le visiteur du future


Le visiteur du futur is a French webserie that gained a certain popularity within the French youth. Because it’s funny ? Because there is a lot of poo jokes ?? Who knows ? ;)

The first episode has for a description “The Visitor from the Future - He comes from the future… to visit us !”. Yes, basically. Seriously, the plot is growing along the episodes, and you catch yourself being attached to plenty of characters. Low-cost. Science-fiction. Zombies. Some guy searching friends. Robots. Time paradoxes (too many of them). True French romance. Drama!!!!!

All episodes can be found on Youtube with English subtitles here. Which is great.

Seriously the first season is very small and enjoyable. Have fun ! :)

How to recognise a french serie from an english serie ?

Plot element: we don’t know the character name.

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Why is it happening in the english show ?


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The silence will fall

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Gallifrey would try to come back

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And would successes, causing lot of trouble.

Why is it happening in the French show ?


Either he doesn’t take the time to pronounce it

or it’s title screen time and the line with the name is cut.

And between the ones who doesn’t remember his name

and the ones who refuse to use it because they hate it,

I can swear you you won’t heard it right away.

To resume: in English shows this kind of elements are SUPER IMPORTANT ! And in French shows… not so much

PS: we ended to know the French character name in season 4.
We all understood why no one used it. Just no.


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