lea plus

“The Angel wondered and lost., Meets a single male with beautiful eyes
Between a //Human// and Angel” “A unforgivable love.”
“That the angle knew all so clear himself.”
“Opened the taboo box of sin”
 My black vow 

Throwing them in whatever outfits and splash some colour on later. Angst and apples is born.

„What?! Again?! You’re cheating, just admit it!!“
„As if anyone had to cheat to win against you.“
„Oi! Now that calls for a rematch! Just you wait, you’re done for this time!“
„Well, 21-0 says differently.“

(Headcannon: Isa has always been better at anything that has to do with computers or the like, including video games. He still is.)

Five more days till AkusaiMonth! I can’t wait!
(Should I keep this one for it as well? Probably. But I’m not, huhu. Oh my … I’ve got a plan, wish me good luck everyone @_@”)


“Scream Queens” Season 2 Is a Whole New Show: Jamie Lee Curtis reveals why the series is moving from college to a hospital. Plus, Lea Michele and John Stamos dish on the new vibe on “Scream Queens”!