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Re the asks about what´s being said the instagram livestream videos. I could make a transcript, but here is the main things: In the first clip they are talking about both Cezinando and Henrik´s experience of being written about in the D2 magazine. Henrik says they used a lot of Skam references in the article, and that was exactly what NRK said they shouldn´t do. Henrik says that he can´t control that. Cezinando reminds him that it´s live, and they stop talking about it. (1/2)

In video number two Henrik says he got addicted to coffee when he worked at the coffee shop. He said he used eight espresso shots, and Cezinando is shocked. Lea and Elise arrive and they all hug. Henrik starts talking about auditions. “You know the whole audition thing. It´s a lot of talk about nerves, but it´s not as scary as it is supposed to be. It´s really just the first round out of four. So it´s important to not be too self-critical.” - I guess he went to an audition recently!!

In the last video Henrik talks about a guy who came to the second audition round just by picking up a newspaper, look through to holes in it and put it down. They talk about some young boys in the comments pretending to be tough. Then they start talking about the Norwegian clothing brand Moods of Norway. Cezinando says they should stop trash-talking Norwegian industry, and Henrik is surprised they are still live and says “What the fuck”. Elise talk about her and Leas fashion ideas. 

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For reference: video #1, video #2 and video #3


“Would Fili still choose to fight Azog alone to protect Kili at Ravenhill?”

 “It was not like in the movie at the beginning. The script was like the audition: the brothers fight together, then Kili dies first and Fili  holds him and cries and screams towards Azog, then he goes to fight him.” 

Dean was a little disappointed when they changed it.. and added he prefers the original one because Fili shouldn’t be left alone.

Strange how good (and obviously easy) ideas can get lost in the midst of a half invented script. 

But we are lucky enough because we still have a part of it..

This was the key scene of their relationship: if Dean was able to express all Fili’s feelings at his brother’s death, the chemistry was perfect for everything else…

They knew it. They changed it. But they left a trace… in Dean’s tears of endless sorrow. 

Less shock, more truth, less action, more acting, less new ideas, more beauty.

One of Lea’s ( @hanarowlrowl​ ) questions to Dean at Beijing ComicCon.


perryobree123 So last night after seeing the outstanding @leamichele live @shoreditchth I was lucky enough to meet her! To anyone who’s known me since I was a teen meeting Lea meant so much to me! Thank you Lea for being so kind & gracious I can’t wait to get my copy of #Places next Friday & hear the album in full!
benedettaravetto I remember watching Glee when I was in high school, from the very beginning my favourite character’s always been Rachel, and everyone was like “why do you like her? She’s so annoying” and yet instead of thinking that she was annoying I was in awe cause she was so damn talented. Episode after episode she made me love more and more the theatre and Broadway till the day I was like “Oh, now I know. I wanna be like her.”
Rachel, and even more you Lea, with your career, made me realise that theatre is where I wanna be. I will be forever grateful for that. The road is still long, but I’ll get there.
So yesterday I was already extremely happy cause I finally saw you perform live, but then I also got the chance to meet you. Jetlagged and exhausted, still you stopped for your fans, thanking us for being there. I cannot even explain how thankful I am, you’re the best @leamichele. “No matter who or what I am, I’ll carry where we all began, this time that we had I will hold forever.”
fede_leanatic It has been an amazing night! Meeting you was a dream coming true!! Love you babe!! @LeaMichele Italy is waiting for you 😘