Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually hear Glee songs on the radio. It can only be on Sirius XM, which is a byproduct of them being cover songs and a lot of legal jargon that isn’t really interesting to people. So, the only place I ever hear songs from Glee are on Sirius XM on Broadway. So, I get really excited (I was mentioning earlier when I got really excited in the car). It’s when I hear a song that I know or love or that reminds me of somebody, just like you get excited about any song on the radio. But when I actually hear my friends on Glee come on, I go whoa and I’ll take a video of it and I’ll like send it to people. I have a video of me singing to Laura Osnes’ ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You.’ I sent that to her. That became a thing. But I always do it for my cast mates and even though I have spent so much time with her and she’s a friend, hearing Lea Michele sing 'Don’t Rain on My Parade’ never loses its magic and it never is, just, she’s a powerhouse. So, here’s Lea Michele as Rachel Berry singing on Glee 'Don’t Rain on My Parade.’
—  Darren Criss, Sirius XM Broadway Takeover

Getting Lea Michele ready for the red carpet feels like spending time with your bestie… It’s a blast!! She asks us if we like this earring or that one? Long necklace or short. We’re all constantly making jokes and laughing about something.