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Remembered [this picture from almost 2 years ago] the other day and felt the urge to redraw it. Thinking about it, it’s one of the first KH fanart I’ve ever drawn and certainly the first time I’d drawn Axel or Kairi.


“Did you have to hit me where I’m weak? Baby, I couldn’t breathe
and rub it in so deep, salt in the wound like you’re laughing right at me.”
Taylor Swift Art Challenge: 1989 - Track 08 Bad Blood

Love Me That’s All I Ask Of You, chapter 3

Summary : Y/N Y/L/N is a young member of a musical troupe in a New York theatre. Even if she’s an amazing singer, she never had the lead role in any musical played in the said theatre. But the young woman has a secret admirer who will try anything to make her the star she deserves to be. In the meantime, her youth love makes his way back to New York. Torn between two different men and struggling with her new career and the drama that it brings with it, she will have to make difficult choices.
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x reader, Steve Rogers x reader
Warnings : Alcohol, nudity (sort of NSFW pic at the end)
Word Count : 2 573
Author’s Note : Chapter 3 ! Enjoy it and Happy new year guys, I love ya all ! And I’m going to make the “official” tag list tonight, so for that chapter I go with the one from chapter 2.

Song of the title : All I Ask Of You,  Charlotte Jaconelli & Daniel Koek


Love Me That’s All I Ask Of You Masterlist

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 4 -

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I don’t know if I’m ready. I’m looking at me in the full-length mirror, looking at my costume, trying to breathe, trying to calm myself, trying to remember my songs. When I passed the door of my changing room, less than an hour ago, a huge bouquet of pink roses was waiting for me with a card on it and next to it, a white folded sheet with a single red rose.

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anonymous asked:

Your fave character from KH in pallete 14 maybe?

My favorite? What an impossible thing to ask, hahaha.
I guess at the moment I’m really lamenting Kairi’s minimal screen time (despite her obvious importance??) and looking forward to her having a bigger part in KH3 (please, Square, she deserves it) and Axel/Lea just for the sheer hilarity it is that he ended up being one of my favorites when the first time I met him in CoM I really hated him, hahaha. And anyways, I’ve already drawn Sora & Riku.

“Hey…I feel like we’re friends already.”

Wander, requested by @shijima18

For the color palette challenge!
He’s my favorite action line <3