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Okay so lemme just say something about cartman

I was watching “Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy” (S10 E10) and its starts out with Cartman telling the rest of the guys about how he stuck his finger up his ass and told Patty Nelson to smell it and she puked or whatever, typical Cartman stuff, laughing at other peoples misfortune nothing out of the ordinary.

Then fast forward to “Le Petit Tourette” (S11 E8) in the scene where Cartman is uncontrollably spewing out his deepest secrets, we found out that he has a crush on Patty, and fantasizes about kissing her.

So when people say that the possibility of Cartman liking Kyle is complete bullshit, reason being that Cartman is mean to Kyle, i think it’s important to take Cartman’s personality into account, these two scenes serving as proof that he does pick on people he fancies (which is something that children tend to do anyway btw.)

I’m not even a die hard Kyman shipper, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

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kicks door open, imagine Karen McCormick in the YOI AU being kenny's adorable and love able little sister. Thomas (le petit tourette) skating and doing everything to fight stigmas in the ice skating world. Ike and Stan cheering for Kyle together. All the YOI AU. Ah, and of course, Sparky on Ice.

Have you ever seen an ask so beautiful you started crying? (ALSO SPARKY ON ICE IS  C A N O N)

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hi! so im trying to watch all the kyman centric eps to get a better understanding of their dynamic and i was wondering if u had some SP eps that u recommend? someone already mentioned ginger cow and crackbaby basketball to me but if u had anymore that would be great! thank u!

First of all, if you want to get into Kyman, I wouldn’t suggest “Ginger Cow,” right off the bat because you have to be used to the ship in order to laugh at that episode if you aren’t one of those people who think everything sp does equals real life. However, Crackbaby Basketball is a wonderful episode to start with if you want to jump around.

If not, then here’s the episodes in order:

Season 7:

Episode 1: Cancelled

Episode 5: Fun-Butt and Pancake Head

Episode 6: Lil´ Crime Stoppers  (Highly recommend)

Season 10

Episode 2: Smug alert  (Highly recommend)

Episode 3: Cartoon Wars I

Episode 4: Cartoon Wars II

Episode 6: ManBearPig

Episode 10: Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy

Episode 13: Go God Go XII (2nd part of Episode 12 Go God Go)

Season 11

Episode 8: Le Petit Tourette  (Highly recommend)

Episode 10 : Imaginationland I

Episode 10 : Imaginationland II

Episode 10 : Imaginationland III

Season 12

Episode 1: Tonsil Trouble (I wouldn’t start off with this episode either even though this was my first kyman episode. I have a very dark humor so it’s not for everybody)

Season 14

Episode 9: It´s a Jersey Thing  (!!!!!Highly recommend!!!!)

Season 15

Episode 5: Crack Baby Athletic Association (Highly recommend) 

Episode 7: You´re getting old  (Highly recommend)

Episode 8: Ass Burger  (Highly recommend)

Season 16 (Kyman season) 

Episode 3: Faith Hilling  (!!!!!!Highly recommend!!!!)

Episode 4: Jewpacabra  (!!!!!!Highly recommend!!!!)

Episode 7: Cartman finds love  (!!!!!!Highly recommend!!!!)

Episode 9: Raising the bar  (Highly recommend)

Episode 14: Obama wins

Season 18:

Episode 2: Gluten Free Ebola  (Highly recommend)

Season 19

Episode 1: Stunning and Brave

Episode 10:  PC Principal Final Justice  (Highly recommend)

And of course the two new episodes

Season 20

Episode 1: Member Berries  (Highly recommend)

Episode 2: Skank Hunt (!!!!!!!HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!)