le tiger

Agagagagag…. It’s ugly, but I did not have enough time and I wanted to do something anyway. So… Happy birthday Yura! The sweater is a gift from Beka! I found the tiger thanks to @joodlepot, but I did not have time to restore its beauty to him too. Ahhh.


“Somur Tiger”, photographed while in the exposure tank Museum in Munster. The tank on display (as in Saumur) on the narrow transport tracks. The wide combat tracks are adjacent.

Commander “Tiger” stumbled on the allies at Le Fournet, left to right: Arthur glagow, Martin Shrouf and Alois, Calls.
The modern view of the crossroads at Le Fournet. The tigers of the 102nd SS heavy tank battalion moved to the intersection with the side Carry.
The earliest known photos of the “Somur Tiger.” The French have already put a tank on the move, scraped beam crosses from the sides, but the tower is still preserved the original tactical number 114.
At the top of “Brittany” in the “independent tank squadron Beignets” bottom “Panther” with the name “Dauphine” and three Pz IV – “Alsace”, “Vendee” and “Anjou” – from the squadron Beignets.
“Colmar” during his service in the French occupation forces in Germany.
Photos “Colmar,” which has a dent at the junction of the frontal armor plates that appeared in the result of collision with “Tiger” Martin Sayfa 19 Aug 1944.
The “tiger” with the hull number 241, probably less fortunate than the “Tiger” №114, but he continues to serve the people.

The GOASTT (The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger) aka Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl by Renaud Monfourny pour les Inrockuptibles n° 983, 1-7 October 2014.

Album “Midnight Sun”



A nice little documentary released in ‘84 (filmed in ‘83). Highlights include fragments of live performances of The Reflex, New Moon on Monday and a bit of Is there something I should know (here’s an extracted NMoM and Reflex). There’s also short interviews with John, Nick and Simon. 

Everyone’s favourite question on how long they expect the band to last gets asked I get emotional cause even back then they wanted to stay together 5ever

Simon steals the show telling the blood curling tale of the murderous wombat. Here’s the Duran Duran and Australian animals segment he mentions, the wombat M.I.A by that point, only the kangaroo and possum left.