When is the last time the Les Mis fandom has talked about this? Because I kind of feel we need to? 

I just really wanted to doodle some puffy sleeves and Grantaire being a slouch muffin. @cy-lindric and I once had a joke that Grantaire would hang like a koala off of Enjolras and I think this is a good representation of that. Also this.

I almost lost this drawing because of a save overwrite but luckily I had a low res pic of the sketch so I blew it up again and fixed it up.


this man is going to destroy me

Fox photographer George Freston poses as a commuter on the London Underground, reading a copy of D H Lawrence’s novel ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, on the day the book went on general sale, after a jury at the Old Bailey decided that the book was not obscene, after a 33 year old ban. Fox photographer Les Graves is on his left.

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