lenses - sam holland / imagine

summary: based on this prompt

ship(s): sam holland x reader

warnings: none

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a/n: this is so short?? i’m sorry and this is also crap oops i needed to dO THIS PROMPT ASDJSAHHDSFKLLL!!!! also as a person who wears glasses i like. completely relate wow

“I missed you…” The freckled boy says quietly against the crook of your neck. “I missed you so muuuch.”

Sam Holland had just got back from Montreal and the two of you were cuddling on the couch, and you were unable to move due to the fact that he was squishing you– and your glasses.

“Sam, love,” you start to say, but he interrupts you with more murmuring. “Let me remove my glasses, please.”

“Nooo.” He whines a bit.




“Fiiine.” He mutters as the two of you sit up. You were about to remove your glasses when he places a soft kiss on your forehead. He then pulls away and took a deep breath, making the lenses of your glasses fog up.

“Gee, thanks.” You grumbled, your voice dripping with sarcasm. “Now I have to clean my glasses.”

Sam erupts in a fit of laughter, seeing your scrunched nose as you remove your glasses and clean it.