“Oh, you’ve noticed, haven’t you? About the hearts, I mean.” The Doctor mentioned. “No, you aren’t crazy, I’ve got two of them. I’m a Time Lord,” he explained. “Ever heard of those?”

((I wasn’t lying when I said I would do it! Notably one of the cutest discoveries the prince has had. The Doctor is either very wise with plenty of hearts to see with, or very scary with plenty of hearts broken.))

The Little Fandom & Friends - Secret Santa

Hello, everyone! It’s that time of year again–The Holiday Season! So, what better way to celebrate it than give gifts to each other and maybe even make a new friend or two?

Anyways, I’ve compiled a little form, which is under the cut. On the night of December 6, before midnight EST, I’ll close off the list from having new people, and from there, I’ll give you a partner!

So, some rules:

  1. Don’t do this if you can’t actually produce a gift of some sort by Christmas. Please, we don’t want someone to be gift-less!
  2. This Secret Santa is open to pretty much anyone who’d like to do it! Just message me about it. I’d appreciate it if I know you, though! Or, if anything, if you are a part of the Little Fandom, or are friends with someone in the Little Fandom. But, even if you aren’t, that’s cool too! We just don’t want too many people–then, it’d be hard for me to manage!
  3. The Gift Deadline will be Dec. 30th. Because I know some of you guys might be really busy, and that’s perfectly fine! Just let me know if your gift will be late (in other words, post-Christmas Day and later), and I’ll inform your partner.
  4. You don’t have to be an RPer to do this! Like I said before, it’s all right!
  5. Submit the form into my Submit box with the title “[Insert username here’s] Secret Santa form” or something similar, and send me a message if you have any questions! Just note that if I don’t respond, I’m not ignoring you–I’m just pretty busy myself too! So, I apologize in advance. I’ll take any inquiries!
  6. Tag your gift with your partner’s username and “little fandom & friends secret santa”, and whatever else you feel fits! Just like this post, right here! That way, we all can easily find the gifts! (Plus, I wanna see what you all get! That’s fun too!)
  7. Most of all: Have fun!

All right, well, that’s all I can think of at the moment. Form’s under the cut!

Happy Holidays, everyone, and thank you in advance!

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