msamberpriley Today I woke up so grateful that I get to do what I do 💜 It’s all because of #Glee (well not all, but a lot of it is 😂) And it’s been amazing seeing this cast grow. Winning awards, starting families, going on tours, creating shows, writing books, giving award worthy performances on tv. I loved this moment, I felt like he was watching over us. Felt like this was the perfect #TBT @kevinmchale @jennaushkowitz @leamichele @heatherrelizabethh @harryshumjr @darrencriss @_matthew.morrison_ @diannaagron @nayarivera @dijontalton @chordoverstreet @chriscolfer #theoriginalgleeclub #youguysaretheshit “Life really only has one beginning and one end, and the rest is just a whole lot of middle.” -Will Schuester

My meet and greet with these two beautiful souls was more than I could ever ask for! I walk into the cubicle, and Darren immediately approaches me. He pulls me into a hug while he introduces himself, as if I don’t know exactly who the hell he is. As we hug, I tell him my name, and when I pull back, I look to Lea. She has this overly dramatic angry pout on her face, and I panic for a split second, thinking that I did something wrong. I looked at her and just froze. She looked genuinely pissed. She then jokingly asks me, “Where’s my shirt?” I looked down like an idiot, having forgotten that I was wearing a shirt with Darren on it. I laugh and say, “The merchandise on your website doesn’t come in my size, because I’m kind of chubby.” All the while, Darren’s just kind of listening with his hand on my shoulder. Lea then scoffs and says, “Fuck that! You’re beautiful!” Darren then cuts in and says, “You’re fucking gorgeous, and your jacket is fucking awesome!” We converse a bit more before saying our goodbyes, and as I’m walking away, I hear Darren and Lea yelling after me, “You’re fucking beautiful!”