간자율학습 시간에 그걸 생각하고 있으면 좋은 내신 점수를 못 받거든요. 야간 자율학습에 참여하는 것도 자유이긴 한데, 사실 반 강제예요. 야자를 안하면 ‘자기주도학습상’을 못 받거든요.”
“그런 걸로도 상을 주나요?”
“네. 저희는 학교생활 모든 게 다 상이에요. 그게 스펙이 되거든요. 그래도 이런 환경에 있다보니까 꿈이 생겼어요.”
“그게 무엇인가요?”
“대안학교를 세우고 싶어요. 본질을 발견했거든요. 시스템을 바꿔야 한다는 걸.”


Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Directed by Kenneth Lonergan

Cinematography by Jody Lee Lipes