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I think the voltron fandom as a whole loves langst so much because Lance is that character that SO MANY PEOPLE can relate to.

He’s that character that is constantly compared to someone better than them.

He’s that character that hides their myriad of insecurities behind humour and a false smile, retreating from others when it gets too much.

He’s that ‘fake it til you make it’ character that validates our struggles with self-confidence and self-worth.

And this isn’t even going into his complexity as a character and diverse representation that he adds to the show.


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Alright guys! So I owe my parents $250 for Dear Evan Hansen tickets so I’m selling some playbills! I have researched what other people are selling them for and I hope you’ll find the prices reasonable. Of course some of the prices are negotiable. Buy two or more and receive some window brochures for other shows! If you want to see the playbill before you purchase or want to know who was in the show or who signed it, message me! If you are interested in purchasing please message me!

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A PLETHORA OF CHARACTERS because I needed some practice so yeah :^)

this city’s burning [x]
another angry music theatre playlist

i’m not that guy (bloody bloody andrew jackson) // totally fucked (spring awakening) // it sucks to be me (avenue q) // everything else (next to normal) // dead girl walking - reprise (heathers) // woe is me (25th annual putnam county spelling bee) // do you hear the people sing? (les miserables) // hasa diga eebowai (book of mormon) // see i’m smiling (the last 5 years) // letterbomb (american idiot) // cell block tango (chicago) // get out and stay out (9 to 5) // rent (rent)

✨ Broom Spell! ✨

It’s Spring! Which means many of us many feel inclined to clean around our homes, which is a great time to clear any negative energy and cast spells! If you plan on sweeping I suggest saying these quick words to banish negativity! 🌟“As I sweep, sweep the ground All negativity shall now be bound I banish from here all that is profane Only good and blessings shall remain! So mote it be!” 🌟 I hope you all had a blessed Ostara, and that you find light, happiness, growth and opportunity in the New Spring! Blessed be!

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Hyukjae.. can you get any cuter?

Fan trying to spell her own name ‘Nindy’ for Hyukjae to sign a notebook for her but it was a little hard for them to understand each other. Hyukjae heard Nindy’s ‘N’ like ‘L’ so he wrote L. Later fan spelled ‘i’ like ‘e’ so Hyukjae wrote ‘Le’ ahah. Then fan spelled ‘N’, since Hyuk understood that he wrote fan’s name wrongly before, he scribbled over ‘Le’ and edited it as ‘N’. But this time fan spelled ‘i’ wrongly so Hyukjae wrote ‘Ne’. She spelled rightly at the end, like this Hyuk managed to write ‘Nindy’ finally. And he drawed a heart where he scribbled over. He tried so hard to understand fan’s name and did it at the end! SO CUTE! 😁


She gave anyone who saw her a sensation of April and of dawn. There was dew in her eyes. Cosette was a condensation of auroral light in womanly form.

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Who's tutti??????

I promise I’m actually gunna tell you and none of this is a joke played on you. @joan-of-are-you-kidding-me posted a photo of a paper that incorrectly spelled Les amis names one of which was Tutti. None of us knew who Tutti was supposed to be so collectively we all started making jokes of the “forgotten Ami” then everything escaladed to the fandom literally creating Tutti and making them fanon-real it’s just a really big elaborate inside joke tbh but a really fun one

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I just woke up and who the hell is Tutti???

A photo was posted with a bunch of les amis names spelled wrong and in between there was “tutti” (presumably meaning all or ensemble)
Now we have decided that tutti is a new ami.
Hell fandom

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Hey so I’ve never done something like this but I just made a musical blog and I need people to follow so reblog or like this if your blog has any of the following and I’ll check your blog out:)

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