lea faske


2-hour speed paint from last night! Unwisely started at 12 AM.

Okage: Shadow King was such an inspiration to me growing up, and it’s still one of my favorite games of all time. Epros (this guy here) was my favorite character.

If you have a PS4, it’s available for download on the store as a PS2 classic. Cutest, most whimsical little game you’ll ever have the pleasure of playing. :)


Some of my favorite work from Jetpack Fighter. I’m very proud to have been a part of this project. :) 

I’ll be posting another round after the next patch, when the things I’ve worked on are available to the public.

Jetpack Fighter is available now, free-to-play, on the Apple Store for most iPad and iPhone devices. Android beta is coming soon.

“Going Home”

A painted panel from my mini comic, At Home in the Storm. It’s the story of a little girl and the fish that fell out of the sky during a rainstorm, right onto her umbrella!

I’ll be using this image as the cover for the comic, as well as my banner at Heroes Con. I’ll be tabling with the awesome Gerardo Alba! If any of you are near Charlotte, NC, come visit the convention center! I’ll be selling prints, comics, stickers and more :)