ANNABETH CHASE because I don’t draw her nearly enough!!

I tried a new shading technique with this one which was a lot of fun.

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Yes, your mindset is not the world's mindset.

But you have to realize that you are 1 of 7 billion. And they don’t give a fuck about your mindset.
Wears those booty shorts girl! You cute! But I bet the best thing that will ever happen to you will pass you up… because again.
The world does not give a fuck about your mindset.
“Perception is everything to someone who has nothing”.

viva-la-leah asked:

Am I the only one that's like honestly excited for this comeback?? I can't wait to hear the new songs! And I definitely think the football concept is a little odd, but they look good to me I'm just anxious on how this MV, song, and choreography will be like hahaha

i hope they dance in football gear and they just tackle each other the entire mv :’D