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Instagram shenanigans!

(Feat. Lea Michele as Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz & Rafael Casal as John Adams)


Mini Scream Queens

Made the whole cast (except for Shondell, but Shondell if you can hear me from that Best Buy parking lot in heaven, I’m sorry). Skyler Samuel, Aaron Rhodes and Whitney Meyer reposted it ! Niecy Nash, Jeanna Han, The Rhodes bros, Evan Paley and Oliver Hudson liked it as well ! 

Shall I make stickers or bookmarks out of those too?

I used : Promarkers, colour pencils + Photoshop

anonymous asked:

No I meant the best/worst here in Ashbourne.

“Ah. Well that’s going to require some research doesn’t it? I’ll just say some random names of people I haven’t slept with for the best in Ashbourne and you can tell me if I’m wrong: Charlie, Christina, Cedric and the blue-eyed woman who lost her glasses. What they all have in common is they’re fit and can fight so you know it won’t get boring. The blue-eyed one, I just think she has a lovely face.“

“Now for the worst, I’m thinking Brady, Thomas and the wretch. I’d say Lea but only because she likes her men old and dying.“

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Feb 1, 2017: Kinda casual shenanigans