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Newsies at the Muny

So, I have had the amazing opportunity to see Newsies at the Muny this week. This show is incredible, but its so impressive because the cast had ten days to rehearse/learn lines before opening night. so heres some things that i noticed that are different from the broadway productions/things i just really liked.

Here’s a picture of the two set pieces they used a lot-when they’re pushed together, they were the lodging house.

in the opening song, you can see the rest of the newsies sleeping against the poles on the bottom level while Jack and Crutchie sing.

Danny Quadrino playing Crutchie again was so amazing because he already has such a thorough grasp on the character-the ‘watch me run’ was so giddy, but directly after that he looked so sad, not only in his face but his body language made him look just…dejected i guess.

when Crutchie went down when the circulation gates opened for the first time, immediately someone (i can’t remember who) grabbed him and helped him to his feet

Les was picked up so much by everyone throughout the show-the first time being when Jack strikes his deal with him, Jay picked up Gabe and stood him on the wagon so Gabe was taller than him. 

Les didn’t look to Davey for confirmation when Jack said ‘60/40′, he just made the deal himself


instead of sounding scared on ‘is that the guy you’re meetin’?’, this Les just sounded curious, like he wanted to know what Jack was going to do

on ‘not even me, Miss Medda?’, Jay leaned over the railing and put his arms out from his sides and it was adorable

in That’s Rich (first of all Ta’rea was incredible), Les was sitting on his heels at the side of the backdrop, but kept on inching closer as the song went on

I Never Planned On You/Don’t Come A-Knocking started in the box, but Katherine moved down to stage level to watch the show from backstage, and that’s where Jack started to draw her

the line ‘they was coronas’ didn’t sound like Race was defending himself, but like he was bragging about the fact that he got coronas

after Les said ‘we got a father, too!’, one of the newsies (damon is the actor’s name, i don’t know which newsie he played) gave him a little bow

instead of writing STRIKE on the heading board, Jack wiped the chalk dust away to form the word

on ‘whaddya call these guys?’, i heard one of the guys do a sing-song ‘hellooooo’

World Will Know was just…so good

at one point in Watch What Happens, Katherine was on a wheeling chair and she pushed herself away from her desk her desk was center stage and she made it to halfway off stage on stage right i was impressed 

Seize the Day was so good

the papers were really different-instead of individual papers, they had them in stacks. There was a little bit where Les was jumping from stack to stack after each newsie dropped their stack in front of him…the noise was pretty loud

Les got picked up several times

the fighting was really good-so much was happening at once

So i realized that Morris was the one to grab Crutchie first because he yelled ‘hey Oscar, look what I got’, and then one of the Delancy brothers yelled up to Jack basically the same thing which was ‘heyya jack, lookit what we got’

Danny Quadrino’s yelling ‘jack’ broke my heart, and so did Jay yelling back ‘crutchie’ in the most desperate of voices

after crutchie was arrested, some newsies ran back onstage being chased by one or two of the strike-breakers. they looked absolutely terrified 

Santa Fe almost made me cry

Act 2!!!

King of New York was so. good

each newsie got his own pape, bc katherine didn’t just bring one, she brought an ENTIRE STACK

they didn’t start tapping until after the whole ‘lets get drunk’ bit, meaning that you couldn’t hear the taps because they hadn’t turned the stage mics on yet

on ‘barbershop haircut that costs a quarter’ the actor took off his hat and shook his hair (he had fairly long hair)

THEY MOVED THE TABLES DURING THE SONG-they were the same configuration as the broadway production at the start (one in the middle and straight and two others, one on the left and the other on the right, slanted a little) but then they moved them to all be pushed together like one long table

also on the right and left sides they had Muny teens tapping alongside the cast it was great


danny quadrino is amazing and my heart hurts

also i have made several friends cry with my stupid analyzing of that song but i won’t put it here to save y'all from that

jack angstily painting is me okay y'all

the Pulitzer cartoon wasn’t a foot, but a hand pushing down on the newsies


the ‘and i got a date!’ line was delivered so perfectly oh my lord

during the scene change, they closed the front picture-like thing the Muny has for every production, and Les, Jack, and Davey all went behind it but Katherine was pulled to stay in front of it by Pulitzer

‘which one gives us more in common?’ got a round of applause

there was such a gasp from the audience when Pulitzer said ‘my daughter’

in brooklyn’s here, about four boys started at far stage left before a spotlight hit about 17 guys that were house right-the four guys met up with them and they traveled across the house before stopping at house left for the whole ‘borough what gave me birth’ bit, before going down an aisle to get back to the stage

at the rally there was the entire cast of newsies, plus Muny teens and kids.

when jack went to stage right to get his money, it was thrown on the ground for him to pick up

when Les saw the money, he put his arms out and looked really upset. Davey just looked dejected before pushing Les away

when katherine kissed jack, it got a whoop from someone in the free seats

something to believe in sounded soooo good. also at the end, the set piece they were on spun to the back (bc the Muny has something similar to what hamilton does-a floor that can spin) and they were kissing until they stopped moving again


they did the toss thing and it was great

so they each got their papes, right? and they all headed to the top of that set piece above to sing

on ‘this is for kids shining shoes in the street with no shoes on their feet every day’, the kids who you can kind of see on the bottom of that set piece in the picture started to walk forward, oldest first. they all walked with their heads cast downwards

on ‘ten thousand kids in the square’, the lights went up and all the kids snapped their heads up from their feet

then, they all crouched/squatted/sat on ‘joe, you is gonna play fair, once and for all’

the cast that was on the set made their way down and as the whole  ‘there’s change coming once and for all. you’re getting too old, too weak to keep holding on’ thing started, they each handed a pape to a kid on the ground (each handed out like two or three)

as each kid got their pape, they would read it, and stand up with their fist in the air

on the last chord, everyone punched their fist in the air

also none of the teens/kids sang during Once and For All, it was all the cast/offstage singers

‘he doesn’t do happiness, does he?’ was SO WELL-DELIVERED

jay’s impression on ‘its a compromise we can all live with’ wasn’t as harsh as corey’s, but it was spot-on with how Davis Gaines had said the line earlier


when crutchie came back there was so much celebrating

also jack and crutchie had the BEST HUG IVE EVER SEEN I LOVE THEM    

crutchie giving snyder handcuffs was amazing i loved it


and now here’s some pics of the cast being goofballs backstage/bowing

i love jack sippel he’s great

thats during king of new york btw

in conclusion, newsies at the Muny was amazing and if they don’t do it again in a few years and have the show go for 10 days instead of 7 i will fight

also its like 2 in the morning. i started writing this at like 11:30. what.

the thickness of vulgarity :

“I matter insofar as I am in the world, not as a stranger in closure and self-isolation, but as a particle of energy blending into light. Thus I see that if I am to live, it is on the following tragic condition: that, relinquishing this life of mine, I give myself to that which knows nothing of me, to that which is exterior to myself. At the same time, though, I feel a loss which, considered from my position of inevitable solitude, amounts to the annihilation of the entire universe.”

— Georges Bataille, Sacrifice

I am inflamed by the frequency of pauses that seem to thicken the caesura of every breath. This need to begin at the end of each lapse. I can’t perceive the rhizome beyond the first 3 lines - “I matter insofar” - & my guile reprimands that should I matter, I must do so only as an absence ; mute harmonics, a blank encyclopedia construct of tabula rasa. The Absolute is tangible, graphic only in that it is not here. Therefore we have a famine where lack is definition and the wrinkles in the terra incognita slither in impenetrable helix of universal hunger. 

This shall be a vagrant’s treatise with no preamble nor precision ; both those are simulacra I am content to slay. 

I believe humanism is constructed like a protocol stack - le chatelier principle; this makes it so much easier for the pans narrans to reluctantly, & somewhat artfully, manifest birr of humility and this is inherently tied to the need we have of creating Gods. If this Suprasoul was not manufactured, the audacity of being alive would demand our instant death. My God is the number 13 : prime & fibonacci. It sidesteps ubiquity & demands to slug the golden ratio frostbitten in every flake of snow. My God is a rupture in the Möbius strip. My God is an interstellar burst of plasma and dust, the same spectra thrust into my bloodstream. My God is the air before fajr.

: It is an illusion that we were ever alive (W Stevens)

And I append to it by saying that it is equally an illusion that we will ever die. Therefore it becomes a stupendous conceit to admit that God is of any need. Mostly an entity that stands to deprive, to test, to debase, to wrestle. Christ on the crucifix : we take pride in worshiping putrefaction of will. We device mechanics of idolatry that are singularly built around  torture. We seem to invest epic proportion of time in catalyzing deterioration. We can rise till we fall which is absurd if you are standing in the unplumbed plane and there are no altitudes so to speak.

: I is another (Rimbaud) 

If so, then God is I. God is another. Not me but the paraphrasing of me. My reduction. My forged signature. Not my typology but my topology. The iteration at which the nomad turns into monad. 

Do you know what Celan says of Hölderlin’s madness? - “Nothing is happening to me”.

Nothing happens in the center of this madness and therefore I have decided that Schizophrenia is not madness since psychosis has the same churn as the kernel about to flux the birth of a Universe. What then is this madness? - maybe, it is the consistency of living; the boredom of having to relent; to be ratified like grain or to be shepherded like cattle. At the crux of this madness is the consummate God - a goose egg. 

The cliche then; we add the God in Godot. Or even in Gödel, Escher, Bach. God as umlaut. Some babel thus designed to rescue the divine. The deus ex machina that graphs the sine. 

This, evidently, will remain incomplete –

( The conversation is all axis and no edge : wires coasted in neutral)

- Saint Just 

ps : the catalan words for God & Dude are homonyms. 


T + 256 days (August 17, 2015)

Goodbye, Orion - capsule leaves Kennedy Space Center.

After more than eight months of post-flight processing, the Orion capsule that flew Exploration Flight Test 1 in December, 2014, has left Kennedy Space Center. The spacecraft began a cross-country trip to Colorado on Monday, August 17.

Lockheed Martin and NASA engineers have spent the months following the historic mission disassembling the capsule for inspection, testing its various components to see how they withstood flight above the Earth’s twin radiation belts, and seeing what could be improved for the third Orion flight capsule slated to fly on Exploration Mission 2.

In March, Orion’s heat shield was sent to Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, where the Avcoat material that protected the capsule during reentry was stripped away. It ultimately was transported to Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, where it will be attached to a boilerplate Orion capsule for water impact testing.

The spacecraft’s backshell - the black tile exterior that protected the capsule - was removed and inspected, with some panels going on display across the country. 

Orion’s departure from Kennedy Space Center marks the completion of over three years of work for Kennedy’s Orion teams. The capsule first arrived in June 2012 as nothing more than a pressure vessel from the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. Workers spent 18 months integrating the remainder of Orion’s components inside the Operations and Checkout facility, which will be the final assembly area for all future space-bound Orion capsules. Following a brief two-week period following EFT-1 where the capsule was driven across the country from San Diego to Florida, Orion has sent the majority of its life at the Florida spaceport.

Now the capsule is being sent to Lockheed Martin’s primary spacecraft facility near Denver, Colorado, where it will undergo direct field acoustic testing. For these tests, several electro-dynamic speakers will be set up in an array around all sides of the spacecraft. This will provide easily-controllable and uniform acoustic waves which engineers will use to test the capsule’s structure.

These tests are being performed as engineers prepare the next major milestone in Orion’s life - Ascent Abort 2. AA2 follows a similar flight pattern to the Little Joe series of tests that occurred as part of the Mercury and Apollo programs in the early 1960′s. They validated the Launch Escape Systems viability during flight by launching a capsule and its LES into the atmosphere, where the escape motors took over. Orion has already completed LES tests on the ground, and AA2 will be the first test performed in flight. A Peacekeeper missile will be converted for use with the Orion/LES stack mated above the missile’s first stage.

Catch up with Orion’s post-flight disassembly, as well as recapping its historic inaugural flight into space, by checking out our EFT-1 archive here.