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Best. Friends. Forever. The Top 3 Things You & Your BFF Need to Have NOW!

How fun is it to share something special with your BFF? Some of our favorite celebrity best friends inspired us to go matchy-matchy - Taylor and Selena, RiRi and Katy, and Lea and Dianna show us how important it is to keep your good friends close.

Here’s the top 3 coolest things to share with your BFF:

3) Urban Renewal Best Friends Hoop Earring from Urban Outfitters - hurry on sale for $4.99 from regular price $14! One says “Best”, the other says “Friends”. Click through to see the earrings in more detail.

2) ASOS Boyfriend Friends Forever T-Shirts - this comes with two t-shirts, both with cute cuffed short sleeves! Split this with your BFF for $25 each!

1) ASOS Best Friends Partners in Crime Bracelets - perfect for the summer! Cheap and chic at $8 per person.

Go on, show your love for each other.

Editor: Kathleen