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A New Love. {Nessian}

This turned out to be a lot longer than intended. For all the Nessian lovers out there, like myself. Enjoy. ;)

Also, I’m thinking about doing a part two….Let me know what you think!

“Order for Cassian!”

Cassian shot to his feet and hurried to the counter. “Thank you, Lea.”

“Of course, Commander,” the young High Fae smiled, handing Cassian his bag. She was Cassian’s favorite at Orla’s Bakery and Café. Not that he didn’t enjoy the others’ company, but Lea always had a bright smile and an innocence that reminded him of himself so many years ago. “How is she?”

“Good, good,” Cassian nodded, leaning his elbows on the counter. “She’s a tough woman. However, bed rest is not her friend.”

“I wouldn’t imagine so,” Lea laughed. “Let her know we’re thinking about her and we miss her around here.”

“Will do!” Cassian grabbed the bag off the counter, and gave the girl a wink before he rushed out the door.

The sun was high and bright in the early afternoon sky of Velaris. Cassian loved the season of Summer fading into Fall, the air was becoming crisp and the leaves on the trees were beginning to turn bright shades of red and yellow.

He had stopped at Orla’s on the way home from training with Rhysand and Azriel, knowing it was one of the only places Nesta had been craving lately. He had sensed her agitation through the bond, her frustration. He decided he’d do them both a favor, and drop into his favorite restaurant.

He sensed her despair before he walked through the front door.

“Nes?” he asked, closing the door softly behind him. Sweetheart? Where are you?

A sniffle. Upstairs.

Cassian took the stairs two at a time, and braced himself as he entered their bedroom. She was lying in bed, just as she was when he left early that morning. Bat, their golden retriever, was resting his head next to her feet. She was sporting one of his tunics, her bare legs stretched over the blankets. A book was open, sitting on the top of her bump.

Cassian jumped on the bed, landing on his side, and kissed her stomach. “Hello, baby. Is mommy using you as a table again?”

Nesta nudged his arm. “Hush. I smell food.”

“You smell correct,” he winked, opening the paper bag. “Okay. Soup. Chicken and rice.” He took out the bowl, removed the lid, and set it on the nightstand with a spoon. “Then, because I love you, there are two,” he paused, as he removed a smaller paper bag from within and placed it on top of her book, “chocolate chip cookies. There were three, but I may have eaten one on the way home.”

“Thank you,” she smiled, wistfully, placing a hand against his sweaty cheek. “Although, you owe me for the third cookie.”

“I accept that debt.” He leaned forward and kissed her before removing his shirt. “Do you want to go out tonight? You’ve barely moved today. You need to get up and walk around, you know.”

She sighed, and although she didn’t sound it, he felt her frustration. “I know. I’ve walked around the house a few times, up and down the stairs. The Healer wants me to stay on bed rest, though. I’m not sure how much he thinks I should be walking around. I don’t want to hurt the baby.”

Cassian glanced at her, at the way she rubbed her stomach. Worried. She was worried. “Nes, it’ll be good for you to get out of the house. We won’t be gone long. We’ll just do dinner, and if you’re feeling up for it, a short walk.”

He watched her debate with herself, silently.

“I’ll be right there with you,” he offered. “If your pain returns, I’ll be right there to help.”

It had been a week since Nesta woke up in the middle of the night, crying in pain, holding onto her lower abdomen. The baby, Cass, wake up! She had said, causing Cassian to wake in a panic. He had seen Nesta cry, but it was rare. And to cry because she was in pain? That never happened.

Fear had clouded his thoughts as he jumped out their bedroom window and took to the sky. It was nearly four in the morning when he pounded on the Healer’s door, begging her to come at once. She did, and told them that everything was fine, but to be safe, Nesta should stay in bed.

Nesta hated being secluded to the house, to sitting and waiting and letting boredom control her emotions. But, she did it. For the baby.

“Fine,” she said, defeated. “I would love to get out. But, we’re staying close by.”

Cassian couldn’t help but smile at the excitement that swept through his body. Her excitement.

“Get dressed. I’m going to run through the shower.”

Nesta scoffed. “But, I need to eat my soup first.”

Cassian paused. “I….But, I’m taking you to dinner.”

She blinked, then raised an eyebrow. “What’s your point?”

He backed away, slowly, toward the door of the washroom. “Nothing, sweetheart.”

Shrugging, she devoured her soup.

Turning on the scolding water and kicking off his pants, he left the bond wide open. He did that more often, lately, worried about how she was holding up. Nesta always put on a brave face, but he knew her. He knew she held her emotions in. Not as much with him, not anymore, but every now and then there was a fear she wasn’t telling him, a fear she didn’t want to burden him with.

He let the hot water hit his skin, washing away the dirt and grime. He listened as she finished her soup, then the cookies. He listened as she fed Bat, then told him he was a good boy. He listened as she walked into their closet, and started cursing at everything that didn’t fit.

He only stopped listening when the door was pushed open, and she stormed in, stopping in front of the mirror.

“Nothing fits!” she groaned. “I’m not going, Cass.”

“What? Why?” he opened the glass door and stuck his head out.

She turned to him. The dress was barely able to be pulled past her stomach. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

Now that he thought about it, since her bump had gotten bigger, she mostly wore his tunics around. Cassian turned off the water and stepped out onto the mat. His mate didn’t bother to hide her gaze as he dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist. Stopping in front of her, Cassian smiled. “You are more beautiful now than the day I met you, you know that? And the day I met you….you were devastating.”

“Then why do I feel like garbage?”

“Because you’re carrying our miracle baby,” he brushed her hair back, and kissed her forehead. Leaning her head against his chest, she breathed him in. “Apparently, feeling like garbage is a side effect.”  

Nesta sighed. “What am I supposed to wear?”

He narrowed his eyes, and ran a hand through his wet, curly brown locks. “Wear the red one.”

And she did. The long, ruby dress nearly reached her ankles, although there was a slit in the side that allowed the skirt to flow with the wind. It didn’t cling too tightly to her bump, which he knew Nesta appreciated.

Cassian wore a deep, green tunic and a pair of black pants that his mate had bought him on a recent shopping trip in the city with her sisters. He had to admit that they made him look quite handsome.

The people of Velaris stopped and talked to the couple, and Nesta was happy to provide them with answers. She was glowing, a radiant mother already in love with her unborn child.

She clung to Cassian’s hand, as if it were the only thing controlling her fear. As they reached the restaurant they would be eating at, Cassian leaned into her ear and tickled it as he whispered, “How are you feeling?”

Nesta took a deep breath, and nodded. “Pretty good. Starving.”

After checking in with the owner, Cassian led Nesta to a table on the back patio, overlooking the river. For a moment, their recent stress disappeared and it was just the two of them, carefree and laughing about nothing at all as the sun set behind the landscape of mountains and water.

Although, it did not take long before their joy became the topic of discussion.

“Any new names you’ve thought of?” She asked, propping her chin in her hand, pushing her finished dinner away.

“Olivia,” he said, certainly. “I like Olivia for a girl.”

She nodded, considering. “It’s cute.”


She shook her head. “Nothing has felt right yet.”

“Well,” he began, swallowing his final bite of pasta. “Have you decided if you’d rather have a boy or a girl?”

“A boy,” she didn’t hesitate. “A boy with the heart of his father.”

Cassian’s eyes softened, as he took Nesta’s hand across the table. “I want a girl. A girl who is everything like her mother.”

A tear slid down her cheek, and she quickly looked away.

Gasping, Nesta snatched her hand away and slid her chair back. “Um-“

“Are you okay?” Cassian was on his feet in an instant, all his primal instincts kicking in. “Are you hurting?”

“No, I-“ She halted, looking down at the floor, scarlet brushing along her cheekbones. “I think we’re going to be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl sooner than we thought.”

Looking over the table, Cassian’s face turned green at the liquid that had gathered on the floor below her. “Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Can you stand?”

She rose to her feet and took a step toward him. “I’m fine-“

“I’m taking you to Rhysand’s. It’s closer, and everyone is there. They can sit with you while I go get the Healer.”


“Do you want to fly there? I can fly you there. Do you want me to fly you there?”


“How are you feeling? Is it coming now? Oh, shit, am I going to deliver-“


He stopped, and looked into the eyes of the love of his life. “Yes?”

“You’re panicking.”

“Uh, yeah, why aren’t you?”

She laughed, tears pooling in her gray-blue eyes. “Let’s walk. I’m okay with walking.”

Cassian kissed her lips, softly, gently, then nodded. “Okay. Let’s walk.”

Supporting his mate, Cassian walked away from the last evening that was just the two of them. Soon enough, they would become three. A family.


“Would Fili still choose to fight Azog alone to protect Kili at Ravenhill?”

 “It was not like in the movie at the beginning. The script was like the audition: the brothers fight together, then Kili dies first and Fili  holds him and cries and screams towards Azog, then he goes to fight him.” 

Dean was a little disappointed when they changed it.. and added he prefers the original one because Fili shouldn’t be left alone.

Strange how good (and obviously easy) ideas can get lost in the midst of a half invented script. 

But we are lucky enough because we still have a part of it..

This was the key scene of their relationship: if Dean was able to express all Fili’s feelings at his brother’s death, the chemistry was perfect for everything else…

They knew it. They changed it. But they left a trace… in Dean’s tears of endless sorrow. 

Less shock, more truth, less action, more acting, less new ideas, more beauty.

One of Lea’s ( @hanarowlrowl​ ) questions to Dean at Beijing ComicCon.