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“ You’re getting older, 

                      and you’ll see that life isn’t like your 


                        The world is a cruel place. 

               And you’ll learn that, even if it hurts. ”

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“Oh, you’ve noticed, haven’t you? About the hearts, I mean.” The Doctor mentioned. “No, you aren’t crazy, I’ve got two of them. I’m a Time Lord,” he explained. “Ever heard of those?”

((I wasn’t lying when I said I would do it! Notably one of the cutest discoveries the prince has had. The Doctor is either very wise with plenty of hearts to see with, or very scary with plenty of hearts broken.))

Children's Stories Made Horrific: The Little Prince
  • Children's Stories Made Horrific: The Little Prince
  • Lamb

Children’s Stories Made Horrific: The Little Prince

                                        by Mallory Ortberg

For those of y’all who remember this story I presented last year on his previous blog, this might be a healthy refresher. But to all the ghosts and ghouls who are new to the party, have a little treat this Halloween! (I strongly recommend you look at some of her other works in the series if this one appeals to your interests)

Happy Halloween you nutty kids!

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Wait for a time, exactly under the star

                                               Then, if a little man appears who laughs, who
                                               has golden hair and who refuses to answer
                                               questions, you will know who he is

If this should happen, please comfort me.
Send me word that he has come back.