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TwitchCon FFXV: Comrades Info
  • Start out in Chapter 12 of the main game, Chapter 13 is when Noctis disappears, waiting for Noctis to return
  • You can customize your birthplace: Galahd, Insomnia, Lestallum, Altissia which have various inherent abilities for your avatar
  • Various missions available, mob fights, major boss fights, etc.
  • FFXV: Comrades is available to play (once released) even if you don’t have a Xbox gold or PS+ account according to what Mat Kishimoto said during the TwitchCon stream. 
    • The missions you’ll be doing add up power for expanding your base at Lestallum. 
  • Recipes in Comrades will carry over into the main game
  • Possible cameos of characters in the main game showing up in Comrades
  • In Comrades, Cid customizes your weapons, but it will be more micro customization
  • Controls are slightly different from the main game
  • Release date: November 7, 2017
  • Available in the season pass or as a standalone DLC for $19.99

Whether Guerrilla Games loves us or not is a mystery. Get it? Mystery? Sorry. I’ll stop. Looks like minis are coming! Thankfully when they come out are not a mystery. You can expect them in December! “Funko is excited to introduce the Sony Interactive Entertainment video game Horizon Zero Down is now joining Mystery Minis! Blind boxes include characters such as Aloy, Helis, Erend, Sylens, a Watcher and many more! Collect them all as you battle in a world overrun by robots! You never know which one you will get!


Hangman Official Trailer

Typhoon Lan rapidly intensifies in Pacific on its path toward Japan
By https://www.facebook.com/angela.m.fritz


In Japan, typhoon winds will reach the southern prefectures on Saturday, and continue to lash the country as it tracks north through the weekend.

Gale-force winds, along with stronger gusts, will impact Okinawa first this weekend. Rain will be torrential and the surf will be high, but direct landfall is not expected in Okinawa.

On Sunday or Monday, the storm’s center will have reached the Japan mainland. Although Typhoon Lan is expected to weaken by that time, its wind field will be enormous. Thousands of power outages are possible along with heavy rain, flash flooding and mudslides.