Bull in the Heather | Sonic Youth [1994]

The music video features former Bikini Kill and Le Tigre singer Kathleen Hanna dancing, throwing Thurston Moore about by his guitar and kissing Kim Gordon, while wearing speedos over her tights. During filming, Hanna gave Thurston a bloodied lip.

“I would much rather be the ‘obnoxious feminist girl’ than be complicit in my own dehumanization.”

- Kathleen Hanna - Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin

Photo from the Makers Moment series, “Ian MacKaye discovers Bikini Kill”: “After a Bikini Kill show in Washington D.C., Hanna recounts meeting music producer Ian MacKaye who would go on to produce the band’s "Bikini Kill” EP which began to truly establish the band’s audience. “


“I already knew I was gonna be an artist, I just didn’t know what kind. I used to do musical theatre and dance and stuff when I was younger. One time I did this song and dance thing and everybody was like, ‘yay, yay, yay’. We were in the car driving back to our house and my dad goes, 'we should all go out and get ice cream…’ and I was all happy because I made my dad proud. And then he goes, ’…because anyone who can make such a fool of themselves, in front of so many people, deserves an ice cream.’”

- Kathleen Hanna, The Punk Singer, 2013