“We live in a world of self-deprecation, and while it’s healthy to make fun of ourselves from time to time, it bothers me when I see women of all ages belittling their accomplishments because they don’t want to appear boastful or overconfident. You don’t see a lot of guys out there underplaying their strengths or making light of what they’re good at, so why should women? While I get that there’s a fine line between owning your accomplishments and reciting every line of your résumé, there is absolutely no shame in being proud of what you’ve managed to achieve! Own it!” Happy 30th Birthday, Lea Michele Sarfati! [August 29, 1986]

chauntallewis Happiest 30 years of Life to my beautiful, silly, talented, KIND friend @msleamichele Sometime you get lucky enough to meet that friend who just “gets it”! Can’t wait to celebrate 30 more years of Yoga/Spin/Yummy Food/Spa Days ;)) and GET to DO this Life together! #LoveYou #LeaMichele #HBD 💃🏼💕🎂🎈💋 xx