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Is Hip Hop Revolution Coming From Behind? Sounds like the Last Hip Hop’s Taboo is about to Tumble Down. LE1F Raps about Same Sex Relationships but Refuses Gayttoization: “it’s for everyone who’s Liberal in 2012”. Wut’s Beat is something to Make a TruckDriver’s Booty Shake. Next is Political Hip Hop.

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Le1f. Wut. 


LE1F Oslo Hackney, 12th May

With a youthful energy and moody rap beats that thud louder than your noisiest neighbours tunes, Le1f’s sold out return to the capital had enough energy to power the entire north east of London for the night.

There’s no doubt a new wave of Le1f fans were in attendance crammed into the intimate Oslo Hackney venue following the momentum gained off the back of his show-stopping network television debut performance on The Late Show With David Letterman in March. But with an extensive catalogue of tracks from mixtapes and EP’s stretching as far back as 2011 and a reputation for his intense live shows, the Manhattanite is a more seasoned performer than many assume.

Le1f was happy to mingle among the crowd, pose for pictures and join in the party atmosphere being stirred up by his partner in crime Dj Mess Kid as he set the tone for the evening with a string of well chosen Rap, R&B and Trap joints. It was almost as if Mess Kid would keep spinning tracks until he felt the crowd had reached the optimal level of madness required before Le1f could take to the stage.

And when he did, they had the crowd wild from the stage to the fire exits with a fearless energy that reverberated through the crowd and back onto the stage. Le1f’s dramatic performance antics had the audience in a trance as he vouged through a striking performance of ‘Soda’ and gyrated, jumped and twerked his way through tracks like 'Damn Son’, 'Spa Day’, 'Sup’ and 'Boom’ with the crowd lapping up every ounce of drama. He exerts so much energy that at one point he declared “Hold on, I’m wearing polyester.” before asking a fan to hold his mic while he removed his top to continue the rest of the show topless.

But don’t take this as an assumption that Le1f’s electrifying theatrics distract from the quality of the music. He drops one witty bar after the other with flows that could arguably stand toe-to-toe with your current favourite rapper. His slick raps range from his silver-tongued fast-paced delivery to passionate squeals, hisses and primal growls over club-ready beats with an alternative sensibility.

The show climaxes with an explosive performance of 'Wut’ before an encore at the chant of “Le1f”, as the lights came down at Hackney Oslo. A Le1f show is a heck of a party and it attracted an eclectic crowd that screamed back lyrics from songs across his discography, proving Le1f’s charismatic persona goes down just as well across the pond as it does in his native New York.




LE1F - Wut

My best friend and primary source of music discovery, introduced me to LE1F (pronounced ‘Leaf’) at the beginning of the year. This song is so good. It makes me want to learn how to twerk just so I can do it in my room to this hot track.

macklemore puts out a song about his white privilege or whatever and everyone shits themselves and forgets that he ripped off a queer black rapper (le1f’s song “wut”) when he made thrift shop lmao okay


AKSENOV Showreel 2015 from MERA on Vimeo.

Director,DOP,Editor Reel 2015

I’ve been very fortunate to work with great people in plenty of amazing places over the last couple years. This reel is comprised of my favorite moments from a variety of projects including feature films, music videos, commercials and short films.

Clients include: Panasonic, Sony, Office Magazine, Rip Curl, Zoopark Surfchool, Joy, Sunkeepers, Fabrika, Skolkovo.

music: Le1f - Wut (5kinAndBone5)