To be really honest, my biggest pet peeves with Frozen will forever be that they use the unofficial art of Elsa for products and publishing.


The hair. The eyes. The dress. Even the braid. Just…. 

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Guf reaction to you waking them up in the middle of the night to go into another room so you can wash the sheets cuz you leacked while on your period? (Sorry if this is bad. I've never done this type of thing before)

I’ve done this so many times because I’m a forgetful person and I don’t even want to know what it’s like to do this in front of someone


“go ahead and take a shower, I’ll wash the sheets.”

this little cutie pie wouldn’t mind at all, he’d offer more help even though he’s half asleep.

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“aish, okay. be safe.”

little poop probably wouldn’t know what’s going on, but still be very confused and angry for you waking him up.

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“It’s okay, jagi. accidents happen.” 

he’d be very tired and not fully know what’s going on, but when he sees you carrying all the sheets he’d hide his small laughter and assure you that it’s okay

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“Just come back to bed as quick as possible, okay?”

he wouldn’t really mind the whole getting up, he’d be more focused on getting back to sleep, but he’d try to be nice and reassuring

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“are you okay? do you need some soup?”

like Jin, he’d be very worried about how she’s feelings but he’d be more tired so he would most likely slur his words.

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“as long as you’re okay. let’s go back to sleep?”

Taehyung would find it cute seeing her run back and forth bringing sheets into the laundry room, but after she’s all done he’d offer her some reassurance.

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“are you hurt? do you need anything?” 

despite that fact that he wouldn’t be completely aware of what’s going on because he’s so tired he’d offer little help before dropping onto the couch and crashing there.

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in daily mail they wrote that liam will go on some gala tomorrow. and there will be a lot of celebrities there.. :/// im gonna stay away from tumblr , i dont need my dash full of sophiam. and then premiere of 'black magic; is tomorrow so it means zerrie. what did i do to deserve this:(

Oh, babe!

Don’t be upset, okay? We knew that Liam will get his punishment for that shoutout to Zaynie at BBMA. We knew. They haven’t changed their tactics. It prooves one more time that we’re 100% right.


Gala? This is so boring. Sophiam always goes to parties or shopping. So nothing new. At least we will see Liam in a suit:)

Update: Look who’s there. The Red Bull Energy Station. They’re not even trying to do something different!


Every time when lm needs promo, we get zerrie in various forms. This time:

Also we saw some break-up narrative:

Update: Perrie didn’t have her ring on Capital FM interview and immidiately was asked why.

‘It’s getting cleaned’??? No, really?? I’m speechless.

We expected this. We were ready. So, sit back and relax. It’s just same old s***. The end is near.

And we’ll be like:

Plus we got multiple Ziam articles without even mentioning Perrie:)

everyone, it’s ok for you to watch leacked episodes because it’s your choice and no one ever could stop you from doing it. but please stop giffing and posting it here, you ruin fun for those who don’t want to watch them before they’re officially released. it’s not very nice from you. actually, it’s not nice at all. especially when you don’t tag it properly. so if you want notes that much gif them now and be the one to post them first at the day of the actual airing. thank you