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You know, I have a lot to say about [opening up as an artist], because if you know me very well, I talk quite openly about everything that I’ve been through.

When I wrote ‘If you say so’ on the first album with Sia, which was only a couple of…maybe even weeks after. `Cause, you know, the album was done and then we added that song on to the record. And I loved that song, I would’ve probably talked about it more, but again that was an example of something where I was SO honest with that song and we were very specific with that song. And then when it became time to talking about it, you know for me, it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t ready to talk about it, but what people don’t understand always is, there are so many other people that were a part of this. Family and friends. I have to be respectful of that. So it was a little too soon I feel for me to go out there and be so open.

I wanted to be sure that everything that I put on this record now, I was comfortable with talking about. So I wrote ‘Hey you’ which is the last song on the record. I wrote with Stephen Wrabel and Ali Temposi. And I sat down with them to write a break up song about someone who had terribly broken my heart. Even though we had sentimental memories on the record, which is like also a nice little moment for them, I still felt the need to write some more. And I would sit down to write this break up song and I had a journal of some… I don’t really write songs as much as I write feelings and ideas, but I did have this full song. It was called 'Hey you’. And so we finished this break up song.

First we do the lyrics… first we drink the wine, then we write the lyrics. Then we go and we sit and then we go 'okay, let’s get the music to then go with the lyrics.’ So Stephen sits down, and all of a sudden Wrabel starts to play -hums melody from 'Hey you’- and I go: ’ that sounds like… it sounds like something falling from heaven.’ So I said that would be a really good background for this little song I wrote called 'Hey you’ and next thing you know -within, I think, 30 minutes- we had the song completed.

I wanted to write a song about losing someone that wasn’t necessarily some heartbreaking, horrible, sad song. I wanted to write a song that was beautiful. That was about 'If you had 5 minutes to see someone again you lost, what would you say to them?’ And when I’ve stopped to think about it, whereas you maybe think that you would say everything that you were upset about or everything that you…if you had questions… you probably wouldn’t. You probably would just look at them and say 'hi! How are you? Oh my God.’ Like, it would probably not be that… for me it just felt like it would…it would be much more simple than that. And so I love this song, and it’s so special to me and I think everyone wants it to be some dramatic story but it’s just not.

I’m very proud of it. Probably cause I like you [Larry Flick] so much and when you handle things with respect and class in an interview, people would be surprised how much more people are willing to open up. As the publicist sits here and sweats. But you know, it is something I’m proud of and I probably won’t talk about it ALL the time, but you know, I love the song that I wrote.  

- Lea Michele on ‘If you say so’ and ‘Hey you’ (x)

I’m not the one to express my most personal opinions on my blog, never have done it, but I feel like this time, at this very moment, I have to.

In only 4 days we, Lea fans, will all be called to our places and enjoy her concert as we listen to her very personal second album.

Some very unpleasant things have been going around here on tumblr for a while now, almost 4 years to be precise, and they have been coming from places of empty hate and pure nonsense… yes, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion - hence why I’m writing - but going as far with it as doubting people’s honor, love, life, emotions and feelings is taking things a bit too far.

What someone feels when they lose a loved one, how they react, act and grieve does not depend on how other people do. In Cory and Lea’s relationship, they are the ONLY TWO people who will EVER know how real, how good and how important they were for one another. As for Lea’s emotions, memories, feelings… she’s the only one entitled to feel them, know them and EXPRESS them, however and whenever she desires.

When it comes to Cory’s mom, she is also alone in her pain and grief. No one, and I mean it, NOT ONE, SINGLE SOUL, is able to imagine, even if vaguely, the stress and pain she’s been under. Her feelings, emotions and memories are entitled to only her and NO ONE ELSE!!! (I feel entitled to express these opinions because I lost my boyfriend suddenly and the pain is unbearable… so don’t you - whoever this may suit - dare say* how we should grieve, for how long, and how we may find strength to pull through such a horrible and painful stumble in our life’s path.)

The spirit of a true fan is to be proud of whatever achievements their idol may have in life. It is to respect every moment of their journey through life. Support them on the lows and rise with them on their highs. And right now is the moment to rise and lift Lea up with us as high as possible, and applaud her for having made it to this point in her life with a huge smile on her face, beautiful memories in her mind, and love in her heart.

PLACES is her real comeback! We must be PROUD of how brave she’s been for sharing such deep, SENTIMENTAL MEMORIES with us. She needs to know that our LOVE for her IS more ALIVE than ever. That this is a HEAVENLY moment, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you are surrounded by people who understand you. That we, real fans, are like a TORNADO, ready to lift her up and take her everywhere, swiping the ground with her huge talent! Lea has to know that, whenever she needs, we will look at her and say: “HEY YOU, we will always RUN TO YOU! You’ll always have us as your GETAWAY CAR if you need an escape and that we are BELIEVERs.”

To quote a really powerful and resilient woman I also admire, “Love trumps hate,” so… Positive energy, love, good vibes, and many wishes of success are traveling Lea’s way every single time a lonely drop tries to disturb our huge ocean!!!

Under the cut you will find #117 LOOKALIKE PHOTOS that could pass as RACHEL BERRY/LEA MICHELE IN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. There are photos of girls in more traditional costumes, as well as in costumes that are more Rachel-orientated, e.g Elphaba, Dorothy, etc. There are quite a few M/F and F/F COUPLE COSTUME PHOTOS too that could work platonically or romantically. You will also find a few photos of animals and kids in costumes and just misc. Halloween things that Rachel could post too. Finally, I have added an EXTRA #31 PHOTOS posted on social media of Lea in costumes, both Halloween-related and not. 

All the photographs have been re-sized by me so they are 500x500, as fitting with instagram posts, but I can provide the original version upon request. Please be warned that this hunt contains a few photos with blood and gore. As always thanks, and credit, goes to the amazing stjamesrps for the graphic. 

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