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ok imagine pianist combeferre and Courfeyrac singing science love song together?? courf's been told countless times not to sit on the piano countless times yet here he is, laying on his stomach with his head propped up, watching ferre's hands move across the keys and starts singing, so gentle you wouldn't hear it if you were more than a few feet away. Ferre joins in, and Courfeyrac has his hands framing ferre's face, smiling a soft smile that has combeferre's heart beating a little faster.


  • courf and ferre growing up together and courf writing silly notes in the margins of ferre’s sheet music. when they’re in 3rd grades it’s little scribbled out drawings of ferre in his glasses. when they’re in 6th grade it’s tiny hearts encircling a “co2 4ever”. when they’re in 9th grade it’s doodles of stars with arrows that say “what u are to me!!!” when they’re in 11th grade it’s courf’s crooked handwriting reminding him “take deep breathes. i believe in u.”
  • courfeyrac being the one to encourage ferre to audition for a fancy music conservatory in boston because ferre’s family has drilled into his head that music should always be more of a hobby than a profession and courf is the voice he needs to push him in the right direction
  • courf driving ferre to the final round of auditions and sitting in the waiting room with him and then the warmup room and ferre has to keep pausing in playing because his hands are shaking so much from being so nervous because this one audition decides the entire course of his future and courf just comes up behind him locks his fingers in ferre’s and whispers, “if anyone can do this, you can.” and he repeats it until ferre believes it
  • PLEASE CONSIDER ferre running through the halls in school the day he finds out he got into the conservatory until he finds courf and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider him picking courf up and spinning him around and courf crying with him and they’re both just two hot messes but they’re so excited and courfeyrac is so proud
Lord Petyr staccò un grano con la punta della daga. “Tuo padre deve mancarti terribilmente. Lord Eddard era un uomo coraggioso, onesto, leale… ma un pessimo giocatore.” Si portò il seme alle labbra con la lama. “Esistono due tipi di persone ad Approdo del Re: i giocatori e le pedine”.
“E io ero una pedina?” Sansa temeva la risposta.
“Sì, ma non devi esserne turbata. Sei poco più che una bambina. All'inizio, siamo tutti pedine, uomini e donne. Anche quelli che pensano di essere giocatori.” Mangiò un altro seme della melagrana. “Cersei Lannister, per esempio. Crede di essere scaltra, ma in realtà è fin troppo prevedibile. La sua forza sta nella bellezza, nel lignaggio, nella ricchezza. Ma soltanto la prima è veramente sua, e ben presto anche quella l'avrà abbandonata. La compatisco. Lei vuole il potere, ma quando l'avrà ottenuto non saprà che cosa farsene. Tutti vogliono qualcosa, Alayne. E quando scopri quello che una persona vuole, capisci anche chi è e sai come farla muovere”
—  Lord Petyr Baelish a Sansa Stark - George R. R. Martin - Libro terzo delle cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco

Le Voyage dans la Lune de Georges Méliès (1902) est considéré comme le premier film de science-fiction.

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courferre where they realize they're in love with the other. Courf casually thinking about how wonderful Ferre is and doesn't really think about how he feels a lil sick when Ferre kisses whatever partner he had at the time. Noticing how nice courf's smile is or how his shirt fits so well is an everyday thing for Ferre, n he doesn't notice the little spark of something when courf goes on a date. Cuddling is normal for them n they don't think about kissing when theyre wrapped up in each other


  • ferre sitting enjolras down one night and giving a ten minute long winded and very concerned speech about how he doesn’t know how or when it happened, but he sort of thinks he’s been maybe a little bit (overwhelmingly, devastatingly) in love with courfeyrac for years now and help enj what do i do i’m going to ruin our entire friendship his eyes are so brown do i have to move out of our apartment yes i mean our apartment as in the one you and i share because i could hypothetically lose you by extension i’ve worked out every scenario and enjolras’ head just hits the table because he can’t believe it’s taken ferre this long 
  • courf realizing he’s in love with ferre on one of their regular movie nights when he wakes up to the credits rolling, with his head on ferre’s chest, right over his heart and ferre’s fingers in his hair and he just barely tilts his chin and he sees ferre’s face lit up by the screen and he’s smiling softly down at courf with his eyes crinkling and his glasses are a little crooked and he says “you missed quite the plot twist” and he knows courf just knows right then and there and wow there is not enough oxygen in this apartment there isn’t enough oxygEN oN THe plAnEt
  • the entire gang hanging out in the cafe one day and joly mentioning offhand some cute guy he works with at the library that he totally wants to hook ferre up with and that’s right yes please cue courfeyrac lying face down in marius’ carpet, crying, “he’s probably some history major or pre-med or something and he’s probably cute and tall and knows things about space or buildings and ferre’s gonna marry him and they’re going to have sixteen intellectual prodigy children and i’m gonna have to watch them kiss - oh god fuck, ferre’s gonna start bringing him around the cafe, he’s going to sit on ferre’s lap in all my favorite places and that’s so my thing, oh god that’s the whole problem in the first place oh god oh god

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combeferre growing up not knowing that he was a prince. it all came as a bit of a shock, really. one minute, he was a normal college student, the next, there was a motorcade and he was being told he was heir to the throne of a small country. courfeyrac showing him the ropes that summer when he comes to visit his newly-discovered country. courf feeling comfortable in his own skin and in the palace, and combeferre wishing he felt the same. ferre falling hard and fast for courf, his newfound friend


like courf being the baby bodyguard in training basically and ferre’s grandmother loves him and everyone in the palace loves him and he grew up there and he lives and breathes the culture - his culture - and he’s close with his dad and he takes the family business very seriously despite all the mischief and havoc he’s constantly unleashing on the rest of the palace staff. 

and courf’s mother and his sisters live in a cute little house on the land and they get so excited when they get invited to big fancy events and now all of a sudden they’re being introduced to the new prince. and combeferre even comes to dinner at their house once because you know courf is all about breaking the occasional rule when given the chance and you so know ferre has no idea what’s going on but courf is there and he’s smiling that smile and suddenly there are three little girls who share his curls with remarkable resemblance asking him a million and a half questions. 

ALSO PLEASE CONSIDER courf sitting in on all of ferre’s formal etiquette lessons and what not because courf seems to be the only one ferre can ease up around (save from his best friend enjolras from back home whose moral compass is totally torn at this whole monarchy thing and holds the sourest face of all time when being given the “royal treatment” on his long weekend visits) 

PLEASE CONSIDER COURF HELPING FERRE LEARN TO DANCE FOR HIS CORONATION CEREMONY. please consider courf teasing ferre all through dance lessons, but breathing reassurances so softly against ferre’s ear when they’re pressed together. please consider courf’s breath hitching in his throat so dramatically the first time he sees ferre all dressed up and ready to go for his princely duties that he has to excuse himself to cough in the hall - where ferre can still hear him, but at least courf can’t see the total flush his cheeks have taken on. 

Le Georges at Centre Pompidou in Paris, France

6 September, 2012

You can access Le Georges via an elevator located outside of Centre Pompidou. 

The menu

A view from the outdoor part of the Le Georges 

A view of the indoor part of Le Georges

Another view of the indoor part of Le Georges

Le Georges
It is located on the top floor of Centre Pompidou

Centre National d’Art et de Culture George Pompidou (a.k.a Centre Pompidou)
19 Rue Beaubourg, 
75004 Paris, France