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Musical allignments

Lawful Good: Legally Blonde

Neutral Good: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Chaotic Good: Newsies

Lawful Neutral: Spring Awakening

True Neutral:  Into the Woods

Chaotic Neutral: Les Miserables

Lawful Evil: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Neutral Evil: Heathers

Chaotic Evil: Sweeney Todd


*runs into the room crying headcanons out loud*

Sumerian talisman belonged to Magica before Lena. Totally it was an awfully cursed thing giving the owner some extra magic power. Though Magica was pretty strong sorcerer by herself she needed talisman for some of her plans.

Lena was a good loving child before something happened to her aunt (may be her parents as well? May be Magica was the cause of it all?). No pink hair, no rude attitude.

Magica knows nothing about treating children.

*runs out *

Full Musicals 🎭🎈😻

The most annoying thing is being unable to watch the musicals you love.

Here, I’ve compiled the links to full or two-part musicals for your viewing!

NOTE: Not all of these are of the same quality, and not all of these are Broadway performances. This is a growing list. If there is a different portrayal of a musical you would like to see, just ask. Also, if there is a specific musical I haven’t added to the list, feel free to let me know! Thanks :)

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


Catch Me If You Can

The Phantom of the Opera

Love Never Dies

Jekyll and Hyde  -Act One     ~  Jekyll and Hyde -Act Two

Jesus Christ Superstar

Les Miserables (10th Anniversary)

My Fair Lady (Movie)


Bonnie and Clyde

Sweeny Todd

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Beauty and the Beast

Legally Blonde

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I think the voltron fandom as a whole loves langst so much because Lance is that character that SO MANY PEOPLE can relate to.

He’s that character that is constantly compared to someone better than them.

He’s that character that hides their myriad of insecurities behind humour and a false smile, retreating from others when it gets too much.

He’s that ‘fake it til you make it’ character that validates our struggles with self-confidence and self-worth.

And this isn’t even going into his complexity as a character and diverse representation that he adds to the show.

Most iconic moments from Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  • Le Fou trying to spell Gaston - G-A-S-T-i think there’s another T but it’s occurred to me I’m illiterate and have never attempted to spell it before wow this is hard 
  • Belle turning down Gaston’s dinner invite and he’s like “Oh, you’re busy” and Belle just says “No” like bitch apply cold water to your burn.
  • Cogsworth’s wife turning up at the end and him wishing he could turn back into a clock
  • Beast’s “makeover” to impress Belle- that makeup though 
  • “Have you thought about growing a beard” and that grOWL AFTERWARDS
  • Ewan McGregor and his terrible French accent
  • Beast literally taking Belle doWN with that big ass snowball 
  • Those three women that keep pining over Gaston turn up and Le Fou leans in and stage whispers “Never gonna happen” 
  • Those three dudes getting Schuyler sister makeovers and the third one owning it
  • Everyone forgetting about Gaston at the end like did his corpse disappear or is it laying on the grounds somewhere and everyone just left him to rot
  • Le Fou trying to comfort Gaston by telling him to think back to the war where he killed all those dudes
  • Maurice: Hey look a nice meal thank you kind person. Maurice: A FUCKING TALKING CUP WHAT AM I HIGH I’M LEAVING GOODBYE
  • Le Fou being concerned that the castle has ghosts when a literal beast lives in it
  • The Beast giving Belle a library just to prove she has horrible taste in literature
  • “Have you read all of these books???” “No, some of them are in Greek” and Belle being all “Was that a joke are you trying to joke omg”
  • Gaston being French and having no clue what Je Ne Sais Quoi means
  • Gaston complimenting himself in the mirror like “you are the most beautiful I’m not done with you yet”
  • Disney actually acknowledging that not all relationships are between one white male and one white female like there’s love all over the place in this movie BLESS 

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"He ran into my knife ten times" i'm???? JOLY N O


Javert’s sitting at his desk in the office, rubbing his temples to push back a migraine as he listens to this godawful troop of student revolutionaries sing acapellas down the hall in their holding cells. 

He had detained them about an hour ago for causing a disturbance. He knows each of them by name, and can pick them out of crowd. He’s detained them all multiple times before, both as a group, or individually - and while there are a few that raise absolute hell when they’re detained (mainly the blond one. Enjolras, his mind supplies bitterly), they usually aren’t the barrel of trouble that he makes them out to be. A hassle, yes; a nuisance, absolutely. But they aren’t dangerous, nor are they violent. They aren’t involved with drugs or anything of the like, either. All in all, it could be worse. But Javert still needs to fill out reports on each and every one of them every time he hauls them in, and it’s not the most thrilling thing in the world. They aren’t making it easy, of course. But this is the first time they’ve resorted to singing.

He looks up at the clock in his office with a sense of dread about him. They’re required to stay for the standard 24-hour period; it’s been about an hour and twelve minutes, and he wouldn’t put it past them to work in shifts to stay awake and practice their musical numbers on him. They’re creative in the art of peaceful protest and resistance, and he’s certainly counting this as an example.

Suddenly, there’s a break in the singing; but in the cavernous walls of the holding cells, he can hear the echoes of whispers and a high-pitched giggle. Javert’s pen stills against the paper as he squints suspiciously up at the cracked door. What are they doing? What will they be getting up to next? Or has he finally caught his break, and they’re all going to turn in for a nap?

Pop,” comes the first voice. He recognizes that one - Grantaire. There’s a snort of laughter. Javert lowers his pen onto his desk. “Six,” comes a second. That was definitely Bossuet. Javert’s taken by a feeling of apprehension. He knows who the next one up is, and he’s filled with a sense of trepidation over the completion of the Unholy Trinity. And then, the penny drops - Joly joins in. “Squish!” There’s a giggle from one of the girls, and someone is choking back laughter. “Uh-uh!” “Cicero.” “Lipschitz!” 

Oh, no.

Oh, Lord above, no.

He had it comin! He had it comin! He only had himself to blame! If you’d have been there - if you’d have seen it - I betcha you would have done the same!

The other students are absolutely broken down into laughter, but their little musical production doesn’t stop for a moment. They go on with the song without breaking stride for even a moment; it’s almost too rehearsed. Javert knows that they aren’t breaking any rules; no one told them they had to be quiet, or that they couldn’t sing, or that they couldn’t perform a Broadway musical in his holding cells overnight

He lets it go on for a while, desperately trying to do anything he can to keep his mind off of their little rendition of Cell Block Tango a handful of yards away. He repeats Bible verses to himself, focuses on his breathing or the scratch of a pen against paper, even prays for strength and patience a few times - but that patience runs out a few verses in, and he gets up with a resigned sigh to ask them to stop.

Javert opens the door to his office, an exhausted look about him as he interrupts Joly’s part of the song. For a long moment, everyone goes silent. Javert stares at Joly; Joly stares back. The other students are glancing between them almost cautiously. None of them are sure what’s about to happen - not even the Inspector, really. But then; Joly shoots first.

He slips an arm through the bars, allowing it to hang down casually, cocks a hip, and raises an eyebrow. “Then?” he asked, tilting his head. “He ran into my knife. He ran into my knife. Ten. Times.

Javert isn’t sure how to react to the smallest of the students staring him dead in the eye and reciting lines from a musical essentially about murder and prison, but the other students undoubtedly do.

HE HAD IT COMIN’!” Grantaire and Bossuet finally shout, joined now by  Musichetta, Eponine, Courfeyrac, and Feuilly. The others are too busy howling with laughter. Enjolras has even cracked a sly smile by now, and it seems he’s considering joining in on the ruckus.

Javert gives a drawn-out sigh as he considers asking one of the younger officers for an extra set of headphones and an energy drink.

It’s going to be a long night.

I’m annoyed the comic I made never appeared in the tags because I put links so have some more Poe de Spell and his interactions with his coven. You can find the 8 page comic plus more magic ducks in my blog using the tag “Ducktales coven”

Basically he’s a big cat when he’s in bird form. He can be as dramatic as Gladstone and Magica in this form

For @sarroora who trades headcanons with me. It’s her B o i

Headcanon that Poe was cured btw when Gladstone joined the coven. Poe is the designated alchemist of the family, and he is actually quite strict with magic (I.e. he doesn’t approve with how out of control Gladstone’s and to some extent, Magica’s magic is) . He can turn back and forth into a raven due to being one for so long.


(not all pictured)

Alright guys! So I owe my parents $250 for Dear Evan Hansen tickets so I’m selling some playbills! I have researched what other people are selling them for and I hope you’ll find the prices reasonable. Of course some of the prices are negotiable. Buy two or more and receive some window brochures for other shows! If you want to see the playbill before you purchase or want to know who was in the show or who signed it, message me! If you are interested in purchasing please message me!

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(OBC= original broadway cast OOBC= original off-broadway cast ORC= original revival cast)

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (10th anniversary concert)- $7

A Delicate Balance- $5

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder- $5

CInderella (ORC)- $10

A Delicate Balance- $5

Dead Poets Society (OOBC)- $8

Dead Poets Society (PROGRAM NOT PLAYBILL)- $2

Fly By Night (OOBC w/ Adam Chanler-Berat)- $3

Fortress of Solitude (OOBC w/ Adam Chanler-Berat)- $5

If/Then (D.C. Tryout)- $3

Les Miserables (PRIDE PLAYBILL) (2014 Revival)- $20

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 A.R.T production- $20

Once (Arthur Darvill)- $12

Of Mice and Men (PRIDE PLAYBILL w/ James Franco)- $7

Oh Hello (OBC)- 10 p>

Pippin (ORC)- $5

School of Rock (OBC)- $5

She Loves Me (ORC)- $10

Side Show (ORC)- $5

Sunset Boulevard (ORC w/ Glenn Close)- $10

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (OBC)- $5

The Glass Menagerie (ORC w/ Celia Keenan-Bolger and Cherry Jones)- $8

The Lion King- $3

Tick Tick Boom (2016 cast)- $17

Violet (OBC W/  Sutton Foster)- $12

Wicked- $3


Big Fish (some cast including Norbert Leo Butz)- $20

Big Fish (Kate Baldwin and Krystal Joy Brown)- $15

Cinderella (some cast including Santino Fontana)- $20

Cinderella (Ann Harada)- $15

First Date (entire OBC except Zac Levi)- $37

Kinky Boots (Billy Porter)- $25 If/Then (James Synder)- $20

Matilda (Lesli Margherita and Chris Sieber)- $15

Matilda (Gabe Ebert)- $12 

On the Town (first preview) (entire ORC except Clyde Alves)- $20

Once (some cast)- $15

School of Rock (entire OBC including Alex Brightman)- $25

She Loves Me (some cast including Zac Levi)- $20

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Alex Sharp)- $13

Wicked (PJ Benjamin)- $5

Wicked (Lindsay Mendez)- $15

Doors Are Overrated and So Are German Exams


Tap-, tap, tap-tap

Tap, tap, tap

Tap-tap-tap, tap

Davey huffed tiredly and rubbed a hand over his eyes lined with dark circles. It was midnight and he was trying to study for his German language exam for school the next day or else he would fail the class.

The key word is trying.

Jack was outside on the fire escape tapping on the glass to get Davey’s attention. Davey was inside trying to keep his attention away from Jack. Eventually, he had enough and dragged his feet towards the window by his bed and unlocked it. Jack swung inside with a thud as he landed on the bedroom floor.

“Took you long enough”, Jack chuckled, pulling Davey into a warm hug. “I haven’t seen you in a while, Davey. What happened to you and Les selling with me and the boys on Saturdays?”

Davey gently broke away from his boyfriend’s embrace. “You know I have school, Jack”, he sighed and returned to his desk that was ridden with various textbooks and pencils. “I have a German exam tomorrow and I have to study or else, I’ll fail…”

Jack followed Davey to the lamp-lit desk and hugged him from behind, resting his chin on Davey’s head and taking in the other boy’s scent of old books that was always present wherever Davey went.

“I can help you study!” he protested. “Why don’t you teach me one of them German phrases, Dave?”

Davey sighed. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. “If I teach you something, would you be quiet?” Jack nodded. “Okay, um…lass mich bitte in Ruhe.”

“Great, Dave. Now what does that mean in normal English?” Jack adopted a horrible British accent and rubbed a hand over his chin as if he were a schoolmaster. He carefully took Davey’s glasses and put them on himself to further the effect.

“It means ‘Please leave me alone’, Jack”, Davey smiled and took back his glasses, gently putting them down on his mountain of books. How the hell did he land such an amazing boyfriend?

Jack placed a hand over his heart and stumbled back in mock hurt. “You wound me, my dear David Benjamin Jacobs! How will I ever go on with your disapproving nature by my side?”

“Where did you learn all them fancy words Jack?”

Suddenly, a grunt came from the bed adjacent to Davey’s. Les. Shit.

“Shhh!” Davey ran towards Jack in a split second and covered his mouth with hushed tones as he glanced back behind him. “You’re gonna wake up Les!” he whisper-shouted. The two of them stared at the small, shifting lump of blankets.

The lump had soon stopped moving and a faint snore began to come from Les’s bed. Both of the teenagers stood stiff and silent as if Les would suddenly wake up and discover his brother and his brother’s lover wide awake in his bedroom. Jack looked at his boyfriend dead in the eye and flicked out his tongue, licking the palm still over his mouth.

Davey tore his hand back and quickly wiped it on the other arm of his button-up shirt.

“You are the most disgusting and impossible boy…ever”, Davey huffed, annoyed yet still somehow in the most endearing manner.

Jack laughed at his disgust, throwing his head back and clasping his hands together, clearly showing no signs of remorse.

“Sorry, Davey”, he apologized unapologetically. “So how ‘bout you teach me some of German that’s actually useful other than for shooing away your lover? Unless you want to skip teaching and I can put that tongue in some other places…?” He wagged his eyebrows up and down with the ‘I pick up all the ladies’ smile painted itself across his lips.

Davey face palmed and groaned into his hands. Okay, strike that last statement about how he ever could’ve met such a perfect human, the real question is how he fell in love with such an immature boy.

“Ugh. Fine. Danke schön.”


“Danke schön, it means thank you”, Davey explained. “I figured that you might as well learn some manners, even if they’re in German.”

Jack scoffed. “What’re you talking about, Davey? Your ma loves me!”

“My ma love you because you’re too charismatic for your own good and you shower her cooking with compliments every time you stay for dinner. “And she said that if you keep sneaking in through the window, she’s gonna make me sleep in the living room! We have a door, Jack! Can’t you use it?”

“Doors are overrated!” Jack whined, his face scrunching up not unlike the one commonly seen on Les when Meyer and Esther force him to go to bed on time. “Also, did you just admit that I’m charismatic?”

Davey cocked his eyebrow at his boyfriend questionably. “Well that would be my firm assumption since when you first asked me out, you said ‘Would you be so kind as to fall in love with me’”

Jack laughed heartily though still careful not to wake up the youngest Jacobs. Davey always thought that his laugh was one of his favorite sounds in the world.

“Why are you here, Jack?” he asked after Jack quieted down. Sure Davey loved him but it was too late at night. Or was it early morning? Nevertheless, the only thing that mattered was his exam tomorrow.

Jack smiled wistfully at Davey. “Can’t a guy visit his lover when he wants to without being interrogated in the middle of the night?”

“When said lover is staying up late to avoid jeopardizing his grade, no.”

Jack huffed, frustrated and defeated in his efforts to make excuses for visiting Davey. “I just want to spend some time with my boyfriend”, he pouted. “You’ve been real busy and I miss you.”

He came over and embraced Davey from behind again, leaning his head on Davey’s shoulder with his warm breath tickling the other boy’s neck. “Ya know…I was hoping that we could go out on the rooftop…look at the stars tonight…ignore those damn German words.”

Davey had stayed completely silent and unmoving throughout Jack’s crooning. What to do? German or Jack? An organization of adults testing young people on a foreign language that half of them will never use again or a peaceful night with just Jack Kelly and the stars?

He let out a deep sigh. “We can’t stay out all night, okay?”  Davey turned around to Jack with a tired yet loving gleam in his eyes to meet a bright smile shining through the darkness of the room.

“Well then, let’s get to it!” Jack whispered excitedly, grabbing Davey tightly and dragged him back to the fire escape window. The two climbed out and flew up the train of stairs winding up and down the apartment building’s stories until they reached the rooftop.

It felt like the top of the world as their view of the old brick and metal walls faded into the night sky speckled with bright starts lined with the New York skyline.

Jack and Davey dragged each other towards the water tower at the corner of the rooftop with their hands still tightly clasped in each other’s. The two of them lay down at the base of it, Davey resting his head onto Jack’s chest.

Davey closed his eyes and listened to the familiar thump-thump of Jack’s heart. It was comforting, almost therapeutic, to hear his heartbeat. It was one of the few ways Davey could be sure that Jack was really there with him.

That it wasn’t all just a magnificent dream where he could wake up and be alone again.

It wasn’t often that Davey was quiet (he was called the Walking Mouth by some of the boys for a reason) but for once, everything on the rooftop was quiet except for a few crickets and the late-night bands in the streets still playing their music.

The two boys just lay there and did nothing. Nothing but love each other bask in each other’s warmth as the chill breeze swept over the city. The quiet hum of the sleeping city as did the twinkling lights in the night sky.

Suddenly, Davey spoke, still using Jack body as a pillow. “Ich liebe dich”, he murmured sleepily.

“What? Davey, I thought we agreed to leave your schoolwork back in your room tonight…”

“It means ‘I love you’, Jack.”

Jack was taken aback, his raised eyebrows the only thing on his mask that conveyed his shock from inside. It had been the first time Jack had ever told him that he loved him.

Most of the time, it had been the other way around. Jack would shout an ‘I love you’ to Davey somewhat muddled with a quick peck on his lips or his forehead and run off elsewhere, always leaving Davey somewhat flustered. All the while, he had never heard Davey say those three words back.

He sat up from his reclining position, regretfully stirring Davey up from his half-asleep state. Davey looked confused for once. His brows furrowed and his head tilted to the side as he bit his lip nervously.

God, Jack loved when he did that. It always looked so fucking cute and made Jack want to wrap Davey up in a blanket and hide him from the rest of the world for forever.

“How do you say ‘I love you, too’?” He leaned in towards Davey.

“Ich liebe dich auch.” Jack cupped Davey’s face in one hand and the back of his neck in the other, touching them as if they were as delicate as a flower.

“How do you say ‘kiss me’?”

“Küss mich”, Davey whispered before he closed the distance between him and Jack, capturing the other boy’s lips in his.

The kiss wasn’t like fireworks exploding between them; their kisses were never like that. Instead, Davey always found them to be the stars above them in the night sky: beautiful, breath-taking, and seemingly everlasting.

Needless to say, they boned that night.


“Yeah, Les?”

The Jacobs family was seated at the dining table the next morning for breakfast. Esther was putting the pot of porridge back on the stove as Sarah made small talk with Meyer and Les played with his food. Meanwhile, Davey kept his bloodshot eyes down on his bowl. Nobody needed to know how he spent last night.

“What does ‘danke schön’ mean?”

Davey nearly choked on his food, gaining attention from the rest of his family. “Why do you need to know?”

“I dunno. What does it mean?”

“Uhhh… It means ‘thank you’ in German.”

“Okay.” Les went back to picking at his breakfast. Davey was mentally freaking out. Les never even bothered to look at his German textbooks, Davey never talked about his new language class to the rest of the Jacobs so how the ever-loving fuck did Les learn the word and its correct pronunciation?

Maybe he just picked it up last night as he was sleeping and subconsciously learned it. Yeah that was it. Les didn’t know that Jack was at the tenement last night. Everything was okay, everything was fine, nobod-



“How was your time with Jack last night?”

 “…..Les you liTTLE PIECE OF SH-”


Joly: Well, as far as we know, nothing happened?

Bossuet: Yeah, I mean. Clearly, Combeferre is a little closer to Enjolras than Joly and I are, but we think we know Feuilly pretty well, and he’s quite happy with Bahorel. I highly doubt he’d do anything at all to hurt her.

Joly: Yeah! I mean, Feuilly and Enj are close, but I really don’t think they’d ever do anything like. Romantic, let alone sexual. I firmly believe that they’re purely platonic.

Joly: Besides, Feuilly knows how much R loves Enjolras.

Bossuet: I know! It’s so obvious. I mean, who doesn’t know how much Grantaire loves-

R: Enjolras doesn’t know and I’d prefer to keep it that way.

Bossuet: Grantaire!

Joly: R! Y-You’re awake!

R: Yeah, you two are loud as fuck.

[whoopdedoo the ask box is back open for Grantaire]

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Jehanparnasse secretly protecting each other?

Jehan tapped their pen on the desk, their gaze slowly sliding over to the lump on their couch. Montparnasse liked to crash there sometimes, only to complain in the morning because Jehan had draped a multicolored crocheted scrap yarn blanket over him and the floral applique on the pillow left a mark on his cheek. Jehan liked his complaining, though; it usually meant he was awake enough to eat crepes and hug them if he could be roused from the cushions.

Tonight, though, they couldn’t slip off to sleep. He had mentioned casually that he had something important to do tomorrow, and that had been nagging at them for more than an hour before they went back to their desk chair. Whenever he said a job was “important,” it usually meant “dangerous.” They wouldn’t be able to do anything to make themself feel better, either; Les Amis de l’ABC had been planning tomorrow’s protest for months, and there was no way they could miss it just to worry about their boyfriend. They were already down Feuilly and Bossuet, and they needed everyone on board to watch each other’s backs.

They took a deep breath and turned their attention back to the little notepad in front of them. Jehan dropped the pen back in the drawer in favor of a brush pen. They let their hand move, drawing smooth strokes over the page while they repeated the same thing over and over in their head, lips moving silently with the words.

Keep him safe. Keep him safe. Keep him safe.

Once the ink dried, Jehan folded the note and closed it with a bobby pin before slipping it into the wallet Montparnasse had left unattended on the coffee table. There was only so much a sigil could do, but if it at least helped him make one jump, dodge one punch, anything, it would be worth it.

Montparnasse clung to the shadows of a nearby alley, carefully watching for anything that could be perceived as a threat. He didn’t like how many people showed up to these things Jehan and their friends arranged, though that was probably the point, getting people together and angry about something. He liked how many were opposed to their messages even less.

Jehan didn’t know he worked his own version of security for their gatherings, and he would rather keep it that way. He knew them well enough to know they would spend half their energy trying to find him in the crowd, make sure he was alright, when really they should be concentrating on what they came here for. It worked out for both of them this way.

A man in a light jacket started to move, and Montparnasse picked up his trail around the edge of the crowd. He had had his eye on this person for a while, considering a jacket like that on a day as warm as this stuck out like a sore thumb. If he had thought he would blend in, he was absolutely wrong.

Montparnasse slipped up behind the troublemaker and yanked on the back of his coat, wrapping one arm around the man’s face to muffle any sound he might make while the other pinned his limbs to his side. He turned and pinned the guy to a wall, knocking the air from his lungs in the process.

“You know, you’re really lucky the people who set this up want it to stay a peaceful protest,” he hissed, driving a knee against the back of his captive’s leg just to make a point. “I could drop you right now if I wanted. The only thing stopping me is that it would get pinned on people who aren’t me.”

He kept his weight against the guy but let his arms go to check his pockets. Sure enough, he pulled a small handgun from an inside pocket. This guy likely couldn’t do much more than make a lot of noise and scare people with it, it could barely be considered a gun, but still. In a crowd like this, that would be enough.

Montparnasse released his grip completely, slipping the little firearm into his belt under his shirt. The man hesitated until Montparnasse growled and sent him on his way. Luckily, most of the non-law enforcement people who tried to mess with these kinds of things were easily chased off.

Just in time, too. Behind him, he heard Jehan’s voice rise from the crowd to start a chant, their voice distorted by a megaphone. He couldn’t let them know he was there, but he could spare a moment to listen before moving on to the next minor threat.