I can’t imagine how far someone has to stick their head up their ass to believe that “women are nation wreckers,” FFS WOMEN ARE THE NATION! Every act of culture, every act of society and civilization is intended to bring about a world fit for women, children, and the elderly to live in. A little world where art and music and poetry and relaxation and love are all possible, because the borders of this world are well guarded by a brotherhood of rough and violent men who see it as their home.

If only men existed we’d be just fine roaming around the desert murdering each other Mad Max style, like a Jack Donovan wet dream. There would be no need for nations or borders or institutions of civilization.

But women do exist, they are fundamentally the foundation of civilization, and the highest responsibility of men lies in their protection. We train to fight and kill stranger men so our wives and children can be safe at night. We prepare for combat not for our own personal power, but out of a love for everyone in our families and societies who cannot.

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