To be really honest, my biggest pet peeves with Frozen will forever be that they use the unofficial art of Elsa for products and publishing.


The hair. The eyes. The dress. Even the braid. Just…. 

Black magic is getting mixed reactions from fans. A lot of them expected something edgy and dark, not this bubblegum 80′s inspired pop song. I do agree. I don’t feel this song at all. I mean you go from an album as salute which had such an edgy vibe to it ( with singles as Move, salute,boy etc. ) back to…Well  ‘ Wings ‘ basically. Not a smart move. 

You’d think that with the third album they’d try and reach out to a much older audience. Okay, maybe I’m quick to judge. I haven’t heard the entire album yet, but this is a terrible song too release as first single.

As for the promo side of it all : 

( credit to itsziambabe​ )

Liam ‘revealed’ the reason why Zayn left (and oh surprise ‘Black magic’ leacked)

Also we saw some break-up narrative:

Zayn’s sister said they don’t have any wedding plans

Perrie Edwards refuses to set wedding date

Update: Perrie didn’t have her ring on Capital FM interview and immidiately was asked why.

This twitter account called Musicspy ( I’ve never even heard of before wtf ) tweeted :

For now it’s just another PR tactic and a convenient rumor.

And today ( May 23rd ) miss Perald posting another video of her and Zayn.

Obviously much more to come. 

- Jack

everyone, it’s ok for you to watch leacked episodes because it’s your choice and no one ever could stop you from doing it. but please stop giffing and posting it here, you ruin fun for those who don’t want to watch them before they’re officially released. it’s not very nice from you. actually, it’s not nice at all. especially when you don’t tag it properly. so if you want notes that much gif them now and be the one to post them first at the day of the actual airing. thank you