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🎶 There is a castle on a cloud… 🎶

X FILES AU: Enjolras, steadfast believer, and Grantaire, the inveterate skeptic assigned to monitor him, team up to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Cosette’s long-lost mother. Together they uncover a vast conspiracy designed to conceal from the general public the existence of a floating sky city that the government is trying to quietly track down and invade…

Final wardrobe meme prompt for this round: Enjolras in the most expensive thing he owns for @amarguerite!

“It’s going to be a fancy party,” Courfeyrac says. “Please wear something nice. Please. I know you have it in you.” Enjolras shows up to said party in the above outfit, Courfeyrac is desperately confused about why, why he dresses so boring most of the time if he owns clothing like that! Afterwards Courfeyrac, possibly after one too many glasses of champagne, ransacks Enjolras’ wardrobe for more secrets (Enjolras just stands there, amused) and finds… nothing. How disappointing!


Project Disney Week 3 [Team Flynn Rider]



Cause she really is a funny girl
A beauty but a funny girl
She really is a funny girl
That Belle!

GASTON: What’s the greatest thing about me?

SHANNON: Everything.

GASTON: That’s a good answer!

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ORIGINAL VIDEO: http://magicyourway.tumblr.com/post/87421055589/here-it-is-the-moment-you-all-have-been-waiting

Wardrobe meme, part 5: Enjolras in formal gala garb for withinadream27.

Enjolras’ night has not turned out like he expected. He has found himself all dressed up at this party, too many people are trying to flirt with him so he has to hide in a corner, and his single glass of punch is making the room spin for some reason (and it’s not as fun as everyone says it is). It’s all Courfeyrac’s fault, probably!

(This is the last prompt I’m filling for now, since I said I’d take the first five in my askbox. I’ll do another round in the future, though. Thanks for playing!)

Does he get brownie points for colour coordination?

[Courfeyrac is likely weeping into his champagne somewhere.]

[I should point out that just about all the items of clothing shown are straight from history…. just maybe not the same period. ;) ]

Who made those clothes? Bahorel Who knows.

For the character wardrobe meme.