Good day everyone! Welcome to night twenty-six of the Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month!

Tonight’s pin is the limited edition DSSH DSF/GSF Pin Traders Delight Wreck-it Ralph Duncan pin LE500.

Wynnchel and Ducan, two donut cops that are truly dedicated to their jobs as evidenced by just how far they will go in order to track down Vanellope. Despite being used as King Candy’s henchmen throughout the film, it’s shown at the end of the film and in the short comic Donut Kart, that they really just want to do their best at keeping the peace in Sugar Rush, even though they can be rather incompetent at it. Out of the two of them, Duncan is less of the brains and more of hands on bossy type, despite taking orders from Wynnchel. Even though the two of them fight, they’re still the greatest of partners, and with King Candy’s trickery erased from the game, they have an undying loyalty to their President.