After Joey/In the Crazy Bin

Dean spun on his heel away from the camera, and leaned against the wall. It killed him not knowing if any of them were safe. Sliding down, he rested his head against the wall. Looking up, he saw a small, off white square. Suddenly, he had an idea. He just had to knock out the camera. Dean silently stood up, and turned around. Looking directly into the camera he grinned a sadistic smile. “Sayonara bitches.” He punched the tiny camcorder, and was alerted to red lights. The door opened quickly, and an older woman walked in. “Tsk Tsk, Mr. Connors, you should know better.”


Naruto stayed in his place on the floor in that ridiculous pink waitress dress he had on. His face still flushed and his breath still hitched from previous events. Sasuke had left him sitting there, telling him he was going to come back, this left the blonde very curious. He ran a hand through his messy blonde hair and let out a sigh, trying to calm his heart down from pounding inside his chest.