I officially (and finally) met HK’s family for the first time yesterday. :O Which I know is kinda crazy that I went nearly 3 years of being in Korea without having met them…. but that was partly cos they aren’t interested in meeting any girlfriends (HK has two brothers) unless marriage is on the cards and MOSTLY cos I was an anxious as hell procrastinator who wanted to put it off as long as possible due to various reasons.

As per usual, everything was lovely and I totally shouldn’t have been as worried as I was! I met his mum, dad and younger brother and they were so chill and wonderfulllllll. We walked around lake park for a couple of hours then grabbed dinner. While we were eating at the restaurant, the owner lady said to HK’s mum that she thought his mum and I had the same kind of…. aura?? I guess (that’s what HK explained it as anyway… in Korean she said 분위기) which HK’s mum got a real kick out of. We were all pretty shy and I’m just naturally awkward when it comes to first meetings so I didn’t talk half as much as I normally do buuuuuuut as far as these things go, it was definitely positive! I actually regret not meeting them earlier because I feel like with more time things could obviously become a lot more comfortable. I’m glad I can at least meet them a couple of more times before HK and I go to Canada. HK felt really good about everything and that meant a lot to me. :’)

So that’s one major event down at least.. only a few more to go now! Tomorrow is my last day of work…….. gotta move out of my apartment on Wednesday.. and then the countdown to leaving is on!!!

쉬운 편이지 -- Rather/Sort Of

When you want to say that something is “rather/sort of” you can use ~(으)ㄴ 편이다. When you want to say that someone “tends to” do something, you can use ~는 편이다.

좋지만 좀 비싼 편이에요. – It’s nice but rather expensive.
그건 작은 편이죠. – That’s sort of small, isn’t it?
엄마도 여기 자주 오는 편이잖아. – You know, mom also tends to comes here often.
오빠는 고기를 많이 먹는 편이에요. – He tends to eat a lot of meat.
언니는 스트레스를 받으면 운동을 하는 편인 것 같아. – It seems that when she gets stressed she tends to exercise.