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猫のいる生活~オレ様クロネコ・ツキミの場合~ (Neko no iru seikatsu 〜Ore-sama kuroneko • Tsukimi no baai)

Venerdi has announced a new series! Please stop trying to make us into furries, drama CD companies. ( • v • );;;

Synopsis (Paraphrased): 

After a certain incident leads to a stray cat, ツキミ (Tsukimi), getting injured, you find yourself taking him home and caring for him. An ore-sama-type black cat, Tsukimi spends his days sweetly by your side.

Tsukimi is a stray male black cat that claims your neighborhood as his territory. Because he was given the freedom to live as he liked ever since he was born, Tsukimi grew into being a wild, selfish, ore-sama type. While Tsukimi initially thinks that you are meddlesome, he comes to grow fond of your kindness and your warmth as you live together. He likes eating, sleeping, and playing, and is often found hanging around in narrow spaces. Tsukimi also occasionally bothers you as you work…

You are 27-years-old, and currently single. Living alone in your 2 bedroom apartment, you work from home. You have a soft spot for cats that are injured or hungry, and can’t leave them alone. After you find Tsukimi injured in a park in your neighborhood, you decide to pick him up and take him home with you. 

CV: 小池竹蔵 (Hideki Ogihara)

Release Date: May 26th, 2017.

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite

Chapter Summary: The forest tries to lead you a stray.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 11

Next Chapter: Chapter 13

A/n: I’m so very tired. I went to sleep at 10pm AZ time and got up at 3am AZ time so thats about 5 hours of sleep  and I have been up since then. I got lazy but I did something. Also I will probably not be posting any updates tomorrow because I’m going to be sleeping and then at the beach lol

“This is not the Greenwood of old. The very air of the forest is heavy with illusion. It will seek to enter your mind and lead you astray,” Gandalf says as he mounts his horse causing you to sigh. Every time you needed him the most, he seemed to disappear. That made you question his purpose in this quest.

“Lead us a stray? What does that mean?” you hear Bilbo ask and you shake your head at your brother’s silliness. What did he think it meant?

“No matter what may come, stay on the path,” Gandalf shouts as he starts his trek away from the forest. “Come. We must reach the mountain before the last light of Durin’s day,” Thorin says, leading the group into the forrest and you follow him, ignoring Bilbo’s question of “Durin’s Day.”

You understood, now, what Gandalf had meant earlier. You were starting to feel the effects of the forest and all you could do was feel groggy. You didn’t want to continue this journey. All you wanted to do was sleep. You realized you lost the path hours ago, but you still kept on following Thorin. You had questioned, once, if it was a good idea to follow someone who got lost in the Shire, twice, but you dare not voice it.

You take a seat next to Dwalin as the company comes to a rest. Bombur, that oaf, had fallen into the stream and it knocked him out causing almost all of the members to carry him. You hear a giggle and you look up and in the distance, you could see a woman. A hobbit woman. More specifically, your mother.

She looked as beautiful as ever and there was a smile on her face. She was with your father and he was just as you had remembered him. In their hands was a child. You.

You stand, wanting to get closer to see what was going on.

“My lovely child,” Bella coos and your heart flutters.

“It is such a shame that we had lost our other child, but now we have more love to give you, y/n,” Bungo says, smiling at you and you want to get closer. To feel that love for once in your life. You move to make your way over to them, but a hand grabs yours.

You frown as you look down at the hand that dare stop you from your happiness and it only deepens as you make eye contact with Bilbo. He looks away from you to the spot you were looking at. You turn back to it and look at him again.

“You see them too?”

Bilbo nods, the grip on your hand getting tighter.

“Of course. They still look the same,” he supplies, swallowing a bit.

“And you see yourself, obviously,” you say, looking back at your younger self being picked up into their arms. It surprises you immensely when Bilbo shakes his head.

“I see you as a child. Oh gosh, they love you so much,” Bilbo whimpers and you see his eyes glistening. You frown looking back at the image before you. Was this forest supposed show you your deepest desire? If it did, did Bilbo really wish that you were the only child and that your parents loved you unconditionally? Your hand unconsciously tightens around his trying to tug him with you to see your parents, but Bilbo tugs you back.

“No, y/n, you heard Gandalf. The forest seeks to lead us a stray. We must not let it do so no matter how much we want to,” Bilbo whispers and you turn to look back at him. You turn back and your father and mother were now gone, replaced with the dark forest that you had entered.

“Do you really wish I was the only child?” you ask quietly.

“Ever since the day I heard you crying in your room, wishing you were never born,” Bilbo says, before slipping his hand out of yours and joining the rest of the company. You look back to the spot you saw your parents and you can’t help but think about how different it would be if you were an only child.

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Can you pick up the kids from school today?

Mike pulls the phone back, checking to see if it was in fact who the phone claimed it to be.

Ginny eyeing him curiously in the passenger seat.

“Me?” He asks, confused at the request.

“Yeah, you.  Look, I just have a ton of things to do, and I know that you’re already out playing chauffeur to Ginny, I just thought, maybe, you’d like to pay me back for keeping my mouth shut,” she taunts, as if privy to a secret even he’s unaware of.

“Keeping your mouth shut about what?” And the moment he asks, he knows it’s a mistake, because Evelyn’s voice carries, and the next words out of her mouth are likely to reach the curious ears of the passenger beside him.

“You know what I’m talking about, Michael,” she warns in her serious voice, the one usually reserved for the twins and her husband, an apparently now him when it comes to Evelyn’s best friend.

He glances over at Ginny, who’s looking at the window with a soft grin.  The details of this thing Evelyn claims to know but won’t tell written all over her face, but admitting that, right here, right now not sounding like the most appealing option.

“Yeah, yeah, we can pick them up,” he couples them together, convincing himself it was more out of convenience than reading into the fact that they’d become a ‘we’ more and more these days.

“Change of plans?” She asks with a shake of her head, her curls blowing in her face at the wind as she looks at him, framing her in sunshine.

“Uhh, yeah, I took a part-time job as an uber driver,” he claims, but the smirk on his face gives way to the annoyance being nothing more than an act.

“Ooo-ber,” she mocks him, and its his turn to shake his head.

“I believe they threw things at him when that was done,” he reminds her, and she laughs.

“I knew you were watching without me!” She declares, her recent injury and the off season leading their boredom to stray onto a dark path of binge watching.

He pinks in embarrassment, until realization dawns on him with a raise of her brow.  “You would have to have been watching without me to know that…”

“I can’t help it if you fall asleep in the middle of an episode, old man,” she defends herself.

“Sure, Ginny,” he says, and he doesn’t miss the flicker of a flash in her eyes every single time he uses her first name.  Even now, living together as roommates, spending most, if not all of their time together, the frequency with which he finds himself using her given name, the feeling, the longing, the want from that night never leaves them.

As the boys pile in, their backpacks thrown against the back of his seat, fist bumping Aunt Ginny with her good hand as they lean over, he blanks on what he’s supposed to do now.

He looks at Ginny, always at ease with them.

“So, uhh, boys…what do you want to do?” He broaches, and he feels his ears getting warmer under the stare of Ginny.

The three of them make quick eye contact, the gleam of excitement present in all of them, as they simultaneously shout, “ICE CREAM!”

Ginny gives a punch in the air in victory, the boys energy matched with her own, before she twists back around to him.

“I didn’t realize I was picking up three children,” he teases.

And he can hear the laughter from the back as she sticks her tongue out at him with a wink.

“Just drive, Ooo-ber,” she teases.

“Just for that, tonight’s pick is mine,” he winks back.

She scrunches up her face in a slight pout, before conceding.

“Fine, but you’re getting sprinkles on your ice cream.”

“Why don’t you just kill me now, it’ll be easier than slowly poisoning me with all that sugar.”

She places her hand on his shoulder, and he swears, he can feel the tingle racing down his arm. 

“Now we can’t do that, can we boys?  We need our driver,” he hears agreement, and declarations of all kinds of odd combinations of ice cream that they plan to get.

“That’s all I’m good for, huh?”

She looks at him, tilting her head with a knowing grin, her eyes tracing over him.

“I guess we’ll see.”

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Lead To Lykaia

I’ve strayed
On this journey to the sun
I’ve prayed
Lost in the sounds of this orison
I’ve craved
What was stuck under my tongue
I’ve saved
The blood of the lamb to remind me of the origin
Lead to the mountain
The peak shrouded by mystique
Hard not to feel surrounded
So I dare not to speak
I’ve given up the beast
These bodies draped in gold
Death under my feet
Sins too heavy to hold
Come to the pyre with me
There’s a fire to be set free
If my eyes were ash
What would you see?
If this night didn’t last
Would our lycanthrophy?
I’ve strayed
On this journey to the sun
I’ve prayed
Lost in the sounds of this orison
I’ve craved
What was stuck under my tongue
I’ve saved
The blood of the lamb to remind me of the origin
Lead to the mountain
The peak shrouded by mystique
Hard not to feel astounded
At Lykaia, I found lucidity

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Oda 😭😭😭.... B, I just finished the Oda part of the anime and my heart was weak and unprepared. Whyyyyyy???!!!!

I know petal, I think none of us will truly be over the death of Oda (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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You ask me why? Odasaku died to give Dazai his character development. As painful as it is, that’s the plot relevance of his death, it’s the thing that triggered the chain of events that lead to Bungou Stray Dogs as we know it. It was simply unavoidable.  

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a kong = somethings big. noticing her kittens large stature compared to the others, she names him kongkit. kongkit, now kongpaw, helps the warriors lead away donkeys that had strayed into their territory. he was made a warrior for his efforts- but, seeing as kongdonkey sounded odd, he and kongpaw decided that he should be named slightly differently, so his name could hold a story, and he became donkeykong.

Stop trying to make Donkeykong happen, it’s not going to work

Hey There Soldier

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Requested: Nope, but more requests are coming soon!

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Drunk!Reader, fluff

Word Count: 1,388

A/N: Sorry for the delay, we had a string of family emergencies pop up, but everything is fine. Also, we hit 1,000 followers while I was gone!!! Thank you all so much, I honestly can’t believe it. I am so grateful for each and every one of you.Anyways, enjoys, and feel free to send ny requests that you have my way…

It was strange. For never having met him before, you would honestly trust Bucky Barnes with your life. It happened pretty suddenly, because before you were in love with him, you could have sworn that you felt nothing at all.

Regardless of how you felt, you knew that he was in no place to be in a relationship. He had barely figured out who he was, just as Bucky. There was no way that he was ready to trust someone and be able to open up to them enough that they could have a healthy relationship, at least right now.

However, try telling that to yourself after four shots of vodka. At first, Natasha had claimed that you just needed to loosen up, handing you the whipped cream flavored devil. It wasn’t half bad, which of course made getting the second shot into you just a bit easier. After that, all bets were off… what could you say? You were a light weight.

After having successfully lowered any inhibitions that you previously had, Natasha dumped you on top of your favorite super soldier, with no more than a wink in his direction before sauntering off back into the crowd. You snuggled into the couch, allowing yourself a small smile at how soft it felt underneath you.

Luckily, Bucky wasn’t in a very populated area of the party, preferring to be somewhat alone in the social setting that Tony insisted he be a part of, because when you got drunk, you got very cuddly. You thought nothing of kicking off your shoes and curling into Bucky’s side, too tipsy to notice the slight pink tinge that had overtaken most of his face.

“Hey there, soldier,” you slurred after attempting to give him a sultry wink. It hadn’t worked in your favor, but Bucky though that your blink was charming nonetheless.

“Hi, Y/N.” he said quietly, attempting to shift you off of him without making it too obvious what was going on.

Unfortunately, even in your drunken state, your senses were in hyper drive, and instead of letting him gently set you down on the couch, you tightened your hands around Bucky’s neck, holding on even tighter.

You let out a loud groan in protest, not wanting to leave Bucky’s arms. You felt like you were at home when you were with him, even without four shots of vodka coursing through your system. He glanced around the room, hoping that no one had heard you. He held back a groan as he saw Sam making his way over to the two of you, a very familiar smirk on his lips.

“Hello lovebirds!” he announced loudly, sitting on the end of the couch that the two of you were situated on.

“What do you want?” Bucky grunted, relaxing into the couch, attempting to play it cool while also, finally shifting you off of his arm.

“Just checking up on my favorite person in the whole world,” he laughed, at his own joke and the situation that Bucky was currently stuck in.

“Alright,” Bucky said, pushing himself off of the couch. “That’s enough. Come on, Y/N, time for bed.”

At first, he just stood you up and wrapped his arm around your waist as he led you out of the party. You were still very drunk, and weren’t being all the cooperative whilst being taken from the room. Tony and Sam were wolf whistling all the two of yu until you finally got in the elevator.

Eventually, Bucky got tired of trying to lead what felt like a stray goose around the halls, and scooped you up into his arms. He wished that he could say that he was surprised when you looped your arms around his neck and cuddled into his chest, but he simply sighed and accepted it.

Bucky only wished that you would love him this much when you were sober. He had liked you since the first day at the tower. He liked you so quickly and fiercely that it scared him. After that, he couldn’t muster words around you. he could spill his guts to Steve when he asked about you, but he couldn’t bring himself to say more than a few words to you.

After he got to your room, he quickly realized that it was locked, and you were in no state to unlock the door. In fact, you had fallen asleep against his chest. He didn’t want to wake you, so he settled for readjusting his grip on your thighs and quickly shuffling to his room.

He laid you down in his bed, attempting to make you as comfortable as possible in your sequined party dress. He quickly grabbed a bottle of aspirin from the bathroom cabinet and a glass of water to set on your bedside table. He stood over you, taking in the sight of your sleeping form. You looked so peaceful, younger than usual.

You normally had lines of worry or concentration etched on your face, but in your sleep they all faded away. Before he could really process what he was doing, he stooped down and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. He was nervous, unsure if that would be enough to wake you. thankfully, you only shifted in your sleep, rolling to the other side while a small smile took up residence on your face.

You rolled onto your side, pulling the blankets closer to your aching body. You didn’t know what had happened last night, but you knew that it probably included a lot of alcohol. You vaguely remembered Natasha coercing you to drink with her, and you had a strange feeling that you did something that you were going to regret.

You opened your eyes, letting in the first glimpse of light. It was nearly too much to handle. You noticed that someone had left you some medicine on… not your beside table.

You sat up abruptly, causing a huge head rush that made you pretty dizzy. You held your head in your hands as you glanced around the room. It wasn’t yours, but you weren’t sure exactly where you were. The room was plain, it looked like every other guest room in the tower, maybe a bit bigger. There were no personal belongings in the room save for some clothes in the closet.

You quickly gulped down the medicine before making your way out of the bed. You opened the door to find a living room that looked similar to yours. Okay, not a guest bedroom.

You rounded the corner to see Bucky at the stove, cooking. You were in Bucky’s room? How did you get there? Oh god, did he bring you here?

“You’re awake.” Bucky said, holding two plates of a full breakfast, eggs, toast, pancakes, the works.

“What happened?” you asked, a million thoughts running through your head at once. “Did we…”

“Oh, god no.” he chuckled, setting the plates down.

‘What did he mean, ‘oh god no, was that so appalling?’

Bucky must have noticed that you were worried, because he immediately started to stutter. “Not that um, that I wouldn’t, um. I mean, you’re very beautiful.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck. “And I wanted to tell you that I have thought that, for a really long time, and”

You couldn’t believe what he was saying. Bucky, the man that you had felt things for since you met him liked you, maybe even loved you? it didn’t seem like it could be real. All at once, a flood of emotions washed over you, and you just couldn’t help yourself.

You threw your arms around his neck, pulling him into a deep kiss. You both let all of your emotions finally do the talking. You poured everything that you had been feeling for so long into the simple act of placing your lips on his.

You didn’t know how long it had been when the two of you finally pulled away,  but when you did, your breakfast had gone cold. The two of you simply laughed it off, choosing to have cereal instead. You spent the day cuddled up on the couch, talking. You couldn’t say that you had ever been happier, and if the look in Bucky’s eyes was anything to go by, he felt exactly the same.

The Modalities

Also referred to as the Quadriplicities, this divides the Signs intro groups of four. It’s a fundamental characterization of the Zodiac Signs, as it represents how each Sign interacts with the outside world.

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are efficacious and self-starters. Cardinal Signs are the starters and initiators - they take the lead and make things happen, rather than merely sit back and watch. They’re independent, ambitious, and domineering visionaries. While they easily start things, finishing them isn’t as easy for them. These individuals have an abundance of confidence and are easily assertive.

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are focused and determined. Fixed Signs are steady and stable, with a consistent energy that’s smooth and tolerant. They’re internally and externally powerful, and can both start and finish projects. However, these people are prone to stubbornness and have a strong dislike for change. Fixed Signs prefer to pursue goals in a safe and orderly format.

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are flexible and adaptable. They exhibit changeable behavior and their adaptability is often quite unpredictable. They’re flexible and can make the most of a situation. They’re very open-minded and welcome new ideas, which also causes them to have a tendency towards being ambiguous which can cause them to lose direction. This all allows them to make the best out of most situations.

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Everything is Not OK

Rating: NC-17

Ship: Leohyuk

Summary: Sanghyuks first rut doesn’t really go as planned.

Word count: 6.3k

Warning: ABO au (but taek isn’t a wolf lol)

A/n: aaa for @jongtaekwoon ‘s birthday!! Selena ily!! This isn’t actually the one I wanted to write for you but that one will take some time so have this crap in the mean while rip ;u

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I know some people may disagree with me, but i hope Chloe and Marcus start an intimate relationship for her to later realise that she still has feelings for Luci.

There will be a tension in season 3 that’s for sure. Now whether Marclo will get intimate… That rarely happens in series mainly because we have learned that the female lead should not stray from the path that will lead her to the male lead. Also for the female lead to engage in sex with someone else is frowned upon as we all have this delusion that females must be faithful to a what if when males can literally f their way through the series. Lucifer has slept with half of L.A. and still, most of us find it normal. At the same time, we accept Maze sleeping around as she is a demon aka as Lucifer would have said inheritably evil and immoral? 

I’m not saying that I don;t hope for the same thing. I would have loved for Chloe to say that she wants Lucifer and demand some answers or investigate him to the point she finds out the truth. All the ugly parts of that truth by the way but then I remember that my wishful thinking has to do with what culture has taught us. Lucifer will go back having sex in S3 and although we will be mildly disappointed, we care more about Chloe. Sometimes sex can lead you to some sobering truths and that’ s what I personally hope to happen with Chloe and Marcus. 

We shall see though :P :)

Love Actually Master Post

OFFICIAL TYPINGS by Charity / The Mod

Note: I’m not doing them all, because some of them have so little screen time and/or motivation it’s hard to get a grasp of their functions. But here are my best guesses.

Karen: INTP. She’s very analytical and brutally honest (“Like my dreadful son…”), but with that soft lower sense of humor; she makes everything into a joke, and actually does have a lot of reflective empathy even though she struggles to show it (“It doesn’t mean I’m not terribly sorry your wife just died…”). She struggles with her own feelings, but also doesn’t hesitate to gently articulate them when necessary. She has lower Si (comparisons to her own life, and experiences) but it seems ruled by an easygoing, open-minded higher Ne (such as sneering at the establishment, when they fail to have a sense of humor about her son’s imaginative “seeing farts” wish for Christmas).

Harry: ESTJ. He calls Sarah into his office to tell her to confess her love for Karl because it’s making the entire office run less efficiently. He’s fairly predictable and buys his wife the same present every year (scarves), because he’s more preoccupied with work and success (Te) than he’s good with people. Boredom and possibility lead him to stray in his marriage, a mistake he comes to regret—once it’s too late.

Sarah: ISFJ. She can’t really have a life, because she spends all her time consoling her highly emotional, unstable brother on the phone (Fe), but that doesn’t stop her from being emotive herself or in making it obvious to everyone in her workspace that she’s in love with Karl. She’s a natural caregiver, happy with her routine and her job, who prioritizes family above all (Si).

Billy Mack: ESFP. His party hard, sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle fits well with an unhealthy higher Se, but mostly what you see in him is Te brutality (“My festering turd of a record… oh come on, we both know it’s crap…”), ruled by his emotions (drawing a penis on the competition’s face because he’s annoyed, forgetting kids are in the audience). It also practically kills him to talk about his true feelings, and he kind of fumbles his way around it (“Maybe the person I most care about is… you”).

Daniel: ISFJ. There’s a small margin of error here, in that he could be an ESFJ; since he’s mourning his wife, it’s hard to tell if he’s naturally introverted. His Fe is quite obvious – he feels a need to open up and talk to Karen about his grief, about his problems, about his fears of parenting, his concerns about what the kid is doing in his room; he’s just as preoccupied with Sam’s feelings as his own. He Si-references things to help both of them (the song “Johanna,” his ongoing joke about Claudia Shaffer, etc) and is excited to try out new ideas (Ne) to help Sam “get the girl.” He analyzes things fairly completely and only shares his conclusions after he’s processed them (“Is he doing drugs?”).

Sam: INFP. He’s in love. The total agony of being in love. Feelings dominate him. They are inescapable. He can’t help it. He’s an idealistic romantic, stumped by what he sees as an insurmountable problem (inferior Te) – she’s leaving. And she doesn’t know I exist. Instead of coming up with a mundane solution like talking to her, he goes big. He’ll become a famous, wonderful musician and then she’ll love him (Ne provides the dream, Si provides the experience). Si also shows in him watching a bunch of romantic films “for tips.”

Mark: ISFP. He adores Juliet, but literally can’t tell her. He has to show her through actions that are a bit obscure but that express his feelings – by ignoring her and not talking to her on one hand, but also giving her a big surprise at her wedding, and finally confessing his love not with words but on poster boards (Fi/Te). He runs an art gallery and is clearly hands on in everything, attentive to the aesthetics and in making an impact with people (the nudes, his filming of Juliet, the poster boards).

The Prime Minister: ESFJ. Bit iffy on this one, but he certainly has a type (“Twenty years ago, you’d have been just his type”). He’s reluctant to show up the President out of a desire to avoid conflict, but also gives a nice Fe-speech bolstering British self-opinion that shames the opposition once he’s stirred up. He looks to the old establishment to some extent (“Did you ever have this problem? Course you did, you saucy minx!” – Si), and tries (unsuccessfully, as it turns out) to live within the parameters of what is appropriate (not dating coworkers). He’s fairly flexible, but also completely misreads the situation with Natalie and the President (he judges it based on appearances – she’s hitting on the President, rather than the other way around).

Jaime: ISFJ. His wife’s infidelity catches him off guard, but doesn’t really throw him from his routine—he goes to the same villa to write his book (Si) and there, awkwardly falls in love with a girl he openly expresses his feelings for (Fe) … it’s just unfortunate she doesn’t understand a word he’s saying! He tries to make her comfortable, and even analyzes his own book as he’s writing it (“Scary? … mostly just scary how bad the writing is!”).

About Killian Jones and the path he is on...

Just a friendly reminder in the face of all this Dark Hook nonsense circulating: A&E are still crafting Killian Jones’ ENTIRE ARC ON THE SHOW to perfectly fit the Hero’s Journey.

Not Villain Journey.


Just take a look at the point our Captain is at in the established steps of the famous Hero’s Journey (or monomyth):

The Road of Trials

The road of trials is a series of tests that the person must undergo to begin the transformation to hero. Often the person fails one or more of these tests, which often occur in threes. 

Emma Swan inspired Killian to reject the darkness that he was living in as a villain and begin to reach for the light once more: 

  • Enchanted Forest: first meeting, willing to help her while he achieves his own goals, she betrays him, he switches back to bad side. Fails this test.
  • Storybrooke: arrives with Cora as villain, eventually aligns again with heroes. Given opportunity to escape adn save himself with a bean, starts to, has change of heart, returns to help. Passes trial.
  • Neverland: freely volunteers to sail heroes to his personal purgatory in an effort to aid Emma, upon arriving faces temptations and demons of past. Stays on path, helps them save Henry and Return. Pass.
  • Separation/New York: When cursed back to EF and away from the woman he has growing feelings for, Killian breaks free from group to cross realms and find Emma, reuniting her to her loved ones to save them all. Passedddddddd.
  • Storybrooke: Killian remains steadfastly by Emma’s side, helping to fight a Wicked Witch, even as she pushes him away. Passed.
  • Enchanted Forest: Killian follows Emma through the time portal back to the EF, and helps her to save her family and herself while asking for nothing in return. After, Emma reveals she returns his growing feelings. PASS TEST WITH FLYING COLORS.

(I’m working broadly here but you get the picture)

Which leads us to:

The Meeting with the Goddess

This is the point when the person experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all-powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love that a fortunate infant may experience with his mother. This is a very important step in the process and is often represented by the person finding the other person that he or she loves most completely.

I don’t even really need to delve into this one too much, do I? I MEAN REALLY.

Captain Swan falls in love. Everything is groovy. Lots of kissing and fuck yes.

But then the Darkness starts creeping back in. Rumple targets Emma, which after a series of dramatic events, leads to her taking in the Darkness. He works to save her. More drama. Killian faces death. Emma loves him too completely to let him go, so she “saves” him by tethering him to the one thing he’s fought to overcome his entire Hero Journey…

Hello Darkness, my old friend.

Woman as Temptress

In this step, the hero faces those temptations, often of a physical or pleasurable nature, that may lead him to abandon or stray from his quest, which does not necessarily have to be represented by a woman. Woman is a metaphor for the temptations of life, since the hero-knight was often tempted by lust from his spiritual journey.

Blah blah blah, Killian retastes Dark Power, gets hella drunk, and goes on a bender. Temptations left and right: revenge, magic, sassy quips to enemies, more revenge. He has power now and it feels real good.

And this is where we currently are on the show.

So let’s look at what is next in a Hero’s Journey and see if it fits to spoilers and such we may know, shall we?

First up:

Atonement with the Father

In this step the person must confront and be initiated by whatever holds the ultimate power in his life. In many myths and stories this is the father, or a father figure who has life and death power. This is the center point of the journey. All the previous steps have been moving into this place, all that follow will move out from it. Although this step is most frequently symbolized by an encounter with a male entity, it does not have to be a male; just someone or thing with incredible power.

So Killian is going to have to decide what he ultimately wants most in life: revenge or love? 

Ok. Cool. Much shock, definitely NO foreshadowing for that nope. 

Oh, what’s that? His ACTUAL FATHER will also be appearing in the episode this week? HOW CONVENIENT. 

*knowing look*

Now all the papa jazz leads to:

Apotheosis (Death)

When someone dies a physical death, or dies to the self to live in spirit, he moves beyond the pairs of opposites to a state of divine knowledge, love, compassion and bliss. A more mundane way of looking at this step is that it is a period of rest, peace and fulfillment before the hero begins the return.

Whoomp there it is. THE HERO MUST DIE. 

This means he will be granted *drumroll*

The Ultimate Boon

The ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the person went on the journey to get. All the previous steps serve to prepare and purify the person for this step, since in many myths the boon is something transcendent like the elixir of life itself, or a plant that supplies immortality, or the holy grail.

Killian will destroy the darkness and save Emma. He will get his revenge and save the love of his life. He will achieve his ultimate goals. 

My personal feeling is then he will receive his “boon”, which I hope is confirmation of Emma being his True Love. (This would also kinda have a road of trials fit in the way of TLKs for them…they often come in threes and Captain Swan has two failed TLK tests. THIRD TIMES’S THE CHARM!)

So. There is is. Now given, the Hero’s Journey is wildly open to the author’s interpretation. Not all laid out steps must be used. But I just find it EXTREMELY fascinating just how perfectly our supposed Super Le Evil Captain Dark One’s story still aligns perfectly with it. 


Hope that maybe helped you feel a little better? Maybe? 

Why Style is Haylor AF (ASDFGHJKL)

Next to “Out of the Woods”, this is one of the most obvious Haylor songs with the most obvious references you can ever dream of. I will (try) to show all of them.

Midnight, you come and pick me up, no headlights
Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise

Harry comes to pick Taylor up secretively in the middle of the night. The “midnight” and “no headlights” emphasis how they wanted to hide their relationship especially with the media constantly on their tails. It also represents how their love exists in the dark without the paparazzi’s flashing lights. The second line is similar to “Blank Space” with the line of “So it’s gonna be forever/ or it’s gonna go down in flames”. “Long drive” allures to the journey of their relationship to which the followup is parallel towards how this relationship could take a turn for worse or for better.

On the humorous side of things, I wonder if “burning flames” equals car crash thus car on fire. I mean, they are driving at midnight without headlights. #recklessdriving

Fade into view, oh
It’s been a while since I have even heard from you
Heard from you

Haylor has supposedly broken up, which highlights that Harry has seemingly faded out of her view, but still in a distant vision. They haven’t spoken to each other in a while, and now he is reaching back out, reappearing into her life again.

I should just tell you to leave
Cause I know exactly where it leads
But I watch us go round and round each time

Haylor is a cycle of mad love. They’d have random fights yet still reunite back together. Taylor knows what is expected of this on-off relationship, and that is for it to come to its indisputable end. However, she just can’t bring herself to tell Harry to go away, so it ends up being this tape on replay for the whole time. Maybe a part of her would be curious as to what each split/make-up would bring, for an example, would they last this time around? Like Taylor said, “love’s a ruthless game unless you play it good and right”.

You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye
And I got that red lip, classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
Cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style

This is a throwback to around the 50′s and 60′s. Harry is pretty much an echo of the James Dean package such as that he sports the smug smirk on his face. Meanwhile, Taylor is like the popular woman’s trend back in the day wearing her signature red lip look. The two of them are basically following the old-school styles.

Other than the not-so-subtle Style reference of Harry by dropping the “s” at the end, the last two lines correspond to the whole of “we fight”, “we breakup”, “we get back together”, also linking to “Out of the Woods” with the line of “we were built to fall apart/then fall back together”. It’s an overall rocky relationship that isn’t full of stability, but they find something in each other that just draws them together, it may be a powerful connection or undeniable chemistry and attraction. With the last line, Taylor suggests that while certain trends do disappear over time, their relationship is similar to those trends that are still timeless and absolutely unmissable.

Before I was joking about the “car crash”, but now if you think about it, James Dean passed away at the peak of his career in an accident. Taylor could mean that Haylor was bound to break down and burst into flames as a means of their crazy exhilarating ride of an relationship.

You got that long hair slicked back, white t-shirt
And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt

Taylor keeps on contrasting the good girl and the bad boy imagery throughout the chorus. James Dean has been perceived widely by audiences to be the classic bad boy with his level of charm and irresistible quality. Please do note that although James Dean is seen to be a bad boy, he has his class and elegance in which his demeanor is seemed to be more captivating an intriguing. In this context, Harry was Taylor’s James Dean where she just can’t help herself to be tempted by his nature. Every good girl wants to tame the bad boy for him to be good for her. Entering this relationship, even though the forecast of breaking up remained clear to her, it was still a mystery for her to explore. Like most of the romance fiction books I pore over, typical well-behaved good girls cannot resist or push the luring bad boy away. 

I do want to just raise the idea of “tight little skirt”. 1989 is a more mature and grownup album compared to her older ones by introducing the naughty side of Taylor Swift. Although in the Speak Now album consisting of the song “Sparks Fly”, there was some hints of sexual activity, but I’ll leave that for another day. Anyway. this prompts thoughts of whether she was dressed to impress and reinforces the sexual attraction between them.

So it goes, he can’t keep his wild eyes on the road

What a rebel of a man you are Harry. There are many responses to this. Now, the media likes to portray Harry as the womanizer and complete flirt with a wandering eye. Personally we would see him for much more than that (I have high respect for him on his feminist views), just like how we see Taylor for more than the image of a psychotic girl who loves to date and torment boyfriends or pen another breakup song every chance she receives. I don’t know if Harry can’t focus properly on the road because he’s too busy admiring Taylor. But metaphorically speaking, it’s still a risky act without precautions (because your damn car can crash) which is their relationship of a doomed conclusion. In another sense, Harry could live up to his playboy view of checking out girls and flirting up a storm by not concentrating solely on one thing.

Takes me home, lights are off he’s taking off his coat

The lights being off provides this ominous undertone of something happening soon. This song is getting pretty darn sexual. But “taking off his coat” could mean two things, the most blatant one to put it bluntly, engage in some sexual encounter - or PG level of take off your coat when you arrive at someone’s house ready for a heart-to-heart conversation.

If we dive really deep into the other meanings of just this one simple line, “taking off his coat” is shedding off layers and baring his body. Harry could be finally free to uncover his feelings to Taylor after stripping down the extra skin. In other words, there’s nothing to cover him up anymore to prevent him from revealing himself. Now, if the lights are off, eventually they are going to have to be turned on again. The current situation could ideally represent that Taylor’s in the dark about what Harry’s going to do next. If the lights are switched back on, this is Harry’s small flicker of light of a confession. It symbolises a change of heart perhaps of how they aren’t together and that he wants her back.

No idea if the light ever went back on with Harry in the scene because Taylor interrupts with the next line:

I say “I’ve heard - oh, that you’ve been out and about with some other girl, some other girl”
He says “What you heard is true but I
Can’t stop thinking about you and I”
I said “I’ve been there too a few times”

Here we go, back to the events of Harry kissing a model named Emma Ostilly down under. Helpful reminder of the fact that Haylor met each other at the Kids Choice Awards and probably texted each other back and forth flirtatiously after that. That was the early Haylor relationship stance. But that went to a halt when these rumours of him cheating circulated. In my Haylor research, it’s claimed that Harry did send Taylor a message to warn her about the pictures but Taylor broke it off not wanting to get hurt again. Does this reference the scandal? I think it does.

By the way, the second last line of “You and I” makes me think about One Direction’s song of the exact name. In it there was a line I remember of “not even the Gods above/ can separate the two of us”. I like the sound of the exclusivity Harry is proposing. In “Style”, Harry may as well stress the strength of their relationship and how they’re meant for each other.

The last line is open for interpretation.There’s the possibility of throwing the idea of Taylor hanging out with another guy but “can’t stop thinking about you and I” as well. So she did the same thing Harry did, spend time with someone else. She did enter a summer fling with Conor Kennedy after the fiasco of Harry. Maybe it was a cheating on herself kind of circumstance where she kept denying her feelings for Harry. Or perhaps the line is directed of Taylor seeing that as in the many relationships she has entered, maybe she has heard the then boyfriend say this line to many times.

Take me home
Just take me home
Just take me home

I’m conflicted as to what the bridge is truly trying to pass. It’s rather ambiguous because we don’t know for sure. I think Taylor probably did this on purpose to lead our imaginations stray for future possibilities.

Because here is something from Taylor about this song:

“This song is about those relationships that are never really done. You always kind of have that person, that one person who you feel might interrupt your wedding and be like, ‘Don’t do it cause we’re not over yet’. I think everybody has that one person who kind of floats in and out of their life, and the narrative is never truly over.”  

This is a demonstration of Taylor declaring their story is still not done is still being written. Which is beautiful and inspiring, because now I’d LOVE to see Harry crash Taylor’s wedding.

Secret message of this track: “her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay”.

Can both sides of the party make a physical move to reach out for each other instead of just communicating through song lyrics? 

Credits: http://genius.com/4237893

"Imagine petting Thranduil's elk", "Imagine Thranduil letting you brush his hair", & "Imagine having a sip of Dorwinion with Thranduil after a long, busy day"

Anon!Author || imagine, imagine, imagine

“What a noble creature,” you mumbled, “truly, you are more magnificent than any of man’s horses.”  You stroked the soft furry nose of the elk from his side, and smiled as he nuzzled closer to you. You weren’t especially tall, about average, and therefore had to stand on a small wooden stool just to face the majestic beast. You were on a small break and were wandering outside of the royal halls of Mirkwood when your path lead you to stray near the stables.  It’s not that you were in charge of any of the animals there, but seeing as there was nobody around, you decided to visit a certain friend.

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finally getting around to finishing/posting sim requests! Charlie here is a lifelong cat enthusiast. It’s too bad that literally every cat he meets hates him and attempts to maul him on sight…still, nothing will stop him from attempting to lead strays home to his apartment full of unused pet supplies and disappointment. Please don’t ask him what happened to his eye, he doesn’t want to talk about it….


Another Time, Another Place

It was a bleak morning in the small village of Argyll, Scotland. From the looks of the train car anyhow. Charles Carson wiped away a bit of the thick perspiration with his palm. The sky was hazy. It would most certainly rain today if it hadn’t already. He’d dozed off sometime after leaving the rippon station only to be roused by one Robert Crawley, his young master. Robert was a young man of twenty three, four years his senior. A kind boy, Carson had worked for his parents since age fourteen, he felt as though he’d grown up with Robert. They were more friends than master and servant. Charles was grateful to have a friend, but he knew his bounds. He was a loyal valet and former hall boy. He’d only made one mistake in all his years serving the Crawley’s, he was younger, rebellious.. He made friends with a man by the name of Charlie Grigg, a con artist.. No good at all. He’d lead him a stray and gotten himself into a boat load a trouble. Traveling around as a comedy stage act, the cheerful Charlie’s. Getting into debts, stealing, fights.. And once, once he met the love of his life and far too quickly she slipped from his grasp. If it weren’t for his friendship with young Robert he might have not been given a second chance. He felt he owed it to the family to be the best valet he could after that, he’d become a valued member of the staff by The Dowager herself. Such so that he was accompanying the Dowager and her son to a cousins comings out in the hills of Scotland. The trains whistled pierced the air and the car shook as the train came to a stop. Charles took his case and exited, heading towards the front of the train to meet his mistress. “Carson.” The Dowager spoke with firm eloquence. “Take these cases to the carriage just there, they will deliver them to the house. Robert and I are to have lunch wit an old friend. You may have a few hours to yourself but I expect you back in time to help Robert dress for dinner.” Carson nodded, taking two of the large suitcases piled up belonging to the Crawley’s. “Yes, M'lady. Thank you.” And with that he began loading up the carriage from the baggage lot.

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Police Lure Wanted Suspects With Promise Of Free Football Tickets for failure to pay child support

All I Ask.....

All i ask if for honesty. I can’t stress enough how much honesty people lack in this world. I can’t even stress how important honesty is for the foundation of any relationship/friendship/etc. You can’t get by in life living on white lies and stories. Social Media is the biggest culprit for lacking honesty. As for you reading this All I Ask is that you be honest. Be honest with yourself and knowing your worth. Never let someone lead you down a stray path full of broken promises and shallow dreams. All i ask is that you be true to you and live for you. All I Ask if for your honesty.