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7 years of Glee:

7 years since we first fell in love with Finn Hudson, and more importantly, Cory Monteith, while singing “Can’t Fight This Feeling” in the showers

7 years since we first grew to admire Rachel Berry - as annoying as she might have been - through her passion and strive for stardom

7 years since we met with the original diva, Mercedes Jones, through the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T and her assuring us that she will forever be Beyonce

7 years since we we saw that adorkable wheelchaired kid Artie Abrams, and knew we wanted him to be a part of our squad

7 years since Kurt Hummel taught us everything this show stands for, that it’s okay to be different because your real friends will accept you

7 years since we heard Blaine Anderson sing Teenage Dream for Kurt, with over-gelled hair and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen

7 years since we instantly fell in love with Trouty Mouth through his rendition of “Billionaire” (the Glee fans still have their theories about the real reason the Kylie Jenner challenge got started)

7 years since Noah Puckerman reminded us that people do change, and no matter how much of a jackass you may have been in high school you can still come out on top

7 years since we met the most complex “prom queen” stereotype of all time, Quinn Fabray, as she taught us to chase your dreams no matter where it leads you, and don’t let your past define you

7 years since we were introduced to resident bad girl Santana Lopez, and we realized that appearances are deceiving - the high school bitch can also be the one with the biggest heart

7 years since Brittany S. Pierce proved that self-esteem is where your intelligence comes from, regardless of what anyone else says

7 years since Tina Cohen-Chang showed that no matter how dim your light appears right now, it can still shine just as bright if you want it to

7 years since Mike Chang taught us to follow our dreams, no matter what anyone else has to say about it

7 years since Sue Sylvester and her evil bitch facade walked into our lives, ruining and saving every bit of it

7 years since Will Schuester taught us to chase our dreams, if it leads to stardom or not

7 years of the show that changed our lives forever.

7 years of the show that gave us new perspective

7 years of the show that taught us about acceptance, love, and dreams

To an outsider, it’s just a show

To us, it’s family


‘Glee’ star Lea Michele releases second album


So Rachel has a huge picture of Quinn in her bedroom, on her wall of “best memories from high school”? And then there’s the fact that Quinn’s photo is the only one that is of one person, and she’s even on the one that Sam’s in? Faberry much? Again? Yeah I think so…

Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping! I was tagged by @smoking–menthols and @somethingdarrencrissish - thank you ❤️

1. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
2. Miss missing you - Fall out boy
3. Oh! You pretty things - David Bowie
4. Problem - Ariana Grande
5. Supermarket flower - Ed Sheeran
6. Love is alive - Lea Michele
7. Manhatten - Sara Bareilles
8. Candy store - Heathers musical
9. Fast car - Tracy Chapman
10. Words fail - Dear Evan Hansen

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UNDER THE CUT are 130 icons of Rachel Berry from season 5, episode 17 ‘Opening Night’. All are 150x150, and all have been made by me. (Thank you for your patience while I made these, I promise next week should hopefully be much quicker!) 

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artists loving other artists // a mix of (almost) all of my favorite covers!

1. Jolene - Miley Cyrus // 2. Free Fallin’ John Mayer // 3. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Kate Nash // 4. Thinkin’ Bout You (feat. O.N.E.) - Bastille // 5. Toxic - Melanie Martinez // 6. Falling Slowly - Darren Criss & Lea Michele // 7. Crazy In Love - The Baseballs // 8. Drops Of Jupiter - Taylor Swift // 9. I Can’t Make You Love Me - Adele // 10. How To Love - Demi Lovato // 11. Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Miley Cyrus // 12. Ain’t Nothin’ About You - Taylor Swift // 13. Royals - Pentatonix // 14. Without You - Lea Michele // 15. Back to Black - Beyonce // 16. Bette Davis Eyes - Taylor Swift // 17. I’ve Just Seen A Face - Dawn & Hawkes // 18. Cough Syrup - Darren Criss

Lea Michele's Book Brunette Ambition: 7 Revelations About the Glee Star!

Lea Michele has had a whirlwind year filled with major ups and downs, and in her new book Brunette Ambition, the Glee star is opening up and sharing intimate life stories and motivational advice.

The 27-year-old beauty covers everything from her fashion tips, skincare rituals, fitness routine and favorite recipes.

Here are some standout tidbits from the lifestyle guide, which hits stands May 13.

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lost & found. + [listen] » ❝I was hoping you would come back for me, but you took too long❞ 

1. lost & found - pia mia // 2. amazing for a minute - katy mcallister // 3. what if - ashley tisdale // 4. castle of glass - linkin park // 5. died in your eyes - the saturdays // 6. battlefield - lea michele // 7. don’t speak - no doubt // 8. outlaws of love - adam lambert // 9. the moment i knew - taylor swift // 10. i’m not yours - angus & julia stone // 11. towers - little mix // 12. shouldn’t come back - demi lovato // 13. goodbye, goodbye - tegan and sara

Growing up, there weren’t a lot of girls that I felt looked like me. I wanted to be a performer from a very young age and there weren’t a lot of kids in my school that wanted to do the same thing. But what I learned growing up is that being different is what’s gotten me here today. I never changed myself, my looks, my personality, to fit on TV or make the cover of a magazine. I stuck true to myself and that’s what’s gotten me here. I’m very proud of that.
—  Lea Michele [Giffoni Interview, 7/20/14]
I did perform in a show on Broadway, called Spring Awakening, before I was on Glee, that was quite dark in what I had to do every night. When that was done, it was so challenging; I was so happy to do Glee, because it was so happy. Now I think I’m ready again to try some more challenging and possibly darker roles. I actually just got something that I’m very excited about, although I can’t say what it is. But it is starting to go down a different path, trying different things. Comedy is what I love. I grew up loving women like Lucille Ball and Barbra Streisand, so that’s really what I love to do. But as an actor, I think it’s so important to always try different things. It’s like strengthening your muscles as an actor.
—  Lea Michele [Giffoni interview, 7/20/14]